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New Reviews of “The Law School Admission Game”

I want to point out two great blogs by entering 1Ls, with links to their reviews of my law school admission advice book: Lawlicious (by an entering JD/MBA student at Rutgers) JD2B (by an entering JD at University of Baltimore) These are also two of the folks who will be participating in my upcoming (and totally FREE!) Blog Talk Radio

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A Competitive Year for Law School Admission

LSAC just released some numbers about LSAT and application trends. Here are the numbers that prove this is going to be a very competitive year for law school admission: The 2008-09 testing year had 151,398 test takers, an increase of 6.4% over last year. The 2008-09 year was the second highest in the history of the LSAT behind the 152,685

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Ann Levine Interviewed on LSATBlog

Thanks to Steve Schwartz of Manhattan LSAT Tutor for interviewing me about The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert. He asked some great questions about ranking versus tuition, financial aid, and why it’s important to have specific reasons for applying to each school. You can see the interview here on the LSATBlog.

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Amazon Book Reviews Unanimous: 5 Stars!

I’m so excited to announce that the first five Amazon reviews for my book have been posted and every single reviewer gave me 5 stars for “The Law School  Admission Game: Play Like an Expert.“ If you purchase the book from the publisher’s website, you will receive FREE Shipping in 2-3 days. If you sign up for my Option A

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Your Law School Admission Questions Answered

Thanks so much to Wei Wang for asking me such great, thought-provoking and relevant questions today on BlogTalkRadio. (CLICK TO LISTEN to our 15 minute segment) For those who missed the interview about my law school admission guidebook, Wei asked me questions about: 1. Prepping for the LSAT as a full time occupation versus studying while working full time. 2.

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Last Chance for Early Bird Rate!

On June 1st, the price of my “Option A” Law School Admission Consulting Package goes up. I have 16 spots left at the discounted rate so sign up very soon if you’re sure you want to work with me to create a strategy for your law school application process.

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Upcoming BlogTalkRadio Shows featuring Ann Levine

I have three BlogTalkRadio Shows scheduled that should interest readers of the LawSchoolExpert blog: First, tune in MONDAY at 1 p.m. EST/10 a.m. PST for 30-minute interview and Q&A about my law school admission guidebook. The interview is being conducted by the first prospective law school applicant to read the book and promises to touch upon crucial issues relating to

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Tune in! Q&A Session about my New Book on Blog Talk Radio!

The first law school applicant to read my new book, “The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert” will be interviewing me on Blog Talk Radio on Monday at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 a.m. PST). Tune in and we’ll be taking questions from callers! Tell all of your friends, and get updates on this and future Blog Talk Radio

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More Tips and Advice about Law School

If I don’t blog quite fast enough for you, here are two more ways to get advice and information about the law school admission process: Join the Play Like an Expert group ond the Law School Admission Game page on Facebook and follow me on twitter. Soon I’ll be posting dates on these outlets for my book tour and Q&A

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Law School Admission Expert Book Now Available!

Finally! The law school admission guidebook I wrote based on my Law School Expert blog is only 2 weeks away from being in my hands (and yours!). “The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert” is now available for pre-order for its mid-May release. It is available on but SHIPPING IS FREE if you buy it through Law

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What is a Diverse Perspective Essay?

Law schools have done away with the traditional “diversity statement” essay prompts due to the US Supreme Court decision abolishing affirmative action practices in higher education. Law schools are now taking a more holistic view of diversity and giving applicants the opportunity to share any aspects of their background that will enable them to bring a diverse perspective to the...

Who Gets To Attend A Top Law School?

How to Get Into a Top Law School? Top law schools require stellar undergraduate grades, an LSAT score that shows you can compete with their student body, and soft factors which demonstrate experiences that will add to the diversity and knowledge of the law school class. For Top 10 law schools, a ballpark combination would be scoring 170+ on the...

Can I Get Into Law School with a Low LSAT and Low GPA?

Tips for Law School Applicants with low LSAT scores and low GPAs: Call attention to excellent performance during a portion of your time in college, or in a certain area of study in college. Obtain excellent academic letters of recommendation. Demonstrate that more recent academic accomplishments (in graduate school, or during your later years of college) are a better indication...