After taking the December LSAT – 3 tips

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You took the December LSAT today? My three most important tips:

1. DO NOT SPEND TIME TODAY ON DISCUSSION BOARDS. If you feel good walking out of the test, don’t change your opinion of your own performance based on what the mob says on discussion boards. Why would you trust total (anonymous) strangers over your own instincts? Instead of fueling hits to Law School Discussion and Top-Law-Schools today, rent a guilty pleasure movie (or download it, I’m sounding my age by saying you have to “rent” it), enjoy a glass of wine, and only surround yourself with people who are supportive of your endeavors.

2. Thinking about canceling your LSAT score? I’ve written quite a bit on that topic since starting this blog. (I can answer a few questions in the comments section, but can’t give specific advice about whether you should cancel within the blog format. There are just too many factors to consider.) Please also remember that taking the February LSAT is less than ideal for Fall admission.

3. I know that LSAC said you’d get your scores in January. And they might be telling you the truth. But last year scores were released on Dec. 21st. Just keep this in mind so you’re mentally prepared to submit all of your apps before the end of the month.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and tell your friends who plan to apply for Fall 2010 admission to take the June or October LSAT so they don’t have to go through this agony.

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  1. Hey Ann,
    I just took the December LSAT after I received a pretty bad score on the October one (157). I have been consistently making high 160s and low 170s on the practice tests and I don’t know what happened the first time but hopefully this time round there is an improvement.

    A quick question though, do I need to email all the schools I have sent applications to asking them to hold off on decisions until I receive this December score?


  2. Hi Anaya, If you didn’t mark on your applications that you were registered for the December LSAT, absolutely email them to hold off for your new score.
    Good luck!

  3. Hi Ann
    Thank you for all of your wonderful advice. My question is in regards to personal statements. I have a statement I feel good about it but my only doubt is that I do not write explicitly “why” I want to go to law school. I write a story about my experience abroad and how that has shaped me and given me important skills. I show this but do not write it verbatim “and this is why I want to be a lawyer.” What do you think about this when most prompts ask about professional aspirations? Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi Ann:

    Like Anaya, I was unhappy with my June LSAT score, so I retook it this past Saturday. I think I performed significantly better this time around. I have been told conflicting pieces of advice on whether to apply without my new score or not. Besides a final list of schools to apply to and my LSAT score, I have everything ready to go–personal statement, transcripts and rec letters. Is it best to wait for my score and then apply or should I start sending applications in now?

    Also, thanks for providing such a wonderful resource to law school applicants! I appreciate it!


  5. Kristy,
    If your schools list isn’t changing based on your LSAT score, why would you wait to apply?
    Thanks for reading the blog!

  6. Did anyone have any problems taking the LSAT? There was a classroom in session across from us and they made horribly loud noises all through the LSAT. The proctor asked them to stop, but that only made them louder. I filed a complaint with LSAC, but I know there isn’t anything they can do. It was very hard to concentrate. I fear my score will suffer for it. I tested on my own near the 170’s, I hope I come through okay.

  7. Hi Ann,
    I just took my LSAT for the 2nd time and I canceled the first. My question is how bad dose it look to cancel a second time? (I know that i messed up really badly on one game and had to guess a whole reading comp set because i ran out of time)
    I plan to take it again in February but i am nervous as to weather a bad score would be better or worse than a second cancellation?


  8. Ari, when you cancel two LSAT scores, you have to be pretty darn sure you can knock it out of the park on the third try…… Plus, February is not good for fall admission – really late in the game. However, if you’re applying for Fall 2010 it’s better to cancel this score perhaps…. The good news is the highest score is what counts….

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