Mistakes to Avoid in Law School Applications

Ok, been reviewing a lot of applications this weekend so I want to tell you of some common mistakes people have been making:

1. Pay attention to whether a school wants you to list things in chronological order or reverse chronological order.
2. Don’t submit a 4 page personal statement when 3 will do. Especially when a school has a 3 page limit.
3. Don’t forget to check a school’s guidelines for their personal statement topics.
4. Don’t try to write a diversity statement if you have nothing to say. If it feels like a stretch, it is a stretch.
5. Be very, very careful about the things you attach electronically. Turn off Track Changes!!!!

Hope this helps!

297 thoughts on “Mistakes to Avoid in Law School Applications

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Ann,
    On my diversity statement, I accidently have the page numbers off on the headers. It’s 3 pages, but I am afraid that this may discount my application, do you think I should re-email a copy of my statement with the pages correctly numbered?

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Ann,

    If the school has a 500 words limit on the PS and I sent out a PS with 700 words because I just couldn’t cut it, will it really disadvantage my application?

  3. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    THIS IS WHY I need everyone to use names – here I have 2 anonymous people and it’s not clear who I am answering.
    For the 700 word person, I believe in following directions. It’s cocky to think you have more to say than anybody else… .I never have any problem getting a PS to the right length. But, that being said, it’s not the end of the world either. I hope everything else in your application is fantastic and that every word in your PS was worth it ; )

  4. Mike. K on said:

    Here’s a good tip for the first anonymous and anyone else making minor errors- PRINT OUT YOUR FINAL APP IN PDF form before submitting it. Mistakes are more noticeable when looking at a paper application. If you want to save paper just go to print options and print multiple pages per sheet.

  5. Hi Ann,

    As I fill out my applications, I have noticed that there are many blanks for things that aren’t applicable to me. Should I fill these blanks with N/A or is it okay to just leave them blank??

  6. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Hi Mary,
    Use your judgment on this because some things would look silly with an N/A and others, if you left it blank it would look like you forgot to answer…..
    (This is why I check my clients’ applications before they are sent ; )

    Good luck!

  7. Anonymous on said:

    I need to get advice from a third person because I cannot talk about this to anyone I know.

    I am an engineer at a very prestigious technological university and I will be graduating with High Honors. During my sophomore year, I went through a traumatic experience and had to go to private counseling for a year after. Subsequently my grades that year were not what they should have been.

    I am very confused as to what to do about my application. I do not want to use what happened to me or give any excuses for my not-so-stellar performance but at the same time I do not want to lose out on admission into a good school because of the dip in my grades. Should I submit an addendum?

    Thank you,
    confused girl

  8. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Hi Confused Girl,
    The answer to your question really depends upon what the underlying issue was. The general rule is that if it’s something that would not impact your performance in the future, you should point it out succinctly and professionally and credibly in an addendum. However, if the issue would raise questions about your mental or emotional preparedness for the rigors of law school then you may want to reconsider.

  9. Anonymous on said:


    Thank you so much for your immediate response, I appreciate it greatly.
    Another thing I would like to thank you for is for giving us the opportunity of asking questions anonymously.

    My traumatic experience was that I was raped and I know that might be a little too much information, but I think it be more helpful in answering my question. Being a South Asian, the attached social stigma was staggering so I was unable to reach out to my family to help me get through it. Luckily through the help of support groups and my excellent friends I was able to get out of it and am performing at my best again.

    I have kept it private for so long and I do not even know where to begin writing an addendum. I have an amazing pre-law adviser who has been helping me with the application process but for obvious reasons I am absolutely unable to divulge this information to him which is why I am thankful for this opportunity.

    Do you think it would hurt my chances of getting in if I admitted to counseling and what happened to me?

    Thank you,
    confused girl

  10. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Dear Confused Girl,
    I appreciate your bravery in addressing this issue and I do think it should be mentioned – if its not your PS topic then it is absolutely appropriate in an addendum to put your undergraduate work in context.

  11. Sloooow reader :( on said:

    First, thank you so much for this blog!

    Secondly, I have a well documented learning disability. Despite my best efforts and letters of appeal written by my doctor, I have been rejected for MUCH needed extended time on the December LSAT. I have a pretty strong GPA (3.77), but I have been scoring in the low 150s to high 140s on every practice LSAT I’ve taken.
    Would it be appropriate for me to submit an addendum and/or a letter from my doctor explaining my disability so this is hopefully taken into consideration when evaluating my [likely embarrassing] LSAT score?


  12. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Hello Slow Reader,
    That might be appropriate, especially if you were given extra time on exams in college.
    Did LSAC tell you there was any additional documentation you could provide to be reconsidered? If so, pursue it to the end – be an advocate for yourself. Good luck!

  13. Hi Ann,

    I am very worried.

    I made a boo boo in my Personal Statement. I used too, instead of to. Will they notice? Will it make a huge difference?

    If so should I ask to send a corrected essay?

  14. Hi Ann,

    I made a boo boo in my personal statement.

    I accidentally used the word too, instaed of to. I am so worried. What are the chances they notice? Would that be a make or break?

    Should I call and ask them to let me replace the essay?

  15. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Call and see if you can send a new version…. Then send it with a nice little cover letter.
    For safety schools, this will not break your application. And, in reality, if this is the worst thing in your file then it’s pretty darn good overall…. I’ve seen a lot of disastrous application files as a director of admissions….

  16. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I have a sort of weird question– I was enrolled in college for from 2003- Spring 2007, then spent a year working on an undergraduate thesis while not at all enrolled in classes (I did technically have an incomplete that year for my indepdenent study “class”). I got my degree in May 2008.
    I’ve worked full-time since Jul 2007.
    On my dates of attendance, do I put 03-07, or 03-08? I want to list my post-college work experience as starting in 7/07, but I’m afraid it will look like I’m trying to be misleading. I know they should be able to figure this out if they see my transcript, but I don’t want to seem dishonest.
    Also, is it worth writing an addendum about this?
    If you’d prefer not to answer, I totally understand. Thanks so much either way for all the great advice on this blog!

  17. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Hi Lindsey – thanks for reading. Either a 1 sentence addendum or a footnote on your resume should take care of any concerns. Good luck!

  18. Hi Ann,

    Currently I am enrolled in an MA bioethics program that I hope to complete in one year (typically an 18-24 month program). My question is two fold:

    1) Should I make note of the fact that I am completing the program quicker than usual?

    2) To what extent does a graduate degree count in the application process? Can it off set such things like a lower undergrad GPA (3.36)?

  19. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Hi Tom,
    It can be useful to point out how quickly you’re finishing the program, and there are several appropriate options for doing so.
    While your UGPA will be what is used for index purposes by the school and is what “counts”, your graduate work may be a “plus factor” in your application materials if you stress it effectively.

  20. Anonymous on said:


    I made a really stupid mistake on my application, and somehow checked ‘female’ instead of ‘male’. Should I call my contact in the admissions office and let them know? Also, will this completely discount my application?

    Dumb Guy

  21. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Dear Dumb Guy,
    I feel like there might be a “punked” camera on me…. this is definitely not a question that I’ve answered before, so you win bonus points there.
    Um, yes. correct the mistake.

  22. Lauren M. on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for your blog. I recently submitted an application to a school before thoroughly checking the school’s admissions website. I submitted my application with blanks but the school requests that you put “N/A” for questions that do not apply. Should I contact the school about the mistake? Should I send a new application? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  23. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Hi Lauren,
    I know, those schools get you with the website instructions that aren’t on the application, don’t they?
    Call the law school to confirm if you’re really worried, but this is BEYOND minor and is not the reason you won’t get into school. You’re probably the only person that even noticed that instruction : )
    Call the school and see if your application is considered complete even though you left those blank. If not, ask them how best to correct the situation.

  24. Hi Ann,

    I made a pretty silly mistake. I misspelled Summa cum laude on my resume. I know the irony is quite entertaining, but I’m worried about the implications this will have on my applications. I spelled it with one “m”. Should I resubmit a corrected copy of my resume? Will it count heavily against me?

  25. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    I caught one of my clients making the exact same mistake just last week!
    For safety schools, forget about it. For others, send a new version of your resume and ask them to replace it (or at least add it) to your file. You get points for trying.
    Good luck!

  26. Ok, Send the new resume in hard copy form to each school’s admissions office? With a cover letter explaining the mistake? Should I mention the mistake?

  27. Good morning,

    I have a question concerning addenda. After taking the October LSAT, I wanted to improve my score and decided to retake the exam in December. The day before the exam, I suffered extreme abdominal pain which precluded me from performing to my best ability. I canceled my score, and ten days after the exam, went through a major surgery.

    Should I write about this in an addendum to my schools? The point I want to get across is that I could have improved, given the higher scores I was receiving on practice tests, but that this severe illness (which resulted in surgery) prohibited me from doing so.

    I’m concerned that they won’t be convinced that I could have improved significantly, if at all. On the other hand, this seems like a specific situation I would want to address.

    Thank you so much in advance for your advice!


  28. katherinechamblee on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I made a really dumb mistake. I accidentally filled in my graduation date as 06/08 on the common app form, and it populated all of my apps that day. My dates of attendance are right (08/03-06/07), but the grad date is wrong. I sent this to harvard, columbia etc. Should I be terrified? What should I do?


  29. Hi Ann,

    I too made a dumb mistake — I listed one of my LSAT test dates as 10/03/08, when it should have been 10/04/08.

    Is it worth e-mailing the schools to clarify?


  30. InsanelyQuiet on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I have a question, I have applied to a law school which Im very eager to get accepted to (its my #1 choice) and I think I have a great shot at it. Because Im so eager to hear back I have already called once on the application status and was informed they haven’t made a decision yet… is it okay for me to call back again and ask again a few weeks later (I dont want to seem to noisy etc).

  31. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Insanely quiet, some schools are just faster than others in getting back to people. I don’t know when you applied, but so long as you know your application is complete, just hang tight and be patient…. No reason to call unless months go by…

  32. Hi Ann,
    I got a 165 of the Oct LSAT and a 173 on the Dec LSAT. Should I include an addendum in my applications concerning the first score? My only excuse would be related to stress and under performance.


  33. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Hi John,
    That’s a pretty significant jump. You should explain it, but a 1 sentence explanation is probably sufficient.
    Congrats on the high score.

