More on Transferring Law Schools

Law schools are finding creative ways to make it hard on students who hope to transfer after the first year of law schools. See this post on Blackbook Legal.

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  1. Anna L. on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was wondering what the process looked like in transferring to a lower-ranked law school than the one I’m at. I’m currently at USC in Los Angeles, and if I wanted to transfer to a school ranked in the 20s and maybe even 30s, would I need to be at the top of my class? What does the competition look like there? I guess I’m wondering what incentives law schools have to accept transfers to see if I would be a more valuable asset to them or not.


    Anna L.

    • I think most people would think you are crazy, Anna. The reason is that a school isn’t likely to offer you a scholarship so why would you leave a top 20 school? You’re at a great school and I don’t want you to get freaked out – you deserve to be there if you are there. Make the most of the opportunity!

    • Hi Ann,

      I hope this mssg finds you well and you could potentially help me with this inquiry. I got accepted into Cooley but I would eventually like to transfer out to Hastings or Golden Gate after my first year (potentially before if I can).

      What are some things that I should look out for? Is it hard to transfer out?

      I do not want to wait another year to reapply.

      Thank you sooo much!

      • Laura, I think it’s short-sighted to attend Cooley if you wouldn’t be happy graduating from Cooley. Transferring will be difficult, and in fact you should research attrition rates at Cooley before you commit.

  2. Ann,

    Is there anything wrong with re-submitting the same personal statement that you used in your application as a pre-1L to the same school as a transfer applicant, or is that taboo? (I feel that my essay was very strong and represents me well; I’m confident that my LSAT score is what kept me from gaining admission to the school in question).

    Thanks in advance.

    • ooooh! Bad form Scott- you need to at least update it and show more depth/growth/focus than you did before you had a clue about law school… Plus, they’ll have the previous year’s application – usually in the same file.

  3. Anna L. on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for your feedback. Another question – could you help me think through the pros/cons of transferring from USC to UCLA? I know it’s only one spot up, but it would also be cheaper. The only other factors I’ve been thinking about are qualitative (area of town, etc.) and I would really appreciate your insight.

    Anna L.

  4. Anna, In your case it’s not about ranking but about quality of life. Why not apply to transfer and then see if you have a decision to make?
    Wishing you the best of luck with this, knowing you’ll be in great shape whether you transfer or stay where you are.

  5. Hi Ann,

    I’m a 1L at Temple, am somewhere in the top 10%-15% of my class, and am interested in transferring.

    At what level in the rankings should I shoot for? Should I be thinking about schools like Penn, Georgetown, or BU? Or more in the low 20s/mid 30s?

    Many thanks for your incredible expertise,

    • Hi Matt, You can try any school – it’s very hard to predict as a transfer since there aren’t published statistics for transfers. However, remember that people at schools ranked higher than Temple are also thinking about transferring up. That being said, I’ve helped clients from Golden Gate to William and Mary and from Loyola Los Angeles to Georgetown, and from NYU to Stanford (for example). Apply to any school you would choose over Temple and see what happens. Good luck!

  6. Rubina on said:


    I will not be done with my undergraduate classes till the end of this summer. Most of the Law schools I have looked at begin before the end of my semester. Therefore, I would not be able to start Law school until September of 2011. I do not really want to wait that long and was considering applying to schools that have January starting dates. Can you please give me an updated list or a link to an updated list of schools with this option. The lists I keep finding are out of date. Also, I would only want to go there for my first semester and then transfer to a different law school for that fall. Can you please give me your thoughts on this plan of action? Thank you!


    • Rubina,
      Only a handful of schools have January starts. And it is nearly impossible to transfer after only one semester – and because you would be completely off schedule from the rest of the 1L class, you’d have a hard time transferring after your first year from a January start program.
      I know it’s hard to wait, but I think if you do your research you’ll see it’s necessary in order to give yourself the best long term options. Call a school that has a January start and ask about these issues and I think you’ll be able to come up with a good plan for timing your admission cycle.

  7. Rubina on said:

    Dear Anne-

    Thank you very much for your advice. However would it be possible for you to still provide me with a list or an updated link with a list of schools that currently accept January admittance. I only ask so that I can show the list of schools to my parents. Once they see that none of the schools are what I am looking for, they might ease up on me from trying to rush me to find a school that starts in January. Thank you very much!


  8. Rubina,
    I think the more effective thing for you to do is show them the ABA LSAC Official Guide to US Law Schools and let them see for themselves. You will see clearly that the schools have either one admission deadline (in the spring) or two, which includes one in (usually) November.
    Unfortunately I don’t have time right now to revamp this list for you, but it’s pretty easy to check by school if you go by the “bible.”

  9. I currently finished my 1L at Cooley law school. I have heard much criticism about the school. The grading is tough(to purposely weed student out), thus the high attrition rate. I have a low LSAT score (mid 140’s), an MBA and a current GPA that is extremely low, but decent for my school (2.5).

    Do you think it possible for me to transfer laterally to another T4 school?

    Also, what about transferring to a T$ to a school with provisional accreditation?

    Thanks for your time.

    • CER, You’re not going to be a good transfer candidate. It’s great that you’ve made it through your 1L year at Cooley, but your grades aren’t high enough to really put you in contention as a transfer to another ABA school. A provisional ABA school will probably be even more stringent about that because it will be very concerned about bar passage rates in order to become fully accredited. Therefore, it’s going to be hard to find a school that will take a chance on you. If you need to move locations, you can try to transfer, but it’s not something I would count on.

  10. Dear Ann,
    I’ll be a first year law student this Fall at George Washington which is ranked the 20th. I graduated from UCLA as an undergrad and would really like to transfer back to either USC or UCLA so I can live in LA. Considering that GW’s ranking is very close to USC and UCLA, how difficult do you think it would be for me to transfer?
    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

  11. Hi Ann,
    I’m starting law school at USD, ranked 50th. My LSAT score is what kept me from going to a top-ranked law school. I’m from N. CA and went to Berkeley undergrad, so NorCal is where my ties are. I’d really like to go back there next year and transfer to either Boalt or Stanford. Obviously I’ll aim to rank as high in my class as possible this year, but what ranking do you think I need to really have a shot? Also, does it automatically count against you if you’ve already applied and were rejected to a school you’re trying to transfer into?
    Thanks very much!

  12. Thanks Ann!
    And do you think it’s realistic for me to try and get into a school as highly ranked as Stanford or Boalt from USD?

  13. Hello ann,

    I need some serious real talk answers from you. My situation is Ive written the lsat more than once now, my lowest score is 139 my hihest is 149, as you can see Im having a hard time cracking it. I got into cooley law school and im seriously thinking about going in january. I am a Canadian student looking to be in the U.S. My gpa is 2.8 if changed to the U.S module, however i graduated with high honors at my university here in Canada. I am going to re write the lsat again either december or february. my ultimate goal is to transfer out after my first year. My question is should i go to cooley? or should re write the lsat get a high score, re apply or do i have no chances whatsoever.

  14. Hi Anne,

    I need help!!! I really want to transfer but my first semester gpa was horrible!! i have a 2.37 gpa and i have this semeseter and maybe next ( if i take only 2 credits) to boost my gpa to at least a 3.0. Can you give me some advice? I know i can do it but i am so nervous. Thanks

  15. Thayer C. on said:

    Hi Anne,
    I went to a 50ish ranked law school and completed one semester before taking a leave of absence (I went straight to law school from undergrad and was burnt out). I moved to DC and am now working for a consulting firm. Is there any way I can transfer my one semester to another school part-time? My original law school is in a different state than I ended up in, and I don’t want to leave my job to go back and finish, but I do want to complete my degree at some point. Thanks!
    Thayer C.

  16. Kirsten on said:

    Hi Anne,
    I am currently a 2L at Rutgers-Camden in NJ. The school is okay, but has begun a nosedive through the rankings since my application. They gave me in-state tuition my 1L year, which made it incredibly affordable, particularly for a law school. I’d been admitted to higher ranked schools, but chose Rutgers for the price tag. However, since the PA bar results came out (and Rutgers looks like it will continue its nose dive) I’ve begun to wish I’d transferred.
    I’ve emailed almost 50 T1 and T2 schools to see if they will accept transfers after the first year. So far, Georgetown, Berkeley and UPenn definitely do not. My first year gpa was…interesting. Adjusting to NJ was a struggle, and I had no idea how to write for law school. My fall gpa was a 2.5, my spring was a 3.3. The improvement is definitely encouraging, and I think I’ll be able to continue to get better grades my 2L year, which might look good to higher-ranked schools.
    My question being: most of the schools require that you only transfer in ~30 units, equivalent to a 1L year. This means, if I stay at Rutgers for 2L (to prove that I can successfully hack a 2L year), I’ll still have two years at another school, instead of one. Is it worth it to transfer, if I can get in to a T1 school? I’m terrified of Rutgers dropping to T3 before I graduate, and of being limited to NJ for job prospects (I’m a west coaster, born and bred). Any advice on the worthiness of this course of action?
    Much appreciated,

    • Hi Kirsten,
      It looks like you’re on an upward trajectory with your grades so definitely keep that up.
      It’s not worth it to try to transfer after your 2L year – that’s just not how things work. If you want to make connections on the west coast during your 3L year, consider applying as a Visiting law student somewhere on the west coast. And of course spend your summers there making connections. Your degree will carry you if you make the most of it. Perhaps I’m an optimist, but I believe we make our own opportunities. You chose Rutgers – become a big fish in that pond and be proactive about opportunities closer to home.

  17. Hi Ann,

    I am currently a 1L, first semester at Cooley law school as a part-time student with 9 credits. If I were to pick up additional 3 credits next semeter, I will have 21 for the entire year. Is 21 credits enough to transfer to another full time law school? If not, will other schools accept classes taken over the summer?


    • Hi Dilan, you need to check with the schools you hope to transfer to, but this is one of the ways that Cooley makes it difficult to transfer….
      You may be able to transfer to a part time program, but you’ll have to check with each school because transfer policies are not universal.
      The absolutely most important thing will be to do very, very well at Cooley. It is notoriously difficult to transfer from there.

  18. Hi.
    I am currently a 2L at New York Law School. I am not in love with the school, and Im curious if any school would accept a transfer mid-2L?

    • A.H. – not that I know of. I think at this point you need to do the best you can, seek out opportunities where you can, and remember you’re half way through and the hardest part is over.

  19. I attend NIU school of law as a 1L , but i really want to be in any NY law school , what is the easiest law school to transfer to in NY?

  20. i am currently at a t4 school (niu) in my first year and i am hoping to transfer to my hometown law school which is barry law school, my first question is since barry’s notes that they generally accept students with a 2.5 or higher, does this mean if i don’t have a 2.5 i more than likely won’t be accepted and my second question is how do i appeal to barry law school that i am transferring for personal reasons without looking weak? sidenote barry placed me on hold for my intial law school admissions

  21. J, Right now concentrate on getting the best grades you can as a 1L. If you go to FL during Winter Break, try to meet with someone there and let them know you’re hoping to transfer. Get them to like you. Then get the best grades you can – hopefully way above the 2.5 mark. Good luck!

  22. TXchick811 on said:

    Ann, I am currently a 1L at Texas Wesleyan School of Law in Fort Worth. I had applied to SMU, Baylor and UT and was turned down there, mostly–I believe because of a low UGPA (2.76), despite the fact that my last 30 hours were 4.0.
    I like the school, and I got a decent scholarship–although half of it is used the first year ($16000.00). However, I would like to take advantage of the best possible opportunities.
    After the first semester, with the majority of my grades in, and the rest expected to be the same, my gpa is a 3.9. I know this gives me some real opportunities as far as transferring and that I can parlay those admissions into better scholarships at my current school should I decide to stay there.
    What I really need to know is what the advantages of transferring are. If I am not interested in Biglaw, but could see myself teaching at a later point in my life–after practicing, what can a transfer offer to me?
    I also really do want to be involved in law review, mock trial and moot court and am concerning what effect a transfer might have on that. Tex Wes is not UT, and it’s not SMU or even Baylor–but I really do enjoy the school, the staff and my classmates.
    I appreciate your guidance and should this be something i decide to pursue, I will most likely be engaging your services.

  23. Jeffrey on said:

    I am at a tier 4 school in the midwest (niu) and i did not do well in my first semester (1.89) but i am trying to apply as a visiting student at my hometown school in Orlando (barry law school) because i plan to have surgery done in the fall 2011 semester , what are my chances for attendance and should i let them know that my reason for transferring is the medical procedure itself.

  24. Hello Ann,

    Thank you for your reply earlier. Just a refresher, I was a part time student taking 9 credits last term at Cooley Law School and ended up with 3.83GPA and also received a Certificate of Merit. Do you think it is possible for me to make a transfer to first tier, perhaps T14? GULC accepts first semester grades, should I give it a shot?


