Best Majors for Law School Applicants

How do law school admission committees evaluate people with different undergraduate majors? I have a lot of information about this in The Law School Admission Game Chapter 3: Undergraduate GPA But here is an overview:

Are there good majors and bad majors for law school applications? I wouldn’t quite say there are bad majors – I think there are good things about most areas of study, and if you have good grades then you’re absolutely set. (This post is originally from 2009; I’m updating it on July 29, 2019).

For a deeper look at what at best majors for law school and how to get in, check out the bestselling book The Law School Admission Game.

Law schools want people from different backgrounds with a wide range of undergraduate majors, and from different schools for that matter. But the most important thing is that law schools are trying to determine whether you’ll be successful in law school. That’s why the rigor of your undergraduate major – and your performance in it – matters.

How Law Schools View Your Major:

Here is a rundown of the major types of undergraduate majors, and how law schools are apt to evaluate you based on your undergraduate major area of study:

1. Majors with scientific fields

You often risk having a lower GPA, but it can be excused because of the difficult curriculum and lab hours. Of course, it also helps to make the case that you want to be a patent or intellectual property lawyer if you have a science/math background. With a low GPA, you can risk looking like law school might be your “second choice.” This may be the case for people who started out thinking they might pursue a career in medicine. However, if you did well in a science major, you will find that law schools like that and it will help you in the admissions process.

2. Pre-Law Majors

Law and Society, Pre-Law, Political Science, and Criminal Justice studies show you have a sincere interest in the subject matter but they aren’t thought to be particularly challenging unless you studied political science or Government at a prestigious institution. For more on this, see this blog post about pre-law majors.

It’s helpful if you do a thesis and/or significant academic or internship work to supplement the curriculum. However, lackluster grades in these subjects will not impress an admission office. A 3.3 GPA in poli sci is not the same as a 3.3 in biomedical engineering or physics.

3. Art/Music Majors

A BFA makes things tricky, but if you do well academically and do a thesis or have something to show for yourself other than being an unemployed actor, then this absolutely works. Actually, I think Art History is one of the best majors for preparing you for law school, because it teaches you to look at something you’ve never seen before and apply the facts you’ve learned to determine what you’re looking at. That’s pretty much a law school exam in a nutshell. Anything that shows you’ve done some serious writing will help. Music composition shows you’re a thinking person.

4. Business Majors

Marketing is not so impressive to admissions committees, but if you have strong grades and showed a sincere interest in “serious” things, then it’s fine. Economics is better – shows more analysis and academic inclination. And if you have a degree in management or accounting, consider that you may need to explain why you’re pursuing law.

5. Philosophy

Again, writing and analysis. Great stuff.

6. Foreign Languages

These are good skills to have; lawyers need to communicate with clients from all backgrounds after all. It may be harder to find letters of recommendation that are relevant to skills you’ll use in law school, however.

Making The Major You Love Work For Law School

The question is this – knowing how law schools view your major, what can you do to make up for that weakness? If you haven’t had much writing in your curriculum, how about working with a professor as a research assistant, writing for your school newspaper or trying to get research published? This is just one example of a way you can use your weaknesses to build your law school applications.

Put Simply:
1. Pick a major that sincerely interests you.
2. Get the best possible grades in that major.
Law schools want to see people who are serious about their goals, but not singularly minded. Have a hobby too, and if that hobby demonstrates your thinking skills, cultural interests, passions – all the better. Do well at the things you do.

And a final note: If you are worried that your physics degree will be competing against people who studied history, I would say that if your grades are solid, you have strong academic letters, and perhaps someone who can attest to your writing ability, then you’ll be absolutely fine.

Curious what else you will need to apply to law school? Check out this post about Law School Admission Requirements.

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  1. Tyler Anderson on said:

    Hey, currently I am a finance major and considering going to law school in when I finish in 2 years. It is kind of something that has just came to mind recently. Should I add a minor or second major, or just continue with the single finance major?

    • Tyler, Finance is a great major. No reason to add something unless you’d like to spend some time reading and writing and doing research to widen your skills.