  34. Hello Ann,

    Although I proofread my application three times, I did not sign it until I submitted the application electronically. I just reviewed my app, again, and realized that I entered the wrong date! It reads 2008 instead of 2009. Should I call the admissions office, or will it bring unnecessary attention to my mistake.

    Living in the past.

  35. Hi Ann,

    I am super stressed out by this process. I proofread my application three times for each school and dated the electronic app when I submitted the form. I just noticed that in 3 of my applications (Harvard, Penn, and Stanford) I wrote 2008 instead of 2009 in the signature section of the application. Should I call the admissions office correcting this mistake or will it draw unnecessary attention to my mistake.

    Thank you for your advice in advance.

    Living in the past

  36. Ann K. Levine, Esq. on said:

    Pablo, I feel for you! Really!
    I would just send a simple one sentence email explaining the mistake in the date and leave it at that…..

  37. cubbiehopeful on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I recently sent out a couple of applications with my work resume attached instead of a law school resume. Will this affect my chances of being admitted in a major way?

    Thanks in advance.

  38. buffsfan on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Would you address an increase from 144 to 156 on the LSAT? If so, to what detail should I go into.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    • Hi Buffsfan,
      I would ABSOLUTELY address that increase. It’s huge. The amount of detail depends upon the circumstances. Law Schools don’t need to know you just broke up with your boyfriend, or overcame a nervous breakdown…. sometimes less is more. A sentence or two about additional preparation methods or an illness is a good idea.

  39. Hi Ann,

    I attached an addendum to my application where I explained that the recent passing of a friend played a large part in my lower-than-expected LSAT score. I also used this as part of my personal statement.

    In the addendum, I accidentally said that her passing occurred less than a week before the LSAT administration when it actually was about 2 weeks prior. Seeing as how I addressed the date in my personal statement, I was wondering what the most appropriate form of communication would be in contacting the law school: E-mail vs. phone?

    Additionally, I’m starting to have second thoughts on my personal statement now as I briefly mentioned her passing in the addendum… do you think that was overkill?

    Thank you so much for you time and I appreciate that you are willing to take time out of your day to help others with their law school questions,

    • Hi Jenny. Yes, it might’ve been overkill. Just email the schools and tell them in a sentence or two that you used the wrong date and tell them the right one. It’s no big deal to have that small an inconsistency….

  40. Not Guilty on said:

    Help Ann!!!!

    I am afraid my prior brush(es) with the law will depict me as a cop-beating, arrest-resisting, druggie alcoholic that only pepper-spray can control…And that is NOT ME at all…

    The first arrest was in Feb 2003- My friend picked me up at school to give me a ride home, and made the stupid mistake of smoking marijuana in the car. Undercover cops saw him, stopped and searched the car, and we were arrested & charged with 3 counts Paraphernalia (Misdemeanor), Possession of Marijuana (Misdemeanor) and suspected Possession of Cocaine (felony). The cocaine charge and 2 counts paraphernalia were subsequently dropped when we asked for trial by jury, and the remaining charges were Nolle Pros (I completed a drug class for Pre-Trial Diversion).

    The second arrest was in November 2006 in Australia (while studying abroad). I was riding my scooter home from bar and was followed by 2 cops. When I got into my gated parking lot and parked, they told me i was being arrested for ‘Drink Driving.’ I didn’t feel it was justified b/c there was no sobriety test or breathalyzer or any other means of determining my level of intoxication, and I made this known to the police officers. So they handcuffed me and charged me with Obstructing Justice. I made a REALLY bad choice and slipped my hand out of the handcuffs (instinct? reaction? stupidity.). It was at that point that both officers emptied their canisters of pepper spray on me (a completely non-threatening 5 ft girl), added a charge of ‘Assault of an Officer,’ and threw me in back of the paddywagon. I made sure to get my court date changed b/c I was coming back home the next month. I went in front of the Magistrate, and was convicted for ‘Drink Driving’ but nothing else (upon payment of a fine).

    Am I now limited to one of those non-accredited online law schools because of those 2 incidents!? Does the Bar care about/check international records? Is there anyway to explain without sounding like I’m making excuses/blaming? Should I leave out the pepper spray so it doesn’t sound like I was going buck-wild? Can I say something to the likes of “While I sincerely regret my bad judgment and wish I could take it back, it did teach me an important lesson: The law is fluid. I neglected to make myself familiar with the Australian laws that would affect me as a driver, and for that I take full responsibility.”

    Sorry this is 38534859 years long, but I wanted to give all the details!!! Eagerly awaiting your judgment,

    -Not Guilty

    • Dear Not Guilty, Assuming everything else in your file goes to maturity and sincerity and purpose, I don’t count you out of going to a good law school. It’s all in the presentation. You will obviously need an addendum to your applications, and you may want to consult with an admissions consultant on this. (I tell my clients that nothing shocks me anymore after helping people explain arrests; yours are especially not shocking – I promise).

  41. LSAT Challenged on said:


    I made a bad LSAT grade last month. I really want to make my PS great so I can still be accepted into law school. Should i explain why my scores were so low?

    • LSAT Challenged, if your current LSAt won’t get you in the door at the law school you’re applying to, then no explanation is going to make up for that. That’s the honest truth. Your PS is not the place to discuss your LSAT scores (unless a school specifically states that’s where they want you to discuss it).

  42. Ann,
    I made an error on my application where they ask if you know anyone who has attended the law school. I erroneously put a name down who attended the Grad school not the law school. If there is a way to fix this, how should I go about doing it?

  43. Dear Ann,

    Though I looked over my application 20 times before sending it, correcting the most minor typos, I missed something major. I listed my last taken LSAT as 01/10 instead of 10/10. Also, on my resume, I listed one of the dates as 09/07 instead of 06/07 and stated that I was abroad from 07/07-09/07.

    Do you think I should write to the law schools to correct this? It was to my #1 choice and I really don’t want to look bad for such a stupid, stupid mistake on my behalf.

    Hope to hear your reply soon,


  44. hey ann, i took the lsat in october and did terrible, i was ill and had serious family issues at the time, however i am retaking in december and know i will do much better. should i submit my apps now or wait till my score from the lsat in december comes in. i have heard the sooner you submit the better, but i want them to look at my second score as well. will they wait on it even if i submit?

  45. Hey Ann,

    I’ve already sent in my applications. However, now I’ve been reading a few things online and now I’m starting to get worried about my age. I am only 19 and only had A.P credits and four quarters of grades to show on my transcripts because I’m graduating early. Now each quarter would have more credits than most people’s quarters, but it seems as if a lot of people online think that graduating early really hurts your chances during admission. I don’t want to call now and bother the admissions people, but I also don’t want to be rejected if I could have helped it. What do you think I should do? Should I just cross my fingers?

    Also, if pertinent, my LSAT is the same as their 75th percentile and my college lists my GPA as .2 below their 25th percentile.

    Side question, my LSDAS GPA is .16 lower than what my university lists my GPA as. Are they going to pay more attention to my college GPA or my LSDAS GPA?

    • Tyler, since you’ve already sent in your applications then there’s no use worrying about anything now. As long as your personal statement an LORs demonstrate maturity and your numbers are in range (as it appears yours are) then being young won’t be enough to count you out. Meeting people face to face so they can see that you’re grown up beyond your years may also help, so see if you can schedule a campus visit or go to a law fair and meet someone from the school.
      The LSDAS Cum GPA is what matters, but .16 is not a major difference to me.
      I don’t know who the “online” people are who scoff at graduating early, but my guess is they are people who didn’t graduate early! Graduating early shows financial maturity (understanding the money that can be saved) and direction and often good judgment. Yes, you’re young, but what good would it do you to be 25 and spending two years working in retail before applying? Present your best self. There is more than one type of person who gets into law school.
      Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  46. Hoping for Help on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was looking over some of my law applications and noticed some spelling errors. I completely left out a work on one, forgot to close a parenthesis on another. I am really stressing over an application I submitted where the optional essays comes up twice instead of my personal statement. Should I contact the school through e-mail or a phone call? and what should I say? *BIG SIGH*

    Thank you,
    Hoping for Help

    • Hoping for Help,
      First, call the school and ask if you can withdraw your application and re-submit. Ask them what they’d like you to do to correct these mistakes. Follow their instructions exactly, fix things promptly, be polite in all of your interactions with the school, and keep your fingers crossed. Good luck!

  47. Anxious on said:


    I’m applying to law schools now, but I don’t know if I should include my grad school information and graduate transcript. My undergrad performance was stellar, but I dropped out of the grad program after one semester because of a variety of family and financial issues. Should I send my grad school transcript to the LSDAS or mention it in my application and/or personal statement? I really look forward to your response because I have been stressing over this for months.


  48. Worried on said:

    Hi Ann,
    As I was going over my application I realized that I had placed the name of school X in the objectives column of my resume. Though I thought I had checked all applications before sending them, I noticed that I sent all the school a resume with the name of school X. I know this is a huge deal, but what is the best way to attempt to fix the situation. Should I call and see if they can replace the resume? Thanks.

    • Worried,
      This is exactly why I tell people not to have Objective sections on their resumes! (Actually, it’s the second reason – the first being that your objective is OBVIOUSLY getting into law school so why state it…)
      You can send an “updated” resume (without pointing out what’s updated about it) but I think it’s too late to really un-do this oversight.

  49. Ann,

    First, is this sentence correct: When they refinanced their mortgage, my parents extended their payments passed the planned timeline.

    I’m very worried about whether I used the word “passed” correctly.

    If I used the use in incorrect and should be past, is this a big deal? Should I call? I need to know which is correct? I’ve been through tons of dictional websites!



    • Derek,
      The usage is not correct.It should be past.
      Don’t call. But consider sending the school(s) a new version to each school (without pointing out the error and just calling it an “updated” version).
      However, if you weren’t sure about this mistake, my guess is you have others that you don’t know about so you may want to have someone proofread your materials.

  50. Sorry the last paragraph of my post on December 4th was poorly written. It is a supposed read like this.

    If I used the wrong word and it should be “past” instead of “passed,” is it a big deal? I proofed my apps over and over again, countless times! I’ve been through tons of dictionary sites and I still don’t know. What should I do?



  51. Worried about an Error on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I noticed after submitting an application that I typed “adminstrator” (missing the second “i”) in a job title slot. I know for certain that my resume and personal statement are free of typos; however, I did not catch that one on the general application form for a school I am very interested in attending. Can you please let me know if this error will be a big deal? I know I am within the range for both GPA and LSAT, and I’m worried that this will be used against me, as many people with similar scores are competing for limited spots. Thanks for your help!

