Last Minute Magic

Imagine this situation: You make a last minute decision to apply to 16 law schools with 48 hours before the deadlines; you have a poor LSAT history; your UGPA is just above a 3.0. All of these factors do not amount to much as a potential applicant to law school. This was my situation and I thought it was hopeless. Ann disagreed. She was realistic and motivated to help me get my applications done and done well. She saw someone with real potential. I decided to retain her and found her giving me immediate instruction, because the reality was, I had no time to spare. I managed to complete my personal statement in one night and found it to be one of the best pieces of writing that I had ever produced. She helped me write crucial addendums that would explain my poor LSAT performance and my mediocre GPA. The personal statement and addendums were completed to perfection in record breaking timeā€¦

Now came the waiting game. There were numerous times when I called Ann very upset. In fact, I probably called her after every rejection that I received. She was there to talk to me and understood my frustrations. If she was not available for some reason, all I had to do was leave a message or e-mail her and she got back to me very shortly thereafter. Well good things come to those who wait! I received an acceptance to one of my top choices and was never happier! I am now on my way to pursing my dream of becoming an attorney. I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU, ANN. THANK YOU!!!

Larry Krutchik