  2. Melissa on said:

    Hi, I am a double major in Business Law and Geographic Information Systems with a minor in Management. Also, i have a 3.18 GPA, I had a lot of financial Issues which deterred me. What I really want to know is, what are my changes of getting into Penn State, or Layola Law schools

  3. Karen Herrera on said:

    Hi, I’m interested in pursuing IP law, but I am not sure what would be the best business major for me to look into for a career in IP law. Any suggestions?

  4. i am 61 years old and thinking about attending law school. I have gotten all my kids through college and out the house and always wanted to attend law school i could not because of obligation to my family. One thing i have found out is that some law school frown on me because of my age i talked it over with my family and they told me to go for it and that they would even foot the expense. I have just completed my undergraduate studies in English on line and in the class room and i am studying now for the LSAT BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK


  6. Hi Ann,
    I am finishing up an undergraduate degree at Montana State University in microbiology with a minor in Latin American studies/Spanish. My current undergrad GPA is a 3.2 and I plan on keeping it at least there or moving it up over the next year. In total, it will have taken my five years to get my degree. I declared at the end of my sophomore years and took all kinds of classes before deciding on microbiology. However, law school has been on my mind a lot lately for a multitude of reasons I wont get into now. I wouldn’t actually consider going to law school unless I knew I could get into a school that would give me job security after graduation. My question is, if I study my buns off for the LSAT could I have a shot at a top school or should I forget it and try to move forward with science? Thank you so much for your time/advice!

    • Anna, the answer really depends on what you consider a top school and what LSAT score you were to get. Perhaps study for the LSAT and see whether the score you get will put your application in play at the schools you’d like to attend.

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  8. Hope Gray on said:

    Hello, I am enrolled in a paralegal program to obtain my associate’s degree. I will transfer to a university to obtain my bachelor’s degree. I am having a hard time because i want to stay in the law field. I am looking to go to law school after I obtain my bachelor’s. The university doesn’t have a bachelor’s paralegal but they have legal studies minor. I have to choose a major. I was thinking criminal justice as my major. am i wrong? After researching some say to not major in criminal justice because they don’t prepare you for the LSAT. should i choose a different major.

  9. Hi Ann,

    I’m a second year at the University of California, Berkeley. I’m pursuing a double major in economics and applied mathematics, and have a GPA of 3.9/4.0, which I hope to maintain. In terms of extracurriculars, I have internships and research in data science. I have a simple question, which is whether my atypical background for a pre-law student will harm or help me.

    I am aiming for a T6 law school, and was previously admitted to both UChicago and NYU as an honors pre-law student. I’m sure at my university, there are plenty of students who have a 4.0 in a more conventional pre-law major such as history or political science. Could this GPA difference be leveraged by my major and coursework?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I love your blog, as it is informative and helpful. Keep up the great work.


    • Hi HRC (great initials!!!!)
      Your difficult major will help you – you’re doing great at a fabulous school.
      I’m so happy the blog is helpful – let me know if I can be of help to you.

  10. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for sharing your seemingly endless Law school wisdom with us. I wanted to get your opinion regarding my law school application.

    The law school I wish to attend has a median GPA requirement of 3.52 with a 159 LSAT score (UH Law). I am an accounting major with a 3.43 GPA and a major GPA of 3.5- It is not as competitive as I would like, however I am finishing up my 4th year and do expect my GPA to increase once the semester ends. Do you think my major is considered a “difficult” enough major that would provide leniency towards my not-so competitive GPA and provide me the push I need to get into the 50th percentile?

    Secondly, if I do manage to pull my GPA up to the median GPA, would my accounting degree provide leniency towards a mediocre LSAT score? (something lower than the median, maybe a 155)

    Thank you!

    • It doesn’t have a GPA “requirement”, Julie…. it’s simply the median….. and yes, the difficulty of your major matters. I’d like to see you with an LSAT score at least above the 25th percentile at UH, and a strong application. Hope this helps.