    Worried about an error

    • Dear Worried about an Error,
      I wouldn’t go crazy about this. Yes, it’s unfortunate, but if your numbers are within solid range for this school then it is what it is. You can’t re-submit the application itself, and I don’t see the purpose in alerting the admission office by saying, “Ooops – um, see my typo? Sorry about that!”
      Hopefully you’re in the “presumptive admit” pile on the numbers and, if so, you won’t be bumped down to committee over this. Keep me posted!

  52. Ann,

    I’ve had my personal statement proofread by many people including an academic advisor. He missed the mistake too. With that said, I reread my personal statement and saw no further errors. How big of a deal is this mistake? Will it keep me out of law school?

    Thanks for you help.



  53. Hi Derek,
    I’m glad to hear it! If your credentials are strong for a school, this won’t be enough to keep you out. This is not a fatal error.
    I wish you all the best – keep me posted.

  54. Ann,

    I started my undergraduate experience poorly and neglected my academic education until I happened upon a business law class that I fell in love with. Since then I performed at a 3.6 GPA in my last 90+ units.

    If any, what type of addendum should I include explaining my earlier performance and is simple ignorance during my earlier college experience an acceptable reason?

    Thank you

  55. Do you think it is wise to explain my multiple LSAT score; 137, 139, 152. I dont want to sound like I am making excuses for my previous poor scores. i lost a sibling in june and still studied hard for the dec LSAT (152)

    Also, I got a call from a law school I applied to and they wanted to let me know my file is incomplete. Is this a good sign?

    • Fifi, if your file is incomplete that means the school is going to be unable to render a decision – it’s not good at all. Get to the bottom of that ASAP. You MUST have an LSAT addendum and discuss what was going on in your life. It can be brief, but it is necessary.

  56. Rachel on said:

    Hi Anne,

    I have a question for you: I took the December and February LSAT. I increased by 10 points (from a 143 to a 153), but still don’t think either score reflects my ability. I have a killer undergraduate and graduate gpa and have lots of professional experience.

    Should I file an addendum? The entire time I was preparing for both LSAT tests, I had trouble at my apartment. The night before the LSAT, the police were called, and I had to do an emergency move.

    I don’t want to sound whiny, but I do think this impacted my overall performance. What should I do?

    • Hi Rachel,
      First, congratulations on the increase – that’s great. I’d want to know more before deciding how you were going to approach the addendum. I worry that the trouble at your apartment would show you didn’t have your life in order, that you weren’t making good judgments about roommates/boyfriends, etc. Also, if it comes off that you don’t deal well with stress that wouldn’t be good either. Do you want to contact me privately (not on the blog) and tell me more about the situation?

  57. Blank Name on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for all the information you’ve provided here on your blog; it has been tremendously helpful to me this year.
    I have a bit of a situation:

    While submitting 4 applications at one time, I mistakenly left the name of a school on its addendum blank. It read something like this, “… and this is why I want to go to ___ School of Law…” with 4 glaring underscore symbols to boot.

    The school hasn’t requested my report on LSAC yet. Should I call or send an email so that I can send an “updated” version of my addendum?

    Thank you in advance!

    -Blank Name

    • Hi Blank Name,
      OY, you’re applying so late in the cycle AND making these mistakes…. Yikes! Send a revised copy of the addendum by email to each school. If more than 2 weeks has passed since you applied and they haven’t requested your LSAC report, please follow up with the schools!

  58. OLD-but going anyway on said:


    From reading this page it’s clear you know your stuff. I’ve been working professionally for the past 6 year and in the processes got a graduate degree. Unfortunately, my academic summary report with LSAC doesn’t show the near stellar performance I have during the program. It just shows “see transcript.” My concern is this; my undergraduate GPA is pretty bad when you just consider the cumulative score(not to mention the repeated courses for a better grade). Should I use the addendum option to show that I can perform by drawing attention to my graduate work? I see this work, coupled with a higher LSAT score as being beneficial, but fear too much weight will be place in the admissions index or on my GPA. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for the help,
    Old-but going anyway.

    • OLD-but going anyway:
      Yes, this needs to be addressed in an addendum, and you graduate school transcripts will be attached to your academic summary report so you can refer to them. You don’t give me enough details about your situation to answer the question of how much this will matter for you…

  59. Dear Ann,

    Please help.

    Worried about a slight typographical error in my Personal Statement. I spelled the name of one of my schools incorrectly. Correct spelling should have been Moritz College of Law and I put “Mortiz.”

    Any advice…..I wouldn’t normally be so concerned but it being in the name and all has got me stressed.

    • R, you can call the school and ask if you can replace the personal statement because you have an updated version, but now that schools are on this new application system, it’s probably too late. It’s not the end of the world….

  60. Ann,

    Thanks for your quick reply!

    The answer I received is that they can attach it as an updated version but cannot replace it. Meaning that the old one will still be there too.

    Would you send an updated version?

    Is this a strike against me?

    Also, how much do the weigh one or two very minor typographical errors, like forgetting an indefinite article in a resume.

    Forgot an “a” in my summary of my resume……

  61. Miss Capitalize on said:

    Dear Ann,
    Ahh! Thank God I stumbled across this website. I just submitted my personal statement with an obvious error! I forgot to capitalize “The” in the name of the school. This personal statement was for a top law school, and I really can’t see the admissions officers being too forgiving. Should I submit a new personal statement that reads, “”The University of ________” with a capital “T”???
    Thank you!!
    -Miss Capitalize

  62. Ann,

    I sent in my applications on Friday, (today is Sunday), and while casually looking over one while bored I realized I had accidentally stated in my resume that I was a member of an honors society that allows membership of the top 15% of one’s class.

    The real number is 20%. I’m really, really worried right now. I’m not sure what to do. This resume went to seven schools. Should I call or email them asking if I can send a new resume?

    Thank you very much,
    – TJ

  63. Hi Ann,

    I submitted an application yesterday, and I realized some inconsistencies with my resume and the application’s employment section. On my resume, I included hours worked per week for each of my employers, but my application does not accurately reflect those amounts. Should I address these inconsistencies to the law school? If so, how?

    Thank you!

  64. Thank you so much for the information on your blog! I submitted seven apps yesterday and while working on another one today realized that I forgot to include high school information on my apps. Under educational institutions I only have colleges. I’ve received a few emails acknowledging receipt of the app. I’m hoping this oversight isn’t too big of a mistake. Do you think I should send the schools an email indicating an update to my app or call them? Thank you! Also does that high school information need to be on my resume?

  65. Hey Ann,

    I left a comment on another thread, but it seemed to have disappeared on me! Here is my situation… I have a 4.05 LSDAS GPA, a division one athlete, half Cuban, and have built a pretty good resume and complete application. However, my LSAT score is the definite weak point of my application. I got a 160 on the LSAT, and I know this does’t represent my academic potential. Between June, October, and December, there was only one Saturday LSAT date that I could take because of softball, which was the October one, but it was still in the middle of chaos. We have a fall season every year and the LSAT fell right in the middle of it. I had a double header softball game Friday night, and then another double header in a different city the next day after the LSAT. Also, the time before the LSAT was filled with traveling, games, and midterms. I wrote an addendum to a couple schools explaining that I couldn’t prepare as well as I wanted to and how I wasn’t at peak performance Saturday morning, but I don’t know if I should send it to any more schools because I don’t want to sound like I am complaining. I really do believe I could have scored better and it really is unfortunate I can’t take it in December, but do you think those brief addendums are acceptable? Thank you so much!


  66. Nikki, that sounds like a good plan to me, actually. See how you do this admission cycle and if you’re not happy with your results you can wait until next year and take the LSAT without the demands of athletics.

  67. Hi Ann
    I forgot to put my name and page number on each page of my personal statement, addendums, ect. I’m not sure if this will hurt me or not, but what if they misplace a page and can’t find it because my name isn’t on the page? Should I be worried? Or am I just being neurotic? If this is an issue, how should I go about correcting it?

    • Liz,
      I would’ve preferred for your info to be on each page but it’s not the end of the world. Schools do still print out applications, so if a page gets lost, that can be bad…. You can call the schools you applied to and ask them if they would prefer you resend versions that have this information.

  68. Dear Ann,

    I sent in an application that was pretty much perfect, but when looking over it, I think I made a mistake. Under the Fitness of character, the application asked if I had ever been in violation of the law. Since I haven’t ever committed a crime, I put no. After I had already submitted the application, I started to wonder if minor traffic violations would count. I emailed the law school and included a cover letter explaining the discrepancy, and included everything I could remember about those traffic tickets (I couldn’t remember the exact dates of fine amounts, but approximated those on the cover letter). Was this the right move?

    Also, the law school I am talking about is Tulane, if that makes any difference.

  69. just plain stressed on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I had two questions about an application I submitted;

    1. On my Academic Summary Report from LSAC, it seems that it may be reporting an incorrect start date for a community college I attended. It seems to read Fall 2008 when in fact I actually took my first class in Spring of 2008. My transcript will report the correct date.

    2. There is a different last date for a job on my resume than what I put on my application. I left the actual position on the date on my resume but my technical “end date” wasn’t until the date I put on my application. At the time of filling out the application it made sense to me but now I am worried that I took the term “end date” to literally and that my application is in jeopardy.

    I am wondering if it would be wise to email clarification to the school on both items?

    • just plain stressed,
      1. Not a big deal.
      2. I would want your resume and application employment dates to match but your application won’t be in jeopardy. But on this I would email the school and let them know you made a mistake.

  70. Hey Ann!
    I decided not to submit an optional adendum statement for several law schools, as at the time I didn’t have anything meaningful to say. But now I just wrote a mandatory “why X” statement for a specific school, and realized I actually could have written additional pieces with some power behind them. I have already submitted my apps, however, and was wondering if a law school would take an addenda after an already completed app (i submitted my apps literally a few days ago). Do law schools that pretty much say “say anything you haven’t already” really mean anything besides an explanation of poor grades etc?

    • Beth, I wouldn’t submit an extra “Why X Law School” essay unless a school asked for it or unless you visited or had some personal experience with the law school since applying. It had better be really good to send it separately and ask them to add it to your file.

