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Advice for Getting Hired as a Rookie Attorney

On Wednesday I’ll be hosting a Blog Talk Radio Show with advice for getting hired as a rookie attorney. Whether you’re about to graduate from law school or you haven’t even started yet, I promise you insights from people responsible for hiring. They will be sharing their suggestions for maximizing your chances of finding a good job after graduation.  Please

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Thinking about Law School?

I hear from a lot of idealistic people – idealism is good. I’m a card-carrying idealist myself. And if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know how I feel about disgruntled lawyers – (in a nutshell: they should’ve gone in with open eyes, done their research, and should now conduct themselves professionally and honorably).  Two

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Re-applying to Law School

While you shouldn’t give up your waitlist dreams quite yet, in the next week it will become apparent whether those dreams will come to fruition. This is often a time when people consider whether to attend law school this year at the school  they’ve sent their deposit to, or whether they want to wait and try again (applying earlier in

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Law School Expert Mashup

Yes, I miss Glee. But in the meantime, it’s been an exciting few weeks and I want to share a few highlights with you. Here they are, in no particular order: 1. I was interviewed for US News’ article, “As Law School Tuitions Climb, So Does Demand.” It’s worth a read, just don’t get to caught up in the negative

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Insider Secrets by Your Law School Expert

I recently did a podcast interview for Insider Secrets : “Getting Into Law School” – you can listen to it or read the transcript. In it, I discuss how to choose an LSAT prep program, choosing a law school, taking on debt, putting together your applications, resumes, wait lists, low LSAT scores, and about a thousand different things related to law school

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Inspiration: Two Success Stories

Success Story #1: Law School Waiting List Dreams Do Come True I get a lot of comments on the blog asking whether a waiting list is a “soft-reject.” My response: only if you do nothing to follow up and campaign for yourself. Today, one of my clients called me with wonderful news – she was admitted off the WL into

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Attending a Non-ABA School

Last night we had a really informative Blog Talk Radio show about whether law school is worth the financial sacrifice. I really want to thank the four attorneys who participated and everyone who sent in questions. If you missed it, you can hear the 45-minute discussion by clicking this Blog Talk Radio – Ann Levine link or by downloading it

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Great Resources for Law School Applicants

I wanted to share a random assortment of some great resources for those of you applying to law school: Studying for the June LSAT? Here’s a great tool: a FREE LSAT proctor download, complete with distracting noises to prepare you for actual test conditions. When trying to decide where to apply, there is no better resource than the ABA LSAC

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Entering the Fray: My Thoughts on the 2010 USNWR Law School Rankings

This is my least favorite topic, but I know it’s the one you all want to hear about, so I will share  my thoughts (in no particular order) about the newly released 2010 USNWR Law School Rankings. The people who tend to panic most about the rankings are actually those who will be starting law school this fall, not those

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Deposits Are Due! What Do I Do?

Still waiting to hear from some law schools? Many law schools have deposit deadlines in the next few weeks, and it can be frustrating for people who are still in limbo with other schools. The short answer to this issue is that you are going to have to send a deposit somewhere and just risk losing it if a better

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Who Gets To Attend A Top Law School?

How to Get Into a Top Law School? Top law schools require stellar undergraduate grades, an LSAT score that shows you can compete with their student body, and soft factors which demonstrate experiences that will add to the diversity and knowledge of the law school class. For Top 10 law schools, a ballpark combination would be scoring 170+ on the...

Can I Get Into Law School with a Low LSAT and Low GPA?

Tips for Law School Applicants with low LSAT scores and low GPAs: Call attention to excellent performance during a portion of your time in college, or in a certain area of study in college. Obtain excellent academic letters of recommendation. Demonstrate that more recent academic accomplishments (in graduate school, or during your later years of college) are a better indication...

Thinking About Going to Law School

If you’ve been considering whether law school is right for you, check out this 15-minute LSAT/Law School podcast interview about what’s important to consider and how to prepare yourself for deciding on a career in law. In the podcast, we discuss: How to explore whether law is the right direction for you; How to choose courses in college to prepare for law...

The Law School Admission Game, 4th Edition: Now Available!

I am so excited to announce the release today of the 4th edition of my bestselling law school admission guidebook, The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert. This is fully up to date with information on recent changes to the LSAT, LSATFlex, and use of the GRE in law school admissions. It includes even more examples of case studies...