  11. Michael Craddock on said:

    I am a student athlete at Virginia Tech double majoring in Professional/Technical Writing and Literature/Language with a minor of Sociology. I currently have a 3.4 with 2 more years to go… Do you think this is decent so far? I have not yet taken the LSAT but will next summer. I would love to do family/matrimonial law..I would love to go to UVA, USC, or even UGA because of their location and well ranked programs.

    • Hi Michael, Sorry for the delay in responding. Do what you can to bring your grades up – I know it’s hard as a student athlete. Being an athlete is something law schools value, but if you can show an upward trend in grades and a solid LSAT, you’ll be in good shape. Please let me know if I can be of help to you as you move forward.

  12. Rachel on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am currently a second year, Strategic Public Relations major in a small, private University in Iowa. This is not a common major (I have found) and classes include finance, marketing, communications, and digital media. I will also be taking Honors courses in fine arts, science, and possibly history as well as classes in psychology, Spanish, and public administration. I have a 3.7 GPA and am very involved on my campus through Student Senate and being on Executive Boards of several organizations. By the end of college (in two years), I will have completed All College Honors and completed an 8 week internship in Nicaragua, teaching English to the children over there (who speak Spanish).

    There are a couple things that I am worried about:
    -My college is not very big and it is not necessarily a prestigious University. It has been ranked U.S. New Best Colleges Ranking as third in the Midwest region. However, many people are not aware of this University.
    -My major is underneath the “Communications” section of the University even though it is not called communications, but has many other classes other than just communication. I understand that Communications is typically regarded as a non challenging major, but this University puts a lot of theorizing and writing into its communication classes so they are more challenging than the average communications major.

    Will my University affect my law school application? Will my major affect it as well?
    I have hopes to attend either Stanford, Harvard, or Yale. Do I have a decent chance at obtaining admission into these top law schools?

    Thank you for your time!

    • Hi Rachel, I’m so sorry I didn’t see this post earlier. If you take rigorous courses, work closely with faculty, perhaps do a thesis or other significant research project, and are otherwise qualified for those institutions, you will be seriously considered.

  13. Zachary on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am re-nrolled to finish my Undergrad in St. Louis. I am following through on my B.S. in Psychology and am considering picking up a B.A. in either Writing or History. Would one carry more weight than the other? Is it more logical to just do a minor or finish strong with the double? I’m curious to hear your thoughts, and thank you for your blog!

  14. robert wilkinson on said:

    My son is ready to start undergraduate study and is planning on majoring in Russian. I didn’t see any posts about Foreign Languages, and was just curious about this affecting law school admissions. He might minor in econ or poli sci. I told him to minor in poli sci to keep his GPA up 😉 Would like to work for State Dept or Foreign Service, or something similar.

  15. Hi Ann,

    I graduated with a BS in Finance with a 3.36 at Penn State, which has a pretty rigorous Finance program. I never really thought about going to law school until after I graduated, so I was never really too concerned about keeping my GPA up. I currently do consulting in healthcare, which has piqued my interest in policy/health law and wanted to do a JD MPP program.

    I think I will do well on the LSAT because I’ve always been good at standardized tests. I was wondering if a few years of work experience might overshadow my lower GPA for getting into a better law program.

  16. Ann,

    I recently graduated from Penn State with a degree in Finance, but I never really considered going to law school until after I graduated, so I didn’t try to keep my GPA up after I got into my program. Because of this, I finished school with a 3.36 GPA.

    I currently work in the health care industry as a financial consultant, and it has sparked an interest in Public Policy, and I am now considering going to a law school that has a JD/MPP program.

    My question is, will my work experience allow schools to overlook my mediocre GPA? I am fairly confident that I will perform well on the LSAT, and my GPA is the only blemish on my resume when looking at top/2nd tier law schools.

    • Hi Brian, it will all come down to which schools you target and exactly how well you perform on the LSAT. I’ve worked with a number of people in your situation, and a lot of the outcome depends on your score.