  71. Is this a problem? on said:


    On my resume and transcript I put my undergraduate gpas (was a transfer) as 3.67 and 3.85 when they should have been 3.68 and 3.84 (only did this for two schools, I caught it before the other applications were sent). I know law schools have the academic summary report so its not like they’re getting the wrong information at the end of the day, but I sent them an email anyway apologizing and correcting myself. Do you think this is going to be a big deal?

    Thank you so much for your time.

  72. Is this a problem? on said:


    On my resume and application I put my undergraduate gpas (was a transfer) as 3.67 and 3.85 when they should have been 3.68 and 3.84 (only did this for two schools, I caught it before the other applications were sent). I know law schools have the academic summary report so its not like they’re getting the wrong information at the end of the day, but I sent them an email anyway apologizing and correcting myself. Do you think this is going to be a big deal?

    Thank you so much for your time.

    • Is this a problem? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I would’ve told you not to bother correcting yourself. No big deal at all, and it’s a wash – you obviously weren’t trying to be evasive. Don’t lose any sleep over this.

  73. stressed applicant on said:

    Dear Ann,

    I made a grammatical mistake on my personal statement for a dream school about two weeks back. The word to is in a place it shouldn’t be. I just noticed the error and the Dean of that school said applicants sometimes send in updated personal statements.I have also noticed other areas of the personal statement I could revise and make more effective. My question is should I send an updated personal statement correcting the grammatical mistake or should i go further and send in a personal statement where I have not only corrected grammatical mistakes but have revised wording and generally improved.

    Thank you so much for your time

  74. Hi Anne!

    I sent in an Character and Fitness addendum with several typos: a sentence missing a word, a period on the wrong side of a quotation (“.), and a few other grammatical errors. I must have submitted a rough draft, and with it being an addendum, I really did not think to proof read the submit preview. With most law schools now only adding “updated versions” rather than replacing the older version, with your expertise, do you recommend sending an updated version, or just letting it go. By the way, the school is a reach.

    Thank you SO much

    – Jeff

    • Jeff, as long as you’re fixing it, make it as strong as possible, but act quickly. It doesn’t matter if the school is a reach – these kinds of things might keep you out of a safety school. Attention to detail is very important. Send it by email with a message saying this is a recently updated version, then call and make sure they rec’d it and thank them profusely for adding it to your file.

  75. Hi Ann,

    I accidently put the wrong dates of attendance (with two institutions) on my application to my #1 school! My resume has the correct dates. Do you think I should send an e-mail to the school correcting it or will that make me look even worse?


  76. Hi Ann, I recently submitted my addendum regarding Character and Fitness, and misused a word in explaining my high school disciplinary action. I stated that I was expelled, when I actually meant to say that I was withdrawn from high school, due to poor attendance. I’m thinking about submitting a revised version with a correct verb, but I’m worried that if this correction would in any way negatively affect my chance of admission. I also wonder whether an admission committee be able to look at both versions of my addendum. Thank you in advance!

    • Andrew, Send a new version explaining that on the previous one you thought you were expelled but really it was considered “withdrawn” – it’s high school so in the end it just doesn’t matter that much.

  77. Preeti on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I love this site and thank you so much for providing great advice. I just realized after submitting 6 apps that on one of my employment positions I made a mistake and put down 40 hours a week when I only worked 14 hours a week. In the whole position it says part-time so it is clearly a major mistake.

    Should I just send an email to the admissions office of each school? How do you address a mistake to a committee where it does not hurt you? And do I need a cover letter?



  78. Elizbeth on said:


    Help!! I submitted my applications in November and was re-reading my personal statement and discovered a typo in this sentence:

    “However, her suggestion planted a seed, filled with possibility, and law school was soon was
    something I could not stop dreaming about.”

    I typed “was” twice! What should I do?! I had it proofread by several people before submitting it and have also re-read it several times since submitting it and just NOW noticed it, so I’m not sure how noticeable it is or how big of a deal it is?! What should I do?



  79. Dear Ann,

    I love this blog, thank you for doing this! My applications were submitted in December but as I’m waiting and reviewing my materials, I’m wishing I had added a bit more to the closing of my personal statement for my first choice school. I’ve thought of an additional reason why I want to go there other than the reason I conveyed in my statement–the additional reason being that it’s the only program in the state to offer clinics on the kind of law I want to practice. I really want to be accepted to this school…it’s not completely out of reach for me but still very competitive. What do you think?

    Thanks in advance Ann,


  80. Hi Ann,
    I love this site, thank you for sharing all of this information with us! I wanted your advice on something — I submitted six applications, all of which asked me to list all of my employment. I have been out of college for five years and started working since high school, so I’ve had many jobs. I listed all of my jobs (at least ten to twelve) except one that slipped my mind and I JUST remembered it. I was a bank teller for four months after college graduation, before I got my first full-time job. Is this omission important enough to e-mail all of the schools and tell them about/correct? Thank you!

  81. I am often to running a blog and i really respect your content. The article has actually peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your web site and keep checking for brand new information.

  82. Misplaced Word on said:

    Hello Anne!

    As many people have said, this is a great resource for us applicants! Thank you for your time!

    After sending my application to one school, I caught a mistake that was corrected for other applications. I was wondering if it is worth emailing and asking if I can send and updated file to that school.

    The sentence reads, “It was an amazing opportunity to create in the formulation of…”

    Instead, it should read, “It was an amazing opportunity to participate in the formulation of…”

    Should I try to fix that?

  83. I just caught a spelling mistake on my personal statement… I put “occurance” instead of “occurrence”

    How do I handle this?

  84. Ann,

    I caught a mistake on my addendum. The sentence states that I had a low GPA for the Fall semester of my freshman year when in actuality it was the spring semester. Further into the addendum I do state that it was the second semester and not the first. How should I handle this?

    It reads, ” During the fall semester of my freshman year…” and later it states, ” which caused me to end my second semester with a low GPA.”

  85. Sad Panda on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for the blog! So helpful!

    I have a crisis! I submitted three applications last week and just realized that there was a misspelling on the application form. Under honors and awards, I misspelled the word “University”. What would you suggest that I do? Is it even worth contacting the schools and bringing attention to it?

  86. Melissa on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks so much for all your help. I have a question regarding an incident that occurred two years ago- I was in a dorm room where there were open containers of alcohol. A residence hall security officer heard music and assumed we were drinking- we ended up in trouble with the residence hall for “Illegally possessing or using alcohol.” Long story short, this ended up being resolved through the Office of Student Conflict Resolution (rather than through the university as a whole) because it was in a dorm room. While I have been told that this is no longer on my record (I went to an alcohol education meeting and did additional restorative measures under the guidance of an RA), is this something that should be disclosed on my application? If so, is this something that could seriously undermine my ability to get in to some law schools? Thanks!


  87. Melissa on said:

    Awesome- thanks! How would I go about framing something like this in the addendum? Sorry for all the questions, I just have no idea how to approach something like this.


  88. Looking to the Future on said:

    Hi Ann!

    Quick question for you. I’m currently a college sophomore, considering the prospects of law school afterwards. At a previous time in my life, my fiance and I were arrested for conversion. We took diversion agreements, so therefore nothing appears on our records. I was curious if this would affect me being able to get into any law schools (I’m from Indiana and plan on staying here for all of my schooling). I’m not quite sure what they ask on applications, seeing as I just began researching law careers/schools this past week. I really hope you can give me some insight on my situation, and how to handle this if I do decide to pursue law school. Thanks so much!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Looking to the future,
      I’m not sure I understand the situation, but I would advise you to seek the advice of an attorney who specializes in representing lawyers in front of the state bar on moral character issues.

  89. Spelling Error on said:

    Hi Ann!
    This blog has been very helpful! I made a very bad spelling error on my resume. I work for a Mayor and I spelled it “Mayer,” I didn’t catch this error until I had applied to five schools. A few of them my top choices. Will this mean doom for my overall application? Should I send in a correction?

  90. Jessica on said:

    I just submitted an ‘Updated Personal Statement’ to two schools via email. Do I need to email them again to say, ‘please replace the old personal statement in my file with this revised personal statement?’ Will they still read both? Does this look bad? Help!

  91. I am not happy with my Oct LSAT score and plan to retake it in December. Should I wait till the end of December when new scores come in or send applications now with the low LSAT and state that I am taking them again in December (if so, where should I state this?) What will work better in my favor if I’m confident I can raise my score?

  92. Hi Ann,

    I have applied to bunch of schools early in november and found that for one school I forgot to include my gender. It wasn’t a required field but I put “Miss” under the prefix.. so it’s obvious that i’m a female who’s also very careless. Should I email or call them to let them know that I forgot to include my gender and i’m a female?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      J, This is no big deal – don’t point it out to them… I think that will only look more silly. Your gender is on your LSAC report.

  93. Dates Error on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for this blog! I discovered mistakes in my resume and in the application section about the dates when I was involved as a member and as an officer in an extracurricular activity. Should I send the schools emails about the application correction and an revised resume, and do I need cover letter for it? Will this ruin my overall application? Thank you!

  94. Location error on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Upon re-reviewing my applications, I have noticed an inconsistency between the employment section of my application and my resume. I have put down different locations for one job. I was self-employed/tutoring, so under the employment section i have listed my home address/city but on the resume i have listed the location/city of where i tutored. Does this need to be corrected?

    Thank you so much in advance and thank you for this blog!

  95. Hi Ann,

    I have already applied to several schools and I was recently requested by one of the schools to provide more clarity on my addendum. I wanted to know if I should send this clarified version to all the schools I have already applied to. I also would like to know how to compose an email to the schools that did not make a request for clarification.

    Thanks for all your help and advice!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      You could simply email all of the schools and state that you realize that more information might be helpful and send it to them by email….

  96. Location error on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I apologize, but if i do make the correction, which location should it be? The city I tutored in? or my location of my own address since I was self-employed?

    Thank you!

  97. Hi Ann,

    I sent by email an addendum regarding multiple LSATs, and in formatting, I must of left an extra comma. It ended up looking like June 7,, with the second comma floating as if it was the size of th in 7th. Would you resubmit the addendum?

  98. Law Girl on said:

    Dear Anne,

    During 2 of my semesters in sophomore year I suffered from an eating disorder. In the region that I live in, it is almost a taboo and its not something that is really known. With the help of my family and friends I overcame it. Those 2 semesters my gpa was around 2 something. The rest of the semesters it has been at or above 3.5.

