LOR Tips for Non-Traditional Applicants

Pete left me this comment and I wanted to answer his question so more people could benefit from the response: “Do you have any tips for older folks (30+) who are still working their way through their undergrad degrees on applying to law school? As an evening student with a full-time job, I don’t have

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How Many Law Schools Should You Apply To?

I saw one of my competitors today give the very helpful advice that you should apply to anywhere between 1-27 law schools. Helpful, right?They were right about one thing – location comes first. (See my previous postings about why this is true).The answer to this question really depends on your professional goals, potential weaknesses in

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A great option: Applying as a Transfer Student

Frustrated that your LSAT and GPA performance will limit your opportunities? Here’s something to keep in mind – If you finish your 1L year with good grades, you can transfer into some amazing schools. (Schools don’t have to report your LSAT and GPA to the ABA, therefore it doesn’t count in rankings). Some examples –

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UC Irvine to Open Law School in 2009

UC Irvine will be home to California’s next public law school. It’s sure to be competitive from the beginning – a state school in Orange County. (San Diego and LA are both inconvenient to those who live in Orange County due to traffic in the area). More information is available here.

Free Law School Application Webinar

It’s true. I’m offering a FREE 1-hour webinar to readers of Frugal Law Student entitled“I’ve taken the LSAT; Now What?”You have two opportunities to participate:Click here to sign up for the Saturday, August 4 (9 a.m. PST/Noon EST) webinarClick here to sign up for the Wednesday, August 8 (5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST) webinar I

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How to Succeed in Law School

One of my favorite clients from this year who is packing up to attend George Mason School of Law sent me this e-mail yesterday: “about what kind of time commitment *is* law school, in practice, to succeed (by my definition, “succeed” meaning be in the top 15 or 10% of the class)?” My answer was:

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Taking the LSAT

Austin at CALI pre-law blog has posted some useful LSAT advice today here. However, I’d like to make a few points about his comments based on my training of evaluating what an LSAT score says about someone and what it does not:1. I’m a fairly bright person and I did very well in law school

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