    • Dilan, I’m really happy you’ve done so well at Cooley. You can try the first semester app to GT, but I think it’s highly unlikely they’ll take anyone from Cooley.

  25. Karina on said:

    Dear Ann,
    I’m currently at a 3rd tier school, just started 2nd half of 1L year. My GPA after first term is 2.4. My LSAT was 146, but my GPA was 3.8. I also have 2 years immigration law experience. I want to transfer from Ohio Northern to a 4th tier school near Philadelphia… thoughts?

    • You can try if you have a compelling reason to be there, but they won’t be too enticed with your first semester GPA. You’re going to need to try to bring that up. The LSAT and UGPA aren’t as important anymore because your actual performance in law school is the best indicator of your abilities in law school now.

  26. Patrick on said:

    Hi Anne,

    I’m currently a 1L at T4 Barry Law. I finished the first semester in the top 20% with at 3.02 GPA, and book award in Crim Law. My UGPA is 2.8 and my LSAT is 147. I’m also going out for Trial Team this semester and am almost positive I’ll make it. I’d like to transfer to one of these schools, in order of choice:
    UF – #47
    FSU – #54
    UHouston – #60
    Baylor – #64
    LSU – #80
    Texas Tech – T3
    Stetson – T3

    Thoughts on my chances and any advice? Thanks!!

  27. Anoush on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I am in my second semester at a T4 in Southern California. My fall gpa was a 3.61/4.0 with the curve at my school being set at a 2.3. My ranking is 6/195 and I received a Witkin’s award for the highest grade Torts I. I also have work experience and some softs as well. I am received a LOR from one of my Professors who was a managing partner at one of the nations largest law firms. My question is do I have a shot at Georgetown Law. I am sending my application to Georgetown for their EA filing period. Also for the regular filing period, and assuming I maintain my current gpa and ranking, do I have a shot at any of the following:
    George Washington
    UC Hastings
    UC Davis

  28. Anoush on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I am in my second semester at a T4 in Southern California. My fall gpa was a 3.61/4.0 with the curve at my school being set at a 2.3. My ranking is 6/195 and I received a Witkin’s award for the highest grade Torts I. I also have work experience and some softs as well. I am received a LOR from one of my Professors who was a managing partner at one of the nations largest law firms. My question is do I have a shot at Georgetown Law. I am sending my application to Georgetown for their EA filing period. Also for the regular filing period, and assuming I maintain my current gpa and ranking, do I have a shot at any of the following:
    George Washington
    UC Hastings
    UC Davis


  29. Eddie C on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for providing this forum. I am 41 years old and have recently been accepted to a number of Tier 4 law schools in Texas as well as Tulsa. I live in Dallas and am leaning toward Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth as geographically it makes the most sense for me and my family. I don’t “have” to go to law school but (at the risk of sounding a bit cliche) it has always been a dream of mine. Through hard work (and some luck created by hard work) I have been fortunate in business and am now positioned to sell my company in order to attend law school full-time. I have the full support of my wife and our young family. We have no interest in looking back years from now and wondering where life would have led us if I had attended law school. Because of this I must say that I am committed to attending law school. I must also admit though that I am getting a little “spooked” by all of the online “trashing” of Tier 4 schools and their post-graduation job opportunities. My question to you is this, “is it really that bad out there for a Tier 4 graduate?” I am certainly not afraid of hard work and I can network with the best of them but these qualities are likely seen in many people who attend law school. I realize that you cannot see the future and that every case is different but I do trust your opinion. Can you give me a realistic idea of how a 45 year old Tier 4 graduate will be able to compete in few years? And how I should position myself to be as competitive as possible?

    Thank you sincerely,

    • Eddie C,
      If I were you I would do the following: Get a scholarship to a T4 school (or pay in cash if you’ve been very fortunate with the selling of your company). Graduate with no debt and little, if any, financial hardship to your family. Realize that when you graduate (at age 45) you will probably be hanging a shingle and using your business contacts to set up a unique law practice for yourself. With business savvy, and without the necessity of a 15-20 year career to pay for the dream of attending law school, I think a 4th tier law school would serve you quite well.

  30. Hi Ann,

    I am a 1L at Touro Law and I got a 3.4 my first semester and my ranking is top 27%.

    I really want to transfer to a better school (fordham, cardozo, brooklyn, rutgers) Do you think I have a shot at any of these?


  31. Hi Anne,

    quick question here I have been accepted to the schools Western State in CA, Cooley with 25% scholarship and UDM in MI.

    I will be attending so far one of these in the fall, I am still awaiting other responses from law schools, I am waitlisted at Chapman in CA and Albany Law in NY. My goal is to get great grades and transfer to a school in top 35. I have an undergrad with a high of 3.56 so my lsat wasn’t strong 149 so it prevented me from applying higher up. I would like your opinion on the schools i am accepted to, since I don’t know much about them and the transfering abilities. I know strong 1L grades are top priority and am sure but I need your expertise on the transfer process. Thanks so much, I am so glad to have found your website.

    • Mas, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to transfer to a Top 35 school (a number that seems pretty arbitrary to me) from any of these schools, and even on the off chance you would be able to transfer to a Top 100, you’d be at the bottom of your class (most likely) at the new school so employment prospects might be better for you as a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

  32. Anne,

    are there any books you recommend incoming students to read prior to starting law school…any topic (legal writing, test taking, outlines,etc)?
    Thanks mas

    • Hi Mas,
      I usually suggest just reading books for fun because you won’t be able to do that for a while. I suggest reading things that get your brain going and that introduce you to varied topics. Books on outlining and other things will probably just make you nervous. It’s too early to worry about test taking strategies. Let your teachers teach you how they want you to write. If you’re struggling during your first year, then introduce study aids.

  33. Morgan Donoian on said:

    I received an email from Georgetown saying they were not able to make a decision on my application and that it would be rereviewed by a different committee and that I would have a decision by Feb. 28th. Since then I have sent a few well written emails expressing my extreme desire to attend. I have also had another reccommendation sent to the school and updated grade report and summer plans. What do you think this means in terms of the prospect of me being accepted?

  34. Hi Ann,
    I’m a 1L at a T4 school and I ended up with a 3.4 GPA after the first semester. My school does not rank so I do not know where I fall in my class with that gpa. If I would like to transfer to a school in T2, will that affect how I am evaluated?

    • Jess, class rank helps to know because if your school is on a 3.4 curve then your GPA doesn’t say much, but if it’s on a 2.8 curve then that’s a different situation.

  35. D. Romans on said:

    I have been accepted at Baylor for their summer quarter. It has been my only accept so far in my application cycle. I have been waitlisted a 7 other schools, all of which I would probably choose over Baylor. Also, my intention is to transfer to a T14 after my first year. Starting in the summer at Baylor would allow me to finish my first year by late January which would give me a lot of time for my transfer applications. Should I just go to Baylor or a take a risk and hold out for the schools I have been waitlisted at?

  36. Hi Ann,

    I am a 1L at Wash U and finished in the top 10% of my class. What are my chances of getting into Penn, NYU, or Berkeley if I maintain my ranking?

    Thanks so much for your help,

  37. i am finishing my first year of law school at cooley this semester. Have a 3.1 GPA and have been accepted to transfer into Nova Southeastern Univsertiy, St Thomas University, Ave Maria School of Law and University of Miami has said they want to see my grades for this semester before giving me acceptance. This is just for those cooley student who think transfering is impossible, after a year in michigan I will be back in my hometown after this semester for good.

  38. Chris on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am a 1L going to the U of Toledo. I have a 2.86 GPA so far with a A in LRW. I have already asked the Legal Writing for a letter of rec and she said yes. I am looking to transfer to Denver. My wife and kids live in Colorado and we have a house there. I did not get into Denver prior to school, but we have lived there for the past 5 years. I am really hoping to get my GPA up above 3.0.

    How much does it help that I have live there and am just in Toledo for school? Do you think I have a shot?



    • Hi Chris, The fact that you have strong ties to Denver will absolutely help, as will the A in LRW and the letter of rec. The overall GPA isn’t going to be impressive. You are going to have to really pull things up this semester…..

  39. Geraldine on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m currently a 1L at St. Thomas (4th Tier) and finished my fall semester with a 2.97 GPA on a 2.25 grading curve. This semester has been more successful and I’m expecting to definitely get better grades. Assuming I finish the spring in the top 15% (plus 2.97 UGPA from University of Virgina, 154 LSAT, female hispanic), do I have a shot at transferring to either George Mason or George Washington in the Fall?

    Also, I came into law school with no legal experience because I came straight from undergrad. In order to fix that, I will be doing my pro-bono hours in Miami this summer in immigration law.

    • Geraldine, I think you’re going to have to finish higher than top 15% to be eligible and GMU and much higher to be considered at GW. I doubt GW will take transfers from St. Thomas. But American and Catholic are other possibilities if you do extremely well this semester.

  40. Garfield on said:

    Hi Ann:
    I am in the top 30% at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School based on first semester 1L grades. My GPA was about a 2.7. I am not geographically bound to any one area. Are there any schools you think I may have a shot at transferring to?

  41. Geoff on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m finishing up my 1L at Southern Illinois Law School (which is T4) and really wanted to transfer to University of Missouri (currently at the bottom of T2). I did my undergrad at Mizzou, I am still a Missouri resident, and applied there for law school but was denied. My LSAT=153 and my current law school GPA is a 3.2 which is about top 1/3 of my class.

    Do you think I should apply? Chances??
    Thank you very much.

    • Geoff,
      Top third is a good start but I hope this semester’s grades bring you up. Yes, you should apply and see what happens but it’s not a slam dunk. Do they know you and like you at Mizzou?

  42. Hi Ann,

    I’m currently in my first quarter at Baylor (started in the Spring), and wanted some advice on transferring to either GWU, Georgetown, or UT. I know transferring from a Spring start or from a quarter-system school is difficult, but with the right grades, is it impossible?

  43. Geoff on said:

    thanks Ann,

    I have several friends in law school at Mizzou. But unfortunately, none who are on the admissions committee.

  44. Ann, I will do just that. I have another question though: are collateral factors in a transfer application weighed the same as an ordinary law school application, for example letters of rec? I have been fortunate enough to acquire a letter of recommendation from a MO senator. Would this help??

  45. Ann, my son has an electrical engineering degree. He has applied to one T3 and two T4 schools here in Florida. Is it realistic to hope that he can transfer to a T2 (U. of Fla.) school if he does really well his first year?

  46. Gracie on said:

    Dear Anne,

    Thank you for your pearls of wisdom.
    I bombed the LSAT and have been accepted to Western State and some FL schools. Since I live in CA I made my deposit at Western. However, I was wait listed at 7 schools (ranging from TTT to TT). I was wait listed at Hofstra and Northeastern (my first choice). I don’t plan on getting off the wls with a 147, even with my URM status (3.3 UGPA and 3.91 Degree GPA) So, do you think I should try to go to the best school possible (TTT) even if it’s out of state? I plan on killing it at Western and trying to transfer up and out (reapply to Hofstra or Northeastern). They recently removed their grading curve, do you think it will be harder to score at the top of my class? Should I consider attending a better TTTT school (Valpariso) even though it’s out of state and my objective is to get in and get out? However, I am willing to go to a top 100 out of CA. I’m so lost right now.
    Thank you so much for your time.

    • Hi Gracie,
      You need to try to get in to some of your WL schools!!!! It’s hard to transfer from Western and it would be hard to be in the top of your class.

  47. Gracie on said:

    Ps. Just to clarify my post. Western removed their grading curve. I wonder if they did this to make it harder to transfer out. Is it better to go to a more reputatable TTTT (Valparaiso) in the midwest (that has a grading curve) and then try to transfer up and out?

    Thanks Again!



  48. Gracie on said:

    Thank you Ann! If I don’t get off any of my wait lists this year. Do you think I’m better off moving out of state to go to Valparaiso?

    Thank you so much!


  49. Gracie on said:

    Thank you Ann! If I don’t get off any of my wait lists this year. Do you think I’m better off moving out of state to go to Valparaiso?
    Thank you so much!

  50. Hector on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am a 1L at Indiana Univ (#23 rank). I have always wanted to work in California but came to Indiana b/c of the financial aid package. I wasn’t able to get summer employment in CA and have realized how hard it is going to be to get good employment out there upon graduation since I have lived and worked in Indiana my entire life. For that reason, I think it is in my best interest to transfer. I’m looking at USC (#18), UC-Davis (#23), and UC-Hastings (#42), with UC-Boulder (#47) as a last resort. I expect to finish the frst year with honors in legal writing and a 3.38 GPA, which places me around the upper 40th percentile of the class, not exactly where I was hoping to be. Some good things are that I did apply to all of those schools except for UC-Hastings as a first year student. I was accepted at Boulder but turned them down b/c they didn’t offer me much of a financial aid package and I was blinded by the rankings. USC waitlisted me and I was rejected by UC-Davis. I hope reapplying as a transfer shows my interest but I’m not sure how far that will go. I do plan on making contact with the admissions offices this week to express my sincere interest in being in CA and attending their school. Other qualities: hispanic male, 167 LSAT and 3.3 undergrad gpa. However, i took a bunch of years off between undergrad and law school so I’m not sure how much weight they’ll put on my undergrad gpa. Could you let me know what you perceive my chances would be to transfer to the schools on my list with my stats? I realize you’re not on the admissions committee but appreciate the help.



