Mistakes in Law School Applications: To Fix or Not to Fix?

I received calls both yesterday and today from readers of my blog who just found mistakes in their recently submitted applications. Both were panicked about what to do, but my suggestions might have been different for each of them based on the type of mistake that was concerning them.

There are three kinds of mistakes that you could have made in your law school applications:

1. Factual – Did you put a wrong date for something or get the name of something wrong? This type of law school application mistake has the easiest solution: simply email the school(s) and let them know you made a mistake and the real date or name is “so-and-so.” No problem.

2. Typo/Grammatical – This is the most heartbreaking kind of mistake because you worked so hard to avoid it and it feels so final. One person called me yesterday and said she had repeated “the the” in a sentence in her personal statement, and another applicant called me today because she left out the word “to” in a sentence in her optional essay. If you’re going to make a mistake in your personal statement, let it be this kind. While I do advise avoiding any errors because it appears unprofessional and lacks attention to detail, it’s not the end of the world in the computer age to have a cut and paste error, etc. If you have one incident like this, just let it go. If you have something really wrong with your personal statement, you can email the school an updated copy. They will probably add it to your file but not replace the original version.

If you have an error in your resume, it can be easier to fix. Wait a week or so, say it’s an “updated resume” and send it to the schools without saying what about it is updated….they are unlikely to notice whether it’s an updated job, an honor, a description, or a typo correction.

3. Bad Judgment – If you just started reading my book or blog after submitting your applications and you are now realizing you made some rookie mistakes and wish you’d done things differently, there is not a lot you can do at this point. You can update the law school with other things, but you can’t really submit a whole new personal statement. You can add applications to other schools with improved materials, but it’s hard to do damage control after the fact. You could visit the law school and make a case for yourself in person to try to correct some perception issues and send supplemental information as appropriate (for example, if you feel you left out something crucial in your application).

Mistakes can be frustrating and cause you to lose sleep over missed opportunities, but you also have to keep it in perspective. They are part of human nature and perfection is unattainable. We just do the best we can and move on with our lives, trying to do better.

347 thoughts on “Mistakes in Law School Applications: To Fix or Not to Fix?

  1. Hi Ann,
    I realized that I left out a hyphen on my personal statement. I submitted the personal statement to 2 schools so far. Do you think I should try to contact these schools?

  2. Hi Ann,

    I hope that all is well! I am a long time fan of your blog, and purchased your book, The Law School Admission Game, to guide me through the application process. I just began applying to schools, and realized I forgot to include a part-time job I had for two weeks. It was in no way significant, however I completely forgot to mention it. What should I do?

  3. Ann,

    I have 3.7x GPA and a 176 LSAT. I’ve applied to most of the t14, including Harvard and Stanford, with 1 typo in my Personal Statement. I wrote “the the” in one sentence. For these very elite schools, is it worth resubmitting my PS with the extra “the” removed? I’m terrified that I’ve ruined my chances after all this hard work.


    • Ann Levine on said:

      Mike, I really think, if this is the weakest thing in your application, all will be fine. Really. Yes, if this is what you get dinged for, then a school was just looking for an excuse to ding you….I think you’ll start to feel better when acceptances start coming in shortly.

  4. I forgot about a course I took 4 years ago during the summer. I already contacted LSAC and sent in the transcript. Should I email each school also?

  5. I just realized I signed my certification part of the application with the wrong date (I accidentally put in my year of birth not the current year). My deadline is in two days and is this going to be a big deal? I have already emailed the school and planning on calling them as well

  6. Natasha on said:


    In the first application I sent, I listed the wrong location for a community college at which I took a class for high school credit. (When I entered the college’s name, its location was automatically filled in as City A, but I attended the City B campus.) The transcript sent to CAS has the correct location.

    I’m not sure if this is important enough to contact the admissions office about. Do you think I should? Thanks!

