I Ended Up Choosing Between a Full Ride at UCLA & Half-Scholarships At NYU and Columbia

Ann worked with me from before taking the LSAT through being wait-listed and was a support system and full of helpful suggestions the entire time. I was admitted to many top schools with scholarships and ended up choosing between a full ride at UCLA, a half scholarship at NYU and Columbia. … Continue reading →

I Couldn’t Have Done It Without Ann’s Input

I have finally accomplished my dream of getting admitted into a T14 school. I had below 25% GPAs for all T14 schools and an at/below median LSAT score. I really couldn’t have done it without Ann’s help in crafting an awesome personal and diversity statement. … Continue reading →

I Was Skeptical, However, I Wholeheartedly Recommend Ann

Having read what seems like every credible book on the law school admissions process, I was quite skeptical about how much a consultant could really help me. After recently being admitted to my dream law school, however, I wholeheartedly recommend Ann Levine’s unlimited package for any serious applicant. … Continue reading →

First In My Family Attending Law School

As the first person in my family attempting to go to law school, it was very difficult for me to conceive of how to create an “effective” law school application. [Ann] streamlined my application, motivated me to aim for what I truly was capable of achieving, and enabled me to enroll in my top choice university for law school. … Continue reading →

With Ann’s Help, I Was Able To Stay Focused and Organized

I would recommend Ann’s service to anyone who is seriously considering attending their dream school. With Ann’s help, I was able to stay focused and organized throughout the application process. I am truly grateful for Ann’s advice and help; I couldn’t have done it without her! … Continue reading →

I Can’t Thank Ann Enough

Most importantly, Ann helped me realize what I could uniquely contribute to law schools. I believe that Ann was integral to my success and she is the weapon you need to come out on top. … Continue reading →

Ann Changed My Life

You’ve truly made a dream come true for me. The law school a student attends is an incredibly important factor in their future, so I can honestly say that you’ve changed my life. … Continue reading →

Ann Was My Most Enthusiastic Supporter

After being out of school or several years, I was less than confident in my writing abilities specifically and my ability to distinguish myself as a law school candidate. I am confident (Ann) is to thank for my extremely successful cycle and landing acceptance into the school of my dreams. … Continue reading →

I Would Not Have Had Such a Great Cycle Without Her Help

Now that my cycle has ended, I can truly say that hiring Ann as an admissions consultant was the best decision I made when I applied to law school. Her help has been invaluable. Thanks to her, I was admitted to 12 of the 13 law schools I applied to, and I received scholarships from 11 of those schools. … Continue reading →