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What Law Students Say About Careers & School Choices

Thursday was a great day for me. I started off with a TV interview. Then, I met up with 4 of my former clients. I try to do this whenever I travel. I really enjoy helping people get into law school, and seeing how they are doing and what they’ve learned while in law school is incredibly gratifying. Of the

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Getting Off a Law School Waitlist

Law School Podcaster just released a great 23 minute podcast with advice for those of you on law school waitlists. I’ll admit, I was among those interviewed in the podcast and I have really enjoyed the content at Law School Podcaster lately, so if you haven’t checked out this site, I highly recommend it.

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Thinking about Transferring Law Schools?

This post is geared toward current 1Ls thinking about applying to other schools for their 2L year, but it is also a good thing for 0Ls to keep in mind as they choose where to attend this year. Here is a very detailed analysis by one person who transferred from Loyola-LA to Boalt – it has a lot of details

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The Value of a Visit

One of my favorite clients asked me about how to use a campus visit effectively. I thought to myself, “Surely I covered this in my book!” I looked at the chapter called “Launching Your Campaign to Get In” and arranging campus visits is suggested, but not really explained. My bad. Campus visits are important for one really big reason –

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Income Based Repayment & Loan Forgiveness

One thing I urge my law school admission consulting clients to consider is the cost of law school, especially for those who hope to work in public interest law or other low-paying fields upon graduation from law school. One such client was good enough to share some of her research on the subject so that I might share it will

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Choosing the Right Law School For You

There’s a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about whether a lower ranked law school is worth attending. One of my most controversial blog posts ever was on this very topic, so it’s no secret where I stand on the issue. (Just in case you missed it back in 2007: Why Going to Law School is Worth the Sacrifice) My

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Another reason not to over-rely on USNWR rankings

Here is a very good article from that demonstrates that the cart is pulling the horse when it comes to U.S. News And World Report law school rankings: Rankings influencing the decisions made by law schools. What Rankings Mean For Your Choice As a law school applicant, it’s up to you to make yourself an informed and knowledgeable consumer.

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Is Law School Worth the Investment

A very good starting point for this discussion should be read by ALL law school applicants. (Yes, even YOU.) On the ABA blog, see this article about whether law school is worth the investment. And, as an added bonus you MUST read the comments. Usually I hate the comments to these articles because they are written by disgruntled, rude, unprofessional

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The LSAT is Over. Now What?

You’re exhausted after today’s LSAT. I hope you’re taking the rest of the weekend to enjoy yourself. When you’re done doing that, you might be thinking about whether to cancel your LSAT score. (Click the link for information about how to decide whether to cancel). If you are keeping your LSAT score, then it’s time to get your personal statement,

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Law School Information

I was recently introduced to a new site that is aiming to compile information about all of the ABA law schools in one place. This should make comparing schools and browsing schools a lot easier – no more going to individual school’s websites to obtain basic information. not only has profiles on every law school across the country, but

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What is a Diverse Perspective Essay?

Law schools have done away with the traditional “diversity statement” essay prompts due to the US Supreme Court decision abolishing affirmative action practices in higher education. Law schools are now taking a more holistic view of diversity and giving applicants the opportunity to share any aspects of their background that will enable them to bring a diverse perspective to the...

Who Gets To Attend A Top Law School?

How to Get Into a Top Law School? Top law schools require stellar undergraduate grades, an LSAT score that shows you can compete with their student body, and soft factors which demonstrate experiences that will add to the diversity and knowledge of the law school class. For Top 10 law schools, a ballpark combination would be scoring 170+ on the...

Can I Get Into Law School with a Low LSAT and Low GPA?

Tips for Law School Applicants with low LSAT scores and low GPAs: Call attention to excellent performance during a portion of your time in college, or in a certain area of study in college. Obtain excellent academic letters of recommendation. Demonstrate that more recent academic accomplishments (in graduate school, or during your later years of college) are a better indication...

Thinking About Going to Law School

If you’ve been considering whether law school is right for you, check out this 15-minute LSAT/Law School podcast interview about what’s important to consider and how to prepare yourself for deciding on a career in law. In the podcast, we discuss: How to explore whether law is the right direction for you; How to choose courses in college to prepare for law...