    • Hi Hector,
      It’s all going to come down to your grades, class rank, and professor LOR (from a law professor). In your personal statement, you should absolutely address reasons for transferring. Keep in mind that there won’t be scholarship offers to get you to transfer.
      Please let me know if I can help in any other way.

  51. Doug on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I attend a tier 3–Albany Law School. I did well my first semester, 3.42 (22%). Recently, I received two of my grades back from my second semester; both of them are A’s in 4 credit classes. I am still waiting on the other three courses/grades. Additionally, I have been hired as a research assistant this summer for a professor and I have some legal experience (a shadowing experience) at a private law firm, summer of 2010.

    My dream school is Florida State University College of Law (I’m an alumnus and I love the school). My other three choices are 1). Miami 2) UF or 3) Stetson.

    Assuming that I would receive a 3.5 or better this semester what do you think my chances are for a successful transfer? (Obviously, I hope the A’s keep rollin in, but… I’m just bracing myself for the worst, i.e. median grades in the three remaining courses which would put me at a 3.5). Thanks!

    • Hi Doug, I definitely think it’s worth a try to all 3 of the schools you mentioned. I don’t think 3.5 is a magic number but being in the top 20% of your class might be. Although, even just staying in the top 25% I think you’re in the running. Please do let me know how I can help. We have a reasonably priced package for transfer applicants (you mentioned in another message you were thinking of that – I don’t usually mention consulting services in blog comments!)

  52. Doug on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I posted here last night and checked back for a response on two different occasions. The first time I checked back my post was still there (unanswered, which is understandable considering I just submitted it a day ago) but, the second time I checked back my post had vanished.

    Did I say something that I was not supposed to? I am sincerely contemplating on purchasing your services but I would first like some preliminary questions answered.

  53. Doug on said:

    Aw crud… Sorry Ann, for some reason the cache in my computer (or something of that nature) is causing some technical difficulties in viewing websites. Of course, now I can see my original post has not been deleted.

    Disregard my second post. Sorry about that….

  54. Hello,

    Do most universities take only ABA and AALS approved and member universities? I have been accepted to universities that are ABA approved but not members of the AALS. They are only non-member fee paying schools. Does this limit me to schools that would take me as a transfer?

  55. Al T on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I am wondering whether the exact rank of the T1 school I attend for my 1L makes a difference in transfer applications to the Top 10? Specifically, will my transfer application be enhanced if I am in the top of my class at a #27 school vs. a #35?


  56. Will P on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I just finished 1L at Rutgers-Newark and finished with a 3.87. I always wanted to go to NYU which is my sister’s alma mater. I’m also a student of color. I think I have a solid chance of getting in as a transfer, however, I will end up with roughly twice the debt if I go to NYU. Would graduating from NYU improve my career prospects enough to justify the increase in debt? Also, do you agree that I have a solid chance of getting in?

  57. Ann,
    I’ve just completed my first year at UF law (#47). I ranked in the top 15% and booked 1 class. My LSAT was a 165 and my UGPA a 3.4. My dream school is NYU law and I would like to know what you think my chances are of transfering there starting in fall?

  58. Andrew F. on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I just finished my 1L year at a fourth tier school in Florida. My GPA is a 3.66 (the curve is insane) and I am ranked 20th out of 730. My LSAT was a 160 and my undergraduate GPA was a 3.83. In multiple classes of 75+ students only 2 or 3 A’s were given out which I usually received. I am originally from Los Angeles and would like to return there. I also would like to practice entertainment/media law. What do you think my chances are for UCLA, Loyola, Chapman? And would I be reaching for bigger schools like, Boalt, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, NYU?

    Thank you,

    Andrew F.

  59. HSACM on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am currently in the top 3% of my class for my 1L year. I go to a school that is tied for 23rd in the USNWR rankings. I am applying as a transfer to Columbia, Northwestern, NYU, and Univ. of Chicago. What do my chances look like? Should I aim lower? Thank you.

  60. Anish on said:


    I have been accepted to transfer from Widener University School of Law- Wilmington (tier 4) to Rutgers University – Camden (tier 2). The dilemma I am facing is that I currently am on a full scholarship at Widener University. Though Rutgers is relatively cheap, is there any chance I would be able to negotiate a scholarship or grant (I realize they won’t match my current scholarship at Widener).

    Also, I was wondering how law school curves play into your class rank if I do decide to transfer? Currently my school has a harsh curve with 50% of the class falling within 2.3-2.7 and a 3.3 is good enough to get you honors, however at Rutgers, their honors graduates usually are 3.8 and above. Therefore will I be entering in the fall at a disadvantage in terms of possibly graduating with honors if I am in the top 15% of my class at Widener but only have a 3.4 GPA?

    • Anish, there’s not a lot of incentive for a public school to offer you a scholarship but it can’t hurt to at least ask. I think transferring from Widener to Rutgers is a good idea because the caliber/reputation of the schools is so different.

  61. Sean on said:

    I’ve just completed my first year at UF law (#47). I ranked in the top 15% and booked 1 class. My LSAT was a 165 and my UGPA a 3.4. My dream school is NYU law and I would like to know what you think my chances are of transfering there starting in fall?

  62. Stacy on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I just finished my 1L at Tourolaw, and I hold a 3.64 GPA. Do you think I have a shot at either Brooklyn, Seton, Cardozo, Rutgers, or Fordham?


  63. Alex on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Which school do you think would be easier to transfer out of? Whittier or Western State University? They are both in Southern California which is where I intend to practice law. I’m hoping to transfer to a law school closer to home in Los Angeles. What are your thoughts? Do you think I would have a better chance transferring from Whittier or Western State?

    I am looking to transfer up-tier, of course. 🙂

  64. Susan on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I really enjoy your blog and all the feedback you are giving.

    I applied as a transfer student from a Chicago regional school to the University of Chicago. My application is completed and is currently under review. I was ranked in the top 3%, graded onto Law Review, made Moot Court, held leadership roles in an organization, and have 8 years of business experience. I also had an RA position this summer. I have 4 letters of recommendations from Professors and one who is a Dean. The biggest downfall is that I am a part-time student trying to transfer to the full-time Chicago.

    Do you think I am a strong contender? And if I do get accepted, do you think it is worth it for me to accept?

    I did not enter my school with any $$$, but qualified for a 10K scholly next year. Undergrad gpa is 4.0 from a private Chicago college (3.86 cumulative because I went to community college for two years) and Lsat was 152.

    • Hi Susan, I am so glad the blog is helpful to you! Congratulations on doing so well in law school. I think it’s hard to transfer from PT to FT but if U of Chicago says they will consider it, then you’re in the running. And if you get in, go! Let me know what happens!

  65. Hi Ann: I have been reading a lot of your posts and you seem to have excellent advice! I am a 1st sem 1L @ Cooley and would hope to gain a little advice as to how to get back to my home state (FSU, Nova, UM, etc.) I am already on my way to getting excellent grades and already have a bid for an internship for the fall semester. Do you think Nova or FSU will take me after a year and with great credentials while in MI? (I was rejected from Nova and FSU-so maybe they would notice my desire to go to their schools if I applied again as a transfer?) I appreciate any advice you may have. Thank you in advance.

    • Tab, I’m glad your grades are good. Do you bave a professor who will write you a LOR? You are picking reasonable schools to try to apply as a transfer so that’s working in your favor too.

  66. Alex on said:

    I recently met a student who transferred to Berkeley from Western State. She was in the top 3% of her 1L class. I know- amazing, from Western State to Boalt. Plus, I’ve read threads at TLS of top students at Whittier transferring to UCLA and other schools in California like Loyola.

    Success stories like these get your hopes up, I guess.

    • Alex, I love success stories like this! I just don’t like to be overly encouraging on the blog because people who read the comments but don’t contact me directly might take too much encouragement and I don’t want to supply false hope.

  67. Brian on said:

    I am about to begin my 2L year at Chase, a tier 4 school at the Northern Kentucky Campus. Is it possible to transfer to a better school after your 2nd year? I’ve just cracked the top ten in class rank out of 128 in year 1. If it is possible what are the risks of doing so after year 2. If it is not possible, or a very bad idea, should I transfer to a better local school like UC right now, or is it too late to be making a move like this since school starts in 3 weeks? I want to interview this fall and if I transferred this year I would not have a rank. Thanks.

  68. I was wondering what the purpose/advantages were to being a “visiting student” at a law school as compared to a transfer student. I understand that as a transfer student your degree is still from your home institution but wanted to know what the advantages were to being a visiting student.

    • Bob, visiting student status is really reserved for someone who has a specific reason to be at that school for a semester or year. You can inquire about each school’s policies in this regard.

  69. Ann,
    I was hoping to get started with law school as soon as possible and noticed many schools allow mid-year starts (though as mentioned earlier they are not among the higest ranked). I was thinking of attending one of these schools this January and transerring to another come August 2012. Will this hurt my chances of getting into a higher school? Am I better off just waiting until fall next year to start? Also, would the timing effect the scholarship or financial aid I receive?

  70. Ann,
    I want to start law school as soon as possible and noticed several schools have mid-years starts (though, as mentioned earlier, they are not among the highest ranked). I was hoping to start this January at one of these schools and transfer to a higher ranked one come August 2012. WIll this hurt my ability to get into a higher-tier school? Am I better off waiting until fall 2012? Also, will the timing effect the amount of scholarship or financial aid I receive?

  71. Longball on said:


    My wife recently moved to another state for post doc. I would like to transfer to be with the family. I am currently bottom half at a tier 3 doing a simultaneous MBA at a top 5. My MBA gpa is exceptional, but I know that factors very little in the equation. Other strong softs and urm. Likelihood of transfer into upper t1/t2?

  72. Hi Ann,
    I am a 1L attending Indiana University Maurer School of Law. I love the classes and the school, but hate the state and do NOT want to work in the midwest. I am hoping to transfer to Emory, Duke, Texas, Virginia, Northwestern, UCLA. What do I need to do to be a competitive transfer?

  73. Hi Ann,

    I’m at 2L Loyola Law School and am wanting to transfer to Baylor Law. I”m in the bottom 50% of my class (barely with a B- average) which is not good but I was accepted to Baylor with a pretty hefty scholarship when I applied from undergrad. Chances? 162 on LSAT with a 3.6 GPA

  74. Ann,

    I am currently a 1L at Vermont Law School, I want to transfer to Albany Law School. I believe they are close in rankings, so I was wondering what I should consider with this transfer. I am two hours from VLS, and one hour from Albany. I have a home in New York and would like to save money by staying at home rather than an apartment.

    Thank you,

  75. Hi Ann,

    I think it’s great that you’ve been answering these questions for two years now. Thank you, this website is a gold mine.
    I’m a 4th year undergrad at UCI with a 3.2 GPA. I have yet to take the LSATs but have been scoring in the 170s consistently on practice exams. I know my GPA is holding me back from making it into the top 20 schools. Is applying to school with the intention of transferring a good idea? Should I be looking into schools that are very low in the rankings?
    Thank you so much. Any advice would help a lot.


    • Don, I’m so happy the blog is helpful. I’m coming to UCI to talk to the undergrads on 11/1 so keep an eye out for notices about that.
      I never think it’s a good idea to have an intention to transfer because it may not work out. The better plan is to apply to some schools where your LSAT alone puts you in range, and some where your LSAT is above the 25th percentile. You will do just fine with strong application materials! I wouldn’t count you out of a Top 20 or Top 14 if you play your cards right.

  76. Ann,
    I am currently a 1L at Tulane Law looking to transfer to UC Boulder for cost, personal, and locational reasons. I would also like to practice in Colorado, which has brought on the transfer impitus.

    As the two schools are essentially ranked the same (45th), do you think that my chances are reasonable? My numbers were within UC Boulder’s range, a just didn’t apply there during my apps last year.

  77. Ann,
    I recently got my Lsat back and got a 164. do you think that coupled with my 3.1 gpa and early decision gives me a chance at UIUC? or should i go to kent/loyola and try to transfer after L1?

  78. Hey Ann,

    I’m a senior at Cal State Long Beach and before I knew I wanted to be a lawyer I was a biology major.

    Unfortunetely, the science classes required by my original major really killed my grades.

    This year I finally dropped the biology major for a minor and added economics as a second major to philosophy, which I declared my sophomore year.