    Do you think it is a good idea to write an addendum to explain this? I don’t want to point out a weakness or have them question whether or not I will be mentally or physically ready for law schools challenges.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Law Girl – great question!
      If you don’t feel comfortable sharing it, you can use the “medical issue” euphemism, and proclaim yourself recovered from the health ailment, as evidenced by your grades after that time.

  99. Jess The Mess on said:

    Hey Ann I stumbled upon this site (thank the lords!!!) I really need some advice I feel as though I’ve shot myself in the foot…

    In my personal statement I noticed the tiniest mistake. Instead of my sentence reading as “Every day became a trial; will my mother be cheerful today or angry and apathetic” turned into “Everyday became a trail”.

    After reading through some of your responses I see that you’ve said to simply ask the schools if we could resubmit without saying theres a mistake. However, Im a very antsy person and as soon as I noticed the mistake I emailed all my schools telling them i noticed a tiny mistake and I wanted to resubmit my personal statement via email (all the schools are on vacation until the 2nd). Anyway number 1) should I worry about this mistake? Is it going to kill me? 2) Should I even resubmit? 3) Am I dumb for emailing the schools and basically letting them know I messed up…. I’ve literally been crying since I sent out my applications I’ve been working so hard for the past 4 years to get here and I feel like I’ve ruined EVERYTHING. PLEASEEEE I NEED ADVICE.
    p.s. MY GPA is a solid 3.9 and my LSAT is around 158 but im still worried because Im applying to schools where I’m like right around the average or below average for their LSAT

    Sincerely, Jess the Mess.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Jess (great name, but I’m sure you’re not a mess):
      The error isn’t ideal but I feel like you probably have other grammatical errors in the personal statement also, just based on your first sentence. You should resubmit your essay – yes. No reason to cry – just do what you can to fix things – be sure that whatever update you send them is absolutely perfect and has no errors.

  100. BerkeleyLove on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for this site! I have a couple of questions.

    1) I submitted my app to Berkeley in November (it is my reach/dream), but they haven’t reviewed my app yet because they are waiting for my Dec LSAT score. Since submitting I’ve improved my personal statement slightly (replaced a couple relatively resume-ish/boring paragraphs with something more interesting and tailored). The first PS was pretty good (in my opinion), but the updated one is definitely better. Do you think it is worth it to update my personal statement? Will it reflect negatively on my judgement?

    2) Do you think it is worth it to send a short ‘writing sample’ addendum? I’m a scientist so I feel there might be a need to prove my writing ability. I’ve had a couple op-ed’s in newspapers that are short and interesting (and related to law). Berkeley’s admissions dean says to ‘throw in the kitchen sink’, but I also don’t want to annoy them.

    Thank you!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Berkeley Love,
      I think it’s strange to send an improved personal statement unless there was an error. DO NOT SEND A WRITING SAMPLE. Don’t do it! Please!!!!!

  101. Big mistake on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I accidentally sent a résumé with a start year for an activity wrong (it’s right on the electronic app) to SLS. I’m planning to call them and ask if I can submit a corrected resume. Is this the right call? I’m freaking out because my LSAT score is right on the line (my GPA is above the 75th percentile), and I’m afraid this will torpedo any chance I have left.


    • Ann Levine on said:

      Big Mistake – this isn’t such a big mistake. Email the school and say “On my resume, I noted that I began this activity in May 2011. This was an error. I actually began that activity in March 2012.”

  102. Hi Ann,
    After sending in 20 applications, I just realized that I made a mistake on my resume. I Graduate GPA is 0.01 points off. I have it as 3.75 when it is actually 3.74. Should I email each school with the corrected resume? Really worried about this!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Art, not a fatal mistake. Just email each school telling them that your resume has your GPA as 0.01 points off, and it is actually a 3.74.

  103. After submitting apps, realized I did not put my LSAC no. on the header of each pg of the personal statement (school asks for it) – that info is on the front page, and each pg includes my name. Other than that, there are no other mistakes. Do you think it’s necessary to send the school an e-mail the statement with the updated headers? Thanks.

  104. Last year I was convicted of an honor code violation that resulted in a year long suspension from my university. However, I was able to finish all of my classes and walk along with my peers even though I will not be receiving my degree until this May. During the time that all of this was going on, I saw a counselor at my school who thought it probable that I had experienced a panic attack and suffered from depression. I also tried to fight my conviction with an appeal but their decision was not overturned.

    I am doing much better now but I am anxious that my past will keep me out of law school (and the bar exam if I am so lucky). I am at a loss. Should I even tell law schools in an addendum about the depression/panic attack, or just keep it focused on the events? I don’t want them to think I am trying to shift blame because I definitely have learned a lot from my mistakes. Thank you for all your help.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Unfortunately, this is a very complicated situation and not one I can really answer without knowing a lot more – the blog format doesn’t allow me to get to know enough about your situation to give you good advice on this.
      I know that this will be taken very seriously by law schools, and will be a huge obstacle to overcome, so whatever you can do to try to show that this won’t be a problem in the future and that ethics and honor are something you now take very seriously, I would urge you to take the time to do those things.

  105. Whoops on said:

    I accidently submitted an online application for post grad study with an acronym of another university in the last paragraph of a personal statement. The worst parts are that the other university is kind of a rival and its an online application so its not like i could just ask to swap a pdf file so am I stuffed? Would it be worth contacting the university admissions department? They mention on the website all applications are final and any changes will just be attached to my application. I am considering writing a note explaining that I tried applying to both universities on the same day to explain my error.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Whoops, is right. This is the most cringe-worthy error and there’s not much you can do. After all, what would you explain? And no reason to contact the school that you mentioned… they won’t know what you sent to the other school…

  106. Hi Ann,

    I’m ready to submit my app’s to all my law schools, and I decided to go through everyone’s comments to see if everyone’s questions would remind me of an error on my application. Of course, I found one..

    I totally forgot to request a transcript from a community college where I took just one class. I got an A in the class so I’m not trying to omit any information. I was hoping to have my applications all submitted this weekend since I’m already cutting it close to the Feb. 1st deadline. I’ve since ordered the transcript, but would I be able to submit my applications even though this transcript is pending? I’m planning on calling LSAC on Monday, but I’m sort of stressing out about this right now. Please, any advice would be great.. thanks!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Dave, you went looking for errors? Oy! Never a good idea : )
      Go ahead and send the transcript and you can send applications and have the transcript be pending. No big deal.

  107. california on said:

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for the blog.

    I submitted apps to 4 schools with an address error. Instead of 2564 green st. For example I put 2654 green st.

    Should I correct this and if so, how? (Phone call or email?

    There are no other mistakes in the app. I submitted 2 weeks ago.

    Thank you,


  108. california on said:

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for the blog.

    I submitted apps to 4 schools with an address error. Instead of 2564 green st. For example I put 2654 green st.

    Should I correct this and if so, how? (Phone call or email?

    There are no other mistakes in the app. I submitted 2 weeks ago.

    Thank you,


  109. I graduated college with a 3.38, majored in Economics and Legal Studies, I did poorly on the lsat..144 and 142. I have a lot of leadership, work and community service experiences along with two awesome letters of recommendation. I have gotten rejected to 3 of 6 schools and 1 acceptance. I wrote an addendum about my LSAT and want to send it to 3 more schools that I have decided to apply to, they are also even more competitive (top 50) than all the other schools. What do you think?

  110. LSAC Number on said:

    On my diversity statement, personal statement, and character and fitness addendum I had my LSAC# written down incorrectly on each; specifically, I forgot to add the last number, so it only has 7 numbers instead of 8. I sent in the applications back in November, and barely noticed. Should I email the law schools informing them of this? Send updated (corrected) copies?


    • Ann Levine on said:

      LSAC Number: They will figure this out. At least you were consistent! The point is to be able to identify the materials for schools that print them out, in case something gets separated. They’ll be able to do that so don’t worry.

  111. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the blog.

    I have submitted nearly all of my law school applications but after reviewing them, I realized I may have made a mistake on the Character and Fitness portion of my applications. For all of the questions regarding Character and Fitness, I answered “no” because I believe I have never been in any sort of trouble that warranted an addendum. After sending in my applications, of course I began to second guess myself. I began to think back and wonder about two particular incidents that occurred years ago where I possibly could have written an addendum for, although I very vaguely remember the details of either incident.

    The first incident occurred while I was a freshman in college. I had gotten in trouble with an RA for drinking in a dorm room. Although I had to speak with a representative from Student Affairs, I do not remember having any sort of disciplinary action taken against me, nor do I have any documentation of the event or any charges. I just simply remembered this event occurred while I was taking a trip down memory lane recently.

    The second incident was simply a speeding ticket. Again, I do not remember exactly when the ticket was, where I received it or the amount of the fine; I just know it was over 5 years ago and that I have gotten a speeding ticket before.

    I have a solid undergraduate GPA and LSAT scores, as well as plenty of work experience since graduating college. I also have never been in any sort of trouble since. Do these incidents warrant an addendum to be sent to the schools that I am still applying to/have already applied to, considering they were both over 5 years ago and are very minor incidents that I do not have documentation or specific details about? If so, what is your best advice for notifying the schools that I have already sent my applications to and will this affect my chances of getting into schools?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      This is a great question – thanks for asking it on the blog.
      Yes, you probably need to go ahead and report the drinking in a dorm room incident since you had to speak with someone about it. Most schools don’t ask about speeding tickets, but for those that do, it needs to be reported. Just send an update to your applications with the facts that you remember and state that you are adding these to err on the side of caution and candor. State that they occurred more than five years ago. These are not the kinds of things that will negatively impact your admission decisions – really! These are very standard things.

  112. Overconcerned Might Be An Understatement on said:


    Thanks so much for all of the advice. I looked through your questions and responses, and did not see these, so forgive me if I missed anything that you are forced to repeat :).

    1) I graduated with a 3.97 (no grade below A-), summa cum laude with a major and double minor. Nearly a decade earlier (you read that correct), I went to another university for two semesters and pretty much failed out (received a 1.something, haven’t reviewed it in a while). Obviously, my overall GPA will suffer because of the two semesters (fall 2003/spring 2004), and from my calculations it should be around a 3.6. I retook almost all of the classes I could at the different institution, but naturally the LSAC does not consider that. The reason for this was a raging methamphetamine habit coupled with an ailing mother that I eventually returned home to take care of (my father quitting his job to take care of her full time and becoming the only income earner in our household). In the effort of full disclosure, the addiction certainly caused more of the actual GPA damage than anything else. Is drug use (in a few months it will be 8 years ago) too candid of a topic to discuss when it comes to applicant’s stability/ability to withstand pressure?

