A 2-year JD at a Top Law School

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One of my readers asked me about my assessment of Northwestern’s new 2-year JD program. Here is a great article about it by Brian Leiter.

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  1. Hello,
    I have been wondering, not necessarily about two year programs but about Spring start programs. It seems there are only a handful of schools that offer it although I read somewhere that though it may not be advertised on a website one is advised to ask the schools themselves about the arraangement. Is this a possibility?
    I am applying to schools this fall, and was initially planning to attend next fall, however I may have a job offer with a year commitment (Dec.-Dec.). To avoid choosing between deferring and waiting a whole year and passing on the job I was wondering if a Spring start would be a happy medium. However it seems that the options aren’t so great, and even so, would the law school experience be much different for those starting “out of sync?”

    Any thoughts?
    Thank you!

    1. Teresa,
      Not too many schools offer a Spring Start, but if a school you’re otherwise interested in attending offers this and it works better for you, then it’s a great option. If you wouldn’t otherwise consider going to that school because of location, reputation, etc., then going because of the spring start is a recipe for disaster. You may face difficulties if you try to transfer.

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