    My GPA in philosophy classes (I’m only 12 units from a BA in philosophy) is a 3.7 and I expect to have a similar GPA in economics. I added the second major to boost my UGPA.

    However, with the science classes I’ll be able to graduate with a 3.3 at best.

    I’m also the editor-in-chief of CSULB’s Daily 49er.

    My question is, what can I do, beyond doing really on the LSATs, to improve my chances of getting in to a Top 25 school. I expect to get a high score – I test well — but I want to everything I can.


    • Zien, you are doing everything right – your grades are good in challenging majors and you’re doing an intellectual and time-consuming activity that you are dedicated to and that shows leadership. Just keep doing what you are doing, get letters of rec that really show your academic prowess, and you will be doing everything just fine. Really.

  79. Hello,

    I am attending the University of Toledo College of Law, in my first year. ( I will set aside the discussion of how good I will do, lets move on assuming its top 10%, because otherwise the discussion is not necessary). What are my chances for transferring to a school in the top 30, 20, or 10? Particularly, NYU, Berkeley, or Michigan.

  80. Hi Ann,
    I am a part 1L at a Tier 4 law school. I am traveling about 5hrs round trip for school right now. I am looking to go to a law school that is working on getting its provisional ABA approval. I would think that these schools would be worried about bar passage rates so I was wondering what type of GPA would be needed to transfer. I have had a couple of meetings with the Dean at the school I am looking to transfer and everything looks ok on that front I am just wondering what type of grades I need to go along with that good relationship. Also the school I am transferring from has class’s that are 6 hours compared to 4 hours for the school I want to transfer to. How do they normally work that out?

  81. Ann,

    I’ve just submitted an application for an accelerated January start program at a T-3 law school in my area. The program gets you through your first year between January and July so I would start 2L in the Fall 2012 semester. My question is, do you know how feasible it would be to look to transfer out at that point OR alternately, since I’m sending out all my other applications for programs which START in Fall 2012 to just accept another offer and start there in the fall? The school I just submitted an application to for the early start will be getting back to me fairly soon, all the others with Fall 2012 start dates wont be getting back until after I’d already be enrolled in the early start program. I like the idea of starting in January and going to class straight through the summer to get the first year complete…but I have a high enough GPA and LSAT score to get into a much better law school than the T-3 with the accelerated first year program.

    • Dan, if you wouldn’t have your complete 1L grades back in time to apply for transfers I think this is going to be a very difficult sell. I wouldn’t rush to start this program in January unless you’d be happy graduating from that institution. It sounds to me like you want to keep your options open so I wouldn’t rush into anything.

  82. Ann,
    I was wait-listed at a high T2 and did everything I could to get in (went on a visit, sent letter of continued interest and extra LOR, etc), however they finally axed me in July the following summer. I instead attended a T4 about 45 min away and finished with a rank just out side of the top 1/3. I missed the deadline, but I’m wandering what if: would my wait-listed interest and just “ok” class rank likely have gotten me in? just curious.


  83. I am currently a 2L evening student a Nova southeastern university. I am raked 5/75, while at the same time holding a job as a Director at a national investment firm. I have an overall 3.5 GPA. I have been accepted into Seton Hall on the transfer. Do you think I have a shot transferring into George Washington’s part time evening division?

  84. Hi Ann,
    I am in the second semester of my first year at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago. I had a 3.4 GPA during my first semester. I am thinking of transferring to Chicago-Kent and would be able to start in spring if successful. The application deadline is December 1but i will be done with my 2nd semester finals on December 20th. That will mean that i will only have my first semester transcript available. Is it possible to transfer with my first semester GPA or do you think i will stand a better chance if i apply as a part-time student rather than as a full-timer considering the circumstances?

  85. I’m currently a 1L at a law school and about to finish my first semester. I was on the waiting list for the school I really wanted to go (Cardozo) to and eventually realized I didn’t want to wait any longer to finalize my plans. Cardozo has a Spring admissions process, and I was wondering if you know if it is possible to apply as a first year after already taking classes at another law school, and worrying about possibly transferring later. I’d rather get there as soon as possible, and if I could do it now, that would be preferable to waiting a whole year. Thanks!

  86. Charles Gonsalves on said:

    I was recently accepted to University of Indiana at Indianapolis for Fall 2012. I am originally from California so going to the mid west concerns me for any future employment back in California. Most recently I was also accepted to Thomas Jefferson in San Diego Ca but that is a lower tier school which starts in January 2012. I need to make a decision soon and it has been difficult since I want to stay in beautiful San Diego for a better quality of life but feel that for any future job Indiana might make it difficult to transfer out. Any insight? Anyone?

    • Charles, Indiana is a much better school. You’ll have to make a lot of effort to make contacts with people back in San Diego, go back during summers and breaks and network, but go to the better school in this case, unless it’s a question of not having family and friends near you during law school and you wouldn’t function well without them, or if you have a history of not doing well academically during times of transition.

  87. Froggered on said:

    Hi Anne,

    I am a 1L at GW and am toying with the idea of transferring to GULC. My only real motivation for transferring is prestige/national reputation and possible increased job opportunities. Does it make sense to give up a secured spot on law review at GW for Georgetown (where I’d have to do a write on competition)? I am not receiving any scholarships from GW.

  88. Ann,

    I was a law student at George Washington (1.5 semesters) and had to take a year off of school to take care of my father back home. I got him in a good situation and then transferred the Southern Methodist University to be close to him and make sure everything was in order while finishing my degree. I have excellent grades, a 3.8 at GW and a 4.0 at SMU, however, I was wondering if I could transfer back to GW? The credits I have obtained at SMU would be less than the 29 credit limit under the ABA rule, and if I did my last semester at GW, I would have the residency credits are required by the school.

    SMU is a huge hit financially and in rankings. I just couldn’t stay and GW while my dad was sick . . .


  89. Hey I’m a 1L at Albany Law School in the top 1/3rd of the class (3.3 GPA). Is this a good enough gpa to transfer to a school like Maryland, American, or GW? Thanks in advance for the advice?

  90. Hi Ann,
    I am a 1L at University of Denver, I’m considering transfering to the University of Colorado which is quite a few spots above ranking than DU if my grades are good. I’m not sure, because the grades have not yet come out. I’d transfer because I could get in state tuition at CU, as opposed to the high tuition cost at DU. My undergrad stats aren’t too impressive, I had a 3.2 GPA (from CU) and a 162 LSAT. I didn’t receive money from DU, however, I could’ve from similarly ranked schools.

    I think I have a possibility of doing pretty well, but I’m not totally sure. How well do I have to do to transfer? Is it better to apply for transfer even before grades are released so I don’t miss deadlines? Thanks in advance!

    • MM, see how your grades are and give it a shot. You wouldn’t be the first to make this switch. You won’t miss deadlines – CU can’t make a decision without your grades.

  91. Lisa Wong on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I was accepted (so far) to two T4 schools. The schools are Cooley and Phoenix Law School. I am still waiting on responses from 5 more schools. Assuming I do very well my first year (top 5%); what are my chances of transferring to a T1, T2 or T3 school? Additionally, what books would you recommend I start reading before I start law school? Also, I was told that students with low GPA’s and low LSAT scores generally do not perform well in law school. How true is this statement?

    • Lisa,
      It’s highly unlikely you’d be able to transfer from those schools to a higher ranked school. It is true, statistically, that people with low GPAs and low LSAT scores do not perform well in law school.
      I don’t think there are any particular books I recommend, but I would read intellectually stimulating things, get your brain moving, and do read some of the books that are out there about law school courses.

  92. Lisa Wong on said:


    Just to follow up on your response, would it be worth it to attend law school if I cant xfer to at least a T3 school? Wouldn’t I be wasting time and money attending either Cooley or Pheonix law? Would I instead be better of pursuing a masters?

  93. Hi Ann! My first semester 1L GPA at Golden Gate is 3.5. I don’t have my rank yet. What kind of odds am I looking at for USF or Hastings?

  94. Aurora on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m a 1L at Rutgers Newark, and when I applied to schools I was accepted to Quinnipiac and Albany(with scholarships), and waitlisted at Rutgers Newark and Camden, Seton Hall, Drexel and Hofstra. Once I got my acceptance from Rutgers Newark I had myself taken off the other waitlists, since I did a lot of thinking, comparing cost for the 3 years, as well as housing, etc.(my family lives decently close to Newark, so I can commute).
    Thing is, I know I want to go into Health Law(I am getting a Masters in Biomedical Science, and I hope to go to med school after law school as well).
    Rutgers doesn’t have many health law classes, whereas Seton Hall and Rutgers Camden do(and Quinnipiac did, but the Tier 3 status and price even after scholarships led me to choose Rutgers).
    Seton Hall just sent me a follow up packet, telling me that even though I wasn’t accepted in the 1st go, I can reapply if I’m not in school or apply as a transfer if I am.
    I really do love Rutgers, the students the faculty and deans, the look of the get the idea. I’m happy. I’m involved in student gov and many clubs, and even started a health law organization. But will I be able to practice Health Law and look good to employers if I stay at Rutgers Newark? Should I try to do a visiting student thing? (I already thought about just taking some classes at Seton Hall which is nearby, but apparently Rutgers has a 6 credit limit on courses taken at other schools. Would the ‘visiting student’ status circumvent that, or am I stuck with only 6 non-Rutgers credits no matter what, barring transfer?)
    As you can see I’m kind of confused and a little torn here. I love Rutgers, but know I want health law in the future. Any suggestions?
    Granted, I don’t even know if I would be accepted to Seton Hall.

  95. Hi!

    I’m currently a 1L at Southwestern University and have a GPA of 4.124 (3 A+’s one A, one A-). Do you think it would b wise for me to transfer to USC/UCLA (and what are my chances)? Do I have a chance at Harvard? If my school offers me a full scholarship for my grades, should I take that or transfer?

  96. John Kennedy on said:

    I have a 2.88 GPA honor roll once, stetson U. I want to transfer, what schools (anywhere in Florida/California/NY/Chicago) do you think will take me, if any?


  97. HI Ann,

    I am a 1L at Cooley Law and will be looking to transfer. In one of your posts you stated that it would be hard to transfer out of Cooley Law School. I was curious as to why that was?



  98. Hi Anne,
    I just finished up my first semester at a Tier 4 (Barry Law) with straight A’s (4.0 GPA). The school has a fairly harsh curve, somewhere around the 2.5 range. I also received a book award in property with my professor willing to write me a fantastic letter of reccommendation. What are my chances going EA at GULC? I will be applying to some other tier 1 schools, but would love to take a shot at the T14. Thoughts?

  99. Justin on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I currently just finished my 1st semester at Seton Hall law and did fairly well. 2 A’s and 1 A+ (only 3% maximum can receive an A+), therefore I’m going to assume that I’m in the Top 5% of my class. I currently have a $35K scholarship, and tuition is $45K+. Of course I would love to go to NYU, Columbia, or another top school in the NYC area because that’s where I’d like to practice; and although Seton Hall is an exceptional school for New Jersey, I’m not convinced it is enough to find a good solid job in NYC. Should I consider transferring and losing my scholarship? Is that even an option for me? I had a 3.3 undergraduate and a 162 LSAT. Thank you.

    • Justin, First congrats on your fabulous grades and your scholarship. You need to see where people from the top of SH’s classes have been hired and whether those are the jobs you’d want. Then you have to see where the middle/bottom of the pack at Columbia/NYU are being hired. You can try to transfer and see if you get in, and it’s also possible that SH will increase your scholarship based on your performance this year.

  100. Hi Anne,

    I am currently a 1L at Chicago Kent and am considering applying as a long-shot transfer to Northwestern, UIUC, UChicago, Cornell (I did my undergrad in engineering there), or some other good schools in the region like Michigan or IU Bloomington. I finished first semester with a 3.3 GPA and an A in legal writing – no idea what my rank is. I believe I could get solid recs from law professors + have good work experience. Do you think it is worth putting apps in at any (or all) of these places? Also, what is the best way to set myself apart on my transfer apps? I love Kent, but given the economic climate and competitive legal market, I just want to graduate from the school that will give me the biggest advantage in 2 yrs when I graduate. Any advice would be appreciated!

  101. Jennifer on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am interested in going to law school. My undergrad GPA is 3.12, and I haven’t taken the LSAT yet.
    Do I have any chance of getting into Tier 4 schools like Whittier, Western State, Cal Western, or Thomas Jefferson School or Tier 3 school like Southwestern?

  102. I am a 1L at Touro. I got a 2.87 my first semester. I received an A in Torts. I still have the spring semester to go. Since, I like Touro alot but since I am originally from New Jersey the financial burden of living here is too much. I would like to know my chances for getting into Rutgers, Seton Hall, NY law or Cuny. I received a 152 on the LSAT

  103. I am a 1L at Touro. I got a 2.87 my first semester. I received an A in Torts. I still have the spring semester to go. I like Touro alot but since I am originally from New Jersey the financial burden of living here is too much. I would like to know my chances for getting into Rutgers, Seton Hall, NY law or Cuny. I received a 152 on the LSAT

    • Raul, I think your GPA shows you are at the right school academically. Unless you bring things up to a 3.5 this semester, you are unlikely to be able to transfer. With CUNY, it’s a public interest oriented school so it really depends on your career goals.

