2009 US News Rankings Leaked Early!

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Thanks to Daniel Filler, Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs at Drexel University College of Law (and fellow law school issue blogger) for pointing out to me that the US News Rankings have been leaked a bit early. (They are due in print on Friday).
Not sure how a law school can change so much that it jumps from #8 to #6 in one year but no one doubts that Berkeley is a law school to be reckoned with. This will definitely impact Fall 2008 law school applicants as deposit deadlines loom. Talk about timing!
I know I have clients who will change their minds over this little jump. I also have clients that will probably decide not to transfer from Berkeley to a higher-up nearby based on this new release. That’s a lot of power for a little magazine….

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  1. Hi Ann,

    Any idea why UC Davis dropped so much in the rankings and should we be worried about this for next year (as in a declining trend)? Also, how is this going to impact UC Irvine admissions and rankings for the following year?

    Thanks…love your blogs!

  2. Thanks, Arash. I will comment on this more once I’ve seen the real rankings in my hand tomorrow. I don’t want to start throwing opinions around based on a leak… I’m being overly cautious : )

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