  7. Marianne on said:


    In three applications I have submitted I listed the wrong year (2008 instead of 2009) for a course I took at a community college between freshman and sophomore year of college. Should I e-mail the admissions offices at each school? They should have the correct date on the transcript sent by CAS. Thanks!

  8. Johnny on said:

    I just realized that in the personal statement I submitted to a few law schools, there is a typo in my LSAC account number, which I included in the header. Is this something I should contact the schools about and try to fix? Thanks!

  9. Harry Flashman on said:

    I forgot to include my high school information under the Education section in my apps. I did however include it in my resume, which is attached to all apps. Is this a problem worth being concerned over?


  10. Hi Ann,

    I am really grateful that I found this article as it has helped me calm down after I found a mistake in my personal statement. Just to get your opinion on this I forgot to put an ‘I’ where there should have been one should I be worried? Anxiously awaiting your response because I have already submitted to all of my top choices and this is really bothering me


    • Jane, I completely understand how you feel. When I was director of admissions for different schools, almost every application had some error in it. It’s more important that the overall substance be compelling and strong. One typo won’t undo all of your hard work in everything else.

  11. Ann,

    Thank you for being a resource to law school applicants. A couple of issues: I JUST realized an error in my personal statement. In explaining promotion between one job to another within the same company, I missed four words, so it mistakenly reads I became a managing partner, instead of assistant to. I don’t want anyone to think this is an intention to mislead the reader!! Do you advise that I email the school ASAP? Or wait until Monday to speak with someone?

    In my diversity statement, in just one line, I refer to the school by name. Of course, I uploaded that version to the wrong institution. Please advise.

    Thank you

    • Julia,
      Oops – send an email to the school explaining the error and attach a copy of the PS with the proper language.

      About the diversity statement problem, OUCH. You can write a note apologizing for your oversight and include a new copy of the DS, but it might have already been seen at this point.

      For readers who aren’t Julia, please learn from this mistake: I don’t know why people try to tailor their diversity statements to different schools – your diversity won’t make a different contribution to one school versus another. It just opens up the door to trouble. Doing a fill-in-the-blank school name never pays off, and can really hurt.

  12. Hi Ann,
    After submitting my application I realized I forgot to remove the “Future LSAT: December” on my application ; I had previously planned to submit my application before the December test. As a result, my status page for the school has a “future LSAT score” box unchecked. My December LSAT scores and all other materials have been received by the school. Should I call or write to them and inform them that there are no pending test scores? Or is this something that will be evident?


  13. I typed a diversity statement and in one part of my essay I said “Intra-racial prejudice” but in my closing paragraph I just said “internalized prejudice ”

    I’m completely freaking out because to me that has to different meanings!

  14. This might sound silly, but I attached my diversity statement to two schools in the wrong section. I also did not label it and put the LSAC ID # and name on it, but these were also schools where I did not see it in the instructions. Should I go back and ask to resubmit with title and LSAC ID#?

  15. Hi Ann, I just realized that I may have typed the wrong social security number in the biography section of my LSAC application for some of the schools I applied. Unfortunately, for some schools, when I tried to go back and check the transmitted application pdf, the social security number appeared as xxx-xx-xxxx. So there is really no way for me to be sure if I typed the correct number for those schools…

    Does that mean that law schools won’t really care if the number written there is incorrect during the selection process? Should I not care to ask them if I made a mistake until they ask me back or until after I am admitted?

    And for the schools that clearly shows that I typed the wrong social security number, should I email them and tell them that they need to change this information?

    I am really worried that this is going to hurt my application, even though my excuse is that as an international student, I rarely need to use or memorize my social security number.

  16. Hi Ann,

    Quick resume mistake question: I just realized that I listed the wrong location for a volunteer position I currently hold. I mislabeled the location as the city where I attended undergrad instead of my current city (where I volunteer). Does this situation warrant sending an updated resume?


  17. Ann,

    For the standardized test section, I only put October, 2015 and forgot to put a score once It was released. I did send my lsat score with the CAS to the institution, however. Will this be an issue? Thank you.