  104. Hi Ann,

    I am currently at Charlotte School of Law and I have finished my first semester with a GPA of 3.2 my current class standing is top 23%. My school applies a C curve to all of our 1L courses. I am planning to turn some of my B+ to As which I believe it will be do able by the time I finish my 1L. I am thinking of transferring what range of school should I be aiming for?

    Thank you so much

  105. SpyderMonkey on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m currently a 1L at Hamline in MN. I have a 75% tuition scholarship. My UGPA is 3.4, LSAT 159, and my first semester GPA is 3.357 (I rank 35/198 – top 17%). I also got the CALI award for LRW.
    I have been hearing bad things about job prospects with a Hamline degree and it has me worried. Is it worth it to apply for transfers at U of M or UWisc? Is there any chance that I can parlay my scholarship at Hamline into some sort of $ from either of those schools? Would I even get in? Is a degree from Hamline really THAT bad?

    Thanks in advance!

    • SpyderMonkey, Where is the top 20% of your class getting jobs and what can you do to be one of them? There is something to be said for being a bigger fish in a smaller pond, especially with such a nice scholarship. You would not get $$$ as a transfer. You can bet on that.

  106. Ann,

    I am a 1L at the University of Miami. My LSAT was a 161 and my UGPA was a 3.6. After the first semester, I received a 3.9 GPA. I am very interested in transferring to a higher-ranked school, but I have no idea where to start. I have accomplished all of this while being very involved in both my undergrad and law school.

    What I am wondering is this: What is a reasonable range for me to try a transfer application to? I am realistic enough to realize that I probably cannot go to HLS or Yale from Miami, but what where is realistic to apply? I am interested in the following schools:


    Are any of these practical given Miami’s ranking?

    Thank you.

    • Javier,
      Congratulations on your success at UM. You should be very proud. You can certainly try these schools and see what happens. Also, I hope Miami offers you $$$ to stay and be one of their superstars.

  107. Ann,

    I am a 1L evening student at the University of Baltimore interested in transferring to Georgetown’s evening program. I currently work in a law firm in Maryland and my wife feels against transferring for the following reasons:

    1. The cost of school will increase
    2. I may not rank as high in my class at Georgetown vs. UB
    3. Since I have a job already (where I perform very substantial legal tasks), I probably shouldn’t worry too much about the difference in schools
    4. Georgetown will require more time for studying than UB

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • Sam, Most people would tell you to go to GT if it is an option for you (aka, if you get in) but here are some other things to consider:
      1. Will you have more loans to pay back?
      2. What do you hope to do upon graduation and can you get there from UB or do you need a GT degree to get there (aka, Big Law, etc.)?
      3. I don’t think it would necessarily be more studying at GT, but it’s very likely you would be at the bottom of your class rather than the top (although this is not guaranteed and I just don’t know enough about you to predict how you would perform in a more competitive environment.

  108. Hi Ann,

    I’m a 1L at Washington College of Law in DC. I got a 3.75 in the fall and I’m considering transferring to GULC. Is it realistic to apply there, or is that an outside shot? Unfortunately the class ranking have not been posted. Thanks you for your help.

  109. Ann, as a 1L I have a 3.22 GPA after Fall grades. This puts me roughly in the top 25% at a school currently ranked 95th (I won’t say where exactly for confidentiality). Thinking about transferring. How high should I shoot? I was thinking FSU, Uof Fla, or William and Mary.

  110. Hi Ann,
    I am a 1L at a T10. I am thinking about transferring to a different part of the country. My grades are about median. Do I have a chance at another T10 that wait listed me or rejected me? Also, do you think another school that originally accepted me would consider me at this time? Thank you for your thoughts.

  111. Hi Ann,
    I am a 1L at a T30 school looking to transfer to Georgetown EA. I have a 3.51 GPA (3 A- grades and a B). We do not recieve class rankings first semester. I have summer job offers in the area of law I am looking to practice in and took several years off before law school. Do you think I have a chance at Georgetown, or am I out of range? Thanks!

  112. Carla Smith on said:


    I took the LSAT a few times and my highest score was a 144. I currently reside in NY and would prefer to stay here; however, the schools in NY are very competitive and I don’t believe a 144 is sufficient for me to get in any schools. I was accepted to Thomas Cooley and Phoenix and waitlisted for Thomas Jefferson. I was invited to do the Trial program at Widener law in PA but the cost is $1750 excluding housing for the month. I am still waiting on responses from other schools outside of NY.

    Would you suggest I re-take the LSAT? What are my chances of getting a higher score at this point? Should I do the trial program?

    • Carla, if you’ve taken the LSAT a few times and your highest score was a 144, there isn’t much indication that you could improve. You are going to have to decide whether it’s worth it to you to attend these other schools, including the program at Widener, and what your prospects would be upon graduation.

  113. Carla Smith on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for your timely response!

    I was planning on transferring to a T3 or T2 school after the 1st year. Is this advisable?

  114. Ericka on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I have been accepted to Suffolk and New England School of Law and waitlisted to Northeastern. If I don’t get off the waitlist I am hoping to transfer into Northeastern after my first year. Suffolk ranks slightly higher, but I recieved money to go to New England. How likely is it to be able to transfer from a T4 to a T2 school? How can I maximize my chances?

  115. Orlando on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m currently finishing my 1L year at a T4 law school. Where should my GPA/ranking range in order to transfer to another T4 law school. A reasonable prediction would be great so I can begin to secure housing sooner rather than later.

    Specifically, I’d like to tranfer from Roger Williams law > Suffolk law

  116. Hi Ann,

    I’m currently a 1L at the University of New Hampshire School of Law (formerly known as franklin pierce law center). It’s a Tier 3 school but many students come here for their renowned program in intellectual property.

    I am patent bar eligible and I’ve done pretty well so far, 3.25 (top 30% of my class) but have been having a little trouble this semester and part of the reason is because I really want to be nearer to home. I am from the NJ and have travelled home a bunch of weekends this semester. I also want to look to compete with the job market in nj/nyc. I am looking to transfer to schools near home; maybe rutgers-newark, seton hall, or possibly cardozo. Do you think there is a chance?

  117. Andrew on said:

    Hey Ann,

    I finished my first semester top 5% at New York Law School with a 3.8GPA (not NYU), and was hoping to transfer to another NYC school, especially Fordham. I have it in my head that my chances are very very small, just curious if I have a real shot or not at all. I attended Fordham as an undergrad and applied to their law school but was denied.


  118. Hi Ann,

    I was accepted to Barry Law School and I am awaiting responses from other schools that I have applied to. Assuming I attend Barry and do really well my first year. What are my chances of transferring to a T3 or T2 school (E.g., Pace, New York Law, Howard, and Rutgers?

  119. Lauren on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I have taken the LSATs the allotted three times and my highest was a 139, after applying late in the process (January) I didn’t get into any schools so far. Do I have a chance at getting into law school with that score if I apply early (September) come the fall. I have a history of low test scores with prior standardized tests. My Undergrad GPA was a 2.9 once LSAC did there conversion, and I am finishing my Post BA in Paralegal Studies with a 3.85. I am trying to take the LSATs again in October and waiting to hear back from LSAC, I really want to go to Drexel, so would I have a chance of getting in? And do I have a chance at getting in anywhere?


  120. Tina on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I graduated from Columbia undergrad but had trouble applying to law schools because my GPA was average (but not stellar) and I had a poor LSAT score (156). However I’ve been doing pretty well this year at Brooklyn Law–I have a 3.5 GPA (top 25%) and have recently been accepted onto moot court. How are my chances for transferring to a top ten school?


  121. Jon on said:

    Hello, I attend Cooley and I’m working on my summer term and I’m looking to transfer laterally to Western New England Law or New England Law which are both near my parents home in Connecticut. I had a 3.0 for my first term and I’m waiting on my Spring grades. I should have between a 2.9 or 3.0 which puts me at around a 35% class rank. I’m working on 9 credits this summer totaling 27 credits. Would that be enough to be accepted as a transfer?

    • Jon, a lot of schools won’t take part time students because you won’t have finished your first year in time to have the whole thing evaluated, unless you’re applying to another part time program. Contact WNE and NE and inquire before applying.

  122. Alex on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I’m starting school at Toledo Law (rank #129) this fall and hoping to transfer to a better school after my first year. I was hoping to transfer to Ohio State Law (rank #39), Cincinnati ( rank #69), or Michigan State Law (#82). I do realize that starting law school with the hope of soon transferring out can be unrealistic at times, but I was hoping to know what kind of gpa/ class rank % I would need for each school to have any hope. Thanks

  123. Conor on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I’m at Pace Law School in New York and managed to get a 4.0 my first semester, and so far have a 4.0 my second semester (waiting for one more grade in a 3 credit course). Do you think I have much of a chance of transferring to NYU, Columbia, or Fordham? Just as background: I have a masters in philosophy and a 3.9 overall UGPA.


    • Conor, GOOD WORK! WOO HOO!!!!! Try to transfer and see what happens, but I don’t count you out from Fordham – I think they will seriously consider you. Not as confident about NYU and Columbia but it’s certainly worth a try!

  124. Lynn on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I finished 1L year at Tulane Law School with a 3.3 overall (which is middle of my class) and my lsat score is 152. I had a 3.0 first semester and an improved 3.6 gap second semester. How good are my chances of transferring into a top 15?


  125. Lynn on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I finished 1L year at Tulane Law School with a 3.3 overall (which is middle of my class) and my lsat score is 152. I had a 3.0 first semester and an improved 3.6 gap second semester. How good are my chances of transferring into a top 15? Or should I realistically go for a top 30 school instead?


  126. Chris on said:


    In your experience, have you heard of it being hard to transfer out of NYLS? Have you had clients who have? If so, where were they able to transfer to? I would like to stay in NY.

  127. Nikki on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I’m currently in a part-time program at a T4 school, is it possible to transfer to another part-time program at another law school after the first year? Thanks for your help!

  128. Rose on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I think I want to try to transfer from a lower tier school to ASU (which does mid-year transfers). I have a top 15% rank and 3.3 GPA, and was accepted to law review at my current school this semester. I also scored a 158 on my LSAT.
    To be honest, I’m thinking about transferring because I’m not sure my current school really has the connections to get me a job that I want (with a big firm doing something international law). I’m not really worried about losing credits with my transfer. Is it worth it? I worry that I may not be able to get onto law review at ASU (due to their rather strict regulation of transfers getting law review spaces), and I don’t know if it would benefit me more to stay at the lower tier school and have “Law Review” (with my position/title) for two years, or if I should really try to jump ship while I have the chance.

    Any thoughts?

  129. Ann,

    I”m just about to begin my 2L at a T4 ABA-accredited school. I have a 3.3 GPA, which gives me a top 15% rank. I was also just named a staff editor for my school’s Law Review journal, and will be returning to my home school after a summer law program in Tokyo.

    I think I want to a attempt a mid-year transfer to Arizona State University. However, I have some concerns. I honestly won’t lose that many credits, so that part’s not a huge deal. I am concerned, though, that I will have to give up Law Review (ASU’s transfer policies on that subject are rather strict), and worried about my job prospects at large firms because ASU is not an Ivy League school. Does it make sense to transfer for the name? Or would I be better off at the smaller school with the extracurricular activities/achievments if I can get into judicial clerkship or something like that?

    • Ann,

      Just to clarify, I’m attending a tier 4 (not a top of the ladder Ivy League). I continue to worry about changing schools; I’m not sure if Law Review and other merit-based extra-curriculars are enough to get me a job practicing in the area I want to be in (corporate with an emphasis on international trade).

      Should I make the leap if I get into ASU?



  130. Ann,

    I have been accepted and will be attending New England Law on a more than half tuition scholarship. I took the Feb Lsat and applied to schools late in the game. My first choice was Northeastern. I have a 3.3 ugpa, a masters degree with a 3.4 gps there, and a 154 lsat. I have been working in the legal field for 6 years full time since graduating. I think my low lsat score and late application may have prevented me from being accepted to NEU, but my job got in the way. What are the odds that I am accepted as a transfer student next year, providing, of coourse, that I excel at NELS?


  131. Dear Ann,
    I am in a serious rut. I regret going to my current law school (TTTT) for too many reasons beyond lack of school prestige. I received mediocre grades–2.80 cumulative, which have decidedly nilled my chances for transfer. Should I forego returning in the Fall and retake the LSAT? Would it matter to an admission committee if I scored a better percentile 2nd time around? First and only 151, UGPA 3.3.

