5 Things Fall 2009 Applicants Can do Right Now

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For those of you applying for law school admission for Fall 2009, here is a great timeline for you:

1. LSAT in June 2008 or September 2008. (Prep courses would start 7-8 weeks prior to the test date)

2. Register for LSDAS now and start compiling Letters of Rec. (LSAC has a new website – check it out)

3. Work on your resume, and determine what you can build upon in the next 6 months.

4. Start thinking about your personal statement and/or any optional essays.

5. If you’re considering hiring a law school admission consultant, see my previous posts on things to ask a law school admission consultant you’re considering hiring. Here’s another one about 11 questions to ask a law school admission counselor. Also – there is an accrediting agency called the Association of International Graduate Admission Consultants and its members hold themselves to standards of ethics and quality. Add this to the checklist of things to ask.

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  1. Hi Ann,

    I applied to a few (3) law schools for 2008 but my LSAT was terrible so I’m going to retake in June for 2009.

    My question is can I use my same recommendation letters, personal statement, etc. if I plan to reapply to the same 3 schools?

    Is this a bad idea?


  2. Hi Monique,
    Most schools will put next year’s application right on top of last year’s application. You should do everything in your power to show you’ve done more than just improve your LSAT. That means submitting new essays, and -depending on your situation- a newer letter of rec might be in order. A resume would be updated too.

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