  17. O. Anthony on said:

    Hi Ann, I was a 2012 High School graduate in top 1% of my class at a magnet high school, with scholarships and, and I was also a Florida bright future scholar (I lost it all) and my current situation concerns me. I started as a Pharmacy major at FAMU, got an A in Org Chem 1, but failed Org Chem 2 because of lack of discipline and just goofing around that semester. My parents forced me to return home and I ended up graduating with my AA from the local 4-year college. After graduating, I took two semesters off to work and now I have gone back to Broward College, the local college, and will earn a Bachelors of Applied Science Degree (BAS) in Supervision and Management in Dec 2017. My current CUM GPA is 3.44. I am taking the Feb 2017 LSAT. If I score 160- 170, what are my chances for Law School? Half of my undergrad classes are in Science and Math and the other half in Business (BAS). I have taken Economics, and Accounting courses to supplement the degree. I wanted to major in Economics because that’s my passion, but after messing around for so long my parents refuse to take me seriously and is not supporting me so I am stuck at the local college with limited BA or BS degrees, and have basically settled on the BAS degree. I did buckle down and started back applying myself, but another major concern is if a BAS degree even accepted or frowned upon?

  18. Hello Ann I’m so happy you’re still continuing to answer questions on your blog in 2016 because I am in serious need of assistance.

    I have found a few schools that have a program called “Pathway to Law School” which started in 2014 and I have decided to go this route. My only problem is I have no idea what to major in or anything about Law in particular but i took a business law class and enjoyed it, I love to read, i’m great at research, and I’ve been my own advocate in the formal sense of writing letters or having meetings about injustices or misappropriations for myself, my child, and others for quite some time.

    A little bit of background on myself is that I’ve been to community college and started off great and my grades declined after a few semesters due to being a single mother, being homeless, and not having the proper support or knowledge going through school at community college. I majored in Business and switched to Computer Science and made the mistake of starting off with my major courses first instead of GE’s because I didn’t enjoy either of these majors. Now I’ve decided to go to a completely different school and start over fresh which is what one of my teachers advised and pursue what I’ve been interested in for quite some time which is Law but I have a few problems/questions:

    I have no legal background and don’t know much about government or law which is why i think I should major in Poli Sci even though to be honest i’m not that enthusiastic about political science but I would like to make sure I stay competitive and that i have the right amount of knowledge. My other option in regards to law is Administration of Justice (I’m more interested in this but i’m thinking about my future of getting into law school even though i’m only at the associates level now. What i’m really interested in is Communications and Journalism, but I saw above (in 2011) you sad Journalism is dying and pretty much a No, so now as far as Communications I think I could minor in this once i get to the university level. I also have an interest in Sociology and a mild interest in English which I’ve always done well in. So my question to you is which major out of Poli Sci, Admin of Justice, Communications, Journalism, Sociology, or English is the best major and minor combination to get into law school? or any suggestions other then what i listed is good to. which combination is the most likely to get me an internship as a legal assistant?

    I know this is a lot I appreciate if you can help me. I just found your website and I definitely plan on getting your book.

    Thank You and Happy Holidays

  19. Shannon on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I am a student at Baruch College with a 3.8 GPA but lately ive been having second thoughts on what I want to major in, to increase my chances of getting into a law school. I was originally studying marketing but as you mentioned Marketing isn’t impressive? So now it’s between marketing and real estate? Which would you suggest

    • Hi Shannon,
      I wouldn’t choose to change your major unless you were changing to something that really interested you. Marketing is fine – but doing something with research and writing would help round things out. If you are also doing Talmudic studies, though, you may not need this.

  20. Brooke on said:

    This is interesting and all, but this list and the order of which you list the importance of majors goes against everything I have read about the desired degrees for law school, or is this not for American law. Because if so never mind.

  21. Abigail on said:

    Hi Ann,
    First off, I love the blog! I have been following it for years. I am in my third year of undergrad studying pre-law as my major with a double minor in political science and biology. Do Law schools merely focus on G.P.A? Or do they also account for distinguished choices of undergrad, especially if I choose tough courses and excel in them?