    • Tina, a tiny improvement in LSAT isn’t a good strategy at this point. You can try transferring to a school you’d prefer attending that is similarly ranked if the deadlines haven’t passed.

  132. Hey Ann,
    I am about to embark on my 1L year at George Washington. I have a scholarship there but I would like to potentially transfer into a T14 school preferably in the New York, New England area. My LSAT was a 167. Where would you say I’d need to finish in my class to have a legitimate shot at moving up? Thanks so much!

  133. Hey Ann,
    I am currently embarking on my 1L year at George Washington where I got a scholarship. I scored a 167 on my LSAT and I would like to transfer to a t14 school in the New York/New England area. How well do you think I would need to score this first semester in order to make the transfer doable? Thank you so much for your help!


    P.S. I apologize if I sent this twice, I’m not sure if my first message went through

  134. Hi Ann,

    I was wondering if you had any knowledge on transferring from Rutgers-Camden to rutgers-newark?? Is there a better chance because the schools are affiliated? Where would you have to finish in class rankings to be able to transfer?

    Thanks for your help!


  135. Hey Ann,

    I just graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder. I double majored in communication and media studies with a 3.65 GPA. However my LSAC GPA is only a 2.91 because of lack of maturity my first few semesters of college (I did not realize they factor grades even if you repeat the course). My LSAT is a 156. I have applied early decision to Loyola in Los Angeles, Chapman, Southwestern, and Western State. My question is….if I can make it through my first year at Chapman, Western State or Loyola near the top of my class (top 20% or better), what are my chances of transfering to UCLA or Loyola?

  136. Correction:

    If I can make it through my first year at Chapman, Western State or Southwestern near the top of my class (top 20% or better), what are my chances of transfering to UCLA or Loyola?

  137. Andy C on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I am currently a 1L at a T4 school in TX, I am done with the first semester and ranked top 20% . I am seriously considering transferring out of here my LSAT was 155 and my UGPA 3.6 ( great ranked TX school) I stayed in TX because I was waitlisted for UT. What do you think are my chances of transferring into UT, SMU, Baylor, UCLA or Berkeley?

  138. My son is a 1L at Georgetown and just got first semester grades back. Seems GPA is a 3.4, much lower than he was used to at college. A- in LRW, which is only half over. The rest a variety of B’s. He is very disappointed as he worked his tail off, spending every night in the library. He is thinking maybe law school isn’t for him. We all think he’s being too hard on himself. What do you think?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Has he looked into where that puts him on the curve? My guess is he’ll be surprised that he’s ranked higher than he thinks. Also, he’s just getting the hang of things! He could go up to a 3.8 next semester! If he doesn’t want to be a lawyer, he should quit now. But he shouldn’t let this GPA at a great school deter his plans.

  139. Hello Ann,
    I am currently a 1L at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles and finished my first semester with a 3.52 (ranking not available). I have an internship secured for the summer, and honestly, i’m very content at Loyola. They have an amazing faculty and deep interest in helping their students succeed. However, while I was interviewing these past few months, I noticed that many professionals in the industry suggested a transfer to UCLA or USC. Realistically, how strong are my chances? And do you think it’s worth it?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Brit,
      If you’re paying the same at Loyola as you would at USC or UCLA, it’s probably worth moving if you can. But you can also use this to negotiate with Loyola and see if they have any scholarships available as a 2L.

  140. Garrett on said:

    Hello Ann

    I am currently a 1L at the University of MD law school. It has been my dream to go to Georgetown law for a long time. When I originally applied to Georgetown, I was put on the preffered weight list and never got off. My 1L grades so far from UMD are 3.33 which put me in the top 1/3 to top 1/4 of the class… Ofcourse I hope my second semester grades are a little more competitive…

    What is the possible likelihood of a succesful transfer to Georgetown?


  141. Daniel D. Peters on said:

    My son is a 1L at Drexel Law School. His 1st semester grades are 3.50,placing him at top 15% of his class. Does he have a chance of transferring to Temple Law School. He was rejected by Temple last year with a 3.85/155.

  142. Mike R. on said:


    I got accepted to Northeastern, and I’m content with graduating from there, but I’d like to know if I’ll be trapped, unable to transfer (if I wanted to) because of their unique grading system.


    • Ann Levine on said:

      Mike R., a year ago I might’ve said “Yes” but this year I had a client transfer from Northeastern to Northwestern, I kid you not! (Of course, he had some other remarkable credentials….)

  143. Chris on said:

    Hi Anne,

    I got into a T4 schools La Verne, Whittier, Western State. I’m thinking of transferring to Pepperdine, or Loyola, Southwestern. What is a better school to transfer from? Additionally, what do you think my chances would be transferring from a T4?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      The accreditation status of the law school you attend is really important. Call Southwestern and ask them if they have taken transfers from these schools in the last year of two. They will probably tell you quite honestly whether they have, and what your class rank would need to be for you to be seriously considered as a transfer.

  144. Chance Watson on said:

    Hi Anne,

    I decided to go to law school very late in the game (in the last month) and thus missed the early decision deadlines to most schools. I live in TX and wish to go to school here, preferrably SMU. My undergraduate GPA was 4.0 and though I have not taken the LSAT yet (June 2013) I have been testing in the mid 160s and hope to get at least a 165. SMU told me they would consider my application once my test scores come in. My question is this: presuming I score how I believe I will on the LSAT and am accepted to SMU, would you start this fall even though I will not be eligible for any scholarship, or would you wait a year and start Fall 2014? I really do not want to wait a full year, but I also do not want to be saddled with 150k debt upon graduation?

    • Chance Watson on said:

      Sorry, I meant to add one question regarding transferring. Or should I attend a T4 school (TX Wesleyan) that is less expensive and plan on transferring to SMU after 1 year?

      • Ann Levine on said:

        Chance, please do not make a short-sighted decision like this! Law schools are not community colleges where you aim to transfer. What if you don’t do well and you get stuck?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Chance,
      You really should be an applicant who applies early for Fall 2014, not for fall of this year. But if you really can pull off a mid-160s LSAT score then you’ve accomplished that goal. However, if you would prefer to go to UT, and you get a mid-160s or higher, I would wait and apply early in the fall rather than simply attending the one school that will take you late in the cycle.

  145. Rachael on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I am an aspiring law student who hopes to work in international law (particularly involving Human Rights or with the United Nations). I have a 4.0 undergraduate GPA, however my LSAT scores were a little lower then anticipated. I have been accepted into American University and George Mason. However, I have also been wait listed at Emory, William and Mary, and Washington University (I am 99% certain this was due to my LSAT score). I am conflicted about what I should do. American is a good university but its ranking has gone down somewhat, however it offers a dual degree with a masters in International Affairs. George Mason doesn’t offer programs with a strong human rights focus, but it is higher ranked. I am not sure if I should go to one of these schools (and possibly attempt to transfer after a year if I am in the top 5-10% of my class), if I should go to American of George Mason for the whole degree, or if I should hold out for my wait listed schools. Is there any advice you can give, considering my aspirations for Human Rights Law?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Rachael, This is a really tough question because it’s so specialized. I suggest looking at the bios of people who have the kinds of jobs you hope to get right out of law school in addition to looking at the bios of people whose jobs you hope to have in 15 years. Where did they go to law school?

  146. Ann, this site is really helpful. Thanks. I have 10 years regulatory experience, with a senior management position in a fortune 100 and now planning to attend law school. I got accepted to northeastern – a school I really like given its collegial culture and coop program and scholarship to attend part time in golden gate. Also, Waitlisted on hastings but I have been warned by many about the ultra conpetitive culture. I am currently in California and at this point plan to practice here. My question is should I go to a school for its ranking (Hastings), or part time with scholarship whereby it would be the cheapest or northeastern for its coop experience / school that I like best. If I were to choose northeastern, how hard is it for me to ask for transfer to Berkeley or Stanford if I plan to come back to the Bay Area?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi GG,
      I love this question! It’s a great question! You need to look at employability in the region where you hope to practice law. It would be hard (but not impossible) to transfer from Northeastern to Berkeley or Stanford. I did have a client once who transferred out of Northeastern to a T-14 school, but he had two previous degrees from Ivy League schools so I can honestly say his case was unusual.
      Part of this also depends on whether your business contacts in the Bay Area will help you get summer jobs/internships no matter where you attend law school.
      For now, I advise fighting your way into Hastings and then the decision – I think – would be pretty easy for you.

  147. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for all the advice. I am desperate, currently taking my 1L final exams at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. I want to be able to transfer anywhere that my fiance is wait listed at for medical school. He is wait listed for schools in DC and NY. I am willing to transfer anywhere, up, down, lateral, I just want to know what my minimum grades have to be to be able to transfer anywhere. Thank you.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      RR, If you are around the middle of the class, you should be able to transfer to a school if you are unconcerned with transferring “up”. Having a good reason for wanting to transfer will carry you far as well.

  148. Hello Ann,

    I am currently a 0L trying to make a decision between UNC law and WASH U law. MY ultimate goal is to transfer to Columbia or NYU after my first year of law school. I am African-American and a high GPA splitter (3.69 gpa from top 120 national university by USN, 152 LSAT). Assuming that I do relatively well in both programs (at least top 1/3 of my class), which school would present the better opportunity to transfer? Conventional wisdom says WASH U, but surely UNC isn’t that far off. In your opinion, since competition is steeper at wash u (comparable gpa ranges, but wash u has much higher lsat range than unc), do you think I should attend unc (higher expected quality of life for me) or wash u (to give best chance to transfer, assuming equal class ranking)?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Choose the school where you are more likely to be satisfied graduating from, and you will have no regrets later. You would be able to transfer from either school. Good luck!

  149. pennman44 on said:

    Ann! I am a 1L at Penn and am in the top 20% of my class (maybe a little better). I was waitlisted by Harvard, Chicago and Columbia for 0L admission. Have I got a prayer for these schools, Yale or Stanford this time around? Thanks Ann!

  150. Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for this forum!

    I have been contemplating the prospect of transferring for some time, and I would love to know what you think. My current law school is a T1 and the top public school in the state. The problem is that I don’t want to be in, or work in, this state and would very much like to be in my home state of Michigan. I am concerned because I finished last semester with a 3.2 and–although I am waiting for a couple of my second semester grades still–it looks like I will wrap up my 1L year with just about that (3.2).

    I turned down $ from Wayne State to come here (primarily because of the difference in ranking). After a somewhat disappointing first semester, I did everything I could to pull up my GPA as my dream destination would have been UofM. However, I believe that–despite my solid work experience between college and law school–UofM simply will not consider a 3.2 with all of the transfer apps I’m sure they receive. Do you think it would be worth transferring all the way down to Wayne? I am also worried that I would no longer qualify as “in-state” there while I believe I would be able to qualify for my 2/3L years down here.

    I sincerely appreciate any advice you can offer me. Thank you very much for your time!

  151. Tucker on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I am a 0L (above average foreign bachelor’s degree/162 LSAT) and got into LSU law. I’m actually pretty happy with that and the only places I could see myself transferring to are Columbia and NYU. Is that even possible (assuming I finish at the very top of my class after first year) or can I put that idea to rest? Thanks.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Tucker, it’s always unlikely to make that big a jump up… I don’t want to give you false hope, but – on the other hand – I can’t say it’s not possible to achieve.

  152. Hi Ann,

    I go to a tier I school in AZ. I have a 3.54, which is going to end up being around Top 25%. What do you think my chances would be of getting into NYU or Columbia? Thanks.

  153. Ryan on said:

    I have a 3.0 gpa from Touro Law after my first year and I am thinking of considering to Syracuse Law. I’m from Syracuse but I want to start working in NYC before eventually moving back upstate. Should I put the application in?

  154. SHL Student on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I just finished my 1L year at Seton Hall. I have a 25k scholarship but of course the tuition is 50k plus. My first semester I got a 3.5, and second semester i got a 4.0 including an A+ in con law, bringing my cum. to 3.75 (20/141). Do you think it is worth applying to NYU, Columbia and UCLA? If so, would it be worth going to if I get accepted because of the even higher costs? (UCLA would be cheaper 3rd year as a resident)

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi SHL Student, I think it’s worth trying to apply to those schools based on your outstanding performance this year, but you’d better get on it!

  155. Rose on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I applied to transfer and am just hearing back but am completely lost about what to do. I got into Tulane, and I got into George Washington. Obviously, there is a gap in terms of rankings between the two schools. Additionally, neither school is offering me any scholarship so I am paying the full cost to attend either. I know that George Washington has great stats (employment, ranking, etc.) but feel that Tulane would be the better law school experience (living in NOLA, the mentality of the student body, etc.). Would I be crazy to pick Tulane over GW? Any advice would be great, thank you so much!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Rose, only you can make this decision. Transfer applicants don’t get scholarships so you have to think about what you are leaving behind and what makes the most sense for your career goals.

