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Thanks to John Rood at Next Step Test Preparation in Chicago for posting this interview with me today. In the post, I discuss how to prepare for the LSAT and issues that impact non-traditional and older applicants, among other tips. Check out John’s LSAT blog for good info on preparing for the test and other issues pertaining to law school applicants.

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  1. Hi Ann,

    I realize this is kind of an involved question, but I have a dilemma. I am trying to decide between a T2 school located in the area where I (probably) will practice that doesn’t have much of a program for the type of law I want to study… or a T1 that has some reach in the area where I want to practice but has good programs for the type of law I want to study (by that I mean a law journal dedicated to the subject and a cool pro-bono program). Which would you say is a smarter choice?

    For what it’s worth, they would both cost about the same.

    What is the value of the school having things like a journal and organized programs that are related to the area of law you hope to practice upon graduation?

    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful advice, as always.


  2. Melissa,
    You don’t mention whether you’ve visited both campuses. Sometimes the preference becomes very clear only when you’re there and interacting with people and seeing whether you feel comfortable in the surroundings.
    Depending on your intended area of practice, the fact that there is a journal on the subject isn’t incredibly compelling. You could always write a law review article or do research with a professor on a topic of interest.
    I think, without knowing the particulars, most people would tell you that when cost and location are equal, you go with the T1 school…..

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