    Thanks in advance.
    Abby 🙂

    • Abigail on said:

      I also know law schools are interested in great LSAT scores as well as ample extra curricular’s. I just want to make sure that it getting accepted to Law school is more than taking “bird courses” throughout undergrad.

  22. Hi Ann,

    I am currently a junior mass communications major (B.A. with an emphasis on broadcast journalism) at West Texas A&M University. I am an All American student athlete with a 3.96/4.00 GPA, but I’m actually re-taking the only B I’ve made to see if I can graduate with a 4.0. I’ll be taking the LSAT this summer. Ideally, I would love to go down the IP or Media Law route. Would my major be looked down upon if I am aiming for the University of Texas at Austin?

    I am also involved on campus and have been lucky enough to have experience in five communication and journalism internships. (I started summer internships when I was 16.) Will my internship experience, though it is not law-related, help me or is it encouraged to have some form of legal internship prior to application to law school?

    This thread has helped me significantly and I really appreciate the amount of time you have put into helping us navigate the road to law school. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • WOW! A student athlete with a high GPA? That’s awesome! Don’t worry about the things you can’t change from the past (no law internships and where you went to college) just worry about making the best case for yourself for why law makes sense for you. Let me know if I can be of help.

  23. Layla Rose on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin. I’m majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology and my current GPA is a 3.5. At first I was wanting to go the pre- med route, but as I started taking more classes in the humanities and arts, I realized how much I enjoy writing and close- reading and after doing extensive research, I realized law fits me better as a person and I am more passionate about it. My volunteer work right now consists mostly of volunteering at hospitals but I do have leadership experience I can put down on my resume. My question is about what I should do next in order to show law school admissions that I am genuinely passionate about the subject. Are there any non- science classes that you would recommend me to take? Also, will being a neuroscience major serve as a disadvantage in the application process? It is a very difficult major but I am passionate about it and was not planning on switching. I am also not sure about my GPA; I will continue to work hard to bring it up but I don’t know if law schools take into account the difficulty of your major. Thanks!

  24. sarah on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I’m currently a sophomore in the process of transferring to a UC. I’m currently doing the roadmap for both poli and econ but I would choose one or the other. Law school has always been my passion since i was 13 years old. I’ve been studying for the LSAT for as long as I can remember and have been interning at firms. It really is my passion (family or immigration law). Lately I’ve been considering ditching Econ and Poli and have been thinking about considering something on the tech end of the spectrum just in case law school doesn’t work out. I want to major in something where I know I will have a better pay off in the future. I have been thinking about cognitive science which is a combination of programming, neuroscience, psychology, cognition, and linguistics. I’m sure I will score very high on the LSAT since I have such a passion for law but since this major requires an abundant amount of math and programming, I’m afraid my GPA may fall in the mediocre range. I don’t want to pursue an easy major just so I can have a high GPA for my application. I personally think it’s important to pursue a major you will be content with just in case law school doesn’t work or you perhaps change your mind. Is a major such as cognitive science “attractive” within one’s undergrad application? Will my GPA be considered in terms of the rigorous courseload this major requires?

  25. sakshi on said:

    hi, I have a degree of B.Tech in Biotechnology and i was wondering if studying law is a good idea. how do i go about pursuing law after bachelors in Germany or the US or Canada?
    do i need to take LSATS?
    Also, my academics aren’t very nice. GPA is 6.1. What are my chances to get into law school?
    I havent given LSATS now, but i will aim for good scores. when do you think i should give lsats this year? What are some good books to prepare for Lsat? is LSAT important given i have a bachelors degree?
    I’ll be graduating in June 2017, and i wish to start applying for schools immediately.
    Also, what should my application have besides college transcripts?
    could you suggest me some good law schools in good countries? I’m lost.

    if you wish you can contact me with the details on [email protected]