  18. Louise on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I realized on two apps I sent in yesterday, I put the wrong years that I ended 3 extracurrics in (I said 2015, instead of 2014—I graduated December 2014). This is because I had time off in between, and still get confused with dates. One activity I said I did “Fall 2015”–which is clearly not the case since I graduated in Dec 2014 and have been working a job since then. I am hoping it will be obvious I am not trying to be dishonest and just mixed up my years. Do you think this will hurt my chances?

    Thanks so much

  19. Hi Ann,

    I made a big mistake and submitted my resume with the name of another school in my objective. I changed it in the document, but did not save it again before I submitted it. What would be the best way to go about this? I already paid additional application fees, and wrote a detailed supplemental essay specific to the school.

    Thank you!

  20. Hi Ann!

    I realized I made a big mistake after I submitted my resume to a school. I had retyped the school name in the objective section, but did not save it, so when I submitted my resume it had the wrong school name. Should I email them with an updated resume? What are the chances they wouldn’t look at the old one if I do so?

    Thank you!

    • This is why I say in my book to never, ever have an objective section! I think it’s too late – sorry I didn’t see this one earlier. I hope everything worked out.

  21. Dear Ann,

    I put the wrong date for one of my leadership positions (Dec 2014-May 2015) instead of (Dec 2013-Dec 2014). Should I use your “updated resume” trick?

    Thanks so much,

  22. Taylor on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I just realized two mistakes in my personal statement that I have submitted. One is using “lead” instead of “led” and in one I refer to a university’s “Internal Review Board” instead of “Institutional Review Board.” Do you think I should email a corrected version? I am worried that the second one in particular makes me look like I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  23. Ann,

    I also made a mistake on my resume. For a few schools I accidentally left the dates off of a couple clubs and one internship because I attached the wrong version by mistake. Nothing in terms of the actual content was omitted so I didn’t catch it when looking over my apps. I followed up shortly after by explaining and sending an updated resume, which the schools said they would add to my file.

    Do you think this mistake would impact my admission significantly, particularly at more competitive schools?

    Thank you!

  24. Hi Ann,

    I also made a mistake with my resume. I accidentally attached an earlier version of it to my apps for a couple schools. All that’s missing are the dates for an internship and some honors received. I emailed the schools with an updated resume and explained. They have all responded saying they would add my updated resume to my file, but I’m worried that the oversight looks sloppy.

    Do you think this could have an impact on admissions, particularly at very competitive schools?

    Thank you!

  25. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for alleviating many of our concerns. I recently realized I made mistakes.
    1) On my resume I put I played a club sport from 09/2011 – 04/2013 but on the application I did 03/2011 – 04/2013.
    2) I listed my full time experience as 19 months but I included my internships as I thought full time referred to 40/hr-week jobs. I realized it may be referring to only post graduation work experience and don’t want to mislead anyone.
    3) I realized for one of my coding languages I put verilong instead of verilog on my resume.

    Do you think I should call the school, asking to replace my resume and inform them about my possible misinterpretation?

  26. Hi Ann,

    I just submitted my first law school application and realized while working on my second one that I hadn’t completely filled out my education section on the first one all the way. I didn’t realize that my education stuff (GPA, major, etc) doesn’t automatically transfer to the application even though it’s saved in my LSAC profile and the way the website shows the education, it looks complete. So basically, under that section it shows as a bunch of “answer not provided” in the blanks and I didn’t catch it. I know all of this information is in my transcripts and on my resume, but does it look bad that I missed that? Should I contact the school and apologize for the oversight? Any response is appreciated!

  27. I used the word “women” where it should have been ” woman” twice in my personal statement. Should I send an updated version to law schools?

  28. Hi Ann. Thanks for your advice. I submitted my application in early Nov. And now (three weeks later), I realized that in the DS I submitted to schools, I misspelled “environment studies” instead of “environmental studies” in two places. Should I send an updated DS? Thanks

  29. Hi,

    When I entered my LSAT score on the application, I wrote “613” instead of “163”. I know that they will receive the correct official score as well but I should I contact the schools and point out the mistake?


