10 Day Countdown to the June LSAT

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With 10 days to go until the June LSAT, you want to make sure you use the time wisely. You’ve prepared. You’ve taken practice tests. You’ve charted your practice scores. You know the drill and now you should be just keeping your skills sharp. (If this doesn’t sound like how you’ve spent the last 3-5 months, then STOP immediately and CHANGE YOUR TEST DATE TO OCTOBER!).

What can you do in the next week and a half to make sure your mind is ready for game day and nerves don’t get the best of you?

1. Get lots of sleep. The parties can wait.

2. Take a few days off work right before the test so that you aren’t thinking about deadlines and drama.

3. Listen to one of my favorite podcasts I’ve ever done – Last Minute Tips for LSAT Takers. I can’t believe it’s been three years since we did this show! It’s the best 45 minutes you’ll spend in the next week, and it’s absolutely FREE.

4. READ THIS ENTIRE LINK about what LSAC says you are allowed to bring to the test center and be sure you understand the protocol so there are no surprises. If you’re used to practicing with a watch that warns you, be warned now that no electronic devices are permitted in the testing center.

5. Expect to be at the testing center for up to two hours longer than the test. EAT! make sure you have access to snacks and drinks.

Let me know if you have any questions. Remember my mantra: Act like you’re taking the LSAT just once. If you later decide it’s in your best interests to retake, that’s absolutely ok, but if you’re thinking that you’re not ready and definitely retaking later then DO NOT TAKE THIS LSAT. Otherwise you’ll be asking me whether you should cancel your score, and/or how to draft an addendum explaining your poor judgment in taking an LSAT you were not prepared to take.

I wish you all the best of luck on the June LSAT.


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