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Taking the October LSAT? On July 7th, Atlas LSAT will be hosting a free live online workshop to review the June 2010 LSAT. Dan Gonzalez and Mike Kim, the authors of the Atlas LSAT books and curriculum, will review some of the games and logical reasoning questions to explore some themes on the LSAT. They’ll also discuss how to decide whether to re-take and what to do to avoid repeating your past mistakes if you do re-take. If you’d like to review the test with them), sign-up and see what you can learn from this last LSAT.

Let me know what you think of this – leave comments after the workshop! I hope it’s a helpful resource for my blog readers.

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  1. Hello Ann

    I just received an Lsat score of 143 and have a G.P.A of 3.5. What are my chances of getting into a second or third tier law school?

    1. Jan,
      I don’t comment on schools list choices on the blog for reasons I’ve mentioned throughout the site, but if you have potential to improve that 143, you need to try to do so.

  2. There needs to be more online instruction for the LSAT. Atlas LSAT does a great thing here, but there needs to be more. There is a huge niche in the market that is crying out for a more affordable LSAT course that can and should be online, convenient, and flexible. I’m someone who took that $1000+ in-class LSAT course years back, but I wish I had access to an online course (or some form of online LSAT instruction like Atlas LSAT is offering above) that was more affordable and more convenient.

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