  30. Hi Ann,

    I submitted to 6 schools already and I am freaking out. In my resume, I put down the wrong year for one of my part-time jobs. What should have been said is that I had a summer part-time job from July – Aug. 2011, and a summer job in another country from May 2012 – Sept 2012. But I made a typo and typed Aug. 2012. Should I submit an updated resume like you said in the article? Thank you for your reply.


  31. Hi Ann,

    I just applied to a school and realized some errors in the Education section and one error in the Employment section of my application. Based on your responses above I think I should let some of these go since everything is accurate on my resume and transcripts, but can you please tell me if you think any of these are so severe that I should email the school about it?

    Under the Education section of the application:

    the city where I obtained my post-graduate education (a second BA) states a city I hadn’t even heard of, but it starts with the same letter as the city where my school was at. I think the right city was next on the list, but I clicked enter too quickly which is why that other city is appearing. In addition to that, I failed to enter the degree I obtained and the date I obtained it, but I did include the dates I attended.

    Also under Education, where I entered the information about my first BA, I entered the degree I obtained, but failed to enter the date I obtained it. Also, I made an error in the dates I attended school, it states I attended until Dec 20XX, but really I went until May 20XX (7 months before), when I graduated. I also did a semester of graduate work from August to December of that year and there is no way I could have been enrolled in both an undergraduate and graduate program at the same time. I did list that semester of graduate school and entered the correct dates.

    Under the Employment section, one of my jobs is off by a month. I started in July 20XX, but I entered June 20XX.

    Should I email the school about any of these? I most worried about the dates for the undergraduate degree. I appreciate any advice!

  32. Silvia Calderon on said:

    Hi Ann,
    Thank your for this blog and your help. A question about my resume. I have two errors in one resume: 1) I wrote “communicationAL skills” instead of “communication skills,” 2) I capitalized a word that was following a semicolon

    In a 2nd resume (the error is worse): 1) I wrote “aid TO fulfill” instead of “aid in fulfilling,” 2) “communicationAL skills”

    What should I do, Ann? Thank you in advance,

  33. Hi Ann,
    I’m kicking myself right now. After reading through my personal statement over 15 times, and printing it out and checking for typos three times, as well as having several friends read it, I just found a typo. I put “invasion” instead of “envision.” I have NO idea how I missed it. I have already submitted my application. This is the only typo I have since found, but I’m quite upset over the idea that I missed such an easy typo. What do you think I should do? Is it worth trying to get the school to take an updated copy of my personal statement?


  34. Vanessa Pinto on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I accidentally cut off the end of a word in my resume. It should read Experienced in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. But instead says Experienced in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Phot. YIKES. Should I submit an updated resume or is this a minor error I can let go?

  35. In the C&F for my applications I fully disclosed an incident in which I was arrested for having expired insurance. In the description I mentioned that the arrest and charge was expunged. I recently found out that it is not expunged.

    Should I shoot an email to the law schools addressing this? Or is this minor considering that I disclosed the incident any way?

  36. Hi Ann,

    What do you think about errors about parental information? I unthinkingly put the wrong degree (PhD instead of MD) for my parent on the applications that asked for that information. Seems minor, but my personal statement does mention my parents’ careers in passing.

  37. I didn’t realize until after submitting an application that even a minor speeding ticket needed to be disclosed to this school. I know I should send the school an e-mail and ask to update my character and fitness section, but will this put a damper on my chances of getting accepted? Thank you!

  38. Stephanie on said:

    Hi Ann,
    In the application for my #1 school, there was a question that asked “Do you believe your college transcript accurately represents your past performance or future promise?” I answered NO as I had 2 semesters that I felt I did more poorly than others (however I’ve been out of college for 3 years now and have been working.) I just realized that, while meaning to reference my Fall 2009 semester, I referenced Fall 2010 instead (2.9 semester GPA vs. 3.5 GPA). I submitted my application on a Saturday night at 3 AM (I’ve applied to several schools and spent HOURS proofing and this was my last one.) I immediately panicked and then considered emailing the admissions officer that I met at the LSAC forum or calling her office on Tuesday when offices reopen after the holiday weekend.
    What do you think is my best bet?

