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Nathan Fox (founder of Fox LSAT) and Ben Olson (founder of Strategy Prep) are LSAT instructors with a great podcast that explores topics related to the LSAT and law school admissions. I’ve had the privilege of contributing to several of their episodes on a range of topics. Check them out:

Episode 55: Ann Levine Talks Meditation and Studying for the LSAT

I talk to Nathan and Ben about using meditation and mindfulness to combat anxiety and succeed on the LSAT and in law school applications. We discuss how taking the time to reflect on your real motivations for applying to law school can help you make smart choices.

We also spend a few minutes discussing a possible future GRE option for law school admissions and what it means to be on a “priority waitlist.” (First 34 minutes)

Episode 45: Law School Early Decision Programs and an October LSAT Horror Story

I talk to Nathan about the benefits and drawbacks of applying to law school early decision. We discuss the risk of forgoing scholarship money at other schools because binding early decision is actually binding. (First 15 minutes)

Episode 41: Ann Levine, Law School Expert, Shares Tips for Law School Admission

I answer questions about a range of topics, including LSAT score bands (not consequential), how to balance rolling admissions with waiting for an LSAT score (usually wait!), and which application materials to prepare before taking the LSAT (transcripts, letters of recommendation and initial essay brainstorming). We also discuss personal statement and diversity statement ideas, whether high school recommendation letters are appropriate, and how to be effectively involved in the letter-writing process. I give a specific applicant advice about how to incorporate his music background into his law school application and answer some questions about studying abroad in law school. Finally, I share a few thoughts about how to tell if someone is really ready to commit to law school and whether you really can “do anything with a JD.” (First 50 minutes)

Episode 29: Law School Expert Ann Levine Helps You Decide Which Law School to Attend

I talk to Ben and Nathan about how to choose which law school to attend based on a range of considerations, from specialties and clinics to rankings and location. We also discuss how to have worthwhile campus visits. I share my thoughts about finding accurate employment data for law schools, whether law schools dismiss students for low academic performance, and trends with transfer applications. Plus, I give tips on how to effectively negotiate scholarships with integrity and how to work law school deposits to your advantage. (Whole podcast)

Episode 18: Law School Admissions Q&A with Ann Levine

This podcast was recorded in Nathan’s LSAT class—first I share my background and then I answer tons of questions. My answers span a range of topics, including personal statements, GPAs, recommendation letters, resumes, waitlists, and choosing a law school. Here are some specific issues I address:


  • Whether you need individualized personal statements
  • When it makes sense to write a diversity statement
  • When to write an addendum for interrupted education


  • How to deal with LSAC-computed GPAs
  • How to reconcile a low undergraduate GPA with a high graduate school GPA

Recommendation Letters

  • How to decide who should write your recommendation letters
  • How long LSAC stores letters of recommendation/when to ask for your letters
  • How many letters is enough
  • How to draft your own recommendation letter when asked

General Application Questions

  • How to deal with honor code violations in your application
  • Whether to disclose the other schools you’re applying to when asked on an application
  • How many applications is too many
  • Whether to submit an application while you’re waiting for an LSAT score
  • What makes a successful non-traditional applicant


  • How to use waitlists to get into your dream school
  • How to use deposits to reserve a seat while keeping waitlist options open

Choosing a Law School

  • Whether to prioritize rankings or scholarships when choosing a law school

(Whole podcast)

Episode 7: Should you retake the LSAT? With Ann Levine

Nathan, Ben and I talk about when it makes sense to retake the LSAT. We discuss how law schools view multiple scores, and how to explain discrepancies between scores in your application. I also share my thoughts about how much schools focus on median, 25th and 75th percentile scores when considering applications. Finally, we talk about when it makes sense to cancel an LSAT score. (Minute 23 through the end)

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the links to the podcasts. They were helpful. The thing that stood out the most was your recommendation to wait until the next cycle if your February score is your first score. My February score will be first score. I have been studying consistently for the past 5 months. I had planned to take it in December and just didn’t feel ready. Standardized tests are not my strength. I am still waiting for my score, but I estimate about a 147. My GPA is 3.57. I am 42, and though I have had a good career, I would like take my communication and critical thinking skills to a higher level through the challenge of law school. I am not targeting the top 50 schools (well, I might just try for one or two). I would like to start school as soon as I can. What is your recommendation in a case like this? How much is the opportunity for scholarship/grant money reduced with a February score?

    1. Hi Ken. Glad those links were helpful. With an LSAT score in the 140s, scholarships are unlikely to be part of your consideration. You can try applying with this score and see what happens and if it doesn’t work out you can take the test again this summer and apply in the fall.

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