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Thinking about Transferring Law Schools?

It is possible to transfer law schools following your first year of law school. As a transfer applicant, your LSAT or GRE score is no longer a factor in admissions, and your undergraduate GPA is de-emphasized. Those were used to determine your likelihood of success in law school as a 1L, but nothing is a better indicator of your success

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The Law School Admission Game, 4th Edition: Now Available!

I am so excited to announce the release today of the 4th edition of my bestselling law school admission guidebook, The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert. This is fully up to date with information on recent changes to the LSAT, LSATFlex, and use of the GRE in law school admissions. It includes even more examples of case

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Who Gets To Attend A Top Law School?

(Originally posted in 2014, I’m updating this on 3/26/2020 – changes are in bold text): How to Get Into a Top Law School? Top law schools require stellar undergraduate grades, an LSAT score that shows you can compete with their student body, and soft factors which demonstrate experiences that will add to the diversity and knowledge of the law school

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Should I Reapply To Law School or Plan To Transfer?

Thinking about reapplying to law school for the Fall 2019 cycle? Summer time, and the livin’ ain’t easy for those on a waiting list who are worried that they won’t be admitted to the schools of their choice this time around. I often get calls at this time of year from people who are deciding whether to reapply next year,

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Should I go to a low ranked law school and transfer?

“Should I go to a lower ranked school and try to transfer to a better school next year?” I am often asked this question on my blog. I see too many law school applicants making short term decisions at the expense of long term decisions, and I am writing this post to try to talk you out of it. Sometimes

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Look Past The Next 3 Years In Making Your Law School Decision

Attending law school is, most likely, not your end goal. This can be a hard fact to remember when you’re buried in the admissions process, but it’s also important to remind yourself of this fact. Getting into, choosing, and then succeeding in the right law school isn’t just about the school. It is, instead, a path to the end goal

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From the Career Files: How To Get The Most Out Of An LSAC Forum

‘Tis the season for LSAC Recruitment Forums and on-campus law school fairs. These are great opportunities for law schools to recruit applicants, but they can also be great opportunities for law school applicants to get a jump up on the competition. In Ann’s latest Above The Law article, she shares some tips for things you can do when interacting with

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From the Career Files: Lessons From Non-Traditional Law Grads

Non-traditional applicants to law school face different barriers to admission and have different concerns regarding school choice, finances, and post-graduation career options than their counterparts who attend law school directly (or within a year or two) of graduating from college. Three recent law school graduates who fit this mold when they applied took the time to share their thoughts and

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Pros And Cons Of Pursuing A JD/MBA

If you’re considering a JD/MBA program, the idea of being able to think like a lawyer and a businessperson simultaneously must be appealing to you; after all, it’s the very essence of what these programs offer. To see if you’re comfortable with this kind of thinking, try using both types of skills when evaluating whether these programs are right for

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From the Career Files: Choosing a Law School Based on Scholarships

A key factor in choosing a law school should be the cost of attendance. By limiting your student loan debt, you will relieve pressure from yourself to find a high-paying job after passing the bar. Of course, the law school you choose also determines the opportunities that will be available to you as a first year lawyer. As you consider

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Should You Try JDNext?

Q: What is JD-Next? A: JD-Next is an innovative eight-week program and entrance exam that provides a cost-effective and realistic preview of what law school will be like, prepares applicants for the rigors of law school, and offers a fair and accurate assessment of an applicant’s academic readiness for law school. Research shows that participation in JD-Next is expected to...

K-JD or Take Time Off Before Law School?

Should I take time off before law school? When people first ask me this question, I think they usually mean, “Will law schools like me better if I take a year or two off before applying?” If your grades need to show another year of improvement and/or you need more time to prepare for the LSAT, waiting a year can...

Tips for College Students Considering Law School

If you are more than 18 months away from college graduation, here are some suggestions that will help provide a strong foundation for a possible application to law school in the future. Since your GPA is still within your control, work hard. Pick classes that interest and excite you and do well in the most challenging classes you can take....

The Best Time to Visit Law Schools

The best times to visit law schools are when you've been waitlisted, and when you're deciding where to attend. Visiting a Law School Where You've Been Waitlisted Today, a client asked me for help writing letters of continuing interest to three schools - all three schools were located in the city where she lived. So my first question to her...