    AND ALSO – how much is an addendum respected? A 3.6 vs a 3.97 is a giant leap in regards to what schools may accept me.

    2) Is it ever appropriate to add a haiku or two in the personal statement to add a bit of personality to what I would regard as typically boring statements (that admissions personnel are forced to read)? They are directional (transitions from one topic to another, or they differentiate paragraphs), and poignant (nothing immature here – besides the usage of it?).

    Thanks for the help!

    P.S. I surely hope no law school can research these inquiries and match them to applicants, even though names/e-mail addresses are not published!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      You are anonymous, don’t worry.
      I would be careful about oversharing.
      A haiku? I want to say “no” but if it were done really beautifully and delicately, I might go for it. It’s a thin line….

  113. Traveler on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for this site, it is extremely helpful.

    I’m waiting for one of my top choices to get back to me and getting anxious. I’m at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to numbers, but still in the ballpark. I’m also an underrepresented minority and received praise for my PS from some trustworthy people. Will reaching out to an admissions officer or scheduling a visit make a difference? Will they even notice?

    Thank you!

  114. Is accidental missing information on a resume going to cost you admission if the information is on the application itself? Basically, it just looks like I can’t follow directions. I submitted it two weeks ago so is there anything that I can do about it?

  115. Mr. AMi Screwed on said:


    I used the same personal statement for two different schools because they left the topic ambiguous; they both wanted to know other achievements, qualities, etc. that make me a good candidate for admission. I thought I did a great job by discussing those mistakes in my life that led to better achievements and the development of better qualities, but I made one possibly big mistake. I forgot to change the name of the law school in the last paragraph. I know this isn’t good, and maybe there isn’t anything I can do. Luckily, it was the better school that is getting the correct PS, and I may be going to the Peace Corps instead of law school anyways, BUT is there any way I can contact them to tell them I submitted the wrong personal statement? Please help me.

    Thank you,
    Mr. AMi Screwed

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Mr. AMi,
      Oy vey. This is textbook stuff (in fact, I think it’s in the book I wrote). Nothing you can do to apologize for doing something stupid. Just let it slide. If you are planning to do Peace Corps, you’ll probably be reapplying anyway..

  116. Mr. AMi Screwed on said:

    Also, since I am planning on doing Peace Corps as an alternative, should I plan to visit schools before I leave the country?

    Mr. Ami Screwed

  117. Hi Ann,

    Last year, I had an acceptance revoked because I did not include a graduate school transcript with my application (it was a stupid honest mistake and I learned my lesson). I reapplied this year disclosing all transcripts and was accepted to a different school. Is it necessary to tell the school I will be attending about the acceptance that was revoked last year?

    Thank you,


  118. Lilian on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I received a disappointing 144 on the LSAT. I studied on my own because I do not have the financial resources to pay for those expensive test prep classes. I have a 3.8 GPA, 10 years of law related work experience, years of volunteering. In addition, in my personal statement I discussed my difficult adolescence which includes losing both of my parents and having to navigate through my teenage years and early adulthood completely on my own and without familial support. My question is; will any of the above described factors help me in any way, or should I simply plan on re-taking the LSAT and revising my profile altogether?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Lillian,
      You do not need an expensive prep class to prepare for the LSAT. There are a lot of good self-study programs and books available. I’ve seen people improve their scores studying on their own. There are also online programs with tutorials that are affordable and low-cost. The other facts will of course help you – you have a very captivating story and great work experience and a great GPA. Depending on where you plan to apply, you may get into law school with your current score.

  119. Hello I have a major issue. When I applied to the law school I ultimately got accepted to I did not mention my graduate institution from which I got dismissed after attending a short time. I did not mean to do it, I just pretty much blocked going there out of my mind. It was an online program and I never stepped foot on the campus. So now I’m faced with amending my law school application which can cost me my admittance or waiting to see if the bar finds out. What should I do?

  120. Baggage in the Past on said:

    Hello, I have a question. Before I get to it, a little background:

    I’ve been a non-traditional undergraduate student and employed full time for the last 10 years. Throughout the last 10 years I’ve developed a few chinks in my armor as I’ve lived, made mistakes and learned, such as:

    1) I joined the military 10 years ago and I couldn’t complete my service contract (it required a certain amount of training and college hours to be completed within a certain time frame), so I received an uncharacterized discharge (also known as an entry level separation) in 2006. This is a non-punitive, administrative discharge for recruits who leave the service prior to having completed at least 180 days of active duty.

    2) I’ve been sued twice (once in 2006 and once in 2007), both dismissed/settled immediately after I was served. One was an oversight on the final payment of a bill (from an attorney! oops!) and the other was forgetting to pay rent. I still rent from the same company to this day.

    3) My freshman year of college, 10 years ago, I was placed on academic probation after the first semester and then dropped out after the second semester (continued on probation, but never suspended).

    4) I started a successful company and neglected school studies and received around a dozen total of W’s over the last 10 years, from thinking I would be able to do be both a full time student and full time entrepreneur.

    Those are chinks. Now for what I’ve done right (for the most part…)

    5) Became a full time police officer 6 years ago and have worked for both a county and a state police agency. As of January of ’12, I am no longer a full time LEO, but I still volunteer each month as a reserve police officer.

    6) I turned my grades around after selling my company and have been on honor rolls nearly ever semester since. There were a couple of semesters where I needed to withdraw one or two classes due to time conflicts with life (being a police officer full time and going to school full time, while working a night shift, etc.). I now have a 3.41 LSDAS GPA and I’m PT’ing above the 75% percentile of LSAT scores of my target schools. I know that GPA isn’t stellar, but considering my cumulative was once a 1.25, it has improved! I have been a full time student the last year and graduate in December ’13.

    My plan is to take the LSAT in December ’13 and then immediately apply to my desired law schools as soon as each application is thoroughly completed.

    Now to the question, at last…

    I intend to write addenda for 1-4 and draft a powerful PS that helps 5 & 6 shine, however, how much adverse weight will 1-4 have on my LS applications?


    Baggage in the Past

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Ok Baggage in the Past,
      The lawsuits won’t come up in most applications. The separation from the military obviously needs to be explained, as will the academic probation (which, by itself isn’t the end of the world when there is an upward trend after it occurred).
      If your LSAT is at the 75th percentile for schools, and you put together strong materials and great letters of rec, then I don’t think you’ll be out of the running at those schools. Of course, not seeing the transcripts and not knowing exactly which schools we are talking about or who will be writing your letters of rec, makes it hard for me to give a meaningful opinion here….

  121. I accidentally sent law schools the wrong test date on my application. I took the test June 2013, but on 3 applications I already sent out I just realized auto-complete was filling it in as June 2014. Although the score is correct and my LSAC report will demonstrate it is simply a mis-click should I start calling those schools?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi John,
      Email each school and tell them this was a mistake – that you already took the LSAT and your file should be complete.

  122. Freaking Out on said:

    I submitted my app to my first choice yesterday, and I missed two glaring errors: In the employment section, for one of my jobs I wrote that I was employed from 5/09 to 08/12 instead of 5/09 to 08/11. I also have another job listed between 2/12 and 8/12, and both jobs are listed at 40 hours per week, so it’s clearly an error. The resume I submitted has the correct end date of 08/11. In addition, though I calculated my total number of full-time months worked as the app asked for, I forgot to write it into the box. I e-mailed the school just now saying I made these errors, telling them the proper date and number of months worked and asking if it’s early enough fix, adding that I’m very sorry for any inconvenience. Is this the proper way to handle this, and will this likely harm my chances badly? this is a top 14 school and my lsat is well >75th percentile, GPA well < 25th percentile. Another few errors I made are that on the addenda I didn't write my name or LSAC #, but they also didn't ask me to on these, whereas they did on the PS. Also, for one of the optional essays I wrote a dash and my name at the bottom like a signature line, but wrote a period after the name for some odd reason, and it's the only essay I had a signature line for. I didn't address these things in the e-mail because I felt they seemed too borderline. Thanks in advance for any advice.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Dear Freaking Out,
      The dates on the jobs isn’t a big deal – you told the school and that’s fine. You handled that part well. The little inconsistencies in the documents, I agree, shouldn’t be addressed. They are what they are- they aren’t typos. You should sleep just fine at night….

      • Freaking Out on said:


        Thank you. Unfortunately I did e-mail them in re: the format and they said that while I’m welcome to send in updated documents, they cannot remove the old ones and they recommend leaving them as is. I responded saying I will take their advice and hope to see them in fall of 2014. I noticed some more errors unfortunately. On my resume, where one of my jobs was from 6/98-9-98, I wrote 6/98-6/99, but wrote the correct dates in the Employment section of the app. I don’t intend to e-mail them about this because I should’ve noticed and mentioned this in the first e-mail, and multiple corrections e-mails seems like it won’t do. I also notice in one of my addenda that I capitalized the seasons improperly in several spots and didn’t capitalize them in another. Would you recommend I just leave this alone? I plan on doing that, but just seek a second opinion.

        Thank you so much,

        Freaking out

  123. Freaking Out on said:

    In re: the above, I feel really bad, because this was far and away my top choice for school, and likely the only T14 I would’ve/could get in to, and it’s in my home town, so I could save room and board. I just wish I’d have started with a less important-to-me school and worked out these kinks. My other apps will shine, but my most important one appears rushed, and I may come off as though I don’t care, though I do very much. I’m just venting, but I hope this can serve as a lesson to others in a similar spot.

  124. Ann Levine on said:

    Hi Freaking out – that’s great advice for others, to do some of the “lesser” applications first and work out the kinks. But of course, even better to check everything thoroughly and have someone else help you check before you send anything.

    • Freaking Out on said:

      Thank you. Do you think that if I was going to get in on an error free app I’m still close to as likely to get in now, given all the small errors, or do things like this lesson one’s chances more than negligibly? I understand if that’s not a question that’s possible to answer with any certainty.

  125. Hi Ann,

    I submitted my applications a week before the deadline through an online application system for multiple law schools in the province of Ontario.

