Above The Law Run-down, Part 1

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Have you been reading my blog posts in Career Files for Above the Law? If you’ve missed them, here are the direct links and summaries:

In this post for Above the Law, I focus on eight key lessons for June LSAT takers. I cover everything from how you should be preparing for the exam to what you should do if your score doesn’t demonstrate your potential.

In this post, I share some thoughts about how meditating and mindfulness can mitigate anxiety and help law school applicants make smart choices.

In this post, I encourage applicants who are retaking the LSAT in December to wait to apply to law school until they receive their December score. I explain how this approach will lead to better informed, more effective applications.

In this post, I use three case studies to illustrate how immigrants, children of immigrants, and applicants from other countries can effectively tell their stories in law school applications.

In this post, Jumping the LSAT Hurdle, I give a thorough explanation of how to prepare for the LSAT. I delve into which options work best for different applicants, and how to balance time and budgetary constraints. I also share some thoughts about retaking the LSAT.

In this post, I explain the major costs associated with applying to law school and share some tips about how to maximize your budget.

In this post, I discuss when it might make sense to reapply to law school in the next cycle. Sometimes better preparing for the LSAT, submitting your applications earlier in the cycle, or reassessing your priorities and revising your school list can make a big difference.

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