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I have a GREAT Blog Talk Radio Show about Choosing the Right Law School for You coming up on Monday. I’ll be interviewing 5 successful lawyers, all approximately 10 years out of law school, about why they chose their law schools and how that choice impacted their career trajectories. It’s an incredibly diverse crew:

Tad Dee, who runs a Legal Recruiting Firm and graduated from the University of Miami School of Law where he was the Editor of the Law Review. (a former classmate of mine at UM Law).

Anita Presser, a graduate of Yale Law School who has worked in many legal settings including running her own prestigious family law firm. (a good friend of mine).

Gene Kowel, an NYU Law graduate who works for the Department of Justice. (my younger brother)

Julianna Makler, a graduate of University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law who runs her own Consumer Law firm. (another good friend of mine)

Brent Levine, a graduate of California Western School of Law who works for a mid-size insurance defense firm with 6 offices in California. (my husband)

I feel so fortunate that my friends and family members have agreed to spend 45-minutes sharing their insights about choosing a law school. The career paths of each demonstrate the diversity of our profession and of a legal education. Please plan to spend 45 minutes tuning in on Monday. I will be answering questions via chat room simultaneously. If you are not available to listen live on Monday at 11 a.m. PST/2 p.m. EST, you’ll be able to hear it anytime on Blog Talk Radio-Ann Levine and by downloading it on iTunes: BTR Show-Ann Levine.

Until then, have a great weekend. If you’re on the West Coast, stay dry!

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  1. By the way – feel free to submit questions/topics you’d like to see addressed here in the comments section of this post if you can’t listen live and chat them to me!

  2. Does this panel really demonstrate the diversity of a legal education? Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer, lawyer and legal recruiter. Sadly, I think it does.

    It seems like most people who pursue non-traditional careers fall back on talents or training unrelated to, or only marginally helped by law school. Stephan Pastis isn’t a better cartoonist because of law school. Mike Leech doesn’t seem to be a better coach because of it.

    So, my question is this, upon graduating law school, are there any non-law careers for which the average law student is more qualified for having been through law school, and does that extra qualification justify the expense?

    1. Hi BL1Y. I answered this for you in chat during the show, but I have one good example: being a business owner with legal knowledge, and also working for a law school in administration/teaching.

  3. @Ann Levine

    Being a business owner doesn’t really count, since the vast majority of what’s required has nothing to do with your law degree, unless the business is specifically law related (such as creating a company that teaches CLE classes). Sure, I might know whether to form a corporation or LLC, and could actually just do that myself, but I could also just hire a local attorney to do the same very cheaply (much cheaper than a law degree).

    Also, working in law school administration is a still a law career. It’s not practicing as an attorney, but it’s still working in the legal industry. I was wondering more about jobs completely unrelated to law.

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