    Thank you

  26. Caroline on said:

    Hello Ann,
    I have a few questions for you! I am currently a junior at the University of Kentucky. I had planned on going into real estate development after college so I started with an Interior Design degree (I know this sounds fluffy,but I am passionate about studio art and this seemed perfectly applicable for taking over the family real estate business after college) but am looking to switch into either an Economics degree through the school of Arts and Sciences or something in the Social Sciences with a minor in Economics. I transferred from a local private, liberal arts college after freshman year because it just was not the right fit. I am involved in political organizations, greek life, have some volunteering experience, and have worked through college in retail or real estate sales. I am confident that I could get strong recommendations from previous employers and at least one professor thus far. I am also currently studying to get my real estate license. My cumulative GPA is a 2.8 (I hated my old major, am working on this as if my life depends on it). I am a strong writer, strong interviewer, and have not taken the LSAT yet. I am interested in either real estate law or family court.

    1.) I am confident that I could get into the low to mid 3’s by graduation with an Econ major, possibly minor in Journalism or Poli Sci. These are things I like, I am more than ready to put in the work, but also am more confident in my ability to excel in a Social Sciences or Poli Sci major. I am passionate about all of these, but see Econ a safe major to enter the job market with should law school be out of my reach. Which track would benefit me best?

    2.) I am confident in my ability to craft a unique application. I have diverse experiences and interesting oppourtunities going forward (my uncle is a judge who I could shadow, I am confident enough in my connections to land solid local internships, I will be doing some personal investment into real estate before graduation). Do you have any recommendations going forward with activities to help strengthen my application?

    3.) Finally, I am a solid standardized tester, so in the event that I can land my GPA somewhere in the mid 3’s (I know I can do this), do well on my LSATs, and craft a strong application, is it possible that I could make it off paper into a law school interview despite these other factors?

    Thank you so much for your time and attention, I realize this is a LOT but I know admissions are a comlpex decision.

    • Hi Caroline, This is a lot to cover in a blog comment : )
      You sound like a go-getter. I think Econ is a great major for law school. I recommend starting with my book, The Law School Admission Game. I think it’ll answer a lot of your questions.

  27. Nikita on said:

    I am currently set to graduate with a Bachelors in communications and I emphasis in corporate communications and currently thinking about pursing a masters in political science does that sound like a good dynamic for a future lawyer?

  28. Ionotzi Enriquez on said:

    Hello, my name is Ionotzi!
    I’m so glad I found your blog! I am currently attending a community college and finishing next fall because I took dual credits in my high school years. For years, I been debating between a psychology or law career. Right now I have time to change my degree because I have to renew my scholarship for next fall. My question is if I want to go to law school, what degree is better in psychology B.A. or B.S? Right now I am currently in pre-law degree and then transfer to a 4-yr school for a Political Science degree. All honesty I want to expand my options. Still debating to get my PS degree and go to a law school or psychology degree and get my masters or law school.

  29. Elizabeth Solorzano on said:

    Hi, So this is my first year in college and I have realized that mechanical engineering is not for me. However, I have a very low GPA thus far of 2.5. However, I plan on switching majors and my top choices are political science with a minor in business economics or education, however I was wondering if I have a possibility of getting into law school after my Bachelors given such a low GPA my freshman year, and are these majors ‘adequate’ for law school?

    • Hi Elizabeth, those are fine majors for law school. Do well in them and law schools will appreciate your early struggles with mechanical engineering. Good luck!

  30. JAN NICOLE ZIMMER on said:

    Hello Ann!

    I am transferring in the fall to Harvard Extension. I am wondering if that is a good choice if my goal Vanderbilt Law or Harvard Law? The degree is mostly online. I am transferring from a two-year college. I have a 3.7 in Communications and am looking at the majors and minors in the extension school. I am wondering if English would be decent major. I could also choose Economics, Literature, Creative Writing, International Relations or even Legal Studies. I am interested in all of those fields and am great at writing. My goal is to practice law in entertainment. I am in PTK (International Honor Society) and work and also have three kids and a fiance. Any advice?


    • Hi Jan, Form relationships with professors to the extent you are able – letters of rec will be important. The fact that you are attending school online because of family responsibilities should definitely be shared in your application. Wishing you all the best!

