10-Step To-Do List for Applying to Law School

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Here are the 10 main steps you’ll need to take to apply to law school:

  1. Register for the Credential Assembly Services (CAS) through LSAC and send your transcripts there. You may need to send more transcripts than you think.
  2. Cultivate and ask for letters of recommendation.
  3. Check your Academic Summary Report (based on your transcripts) for errors/inconsistencies.
  4. Take the LSAT (or perhaps the GRE): The LSAT is now offered 8 times a year, and you need to choose an LSAT date and reserve a seat in advance (www.LSAC.org). If you’re applying for accommodations, note the deadline for that as well. Many law schools are accepting applications with a GRE score for those who don’t have an LSAT score. However, applying with only your GRE score can limit scholarship awards and the range of schools that will consider your application. It’s important to note that once you have a valid LSAT score on record, there is no advantage to taking the GRE because law schools will rely on your LSAT score and it will be submitted to schools; law schools are not test optional and they do not “superscore” your tests.
  5. Collect fee waivers and explore schools by registering for the Credential Referral Service through LSAC and/or by attending a law school forum or law school fair on a campus near you.
  6. Create your resume.
  7. Write your personal statement.
  8. Draft other application materials, including diverse perspective statements, addenda and school-specific optional essays. You need to wait for applications to be released in August/September to know what these will be. You will also need to know which schools you’re applying to.
  9. Research schools that meet your goals and credentials and create a list of schools, essay prompts, and requirements as per the application instructions and each school’s website.
  10. Fill out and submit applications.

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