6 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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My amazing web marketing woman, Lorrie Thomas at WebMarketingTherapy, actually blog-tagged me this morning – whatever that means. I think it’s like a perverse chain letter but for blogs. So now I am supposed to blog about the 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.

Here Goes:

1. I felt compelled to start this at 6:43 a.m. for the simple reason that it’s in my in-box. I cannot let things sit in my in-box. It’s compulsive. I check e-mail constantly and worry I’m not quite fast enough. Even though I didn’t have coffee yet and it’s 6:48 a.m., and I parked my two daughters in front of Elmo in order to do it. (Lorrie, does this count, or is it a cop out in the things to know about me? I’m pretty sure my readers already figured this one out.)

2. My sister is getting married next weekend in Huntsville, Alabama, which is actually where I graduated from high school.

3. A career in higher education came naturally. I was born on a college campus (Syracuse University) and because my father is a professor/dean, I always lived in college towns. I even was admitted to a PhD in Higher Ed Program when I worked at the University of Denver College of Law. In fact, I have never lived more than a few miles from a university. Ever.

4. I knit.

5. I am the Santa Barbara Tri-Counties Regional Board Chair of the Anti-Defamation League, which works to educate and advocate for the equal treatment of all people.

6.Ok, here’s the big secret. (I saved it for #6). It’s also the reason some of you ask me why I don’t charge as much for law school admission counseling as some other people out there….I work from home.

Ok, Now I think I’m supposed to tag 6 blogs, and my mother-in-law’s 50somethinginfo has already been tagged so I can’t use it.

Here are the 6:
1.My friend JC Ridley’s Amazing Photo Blog
2. A new blog I just found called CoolMomPicks.
3. Confessions of a Teenage Scrapbooker. (We’ll see if one of her 6 tells you how I know her!)
4. Legal Andrew
5. Frugal Law Student
6. Integrated Learning LSAT Blog

5 Responses

  1. I am still laughing at the thought of your girls in the car as you blogged this and it sounds like we both have an obsession/addiction/compulsion (even the therapist can’t diagnose it!) for the “inbox must go to outbox” thing – I can sooooo relate! yeah, sorry I took Sue as a blog babe tag, I thought of that this morning 🙂

  2. A very refreshing post Ann. Also, I have no logical reason why you would know the answer, but do you know what happened to Frugal Law Student? I think he went AWAL/MIA. This is a great tragedy for pre-laws everywhere.

  3. This post, you know, is exactly what I needed to see at just the right time, because I was completely stuck on the Personal Statement and then you inspired me with an idea.

    Thank you.

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