As an admissions consultant, it feels like I’ve been asked millions of questions, and there are some that seem to come up time and time again. To answer some of these, I started blogging in 2006, and in 2009, I wrote my first book about Law School admissions. In 2011, I followed up that book with the Law School Decision Game, and then updated the Law School Admission Game with a 2nd edition in 2013, 3rd edition in 2017, and 4th edition in 2020 to address new admissions trends and the realities of the legal market in the new economy.

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No matter where you are in terms of making a decision about law school, check out my books for simple, practical advice that will help you make the best choice for you.

The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert

Law Admissions Game Reviews

The Law School admissions process has been called everything from “bewildering” to “impenetrable,” with conflicting information available all across the web. Now in its second edition, I wrote this book to give simple, practical, easy-to-follow advice for anyone that has decided they want to pursue law school. Based on my experience and the experiences of my clients, this book will walk you through what works versus what’s myth when it comes to getting accepted to law school. Topics covered in the book include:

  • Preparing for the Law School Admissions Test
  • Writing your personal statement & optional essays
  • Explaining weaknesses & writing addenda
  • Applying as a non-traditional or international applicant
  • Getting in when you’ve been wait listed
  • Negotiating scholarships
  • Choosing the law school that’s right for you

The advice in this book covers all the basics of what I work with my clients on every day, and the reviews and results speak for themselves. 

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The Law School Decision Game: A Playbook for Prospective Lawyers

Law School is a big investment, and there are numerous factors that everyone should consider before making that investment. I wrote the Law School Decision Game to help people thinking about law school make smart, informed decisions. Drawing on my experience as a lawyer, law school admissions director, wife of a lawyer, and admissions consultant, as well as on the personal stories of the thousands of lawyers I’ve worked with over the years, this book covers basics such as:

Law School Decision Game Book Cover

  • What, exactly, lawyers do day-to-day, and how hard they work
  • How much a lawyer can expect to make
  • What working in BigLaw (firms with more than 1,000 lawyers) is really like, and finding a law job that’s right for you
  • What you should consider before taking on student loan debt
  • What factors you need to consider — besides US News and World Report rankings — in choosing a law school
  • What you can do right away to help your chances of being hired as a lawyer once you complete law school.

This book is straightforward and honest. I’ve been told that this book can make you incredibly excited about your future career. I’ve also been told that it may talk you out of law school — either way, a decision it’s better to make before spending three years and a lot of money on the education for that career.

Paperback Kindle E-Book

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