5 Deposit Deadline Questions Answered

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With deposit deadlines starting to come up this week, I’m getting a lot of questions. I thought my blog readers would benefit from some of the answers since they are largely universal:


1. Am I binding myself by sending a deposit? NO. Unless you’re accepting a scholarship that requires signing a separate document that states that you are withdrawing all other applications.


2. Can I send multiple deposits? YES. It’s fine. Schools will see this in June, and can then tell you “Pick us or them or we’ll rescind your offer”. Until then, you’re ok with buying some time to visit the schools and see whether additional scholarships come your way.


3. Can I stay on Wait Lists at other schools after I send a deposit? YES. Of course. You have to hold your seat somewhere – no one will begrudge you for that. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether the waitlist schools  will see that you’ve deposited elsewhere and will assume you’re not really interested in their school. This is nonsense. You’d be a fool not to reserve a spot at another law school.


4. Is it too late for me to negotiate scholarships with schools? NO. Not necessarily. If a new offer comes along that tempts you, you can re-approach a school where you sent a deposit to see if additional funds might be offered.


5. Am I the only person still waiting to hear back from other schools? NO. Schools aim to get back to you by April 1, but every year there are stragglers, even if you applied in the fall. This is frustrating, but not personal. So long as you are assured that things are in review and processing as they should, it’s just a normal – but unfortunate – part of the admission cycle.


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  1. Hello! I was wondering when schools will know if you have placed a deposit at different schools? If I withdraw my application at a school that I put down a deposit, will the other school know?


  2. Dear Ann,
    Thank you so much for these blogs – they make the application process so much less daunting.
    I am a UC Berkeley graduate with a UGPA of 3.75 and will be taking the LSAT this June (I expect to score around 165) and plan to apply this September. I want to go to at least a top-30 school, but beyond that the best school I can get into. The catch is at the end of last year I got a DUI (misdemeanor). My question is, assuming I include an adequate explanation for this mark on my record (the only one), how much will that effect my admissions decisions, especially my chances at top schools? Would it be worth considering waiting a year to apply when the offense will be expunged from my record (though I really want to apply this year). Should I be thinking about doing a transfer after 1L (by which time the offense would be expunged)?
    Thank you so much for answering my question. I know I am an unusual case.

    1. Hi Ben,
      I’m glad the blog has been helpful.
      You’ll have to explain the DUI, of course, and it’s not about having the charge expunged (you’d still have to report it at most schools) but about whether the charge is still pending.
      Don’t start attending a law school you wouldn’t want to graduate from….
      Hope this helps.

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