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Just a quick note to my loyal readers – I just started running Google Ads as an experiment. For the first 18 months of this blog, I did not run any advertisements. I have decided, however, that I’m not scared that you might learn about my “competition” – rather, I welcome you to learn about other law school admission consulting options. I think, after exploring the options, you’ll be rather impressed by all that I offer – particularly my accessibility, affordability, and the quality of the coaching you receive. I welcome your comments about having Google Ads on the blog, as this is an experiment and I want the blog to offer valuable information to law school applicants.

And, yes, I am currently accepting clients who are taking the December 2008 LSAT. I always offer a free initial consultation if you have questions about how we could work together.

If you sign up for my Option A “The Works” package between today and December 15th, you can get 10% off the total price by entering the coupon code DECLSAT.

Good luck on the December LSAT!

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  1. Ann,

    You might be surprised at how much control you have over which ads are displayed. The AdSense panel lets you block unsavory ads [whether inappropriate, competition, etc.] quite easily. You can also use specific channels that might add value to your site in a tangential way – ie, textbook sales – without creating any awkward situations. Good luck!

  2. Matthew, thanks for the great tip! I’m new to this and I definitely appreciate your insights and advice. Thanks!

  3. Ann, I think having competitors’ ads nearby will only help you. Once people compare you to the others out there I think the sensible ones will march right back to you for the same reasons that I did:

    1. YOU, not a staff member, are the consultant who works with the applicants;

    2. you have the inside knowledge of what the admissions committees do and don’t want to see in an application;

    3. you’re extremely fast and efficient and responsive; and

    4. you’re a perfectionist who doesn’t miss a trick.

    To me it meant a lot that you’re rock solid and you stay with us through the entire process. You care a lot about the final product and you treated my applications as though they were your own. (If only you could take the LSAT for me, too!!!) As for pricing, I love THE WORKS package because the price was fair. I love that it’s a “one price” thing because then neither one of us had to spend time worrying about whether we used up a pre-allotted amount of time. Any energy that we’d have to expend worrying about time-keeping and billing was, instead, spent on putting my applications together.

    You’re the best. Others will see that when they compare you to the others. So run the others’ ads. Go for it. Bring it AAAAWN!!!

  4. Ann,

    No problem at all. And just like Sarah said, it isn’t necessarily a liability to have competitors’ ads. You do a good job of differentiating your services from others’, so all those points Sarah explained will be clear when a potential client is comparing you to the rest. If you’ve got any questions or just want to chat a bit about branding/marketing, drop me a line at mktabor@gmail.com .

  5. I agree with Matthew and Sarah. I couldn’t afford any consultations at all (I can’t even afford organic produce) but if I could, I’d come to Ann over all the other ones.

  6. Kiki, you rock!
    I wasn’t expecting my post to generate support! It means so much to me. I invest a lot of energy into helping law school applicants, and I’m so happy to support you in this endeavor – whether or not you’re a paying client : )

  7. As one of Ann’s clients this current cycle, I can attest to Ann’s devotion and incredible service. I obtained “the works” package and I am really glad I did. There is nothing you can say about the level of comfort and confidence Ann provides to her clients. I processed all of my applications (almost 20 of them) in early-mid November and it was INTENSE. Yes, almost 20 applications! She reviewed each and every single one prior to submission within a two week span. We volleyed back and forth close to a 100 emails in that period. Every single reply was well within 24 hours. Often I would just sit at my computer and wait for Ann’s response because I knew it would be very quick! NOT TO MENTION…all this was after about a 2 month period of personal statement edits and revisions. In the end, I came out with 3 different personal statements and about 5 versions of each one. And let’s not forget the 7 addendum pieces she helped me draft. Just simply amazing. Thank you Ann!

  8. WOW! Thanks, Mike. And you didn’t even mention that you got into law school this week!!! WOO HOO!! CONGRATULATIONS! Your success is much deserved! It’s a true pleasure working with you.

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