Enjoying NYU

Today I realized, to my shame, that I had not formally thanked you. Please accept my apology. But it is partly your fault, as I have been so busy enjoying NYU that everything else has slipped my mind. I am fitting in very well and am running for SBA section representative. It is most definitely overwhelming but I know this is the best possible place for me to be overwhelmed. … Continue reading →

Attending My Dream School!

I wanted to inform you that I just completed my first week of law school at UC Irvine School of Law. As you know, this was my top choice when I first spoke with you regarding assistance on my application. I was accepted into numerous schools that I never imagined I would have the opportunity to attend, and I am now attending my dream school. … Continue reading →

Attending My Dream School with Scholarship!

I say without reservation that Ann is the reason why I am attending my dream school. I first contacted Ann in a rough spot – with multiple low LSAT scores and scattered work experience. Ann helped me craft the PERFECT personal statement and helped me realize I needed to retake the LSAT again – excellent advice that I needed to hear but wouldn’t have done without her. … Continue reading →

Scholarship Despite Below-Median LSAT!

Ann is kind, understanding, and extremely efficient. She knew exactly how to make me the best applicant possible despite my unusual circumstances. The dean of admissions for the law school I’ll be attending even left me a handwritten note about how wonderful my application was. … Continue reading →

I Feel Very Lucky and Grateful

I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to matriculate at Northwestern this fall. I feel very lucky and grateful because NU was definitely a reach for me, considering my numbers. … Continue reading →

I’m Going to UCLA!

I wanted to let you know I’M GOING TO UCLA!! Thank you so much for all of your help through this long and crazy process, I truly could not have done it without you. From the countless drafts of essays, to making … Continue reading →

Attending Penn Law!

Ann, let me begin my reiterating my thanks to you for all of your assistance with my personal statement, addenda, LOCIs, etc. Your knowledge, expertise, patience, and guidance truly helped me navigate several stressful and anxiety-ridden months! I fully believe I would not have obtained such outstanding results without your help. … Continue reading →

Attending Harvard Law School!

I will be attending Harvard Law School in the fall! Had anyone told me when this process began that I would be able to write those words, I truly would not have believed them. With your guidance, support, expertise, and friendship, the impossible became possible. … Continue reading →

Nearly Full Tuition Scholarship!

I began the law school application process with ambitious goals. As a non-traditional applicant, I needed help telling my unique story in a way that best communicated what I had to offer law schools beyond the numbers. Ann Levine was more than I could have hoped for. Her services are invaluable, not just for her help in perfecting your materials, but for her sound advice, patience, and genuine desire to see her clients succeed in gaining admission to their choice schools … Continue reading →