5 Common Mistakes in Law School Applications

I’ve been checking a lot of law school applications this weekend and I want to remind all law school applicants to proofread their application forms very carefully before clicking “Submit”.

Here are the 5 Most Common Mistakes in Law School Applications:

1. Sending School A’s personal statement to School B !!!

2. Messing up the dates on employment positions.

3. Forgetting to check off boxes, leaving the application incomplete and unable to be processed.

4. Not following directions about how to label attachments.

5. Playing with margins and fonts instead of really taking the time to analyze whether each word in your essay is necessary for its effectiveness.

I know you’re exhausted, but this is not the time for laziness or lack of attention to detail. This is the stuff that matters so do it when you’re alert and not feeling rushed. Only then should you click that nervewracking “submit” button.

3 thoughts on “5 Common Mistakes in Law School Applications

  1. If we find a mistake made, for example, with the employment dates (I had September in my Resume, but wrote 08 by mistake on my applications), would I have to call them and let them know? How much will this impact one’s chances?

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