  156. Law Student on said:


    I’m currently attending a law school in the lower half of the top 100, with a 165 LSAT and top grades (over 4.0 GPA). I’m in the “tough” position of having an acceptance offer to transfer to Berkeley. However the deadline is July 10 to respond to Berkeley, but I’ve also applied to transfer to Stanford, Harvard, and Yale, and they won’t announce acceptances until ~July 15 this year. While I’d be happy with Berkeley, I’d really like to keep my options open until I hear from the other schools, but I’m concerned about missing out on transferring to Berkeley if I don’t get into any of the top 3. Any advice? Have you heard of anyone stalling the acceptance deadline until they hear from other schools?


    • Ann Levine on said:

      Law Student, I am so sorry I didn’t see this yesterday and now July 10 has passed. I would simply ask Berkeley if you can extend that deadline to Monday. And, if not, you can send a deposit to Berkeley and just risk losing it.

  157. Hi Anne,

    I’ve been reading your blog, you’ve responded amazingly well to most so far,honest advice! I’m in 60% of the class (2.75 gpa) after my first year at a T4 law school in Boston, and I think a lateral transfer is my best option. I think I have a shot at Duquesne Law in PA, I have strong ties to the state because I went to Penn State University, and I plan on practicing in PA. I also have personal reasons for transferring, and I have a summer internship which I hope will give me a boost. I’m praying that I get into this school, do you think I have a chance? I haven’t heard much about anyone transferring in so I need an honest opinion, thanks so much!

  158. Shawn on said:

    Hi Ann, I will be a 1L this fall most likely at Baylor Law (riding out UT and SMU Waitlists). I was wondering if you have ever heard of someone at Baylor (or a low tier 1/ high tier 2) transferring to a top 10 school? I do realize I’d have to finish my 1L year at the top of my class to have a shot. If not, there is always UT :).


  159. Hi Anne,

    I am currently attending SMU (Top 33% of my class) and was recently accepted to attend UT. BUT, the OCI deadline for UT has passed and so I am not sure if going would be best for me. What do you think?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      DB, I think most people don’t find their jobs through OCI. As long as you are ready to hustle to find employment, you will be well served by transferring (so long as finances aren’t an issue).

  160. Marni on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I just finished my 1L year at a school in the top 100 — 90’s rank with a 2.49 GPA. I am trying to transfer closer to home to a school with the same mid-90’s ranking. I was previously accepted to the school in 2012 with a high scholarship option. Before law school, I had a 150’s LSAT scores, high master’s GPA and degree, and high undergrad GPA . During my first year at law school, I experienced family loss in both the spring and fall semesters right before finals. What are the chances that I would be able to laterally transfer with a low GPA? Especially given that I had previously bee accepted and that I have experienced family loss. Additionally, I took courses this summer and earned a summer semester GPA of a 3.5 to help show that my first year grades were a result of two major family losses and adjustment to law school but that I still have the capacities to successfully pass the state bar.

    My reasons for transferring are tied to family loss and interested in being closer to my family as well as interest in staying in my home state to practice law.

    Also does it matter whether I apply for full-time or part-time status?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Marni,
      I think you should call someone at the law school where you want to transfer and explain the situation and see what they tell you.

  161. Elizabeth on said:

    Hi Anne,

    I just started my 1L at GW law. All of my fears about attending GW have come true: the student body is too large, I don’t find the other students challenging intellectually.
    I am already thinking about transferring to Penn. I went to undergrad at Bryn Mawr and have friends at Penn Law who are really happy there. I applied to Penn pre-1L and was rejected.
    Where would I have to stand in my class at GW for this to be a viable switch. I know that there is no need based aid for transfers, but are merit based scholarships ever awarded to transfers?



    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Elizabeth. I think you have it backward – you will be offered need based (FAFSA) aid, but not merit scholarships to transfer.
      My advice is to try to make friends at GW – I know a lot of really smart, cool people lurking around that school, and it’s always hard to make friends the first few weeks of law school. If this semester you come back to me with a great GPA (definitely above 3.5 and hopefully higher) then we can start to talk about transferring.

  162. Hi Ann,

    I am currently a 2L in Rutgers- Newark Evening Program. I have a gpa of 3.65 (with 21 credits).I don’t know my class rank since rutgers doesn’t rank. my lsat score was 164. Do i have a shot at penn, columbia, nyu or georgetown? and will it be too late to transfer at the end of my second year (i’ll probably have 37 credits) or is there an option to apply after fall semester in which case I will only have 29 credits?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Mike, you should call the schools you would like to transfer to and see how they will handle the credit situation and mid-year switch.

  163. Hi Ann,

    Is it worthwhile to transfer as a 3L? I know I’ll lose my scholarship etc, but I really want to move back to California (where I’m from) and I missed the boat after 1L year because I had already taken on responsibilities. Now I’m really regretting not transferring earlier. My GPA is ok, but I heard they mostly look at 1L GPA which wasn’t great (exactly a 3). Is it likely that admissions boards will (1)accept me ONLY at schools that are similarly ranked, and (2) is there any way to transfer up?

  164. Andrew on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m currently a 1L at OSU Moritz College of Law (#31) and I would like to transfer to The University of Texas (#15). The problem is that The University of Texas rejected me when I was applying to law schools, but I got accepted to The University of Minnesota (#20).
    Right now I have a GPA of 3.3, numerical average 87.7, (top 35 – 50% of class). I am a veteran (US Marine Corps).

    Do you think that it would be possible for me to get accepted into The University of Texas?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Andrew, It doesn’t matter that UT rejected you last year, but your GPA probably isn’t high enough for a transfer. You can try, but I think it’s unlikely.

  165. James on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m a 1L at Rutgers-Newark. I had a good first semester, finishing with a 3.44/4.0 GPA on a 3.0 scale. Based on my LRW grades throughout the semester, I will have an A or A-, putting me at either 3.48 or 3.54. Unfortunately, RU-Newark does not rank their classes, so not exactly sure what percentile I am in.

    I am interested in either transferring to Emory or staying in the New York area and transferring to NYU or Columbia. Obviously the latter would be more difficult. Should my GPA stay within that 3.5-3.6 range, how possible would either of those destinations be? Additionally, would it be even worth taking on the extra debt by paying sticker at one of those schools or would I be better off taking the cheaper in-state tuition + scholarship I have at Rugters and be a “big fish in a small pond?”

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi James, I think that NYU and Columbia are probably not viable, but Emory could be. It’s hard for me to say without knowing your class rank, but I’d imagine you’d have to be #1 or #2 in your class to make it to NYU/Columbia.

  166. Andy on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I just finished my 1L year at St. Louis University Law School, and I am ranked in the top 20% of my class. I am currently a summer law Clerk at Orleans Public Defenders in New Orleans. I am applying to transfer to Tulane Law (I went there as an undergrad and graduated with a 3.68 from the Honors Dept). I have a 154 LSAT score. I have decided that I truly do want to live in New Orleans and return to Tulane for law school. What are my chances?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Andy,I think you will be competitive as a transfer applicant. You never know until you try! Good luck!

  167. Andrew on said:


    I’m not sure if this thread is still active, but if so, I was wondering if you could help me. I just finished my first year at Tulane Law School. My final GPA is 3.775. Ranks are not yet posted, but I know that transfer deadlines are approaching and I need to apply soon. Based on what I have heard from upperclass students, I think my GPA puts be in or around the top 10%.

    The only transfer schools that I think I would really go through the trouble of transferring to (assuming I could get in) would be Harvard, NYU, Penn, and UCI. Do you think I have a realistic shot at any of them?

    I was rejected from Penn and UCI last year (3.58 UGPA/159 LSAT), but I didn’t try my luck at Harvard or NYU.

    To be clear, I like Tulane and I would be happy to stay. But I feel that I should at least try to transfer upward to places I like/would consider going.

    Let me know what you think. I appreciate any help you could give me.
    Thank you,

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Your grades are great – try to transfer and see what happens! Worst case scenario? You’re at a law school that you enjoy.

        • Ann Levine on said:

          Andrew, congratulations! Sorry I’m behind on the blog responses. I was in the middle of moving and I forgot to check the blog!

  168. Hi,

    I’ve just finished my first year as an evening student at a t2 school. My final GPA is around a 2.8. I want to transfer because I have nearly 10 years of health policy experience and want to attend to a school with a health law track (or at least more classes). Do you think I have a shot at all?


  169. Tennille on said:

    I am top 10% of my class at Valparaiso. I have great softs. I also want to practice in the Midwest . What schools, realistically can I transfer to that will increase my chances at BigLaw. 3.4 undergrad ( UIUC), masters degree, work experience.

  170. Ryan R on said:

    If I was to finish my first year at Albany Law School with a 4.0 and 1st in my class what would be my chances of getting into a school ranked higher. My undergrad gpa was 2.69 and my Lsat was a 149. What schools do you think I could get into?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Ryan, I can’t create a schools list for you on the blog format, but you shouldn’t sell yourself short if you can pull this off….

  171. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for this insightful blog! I’ve been reading the comments, and your responses have been very helpful. I have a pretty complicated situation, and I wonder if you may offer some advice.

    I got admitted as transfer to GW Law for 2L. Currently I’m based in Germany and interning at a great boutique firm that focuses on international law with amazing lawyers. The firm has an affiliation with the best private law school in Germany, since some lawyers graduated from there, and in fact I got accepted to a semester exchange program with that law school in Germany. However, this exchange program is through a partnership with my current law school.

    I want to stay in Germany to do the exchange program, and my boss and other lawyers encouraged me to stay, then apply for spring transfer to GW. They said it’s worth the risk and emphasized the importance of having experience abroad, especially since the private law school for the exchange program is the best in the country. I want to practice international law in Europe one day and I felt that I could build connections here. Furthermore, I am learning a lot from the firm and feel that I can continue to intern for the rest of the semester.

    What are your thoughts about staying for an exchange program v. transferring to GW Law? I am not a fan of my current law school. It is not so much about the fact that it’s 2nd tiered but I also didn’t have that great of a first year experience there. But I wonder if I should take the risk of not getting accepted to GW for the Spring as transfer (which wouldnt take my fall semester credits too…) and instead stay in Germany. I’m also not a big fan of D.C. so I’ve been reluctant to leave Germany too.

    I appreciate the help very much.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Amiee, First thing you should do is CALL GW and ask them if they would defer your acceptance a semester. Then make decisions accordingly…

  172. Hi Ann,

    I went to UF for undergrad. Graduated with honors. 3.6 GPA. I applied to UF Law and didn’t get it, my LSAT was a 148…. I’m just not good at that test. I’m a 1L at Florida Coastal School of Law. I haven’t taken any tests yet, but I project being in the top 20% (at least) I’m shooting for top 5%. I want to to transfer to UF law. What are my chances and what is the best advice for someone in my situation? Let’s say worst case I don’t get accepted again. Does it really matter where you graduate from? Should I put in several apps to different “higher ranked” schools? What is the highest ranked law school I could get into with my situation? (Of course you are not “all knowing” this is just merely advice based on probability) Please be as detailed as possible with your answer. I look forward hearing from you, thank you!!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Joey, If you are really at the top of your class at FC, then USF could happen. Right now I don’t have enough information about how you are doing at FCSL. Also, I can’t really comment on transfer chances through the blog format. Right now (1) keep in touch with USF once or twice this semester; (2) get to know your professors and cultivate letters of rec; and (3) do as well as you can on exams.

  173. Hi Ann,

    I’m currently a 1L at Widener Law-Harrisburg, I want to transfer to Rutgers Camden, or Rutgers Newark. What GPA do you think will get me there? How difficult do you think it will be? I was waitlisted from Rutgers Camden this year, and then they dissolved the waitlist, does that give me a better chance?


    • Ann Levine on said:

      Steven, the fact that you were on the WL helps as long as you pursued the WL and showed interest last year. I think top third of your class at least would be good to shoot for….

  174. Hi Ann,

    I am a current 2L at Valparaiso. My LSAT was a 156, undergrad GPA was 3.2 and my current in law school is a 3.0. I have a full ride but I’m worried about my job perspective when I graduate. Our school doesn’t do interviews with big or medium sized firms, mostly just for internships and CPC has very few opportunities. But even moreso it is hard to stay focused and dedicated because my school seems so easy. I can just cram the night before an exam and get an A, if I don’t cram I can still get a B. The result is me being really bored and feeling like I’m wasting my time. I hate to say that because I know a full ride is an amazing opportunity, but its the truth. Is it worth it to transfer as a 2L, how many credits are taken and is it more school time? What Chicago or California schools do you think I could transfer to with those stats? I know T1 is out of the question but what about T2 or T3? Would I still be able to get a scholarship? If you leave a school without completing and they give you a scholarship do you have to pay it back to them? Any help would be great. Thank you

  175. Hi Ann,

    I’m currently a 1L at GW interested in transferring to the T10. I was wait listed at Columbia and NYU before deciding on GW and was hopeful that the fact they at least “sorta” considered me before 1L would help me transfer. Unfortunately, my GPA after 1st semester grades is only at a 3.08. I’m hoping to pull it up–do you think I currently have a chance at transferring into any of the T10? I also received a waiver to apply to Michigan for free (b/c I was wait listed there as well).

