Applying to Law School? 5 Tips to Start the Process

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The law school application process can be overwhelming. If you’re daunted by a long to-do list, start with these five simple things. Suddenly you’ll feel like you’re well on your way to applying to law school. Ready to check off some boxes and feel like you’re making headway?

In this two-minute tip video, I share the 5 things you need to do to get started applying to law school.

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  1. I appreciate how manageable you make this process feel. I was first turned onto your The Law School Admission Game through the Thinking LSAT podcasts and have used it to guide my law school application strategy. I’m now combing through your blog for nuggets of wisdom about crafting a personal statement. Reviewing the blog has reminded me how fortunate I was to have your book be the first I bought when I was sure I wanted to go to law school and how much it’s helped me to this point. Thank you for being so generous with your expertise and for how well you break down this journey into manageable bite-sized pieces.

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