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Law School admissions can be overwhelming. Ann Levine's 18 years of experience makes the process step-by-step simple.
Now Accepting Clients applying in Fall 2021!
Ann Levine knows law school admissions inside and out, and will give you straightforward advice to help you find your best fit.
Now Accepting Clients applying in Fall 2021!

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"My personality is the type that would have stressed and obsessed over something for days, but with her I felt that I could relax because she certainly knows what she is talking about. I felt like no question was too small or too dense to ask her. This paid off incredibly- I was accepted into eleven schools and offered scholarships at four. You get the feeling that she is personally invested in each client and I always felt like I was her priority. … Continue reading →"

Sarah G.
UC Berkeley / Boalt Hall Law

"I just wanted to send a thank you for working with me this past year! You helped me tremendously throughout the entire process and took SO much stress away from anything that came up. I really don’t know if I could have done any of this it without you!! I am thrilled with my acceptance to The University of Minnesota and equally as thrilled with the scholarship offer. I just got all my stuff moved up from Texas and into my new place in the city (walking distance to the law school and less than 30 minutes from my family), and I am just so thankful to be here. It seems completely surreal. … Continue reading →"

University of Minnesota Law School

"For much higher prices, some of corporate competitors will have you working with college grads who never even thought of going to law school, and who are merely filling the role of copy editor. Ann, on the other hand, will be your own personal consultant who will advise you on every aspect of the admissions process. … Continue reading →"

Christian Vogel

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Impress Decision-Makers

In 2020 alone, my clients were offered over $28 million worth of scholarships, in part because their applications spoke directly to what admissions officers are looking for.

Help From LSAT to 1L

No matter where you are in the application process, I make your goals my priority. I’ll keep up with you on the phone, online, via text… whatever works for you, I’m there.

Step-By-Step Help

You’ve got a busy life. I’ll create a step-by-step process to ensure that you meet application deadlines, and will stay in contact in whatever way works best for you.

Staying On Track

Keeping up with your 1L coursework and meeting transfer deadlines can be tough, so I’ll stay in touch and create to-do lists to keep you working towards your goals.

Working Directly for You

I am the Law School Expert. You’ll be working directly with me, not with a receptionist, contractor, or employee. I limit my clients each year to ensure you get the time you deserve.

Make Smart Decisions

Admissions is about more than just getting accepted. It’s making decisions about the career you want, and I will guide you through every step of making smart decisions.

Craft An Impressive Application

My clients are outliers. Clients consistently get accepted to “reach” schools, get offered more scholarship money, and are admitted off the wait list more often than the average law school applicant. I won’t write your application for you, but I will help you identify what will make an impact on admissions officers, and work with you until your application is perfect.

Create Your Best Personal Statement

I’ll help you figure out how and where to focus your personal statement, and walk you through every draft until it’s absolutely perfect.

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Explaining Weaknesses

A low LSAT, low GPA, or challenging past isn’t necessarily the kiss of death to your law school dreams, but they do need to be explained in a way that admissions committees will understand.

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Following Through To 1L

Negotiating scholarships, getting in off the waitlist, or choosing which school to actually attend; these final follow-through steps are where the rubber meets the road in achieving your goals.

Finding The Right Fit

It’s not about cookie-cutter solutions for everyone, law school admissions are about finding the best fit for you, from scholarship negotiation to choosing which admissions offer to accept.

Finding The Right Fit

It’s not about cookie-cutter solutions for everyone, law school admissions are about finding the best fit for you, from scholarship negotiation to choosing which admissions offer to accept.

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The cost of all other application packages can be applied towards an upgrade to The Works.

  • The Works
  • Absolutely everything you will need for your law school applications, from LSAT to 1L, as long as it takes.
  • LSAT & School Selection
  • Full Application Timeline
  • Unlimited Drafts of Resume, Personal Statement & Addenda for all schools
  • Interview Preparation
  • Scholarship Negotiation
  • Waitlist Assistance
  • Includes one-on-one communication to answer all your questions throughout the process.
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  • Personal Statement Plus
  • You pick the schools, I help you dial in the three biggest written application elements, which you then customize for each application:
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume
  • Addenda
  • May include a phone call or Skype conversation to discuss your written elements or drafts.
  • Price of this package can be applied to The Works, if you decide to upgrade.
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