  31. Hannah on said:


    Hello! I am an upcoming junior double majoring in Psychology and Marketing. I have always had an interest in law, but I am just now seriously considering pursuing it as a career. I have a 3.8 GPA, and I have not taken the LSAT yet. I am thinking about changing my business major to something else, but I am not sure what the best route would be. I am interested in all aspects of business, so I was wondering if you could tell me which type of business major would look best, or if it does not really matter. I know that I have not taken the LSAT, but if my GPA stays the same or rises, and assuming I do well on the LSAT, do you think I would make a good candidate for law school? Also, when do you suggest I begin preparing to take the LSAT? Thanks!

    • Hi Hannah, your exact major within business should be something you choose because you’re interested in it – it won’t make a difference to law schools so long as you continue to do well. I think you’re at the perfect place to read The Law School Admission Game, so keep an eye out for the updated version coming out in July!

  32. Wright Nabors on said:

    Hey Ann, if I am majoring in Criminology and aspiring to go to law school do you think if I minored in economics that would help me? I enjoy economics and if it would help I would for sure minor in it.

  33. Makenzi on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am an environmental engineering major going into my third year, but my last year because I am graduating a year early. I had a lot of AP credit and took some college courses in high school. This was great to save my parents a lot of money. However, many of the courses I transferred covered my free electives and some of my humanities requirement for my degree. It means that my undergraduate career is almost completely engineering, math, and science courses. This puts more pressure on my personal statement to prove I can write well correct? Also, do I explain graduating a year early in an addendum? I have a 4.0 GPA and got a 172 on the LSATs. I know I could be competitive at the top schools, so I want to make sure I do everything right.


    • Makenzi, I think you’re worrying about all the wrong things! You have a 4.0 in STEM and a strong LSAT. Of course you want your essay to be well written, but you’re not under any extra burden. Don’t worry so much!

  34. Olivia Edwards on said:

    Hi my name is Olivia, I am currently going to school at the University of Iowa. I am double majoring in Criminology, Justice, and Law as well as Ethics and Public Policy, with a minor in disabilities studies. Are these majors combined challenging enough and compelling to make future law schools interested in me?

  35. Karla Altamirano on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I have a situation where I’m not sure if I should major in legal studies or political science. I’m a 4th year at UC Berkeley and have a low gpa due to some mental health issues that have been resolved now so I’m trying to do my best now. I will be doing a fifth year to finish classes. I decided on law late in the game but now I know I want to be a lawyer. What are my chances of getting into a top 50 law school? Is legal studies a bad move since I already had difficulty with gpa?

  36. Hi! So I’m deciding between political science and sociology major at UCLA right now. I’ve always been good with standardized testing and don’t doubt that I will do well on the LSAT. I know that political science is the more typical pre-law route, and while it does interest me, I find sociology to be more interesting. Is one of these majors significantly better than the other?

  37. Hello,
    I wanted to know if there is anyone who got accepted to law school from social work major.
    Helping people to heal by therapy always has been something I wanted to do. I will be going into social work and minor in psychology or sociology. I know lots of people say it doesn’t matter what degree you have, but I do want to know if social work is something that can help me to be a better lawyer. I was hoping to go to U of Toronto or U of Windsor for Masters of social work with their combined J.D.
    I believe, my background from social work will provide me with unique background and perspective on what each client goes through and the social worker side of the justice system. My goal is to help people as a lawyer with family law.
    Is this something good? or not recommended?

  38. Noah Rottman on said:

    How would a law school feel about someone who’s a Neuroscience and Psychology (B.S./B.A.) double-major? (Particularly about Neuroscience) for someone who’s interested in neurolaws application to criminal law.

  39. I am graduating in 3 years with a BA in Sociology. Double minor in English and Gender Studies. Will a sociology degree be good for law school?

  40. Kara Hofmeister on said:

    I’m currently a sophomore double majoring in psychology and sociology. My GPA as of right now is a 3.9 and I’m very hard on myself with grades so I don’t plan on it ever dropping below a 3.8 (I’m also in the honors program at my school so it can’t go below a 3.5) I’m trying to plan an internship abroad for the summer and have recently decided that law is the path I want to go down. Do my two majors with an internship abroad in law look good for a law school application?
    Thank you so much!