    • Hi Cindy,
      I’d like to see your grades improve this semester. If your grades are higher, then the fact that you were WL at the schools last year will help you, but you will still need the grades to show you can compete in T-10.

  176. Stevin on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am a 1L at Indiana University, Robert H. McKinney School of Law (top 100 school). I have a 2.994 gpa my first semester of law school and I would like to transfer to UC Hastings Law School…I am from the bay area originally and I would like to transfer back to California. I also would not mind transferring to any of the following schools: Santa Clara Law School, UC Davis law school (this was also my undergrad), Loyola Los Angeles, UC San Diego Law school, or Pepperdine law school; Do you think I have a chance to transfer to any of these schools? Which do you think is my best shot given my first semester gpa and hoping i will improve second semester above a 3.0?


    • Stevin, I think it’s going to be tough but you should call the schools and ask whether they generally require people to be in the top half/quarter of their class to be considered as transfers.

  177. Hi Ann,

    I am currently a second semester 1L at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. Although I am in a top 100 school, it is only ranked around 80.

    I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. I would like to transfer back there but I am not sure if i can with my grades. I received a 2.994 my first semester. I am still top 50% but it is a low transfer gpa.

    I am hoping to transfer to UC Hastings. Do I have a chance if I get my gpa up? what Gpa would it take to transfer there? Also, I would also transfer to UC Davis, Loyola Los Angeles, Pepperdine, UC San Diego law school, or Santa Clara law school. Which out of all the schools mentioned do you think i would have the best chance of transferring?

    Thank you. Also if I have a shot I may need to use your services with the application process

    Thank you

  178. Sandy on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I would like to transfer from a school in Boston to FIU in Miami (pretty much the same ranking). I have mediocre grades my first semester but that is because of a death of a relative in the family occurring at the same time that I had my finals. What are the chances that I will be able to get accepted into the evening program at FIU? (I am also currently in the evening program at my current school)

  179. Hi Ann,

    I will be attending Widener Law-DE this Fall. I applied to Rutgers-Camden as well as Temple but I haven’t heard back yet. I do not think I will get accepted to those two (3.3 GPA, excellent law firm work experience but Low LSAT). If I do not get accepted, I plan to transfer. What are my chances of getting accepted to Rutgers or Temple from Widener? (Temple requires top 20% to transfer and Rutgers…I’m not sure).


  180. Kareem on said:

    Hello Anne,

    I was placed on the waiting lists of Northwestern and Berkeley and am still waiting on responses from other schools. Due to my low LSAT(162), however, I don’t anticipate gaining admission to any of them. My question to you is: should I go to a lower ranked ranked school (rutgers/brooklyn law) with intention of transferring after my first year or should I wait another and retake the LSAT? Ill be older than most students so Im a bit reluctant to lose another year to studying/waiting.

    • Kareem, so pessimistic!!!! Fight for the WLs! Don’t give up and reject yourself! Obviously there’s something good in your application.
      Only retake the LSAT if you’re VERY confident you would get a score that would be a game changer for you at NW or Berkeley or the schools you’d like to attend (165+). Don’t count on transferring – transferring should be a nice “Oh, wow, I did well in law school!” kind of surprise, but not an end goal because it’s not available to everyone.

  181. Hi Ann,

    I would like a bit of advise. I am a 1L at the University of Miami. My 1L GPA is a 3. 7 and for the first semester that put me in around the top 20 1L students. I am looking to transfer next fall to a top 10 school. I would mostly likely be able to walk on to Law Review at UM, so transferring would mean having to write on at a transfer school. Nevertheless, I would like your advise as to my chances and what you think about transferring to a top 10 school?
    Thank you.


    Alexa Perez

    • Hi CH,
      While I hate for anyone to want to leave my alma mater, I think you could be in the running for a top 10 school – yes, especially if your grades are even stronger this semester.

  182. Marie on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I currently attend Suffolk University in Boston and would like to transfer to Florida Atlantic University in Florida. My grades are average. Do you think I would receive an acceptance? I would like to apply for the transfer when I get my grades back this week.


  183. Hi Ann,

    I noticed you answered a question about transferring mid-year, but Im not sure it helps me answer my question. I am a 1L and was sort of forced to choose the school I am attending now over another. So far I am not incredibly happy with the choice. Is it possible to transfer after one semester your 1L year? I dont need to address my grades in this post, but I just want to know if it is even allowed or if it is against any ABA regulations. Thank you in advance for your response!

  184. Kristen on said:


    I am at a school in the bottom of the T14 (one of MNCG) on a nearly full scholarship. I enjoy the academic side of law school even more than I realized I would. If my grades are top 10% this year, do you think it’s worth it to try and transfer to HYS, Chicago, or Columbia with hopes of academia?

    On the one hand, I love my school, friends, and professors. I’d miss out on journal opportunities, current relationships, etc. (Also debt sucks.)

    On the other hand, I think schools at the very top seem to place better in academia than schools at the bottom of the T14.

    What factors would you consider in trying to decide if applying to transfer makes sense?


  185. Lauren on said:

    Hi Ann!

    I am at the University of Miami. I am in the spring semester of my 1L year. I am currently on Dean’s List (in the top 20% of my class). I am hoping to do the same or increase this rank in the coming semester. I have accepted an internship with a Florida Court of Appeals judge for this summer. My undergrad GPA was a 3.58 with a major GPA of 3.75.

    I would like to apply for transfers to top schools mainly to see if I can get scholarship out of UM. What do you think would be in my range of real possibilities currently?

    • Hi Lauren, I love the []_[] and will actually be on campus this week speaking to undergrads. I would simply have a meeting with the Dean of Students and explain your situation before you go to the trouble of actually trying to transfer. Top 20% probably won’t be enough for them to throw money at you to keep you so keep working hard this semester.

      • Meredith on said:

        Hi Ann,

        I am a 1L at the University of San Francisco. I have a 4.0 from the first semester, top 5% of class, 3.6 undergrad GPA. I just submitted my application to UT Law (I am from Texas and my family is there, I have been wanting to go to UT since I was a kid but needed to be in SF when I was applying to law school).

        What do you think my chances are of getting in? I know my grades are in the right place but USF is ranked so far below UT I want to be realistic.

        Thank you!

  186. Jessica on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I am a 1L at UC Hastings and I received a 3.47 my first semester and a 3.5 my spring semester. I am planning on applying to transfer and I am wondering what kind of chances you think I may have. We have not yet received rankings for the first year. I am planning on applying to:

    UC Berkeley

    Do you think this GPA is high enough to negotiate for more scholarship money? If not, do you think it is competitive enough to attain a Big Law job?

  187. Lacey on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am a part-time student at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. I just finished my 1L year and I would like to transfer to either UT, Baylor, or St. Marys in Texas. My husbands job wants to relocate him to Austin. I’m having a hard time finding any real solid information for part-time students to transfer to a full-time program. Do you know how difficult this process could be. I know I will have to complete my second year in order to be eligible to transfer.

    I finished 1L with a 3.83 GPA. Ideally, I would love to go to UT but know it is hard to get into especially coming from a much lower ranked school.

  188. Sam B. on said:

    I am currently a cooley law student. I have a 3.75 GPA and I am ranked in the top 6% of my class. I want to transfer but the only problem is I can only transfer for the January term. I’m too late to transfer for the fall term, and unwilling to wait a whole year. MSU has accepted me, but I want to transfer to a better school. What are my chances of being accepted to Georgetown?

  189. Katy R on said:

    Hi Ann!
    I am a 1L at a T4 school and am looking to transfer to T3 and T2 schools. My first semester gpa is 3.599. Do you think I have a shot at a school like BC or Northeastern and is early action worth it or should I look to get my gpa to a 3.7 for second semester?

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you!


  190. Dear Ann,

    I am considering transferring from University of Maryland School of Law to Florida International College of Law. This is not to upgrade or downgrade schools. I am primarily interested in this because I am interested in practicing in south Florida, I do not feel safe/comfortable here in Baltimore, the cost of living plus tuition will have me buried in debt here — primary concern! (though I am considered out of state in both cases as I am from NY). US News ranks UMB Law as a T1 school but other ranking sources say otherwise. At this point, I am less concerned about rank, more concerned about job prospects and overall well-being (debt). I am most interested in environmental law and do not want to be tied to taking a job I will not want due to debts.

    Please share your insight as I have read a substantial amount on transferring thus far and feel stuck.

  191. Elizabeth on said:

    Dear Ann,

    My husband applied to UF Law as an incoming 1L and didn’t get in, probably because of an LSAT score in the low 150s (his UGPA was at the median). He’s currently a first semester 2L at another T4 school in Florida, but the kids and I still live in the same town as UF. He as a 1L ranking of 30 (out of 163), is in the top 18% of his class, has a book award for Torts I, graded on to a journal, is serving as a merit-based teaching assistant, and very strong letters of recommendations from several people including his LWR professor, a law librarian at his T4 institution (who’s a UF Law grad), and the managing attorney from his full-time summer volunteering (also a UF Law grad). His transfer statement addressed what classes and opportunities he’d be interested in at UF Law as well as his personal/family reasons for wanting to transfer (basically the fact that his family lives there and he wants to practice in that community). What do you think his chances are of getting accepted to UF Law for the spring of 2018?

  192. Hi Ann,

    I hope this post doesn’t sound whiny, but here goes. I’m currently in a position where I have a 3.44 GPA and 167 LSAT straight out of college. My current plan is to apply ED to Texas to get the resident discount, and then, if I do well, transfer up into the T14. I am from New York City and want to return. Ideally, I’ll love UT and do well enough where I don’t need to transfer, but I want your opinion on whether transferring from UT into the rest of the T14 is a possibility, and if so, how high I can reasonably go.

  193. Hello, I am a prospective student with a low gpa and mediocore lsat. (2.5 and a 155). I was a full time student and started my own remodeling company to get through undergrad debt free, which lead to a divded and intrusive schedule which caused the low gpa. I am submitting this question to you because I was accepted to vermont, my second choice and received a letter from my first choice and what I thought was an attainable goal Gonzaga saying to apply for transfer after being admitted to a law school. I have also applied to Quinnipiac Hawaii and Willamette(which after the response from Gonzaga I am begining to lose hope in getting in a better program than vermont to start)

    My question concerns Gonzaga’s comment to apply as a transfer. If and its a big if, although my intentions and drive are their to be in top 10% of my class at Vermont. If i achieve that, what are my chances to apply as a transfer to a top 100 program or maybe even into the top 80?

    Should I wait and up my lsat score? it was only my second attempt and I am confident I can get at least a few points more my practice tests were all in the high 160’s or should I go to vermont and try to transfer up. I am an emacipated minor and first person I know to make it through undergrad so my connections and people to ask for advice are minimal.

    I would love to give myself the best starting point to achieve my goal of becoming a JAG officer which from my research does not place much importance on which school was attended but I am sure that a better school will not hurt me.

    • Mar, I just did a video to answer this question and I am debuting it here, in response to your comment! I hope it helps:

  194. Howard on said:

    Hi Ann. Your Q&A is very helpful. My son just completed his 1L year at Stetson. He ended up with a 2.25 gpa. They have a 2.5 minimum requirement, so the school told him he is out. His appeal was denied. I understand the ABA/ranking/bar passage issues, but this seems so close I was surprised. My question: if he wants to try elsewhere, would a school like Barry be interested in him as a transfer? Or would he be wasting time? Thank you for your thoughts.

  195. Hi, I’m a rising 2L and have a 2.5 for my 1L year at a T2 school in the Midwest (rank 124/134). I have a 159 LSAT score and am 35 years old with many years in between law school and my undergraduate. I went to UW-Madison for my undergraduate with a BBA in Finance. What are my chances of transferring to a T1 school? I’m thinking of schools like BU, BC, Emory, and Wisconsin. Should I pocket the application fees for a rainy day?

  196. JL

    Hey, Ann. I’m currently going to a law school in Midwest that ranks somewhere between 25-30. I came to this school because they offered me a full-ride but I don’t think I’m fitting in Midwest very well. So this made me want to transfer to a school located in a more liberal area. I got my grade from the first semester and it’s not really great (3.3). Do you think I still have a shot for transferring to a school within T14, if I get straight A from this semester?

    I’d just like to have your realistic advice. Thanks.

  197. Megan Lee on said:

    Hey, Ann, I’m going to a law school in Midwest that ranks somewhere 25-30.

    I got my grade back from the first semester and It’s not that great (3.3). If I get straight A from this semester, do you think I will have a shot for transferring to a school ranks within in T14?

    Thank you for your time.

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