Are You Ready for the June LSAT?

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With a week to go before the June LSAT, I want you to ask yourself this very important question: AM I REALLY READY?

If you haven’t prepared enough or gotten to a consistent level of practice exam performance that you’d be happy scoring within 3 points of on test day, then please consider using your escape hatch. What is your escape hatch? Withdrawal from the test – you have until June 9th. The withdrawal doesn’t show up on your score report and it’s like you have a clean slate.

Some worry that they are putting themselves behind in the rolling admission cycle, but an October LSAT score that is stronger than what your June score would have been is absolutely worth waiting for. You will have your score in time for Early Decision and Early Notification deadlines with an October test date. And it’s certainly better than regret in the form of an LSAT addendum. You don’t want to have to write, for example, “I exercised poor judgment by taking the June LSAT when I had not dedicated sufficient time to prepare for the test. When I spent the summer studying for the October LSAT and was able to focus on preparing for the LSAT, I earned a score that is more in line with my abilities.” (For more LSAT addendum examples, see Chapter 9 of The Law School Admission Game, 2nd Edition “Explaining Your Weaknesses.”)

Sometimes canceling plans (even if you’ve announced them to the world via FB and Twitter) is a good call – make the decision that is right for you and don’t worry about what people will say.

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  1. Ann,

    I know you get questions like this all the time, but here are my stats:

    UGPA: 2.97
    LSAT: 178

    Do you think I would have a shot at a T14 law school? What a school such as UNC Chapel Hill? Any general answers you can provide would be great!

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