A little light summer reading? Pre-Law Reading Lists are all the rage.

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So, it’s been pointed out to me that there are a few pre-law reading lists coming up on blogs right now. Here are the highlights:



AWomaninLawSchool summer reading list:

I looked at them, and for the most part I think the suggestions are (1) repetitive of what your law schools are going to tell you to read (unnecessarily), (2) pretentious, (3) not grounded in the reality of what you’re getting yourself into by going to law school and becoming an attorney. Maybe I’m just deep into the book I’m writing (to be released this fall) to help you decide upon and act upon your legal career, and maybe reading “Getting to Maybe” (and being the author’s research assistant in law school) just scarred me for life, but I’d rather you spend your summer reading books that will motivate you to hustle, get you to start thinking about how business works, how people hire, to start networking with attorneys and colleagues immediately, and to start exploring different areas of law.

The 6Ps of the BIG 3 for Job Seeking JDs by Amanda Ellis (@aellislegal)- a guide with concrete tips for social networking and other ways of building connections, specifically for lawyers (which is who you have to start thinking like – a lawyer)

Fuel the Spark: 5 Guiding Values for Success in Law School & Beyond by Kevin Houchin (@kevinhouchin)- a quick little book about how law school can help you develop as a person if you approach it the right way

Make it Your Own Law Firm by Spencer Marc Aronfeld (@aronfeld) – this will get you thinking about yourself as an entrepreneur and will help you see through to the purpose of law school when you are mired in the Socratic Method

24 Hours with 24 Lawyers by Jasper Kim (@jasperkim) – if you don’t know what lawyers really do or what their lives are really like, this is a great place to start






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  1. Great advice, Ann! I will be starting at MSU Law in a few weeks (!) and so far have kept my reading to what is necessary because I also work full time. Aside from MSU’s required summer reading, I have also been reviewing US history. Thanks for a good reading list that should encourage people to think about what comes after law school.

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