    I noticed two booboos I made on the personal statement. I added an extra O when referring to one of the schools (“Osgooode” instead of “Osgoode”) and capitalized “The” when referring to “the University of Ottawa” even when it was not the beginning of a sentence. The latter I did throughout the application, not just on one instance.

    Should I call to see if I can change these? The deadline is still two days away, but the online system says personal information can not be changed… I’m feeling really lost 🙁

    Thanks for your help

  126. Addendum Problems on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’ve already submitted all of my apps this cycle except for one, but am now having some hesitations about refraining from submitting an addendum on my GPA. I did poorly my freshman year (I was taking science courses that were way out of my league), and my roommate had a breakdown my senior year (I continued to live with her, but there were serious consequences). My GPA isn’t terrible – 3.5 – and it’s only in my freshman year that you see a real discrepancy. Should I send in an addendum to add to my files? Or will that look cheesy?

    Thanks so much

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Addendum Problems, My guess is that this is evident from your transcripts and Academic Summary Report, but if you want to submit a brief (2 sentence!) addendum pointing out your heavy science classes in freshman year to the law schools, then there is nothing cheesy about it.

  127. Hi Ann,

    I realized, just after submitting my Miami Law application, that I made one typo on my personal statement and forgot to fill out the box asking to list the law schools that I have applied to or will apply. I applied yesterday (Saturday) and know that if I call early tomorrow morning (Monday), I can ask to send an updated personal statement. How will two errors like this affect my admissions? How can I address my second error of forgetting to answer a question?Thanks for your help.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Isabel, the second error is easiest: Just email the school with your response to that question. It’s not a big deal.
      For the typo – is it a major typo, or something like “to to” or a plural where you didn’t need it?

  128. Stressing on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for the valuable advice.

    I checked each of my applications probably 10 times before submitting (and had several other people look over my essays) and just noticed that I am missing the word “of” in one sentence of my Diversity Statement which I have already submitted to 5 schools. It’s not that noticeable, and I’m scared that asking to replace with a new version will draw more attention than necessary. What would you say? Would this hurt my chances more than if I just hoped they would gloss over it like my proofreaders did?

    Also, if you do think I should try to replace the essay, should I submit it with a cover letter? If so, what should the format of the letter be and what should it say?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Stressing, While no one wants to see this, it’s not the end of the world. But you can send an updated version and not tell the schools what is updated. They will have both copies in front of them – they won’t throw out what you submitted. You don’t need a cover letter – just say you are sending an updated version.

  129. Hi Ann,

    My dad was arrested by the United States Immigration during my sophomore year and was detained until June of 2012 because he decided to appeal his removal order, unfortunately he lost and was deported, during this time span which was about 3 years, I was so focused on what was going with him that my GPA suffered however after he was deported my last two semester GPAs were a 3.44 and a 3.61, and my cummulative GPA was above a 3.00. Should I put this in an addendum?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Perhaps. But you need to meet a minimum threshold first. A 131 doesn’t become a 141. A 141 doesn’t become a 151. But if you can get above 150 on the LSAT, you will get a boost, and if you get into the high 150s, it will take you far. But you also need the personal story to match – simply checking a box won’t get you there.

  130. Hi Ann,

    During my sophomore year in undergrad my dad was arrested by the United States Immigration, he was held from 2009-2012 because he decided to appeal his deportation order, unfortunately he was deported in June of 2012. During this 3 year time span, while my gpa wasn’t it’s best because I was so focused on what was going on with him that my GPA suffered as a result. After his deportation I got back on track and my last two semester GPAs were a 3.44 and a 3.61. Should I put this in an addendum? Also I have a letter from ICE proving his deportation should I upload it and attach it to my app for the law school admission council as well as the bar examiner or is it not necessary?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      LawGuy, If this isn’t what your personal statement is about, you had better darn well write about it in a diversity statement or addendum! You should NOT, however, include the letter from ICE.

  131. Kanupriya on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I recently applied to the LL.M. Program at Georgetown Law. After submitting the application, I realized that I had spelled “law schools” as “laws schools” and naturally MS-Word didn’t catch this mistake since the error is a word itself. The rest of my personal statement/resume is error-free and several advisers have told me I would be a “shoe in”. In such a case, should I contact the law school and ask for permission to re-submit a revised version of the personal statement?

    Thank you.


  132. FutureJD on said:

    Hi Ann,

    In my diversity statement I submitted to law schools yesterday I made a reference to the New York Times and did not italicize the name of the paper (although I did properly capitalize it). Is this something I should be concerned about?


      • LawGuy on said:

        So in other words you’re saying I don’t need it for admission to the bar but I should still retain it anyway because it’s good to have?

        • Ann Levine on said:

          LawGuy, I cannot give advice on what you might need for a given state’s Character and Fitness examination. This is something you need to ask the state bar, or an attorney who represents bar applicants in moral character & fitness matters.

  133. Hi Ann,

    I am in the process of applying to USC law school and I have some questions about the personal statement. I went on their page and it indicates that the length is 2-4 pages but upon reviewing my personal statement, I have roughly 5 pages. It does not fill up the whole 5th page maybe about half way at most. Do you think it would be a setback to submit it as is. I have shown my personal statement to several different professors and they have indicated that it should not be a big deal but it’s something that I really cannot let go of. Removing anything else from the personal statement would undermine the cohesiveness of my letter.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      When you are an attorney submitting a brief to a judge, will you tell the judge that your case is so important that the 10-page rule on motions for summary judgments doesn’t apply to you?

  134. Nelli on said:

    Hi Ann,

    My question is regarding the character and fitness section of an application that I recently submitted.

    The question asks whether the applicant has plead guilty to any crime. The instructions state very clearly “In answering this question, you do not need to disclose any information about… (3) any traffic violation that did NOT involve alcohol, controlled substances, injury, or death AND took place more than five years prior to the date of your application”

    I was a defendant in a traffic incident in which I plead guilty to careless driving charges and I was fined $150. This incident happened in 2008 so I marked “no”. I only thought of pulling a report after I submitted my application. The charge was filed Jan 2009, but the case closed May 2009.

    Do I need to update the character and fitness section with an addendum? Will this significantly impact their decision?

    Thank you for doing what you do!

  135. Dates Schmates on said:

    Dear Ann,

    I typed the wrong date for one of the community colleges I attended on some of my applications. it actually shows up on top (because of reverse chronological order). At this point in the waiting cycle, should I email the schools I haven’t heard back from?

    Your thoughts are very appreciated!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Dates Schmates (great name!) – Just send an email to all schools you applied to with the correct dates. No big deal.

  136. Dear Ann,

    Thank you so much for the information on this site. It has been invaluable. I have already submitted my applications to every school and JUST noticed an error in my personal statement. I wrote that I “poured over readings” instead of “pored over readings.” I had multiple people read through my essay and no one noticed it. I’ve already been accepted to several schools in the T14 and so far 1 in the T6. I’m wondering if I should send an updated personal statement to my reach schools that haven’t given me a decision yet, or if this would just put more attention on it?

    Thank you,

  137. Christine Worried on said:

    Dear Ann,

    I just submitted 15 law school applications with a few in the T14 (reaches within reason). When writing about my job in my PS I wrote “Ailen Entrepreneurs” instead of “Alien Entrepreneurs.” I read and re-read my PS even sending it to others and no one noticed the mistake. I assumed the red line was because “Ailen” was capitalized where it should not be. My applications have been transmitted and files have been opened at each of these schools as payment was submitted over 24 hours ago. Do you think this is something to correct by sending an “updated” copy of my PS or let it go and hope they don’t notice it as I and many others did not? Thanks so much!

  138. Bee on said:

    HELLO ANN!!!!

    Ok, so i turned in an entire application to one of my “hope-I-get-in” schools via LSAC and then I wrote an entirely new personal statement for a harder to get into school and I love it so much more than what I wrote on my “hope-I-get-in” school’s personal essay of the application. I e-mailed and asked if there was any way I could re-submit my pers. statement. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE ON WHAT I SHOULD DO? It’s a dumb mistake but my I like my new essay so much more than what they originally received!!!


  139. Vanessa on said:


    In regards to the section on applications where it says to “List every school you ever attended.” Does this include those at which I technically have credits for from a college credit class I took in high school? Do I list those schools there, even though I never actually attended them? Secondly, I am graduating in December and under where it says “Current Address” I’m wondering if I should put my school address until my graduation date. Or to be safe, just put my permanent-at-home address for both current and permanent address?

    Thank you,

      • Vanessa on said:

        Do those go under the section “Bachelor’s Degree-Granting Institution” where my current college is? Or do those schools from which I earned high school and college credits go under “Other institutions”?

        Thank you for your time!

  140. Hi Ann,

    I notice you address C&F addenda in this thread, and have a question: How should I address college infractions I don’t remember details of? I’ve been out of college six-plus years now, and can’t recall any of the incidents listed in my student file. Moreover, my undergraduate institution switched to a digital record system last year, and only kept the dates and types of my infractions, e.g. “Alcohol Violation, Sept. 4 2006;” they didn’t deem my transgressions serious enough to retain the paper documents containing details.

    Specifically, there are two incidents, “Theft of Services” (I believe I snuck a little brother into the cafeteria when he was visiting) and “False Information” (I believe I gave a false name for a friend who’d drunk too much on campus so he wouldn’t get written up), which I am concerned about listing – they sound ominous – but not including explanatory information. I truly don’t remember the details, though, and I don’t want to compound things by making up stories on my C&F.

    I’ve spent the past six years as a military officer and can easily write how being responsible for others’ discipline and wellbeing has made me regret my immature college actions, but I’m not sure how to actually address the incidents themselves.

  141. Hi Ann,

    I found one mistake in my personal statement, regarding a name.

    Instead of Carlos’ I wrote Carol’s. Throughout the paper, I use the name (Carlos’) properly. It was just one instance that I had written “Carol’s”

    Is this mistake worth calling the admission offices to replace my personal statement with an updated copy?


  142. Ms. Scott on said:

    How do I answer this question, “Do you believe the LSAT score accurately represents your past performance or future promise?

      • I recently submitted an application to HLS, in which I subsequently noticed two mistakes. One of those (the omission of my college GPA on the top pages of the application) I already emailed them to correct. The other is a tiny mistake: I accidentally answered “No” where I should have answered “Yes” to the “Was this employment during the academic year?” question on a college job. Should I send another email to correct this second mistake? Or would doing so (i.e. calling attention to the second error) reflect poorly on me?

