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It seems like every day that I’m introduced to a new LSAT prep program, and I think it’s great that law school applicants have so many choices.

Here’s one more: launches new LSAT prep tool, FREE until Oct. 9th.

With less than three weeks to go before October 9th LSAT, you’re now entering the homestretch of your preparation.  You might be looking for a way to get those extra few points that will take your LSAT score to the next level.   It’s time to focus your fire on those areas where you need the most improvement., an innovative web-based prep company, wants to help you with that goal. Until October 9, they are providing free access to a beta test of their first featured product,  the LSAT Custom Quiz Generator.  Using their tool, you can practice from a database of over 6,000 Official LSAT Questions categorized by question type and concept.  They also have a free diagnostic tool that will analyze any prep tests you’ve recently taken and pinpoint your exact strengths and weaknesses.  Check  it out today – only an email address is required to sign up and you can start practicing immediately.

You can see a cute little YouTube Introduction here: Video on YouTube

Let me know what you think! I always like to hear reader feedback on new LSAT prep tools.

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  1. Ann,

    Hi! I just stumbled across your website. I’m currently “prepping” for the LSAT in February 2011. I took my first ever practice test yesterday – with no studying – and got a 151. Is this an ok score? I’m not shooting for Harvard or Stanford or Georgetown. Just a state school in my hometown.

    Also, are there any free resources for helping with LSAT strategy/logic games? My biggest weaknesses are 1) not enough time and 2) not having a strategy in place for the logic games. I was able to sketch out the logic games and did fairly well but I definitely need to improve. One issue I had, I think, was inverting the question. If they asked for which cannot be true I ended up getting myself so twisted around I picked one of the true answers.

    I simply cannot afford to pay $1,000 for a LSAT prep course. I need free, free, free or cheap!

    Got any ideas? Thanks!

    1. Smantha,
      You did great for a first time! However, i urge you to take the December 2010 exam if you’re applying to start law school in Fall 2011.
      Check out my latest podcast for LSAT prep options within a restricted budget. I think you’ll find them really helpful. Good luck!

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