Apply Early to Law School: When to Apply and Why

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It’s mid-September. How did that happen? We are back to school, putting away flip flops in favor of Uggs, and realizing that the year is moving on, whether we like it or not.
This also means it’s freak out time for many law school applicants. If you have your LSAT behind you and you’re not planning to take it again, now is the time to be working on your applications, with the goal of getting them out the door by early October. For those of you taking the September LSAT, you want to be ready to submit applications in early-to-mid November. Here’s a brand new video of me explaining the importance of applying early in the cycle to take advantage of rolling admissions.

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  1. I am trying to decide whether to apply in September, or retake the LSAT in Oct and apply as soon as I get the scores back. I got a 161 without seeking any outside help aside from a book. I know it’s tough to increase your score, but if I start studying now and take a course I think it is quite plausible to improve by at least 3-4 points. Is is more effective to apply in September with a 161, or assuming I improve my grade, apply in November with a 165. Thanks.

    1. Tim, I think there is room to improve your score – it would be better to have your 165 and apply in November – without a doubt. Hope this helps.

  2. My LSAT is a bit below their average and I like GWU very much. Would applying ED, not in the Presidential Merit Scholarship Program, but rather binding without scholarship be strategic for me? Would they consider lower than average LSAT scores for that particular application?

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