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I published this about a year ago, and it’s suddenly time to talk Early Decision/Early Notification again.

Please keep in mind that I’m not sure Early Decision/Early Notification is worth getting very excited about. The decision you receive may just be “we’ve decided to defer your application to the regular admission cycle” or a waitlist decision. I like something I see Duke doing for “preferred” applicants and promising a response within 10 days of application completion, but even so – we’ll see what those decisions end up being.

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  1. Hi Ann,

    I am very interested in Duke’s Early Decision program. How does one become a preferred applicant and get the 10 day response? Or do they only do this for certain applicants? Thanks!

    1. Hi John, Have you thought about calling and asking? It might be early yet (since apps haven’t been released) but I believe in the simple, polite, direct question.

  2. I think I will do it. I did some research on it and it sounds like they mostly give it out by invitation, sort of like a fee waiver. However, I have seen people saying that they asked for it and received it so I suppose it can’t hurt to ask.

    Thanks Ann!

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