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Great Resource for Low LSAT Applicants

For those of you who struggle with the LSAT and are from low-income and/or groups under-represented in the legal profession, you should know about the 6-week intensive CLEO program. This is a great opportunity for those who have overcome significant disadvantage to seek a law degree.

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The Worst Law School Admission Book I’ve Read

I just spent $32 so that you don’t have to! A parent of one of my clients told me about a book – “The Law School Admissions Guide: How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Admitted to Law School! Despite your LSAT Score and GPA. Secrets of the Admissions Mystique Revealed.” She said it was great (despite the ridiculously long

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The Summer’s Best Law School Admission Advice

Just in time for Labor Day Weekend (and my family excursion to Chicago which will take me away from the blogosphere for a few days in honor of my grandmother’s 90th birthday – Happy Birthday, Grandma!), I want to recap the best law school admission advice posted on LawSchoolExpert this summer: The #1 most important discussion of the summer is

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Don’t ask a lawyer for Law School Admission Advice

People applying to law school often say, “I had a lawyer read my personal statement and he said it’s fine.”I finally found a really good post supporting my position that it is an absolutely horrific idea to ask a lawyer for any kind of advice about applying to law school- and no one will be able to say it’s self-serving

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More Background on Law School Loan Forgiveness

Thanks so much to Austin at CALI PreLaw Blog for jumping on my bandwagon and publicizing Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs). In today’ s post, he gives a great explanation of what LRAPs are and why they are important. Check it out.

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Pretend Mom is Looking at your Law School Application

I just found an old but dead-on post from a law school admission office warning people against using e-mail addresses that are not entirely appropriate for law school-law applicant communication. is not the name of a law school applicant – and if it is the name of an applicant then that applicant needs another e-mail address expressly for the

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What’s Important in Choosing a Law School?

Please check out another great posting on the Location vs. Rankings topic And another great resource Thanks to everyone who is speaking out on this to educate applicants about what’s important to consider in the law school selection process.

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Law School Location is Most Important

I just had the pleasure of finding another blogger who agrees about the importance of location in picking a law school: love her comments about the unimportance of rankings in making this decision. It’s so important to get the word out that people feel this way and I hope you’ll send lots of people to her article on it,

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Law School Expert Blog Helping You Navigate Law School Admissions edit post Application Strategies K-JD or Take Time Off Before Law School? by Ann LevineApril 24, 2024 Should I take time off before law school? When people first ask me this question, I think they usually mean, “Will law schools like me better if I take a year or two

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Should You Try JDNext?

Q: What is JD-Next? A: JD-Next is an innovative eight-week program and entrance exam that provides a cost-effective and realistic preview of what law school will be like, prepares applicants for the rigors of law school, and offers a fair and accurate assessment of an applicant’s academic readiness for law school. Research shows that participation in JD-Next is expected to...

K-JD or Take Time Off Before Law School?

Should I take time off before law school? When people first ask me this question, I think they usually mean, “Will law schools like me better if I take a year or two off before applying?” If your grades need to show another year of improvement and/or you need more time to prepare for the LSAT, waiting a year can...

Tips for College Students Considering Law School

If you are more than 18 months away from college graduation, here are some suggestions that will help provide a strong foundation for a possible application to law school in the future. Since your GPA is still within your control, work hard. Pick classes that interest and excite you and do well in the most challenging classes you can take....

The Best Time to Visit Law Schools

The best times to visit law schools are when you've been waitlisted, and when you're deciding where to attend. Visiting a Law School Where You've Been Waitlisted Today, a client asked me for help writing letters of continuing interest to three schools - all three schools were located in the city where she lived. So my first question to her...

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