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How NOT to pick a law school

If you’ve been reading my blog and/or participating in my recent webinars, you know how I feel about U.S. News and World Report’s ranking system and the extent to which it should be taken into account when picking a law school. You also know that the most important thing in choosing a law school is geographic location.So what is not

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Take advantage of Rolling Admissions

Your future is ahead of you, and now is the time to grab it. Over the next few weeks, law schools will begin releasing their Fall 2008 applications. Most law schools start accepting applications September 1, and almost every law school operates on a “rolling admissions” system.What does this mean? Law schools give away seats throughout the year. There are

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Law School Resume Tips

In today’s posting, Brett of The Frugal Law Student gave one really great resume tip that applies to law school directed resumes, not just employment seeking resumes. “Give figures and be specific. In your past job descriptions or volunteer section, give specific figures of what you accomplished while holding that position. For example, I used to train third party verifiers

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The Right Way to Think about Law School Rankings

How important are law school rankings in deciding where to apply and where to attend? My friend Austin at CALI pre-law blog said it perfectly in yesterday’s post: “The US News law school rankings are useful as a shorthand starting point for those of you initially looking into law schools. But you have to do your own research and pick

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Lawsagna has a link to my free webinar too!

Thanks so much to lawsagna for yesterday’s posting: Thinking about going to Law School? Check out Law School Expert!And yes, there’s one more chance to sign up for my free webinar entitled “I’ve taken the LSAT; Now What?” so check out her posting for more details. I hope to “see” you there!

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Managing Law School Student Loan Debt

For my tips re: managing student loan debt as a lawyer, law student, and law school applicant, check out: Thanks so much to Brett at Frugal Law Student for taking the time to interview me for yesterday’s post, and for sending his great readers my way yet again.

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Advice for Incoming 1Ls

Check out Tips for Pre-Law Students for some good tips to help hold it together during those first days of law school. Good luck to all of my clients who are about to begin this adventure! This post is for you!

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Re-Applying to Law School & the LSAT

I just received this comment on another posting and wanted more readers to benefit from the response:“I am in the 30+ range and did the LSAT years ago and got a 144 and did not get into the schools I wanted. I am going to do it agin this fall (September). What would you suggest that I do to get

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Blog Posts Law School Expert Blog edit post Application Strategies Applying to Law School? You’re not in college anymore. by Ann LevineApril 10, 2024 Lately, I’ve seen a lot of behaviors from law school applicants that may have been acceptable when they were applying to college but sends the wrong message when applying to law school. Here is my Top

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K-JD or Take Time Off Before Law School?

Should I take time off before law school? When people first ask me this question, I think they usually mean, “Will law schools like me better if I take a year or two off before applying?” If your grades need to show another year of improvement and/or you need more time to prepare for the LSAT, waiting a year can...

Tips for College Students Considering Law School

If you are more than 18 months away from college graduation, here are some suggestions that will help provide a strong foundation for a possible application to law school in the future. Since your GPA is still within your control, work hard. Pick classes that interest and excite you and do well in the most challenging classes you can take....

The Best Time to Visit Law Schools

The best times to visit law schools are when you've been waitlisted, and when you're deciding where to attend. Visiting a Law School Where You've Been Waitlisted Today, a client asked me for help writing letters of continuing interest to three schools - all three schools were located in the city where she lived. So my first question to her...

Thinking about Becoming a Lawyer?

Do you want to be a lawyer? If you’re considering law school because others have suggested it to you, or because you feel compelled as your peers move on to seemingly prestigious employment options, take some time and delve into the lives of actual attorneys. If you have not yet done any serious research about the legal profession, what lawyers...

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