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National Jurist just picked the Best Law Schools for Public Interest, so check it out….

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  1. Hi Ann,
    I just got an email from a school that I applied telling me that I have great potential to study law at their school, but they want me to submit an additional statement telling them why their school? Does this mean I have marginal credentials? I am confused and should I do it?

  2. Christina – this is a great opportunity! it means they are being stingy with acceptance letters because they want to protect their yield rates for US News. They want some assurance you would actually attend. Write it up! And good luck!~

  3. Ann,
    I used to be a private tutor for my entire junior year at school. Can I include this in the section where law schools ask for information on employment during the school year? I used to spend a good 10 hours a week tutoring along with 16 and 18 hours of school.

  4. Hi Ann,
    It’s Christina again. It’s bugging me that people with my similar numbers are admitted into the school almost automatically, some with a decent amount of scholarships too. Why is the school telling me to write this additional statement? I found it fairly odd!!

  5. They just want some assurance you would attend. Maybe the others have more ties to the region, or already gave their reasons for applying in their applications.
    One of my clients sent a school this supplemental essay and was immediately accepted and given a scholarship. So stop fighting it, and just do it ; )

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