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LSAT Freedom was founded by Congressman Ron DeSantis, Robert Fojo, and Rob Tauler.  The three were roommates at the Harvard Law School and formed LSAT Freedom in 2010 when they saw the need for a new type of LSAT prep course to be available.

What would you say is the most fundamental LSAT advice you could give to someone thinking about taking the LSAT?

Well, first and foremost, someone thinking about taking the LSAT should prepare for it.  This may seem obvious, but many students do not take an LSAT prep course their first time around.  Ideally, students should spend about 10 weeks preparing, with a goal of 2-3 hours per day of studying.  This should be focused prep where students try their hand at real LSAT problems and review their responses.  Students should avoid study groups and “simulated” LSAT questions that are dissimilar from what will appear on the actual exam.  Finally, students should practice by taking real practice exams in test-like conditions.  We have built our course around this philosophy.

You have touched upon this already, but can you give me a general overview of the LSAT Freedom approach to LSAT instruction?

When prepping for the LSAT, it is tempting to look for shortcuts or an easy way to get a quick score increase.  Generally speaking, however, there is no “magic formula” to improve your LSAT score.  At LSAT Freedom, we see LSAT prep as an opportunity for students to develop reasoning abilities that will serve them not only on the LSAT, but in law school and in their legal careers.  Thus, our approach to LSAT instruction focuses on developing these skills.  This is done by reviewing over 1,500 LSAT questions and demonstrating to our students how to approach each one in a straightforward manner, as well as examining the logical foundations of the exam in our tutorials and e-books.

Why do students choose to do their LSAT prep online as opposed to a standard LSAT course?

There are a couple of reasons that students find an LSAT freedom online LSAT prep course better.  Primarily, we find that convenience, flexibility, and cost are primary drivers of students to our course.  With LSAT Freedom, students can learn any time of day for as long as they like and at their own pace.  Moreover, since we do not have the same overhead as classroom courses, we can pass on the savings to our students.

Since you bring up cost, how much does an LSAT Freedom membership cost?

A membership to our course costs just $699 (or 69.90 per month), which is less than half of what a traditional LSAT course costs.  That includes detailed video explanations of over 1,500 past LSAT questions, over 13 video tutorials of specific problem areas on the exam, our e-books that cover logical reasoning, logic games, and LSAT anxiety, and access to all of the LSAT exams we cover in our video explanations.

Does your course provide any feedback to students?

Yes.  Under each video explanation and video tutorial, we have an interactive question-and-answer feature that allows students to ask questions to our instructors.  The instructors respond in a timely manner, which other students can then review.  The goal is not only to provide feedback to students with questions, but also to create an enduring corpus juris of LSAT knowledge.

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