How to Explain an LSAT Score

(This post is from 2016; I am making updates on 6/18/19 and noting them in bold): When should you explain an LSAT score in your law school application? There are some situations in which it can help the law schools to have a better understanding of how they should interpret your LSAT score. Here are some

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Managing LSAT Anxiety on Test Day

Today’s post comes from John Rood, President and Founder of Next Step Test Prep. By now you’ve gotten the message – the LSAT is a big deal in deciding where and whether you get into law school. The high-stakes environment naturally creates a ton of anxiety around test day. Here are a few tips. Practice

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Above The Law Run-down, Part 2

Here is  the second installment of a summary of my Above the Law Career Files posts. (A link to the first installment is here) In this post, I give wait-listed applicants advice about how to get off of a waitlist and into their dream school. I explain how schools categorize their waitlists and offer some

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Above The Law Run-down, Part 1

Have you been reading my blog posts in Career Files for Above the Law? If you’ve missed them, here are the direct links and summaries: In this post for Above the Law, I focus on eight key lessons for June LSAT takers. I cover everything from how you should be preparing for the exam to what you

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7 Ways Lawyers Can Get Their Student Loans Forgiven

Today’s post comes from Andrew Josuweit. Andrew is the CEO of Student Loan Hero, a website with educational content and tools geared toward helping borrowers manage their student loans. While earning a law degree is definitely a huge accomplishment, it isn’t exactly the golden ticket it once was. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more law students

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Best Law School Admission Podcasts

Thinking LSAT Podcast Contributions Nathan Fox (founder of Fox LSAT) and Ben Olson (founder of Strategy Prep) are LSAT instructors with a great podcast that explores topics related to the LSAT and law school admissions. I’ve had the privilege of contributing to several of their episodes on a range of topics. Check them out: Episode

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Making [Law School] Decisions Mindfully

I recently spoke to Nathan Fox’s LSAT prep students in San Francisco, giving them my usual law school application advice mixed in with a little something extra, never before discussed in a law school admission seminar. Read my ATL post here to find out what it was…