  143. Hi Ann,

    I just submitted 8 applications within the last few days. For 5 of the applications, I completely missed that the apps say we should list all employment opportunities, INCLUDING internships. So I ended up only listing my current part-time job and previous full-time job. I have attached a detailed resume of these schools to review, but do you think I should email them anyways and let them know about my mistake? I am really worried because while 3/5 were my safeties, I don’t want to be denied admission because of it.

  144. Hi Ann,

    So I submitted 8 apps for law school within the last few days. I realized that I completely misread the portion telling us to list our Employment INCLUDING Internships. I only listed my current part-time job and previous full-time job. However, I did include a resume with all of my applications. Should I call or email the 5 schools that I applied to where this information is missing? 3 of them are my safeties, but I’m still worried that this may reflect negatively on me.

  145. Shane Rogers on said:

    Hi Ann,

    As I was finishing up some applications on my work computer the documents automatically get a footnote with the title of the document–setting in word on my work computer. However, the title of the document is “Duke Diversity statement-Jan.7th edits” and this same footnote is on each application I sent in. So, schools that were not Duke have a document that have a footnote with this wording on it. However, the actual body of each document has the correct Law school name mentioned in it. I only realized this after submitting my applications. How major is this issue? Can I remedy it?

  146. Slightly Stoopid on said:


    Question on Character and Fitness. I disclosed an event in college that I thought was merely a fine but I just ran a background check and it showed up on there. Indeed, the result was a $$ fine but I did not realize that it was classified as a reduced charge or anything of that nature. I even contacted the local courthouse where the event took place and they did not have the record of it. Should I talk contact the law schools about this? I didn’t lie, I said that I received a fine for it but the background check makes it seem like a bigger event than it was.

  147. ED admits on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I have been admitted into a top ranking school with $$$ in ED. Just discovered one minor date discrepancy in one of my employment history, the end date should be 03/15 instead of 04/15.

    As I have already been admitted with $$$, should I still update/amend this info to the school?WIll this affect their decision or my scholly offer? Thanks!

  148. admitted on said:

    Hi Ann,

    So I am accepted to my top choice with scholly and hv withdrawn my other apps. I just found a tiny date mistake that one of my employment should end in “03/2015” instead of “04/2015” on my app & resume. Should i email the school on that? WIll that affect my acceptance &$$? Thanks

  149. embeedancer on said:

    I am unsure whether to submit an application update or how to go about that in general. I submitted my applications in mid-October and as it is March, I have heard back from some schools but am still waiting on others.
    The updates would be:
    1. Updated fall grades (via transcript to LSAC)
    -I submitted these moths ago, but wasn’t sure if the schools needed to be notified or if LSAC would alert them to the new document automatically
    2. I founded a new student organization on my campus since I turned in my application. I am one of 2-3 students leading it, we are gaining lots of attention and have major programming planned for later this month through the end of the semester AND it relates very much to my academic and career interests.
    3. I had a transformational experience in December via an academic opportunity. I mentioned the impending opportunity on my app, but was obviously not able to include my reaction to it. It has helped clarify some of my academic and career goals.
    4. I have updated information about my leadership role in a specific academic position, as I had only begun the role this fall. I have taken on significant responsibility since turning in my application (i.e. I was a teaching assistant but have since planned curriculum, given full lectures, and restructured the course itself from schedule to grading).

    Should I write an update which includes any and/or all of these updates? What is the protocol to do so?

    Thanks for your help!

  150. lawschooluniverse on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I submitted my personal statement to a school, and the next day realized 2 errors (a small grammar mistake and use of a wrong word). I immediately sent over an updated PS, to which most of the schools said they would add to my file. I am now updating my resume, and have added a relatively new position, which I was contemplating adding before I submitted my apps, but feel that it is appropriate and looks good. Do you think I should send a updated resume, or would it be to much to ask for to send another updated document to admissions?

  151. Hi Ann,
    My second LSAT score was 7 points lower than my first, so I’d like to address it somehow. I had been sick most of the summer and was working an unpaid internship in addition to a part time job to make ends meet. To make things worse, I had just been broken up with a couple days before the LSAT, so I wasn’t in the right mental or emotional state to be taking the test. Should I put this in an addendum or does it sound like a sob story?

  152. Hi,
    I am applying to law school and the school asks optional questions about my GPA and LSAT being an accurate reflection. I feel like I could do a few points higher on my LSAT but not worth writing an addendum which is required if I say no. Do I just not answer these questions?

  153. Dear Ann,
    I submitted my LLM application to two schools last week. I just realized I have 2 typos in my Resume, the first one is that I didn’t delete an extra word from a sentence “on in its day-to-day local operations”, i should have deleted the word “on”. The second one is that I missed an “s” at the end of a possessive apostrophe, I wrote “Commission’ ” instead of “Commission’s”. What do you recommend me to do? Do you think it is worth it to reach the schools? Best Regards and thank you

  154. Penny K on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m a non-traditional student, applying to law school after nearly 40 years in the workforce. My career field required many short-term periods of employment and I had dozens of employers over the years. Some of the organizations that employed me many years ago are now long out of business (so obviously there is no contact information for them) and many of my supervisors are now deceased.

    I’ve summarized my career on my resume by including “Representative Experience” but how does a non-traditional applicant handle this on the Employment section of the applications that go through LSAC? Do law schools really want people to list every single employer they ever had on the application, even if the work was only for a couple of days 25 or 30 years ago?

  155. Ann,

    Thanks so much for this blog. On my applications/résumé I reported my GPA using the GPA that was given on my academic summary report, as I figured LSAC would publish it using my transcripts I asked my school to send. However, I’m now reading that that GPA may be recalculated and may be different than what my college transcripts show (if only by a little, but enough to bump it up a few hundredths). I don’t want to be seen as misrepresenting myself. What should I do?

  156. Application Worrier on said:

    Hi Ann!

    I made the mistake on several applications of not including my major and GPA. I have a graduate degree in addition to a Bachelor’s. I have since corrected the error, but for the first few schools I submitted my application to the fields are missing. My graduate degree is applicable and has a much higher GPA than my uGPA. Is it worth requesting my applications be updated? The GPA’s and majors are in my resume.

    Thanks much!

  157. Hello Ann,
    I only had 1 month to study for the LSAT exam and 1 week. The reason was that I’m international and worked for a year after I graduated from a USA university. The company that I worked for really wanted me to stay and paid a lot of money to change my visa. Regardless, the request got denied and I had to return to my country in December. I knew that I wanted to be a law student however, I thought that I would have more time to study.
    I decided that I did not want to wait for a whole year and made my best to study and took the exam on February. I’m almost certain that I scored in the lowest 150s or highest 140s. However, with my GPA I can go to better universities that the ones that accept those scores.
    Most of the universities that I want to go are in the top 50s. Do you think I should still apply and write an addendum about it or should I just drop it and wait to take the LSAT again and go to school next year?

    Thank you so much!

  158. Karen Robins on said:

    I am off to law school in the fall. I just found out that I am summa cum laude and I will be the banner bearer for my graduation ceremony. The question I have is should I let them know about these? Thnx

  159. Herald K on said:

    I have attended the Econ Ph.D. program for only half a semester at UCLA as I dropped out (nothing problematic, it just did not meet my expectations). I have not received any grades from that university and wanted to know whether I should ask a transcript of them. In addition, is this dropout an issue that I need to address in my application? Thank you!

    • Hi Herald, I would get the transcript if you received any credits. Ask LSAC if they need every program where you were enrolled, or just received credits.
      It may be something you want to explain in your application, yes.

  160. Low GPA on said:

    I did not do well on my September 2017 LSAT (27 points below my best practice test and 10 below my first ever LSAT practice test!). I had a very bad headache that day due to a neck injury from a 2015 rear end accident. Because of that injury I am unable to look down for such long periods of time. Obviously I have no choice but to write an addendum. However, I am not sure if I should just say that I had a severe headache that worsened throughout the test or if I should say I had a severe headache that worsened throughout the test due to a preexisting injury. Honestly, I had never taken any test under LSAT “test” conditions before because, without thinking about it, during practice tests I would hold my test paper up instead of leaving it down on the table as required during the actual exam. I went into the exam without realizing I would be in intense pain because of the neck injury. I do not want to over explain. I am just not sure how many details I should give. I have a pretty strong GPA with my grades only dropping below my A average for two of my classes (I had my second child during finals, working full time and in school full time — I can explain that one away pretty easily). I will be retaking the LSAT and talking to my doctor about how to manage the neck pain, hopefully without any accommodations.

  161. Hi Ann,

    I was convicted of a minor honor code violation, where I received 50% on the assignment, and the violation is on my record. The reason is more of a technicality; I cited some sources without question marks. I go to a top 20 university, and this is my first offense. I am also planning on applying to T-14 schools, and have good internships and references (PD’s office, corporate law firm, internship at a developmental agency in England). How much will this hurt my chances, especially if I show an upward trend in my grades and manage to pull off a high enough LSAT score to meet the medians of the schools I am applying to?

    • Sana, Depending on when this happened and what you’ve accomplished since, it may not keep you from a top law school. I have a client who had an incident her freshman year of college who is getting into Top 5 schools. Be candid, show how it’s not indicative of your behavior/ethics, and don’t let it stop you.

  162. Working Hard on said:

    Hi Ann,

    How far back should I go on the Resume? Should I list work and volunteer experiences that are over 20 years ago?

  163. Working Hard on said:

    Hi Ann,

    My apology if you are getting two messages from me. I wanted to know how far back to go on the Resume regarding work and Volunteer experiences. Should I list those over 20 years ago?

  164. Kelly on said:

    Hi Ann,
    After being accepted to the law school I’m going to attend, I realized I left off some jobs on my application. After learning that the bar and law school apps are compared, I went back and looked at the application where it said to list all employment. I failed to list three jobs. Two Summer camp college jobs and I also did not disclose I was terminated from a 2 week coffee shop job. I simply did not read closely. Do I ask to ammed my application? I’m nervous it could be revoked?

  165. Worried Applicant on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I submitted an application a few days ago and realized that in the “all institutions previously attended” section, I did not list the University where I received concurrent credits in high school. I do not list this school in my resume because I didn’t receive a degree, but I did attach that transcript. I have since listed that school in other applications. Should I worry about it? Or should it be enough that they have the transcript?

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