    • Kara, please don’t be so hard on yourself. Enjoy college, explore your interests, find yourself, make mistakes, learn from them, engage with your classes. Life – and law school admission – are about more than just your GPA.

  41. Surly the Curmudgeon on said:

    It should be almost criminal to advise anyone bound for law school to major in criminal justice. CJ prepares one for a life of crime fighting as a police officer, prison official, or probation officer. It is a pathway toward working in the upper echelons of law enforcing agencies. It should also be about near criminal to avoid discussing employment options as an attorney when advising an undergrad hoping for law school. I know Ivy League attorneys driving for Uber and making lattes, and I know longstanding practicing attorneys in their own firms who are making significantly less money since 2009. A law degree prepares one to do more than just practice law, and students need to know that before taking the LSAT. Also, major in philosophy, history, or English because several law professors tell me that law students write on the third grade level unless they come with a BA in one of the aforementioned disciplines.

  42. Frances on said:

    Hello Ann,
    I am a sophomore attending Borough of Manhattan Community College. I will be transferring to John Jay College if Criminal Justice. I am currently majoring in Forensic Science. My GPA is a 3.5. When I transfer to John Jay to peruse my BS in Forensic, that the science classes will become more challenging and my GPa could become lower. I don’t plan on having my GPA lowered; however, I know that it’s realistic that it could happen. I wanted to know if this will affect my chances of getting into law school? Or should I change my major to something that I’m also interested in that doesn’t have difficult classes? Thank you

  43. Stephanie on said:

    Hey! I graduated from DePaul university in 2014 majoring in History of Art and Architecture with a cumulative GPA of around 3.18 — Part of the reason for my lower GPA was the fact that I had started out in a major that was not a good fit (animation) + a few language classes that were pretty difficult (Japanese) near the beginning of my undergraduate studies. I also was enrolled in a program for students with disabilities program, and had a lot of struggles with the transition into college during my first year. However I really did turn things around in the end and was getting As and Bs in my major courses, and was on the Dean’s list for several semesters. However I feel like these days I have become a lot calmer and more focused, and better at organizing myself and managing my time. Would my lower GPA really hurt my chances of ever being accepted into law school??? Thanks for any advice!

    • Hi – your GPA isn’t THAT low… and it was a while ago and you have an upward trend to point out to law schools. This isn’t going to keep you from attending law school, but might mean that top 10 law schools are unrealistic…

  44. worried student on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I want to ask, I am a three-year general psychology major at the University of Windsor in Canada and I want to apply for law school. My GPA is not the greatest because I have difficulties in trying to get my GPA up to what law school admins want. I am afraid that if I wrote my LSAT that my score would be low just like my GPA. I want to know if there are any possibilities for me to get into law school. I want to work for the criminal youth justice department and I had an interest in law school during my time in the university, however with GPA being not the greatest, I feel like I have given myself up thinking that law school may not be for me because of my crappy GPA

  45. Sarah Barton on said:

    Hi, I’m hoping to get into patent law. I am currently an integrated studies major with my emphases being communication and philosophy. If I change philosophy to biology would that qualify me to take the patent bar exam?

  46. Alexander on said:

    Ann, I graduated with a Bsc degree in Civil Engineering and a GPA of 3.4. I have not yet taken the LSAT but I was wondering whether I would be a good law school candidate..

  47. Bonnie Elizabeth on said:

    Hi! I’ve been doing my research and I came across your blog. I am looking to begin the application process for law school and my current degree is an Interdisciplinary Studies degree, but at my specific university it holds a requirement of 3 minors. My minors are History, Literature, and Sociology. I am also a part of my universities chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, which is a history national honor society. I worked very closely with a non profit over the course of the past three years and all throughout high school I had leadership opportunities and responsibilities. If I do very well on my LSAT and include my reasoning for the degree program that I have along with having nearly all A’s for my degree, do I still stand a chance of getting into law school?

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