    Thanks so much!

  39. I know I am responding to an older post but I accidentally wrote “I have chose” instead of “I have chosen” or “I chose” in my submitted personal statement. I am kicking myself over it and wondering, is it a big deal?

  40. Scotty on said:

    Hey Ann,

    I assume you’re going to tell me to “just let it go” but I must ask anyway.

    On all my apps, I misspelled “assistant” with “assitant”. Is it completely unnecessary to email these schools about this mistake?


  41. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for all your advices. I am a foreign applicant and I applied to several schools (such as Boston University, George Washington University etc.). I already practice law in a international law firm in Europe and my LSAT is 160.

    In the “education section” of the application process of different universities, I inserted as GPA 29,07/30; however, in both my résumé and in the CAS evaluation of my foreign transcript there is my correct GPA, that is: 29,1/30. Do you think should i write to the schools to rectify this mistake?

    Thank you very much,

    Best regards,


  42. When an application asks if my education in college, university, or professional school has been interrupted for more than one term for any reason…. how do I answer this? I went to graduate school for one semester and chose not to return. Is this considered an interruption?

  43. Jessica Pearson on said:

    Hi! So I submitted a diversity statement on 1/30 and in on the one I sent to UGA I forgot to take out Atlanta…. so it says something about the opportunity I have being in Atlanta and going to UGA…. what do you recommend I do?

    Thank you,

  44. In an essay outlining my motivations for applying to a school I wrote “School of Law” rather than “Law School”. Do I have a chance to fix the mistake at this point? I just turned the application in today.

  45. Ann,

    Thank you for making this information available to the world! Last month, I sent off all of my law school applications, and thought it was good to go. Since that time, I have been receiving my W2’s, and I realized there was an event staffing company that I worked one event for, but forgot to disclose on my law school application. I voluntarily terminated my employment with this company as it was a side job that I took on during breaks from undergrad. Since this time, I have already received acceptance letters. Is this something I should try to address now, or something that I should address when applying to the bar?

  46. Hi Ann, I just realized that Google Chrome’s autofill feature filled in the wrong cities for my permanent address and one internship on the employment section. I’m definitely going to send an email about my permanent address, but should I correct the internship location as well?

  47. Christie on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I submitted my personal statement to my top choice school, which allowed for a 3 page personal statement. After reworking my statement to two pages for other schools, I feel that my two-page statement is much stronger than my three-page submission. While the overall message is the same, I feel it is better written and more genuine in my effort to connect my service experience with my undergraduate Jesuit education (the school I applied to is Jesuit as well). I submitted on 2/2 and my application has yet to go under review. Is it worth trying to swap out my PS for the two page version, or will this negatively impact my application?

    Additionally, I found an inconsistency with the spelling of the name of a former employer. In the work history section entered on LSAC I have it spelled correctly (with an “o”). However, on my resume I spelled the name with an “a”. Should I send over an “updated resume” or leave it?

    Thank you for your guidance!

  48. harshul Ganjawala on said:

    Although it was my fault for not double checking after converting.
    This was more of a computer error as I was converting my Personal Statement from word to a PDF it took out an indent to start my conclusion paragraph making it seem like it is apart of the paragraph before it. Is this something I should be worried about and fix?

    Also another computer error was for my addendum half of the last sentence was place under the paragraph like so “I was walking my dog, an
    d I forgot to turn of the stove.
    Should I send this correction as well?

  49. Hi Ann,

    I think I made a mistake on my resume. I went to community college and transferred to a 4-year. The last semester before I started at my degree granting I studied abroad. The program was through 4 community colleges and I took classes at all of them. On my resume I list I attended the community college through December, and then on the next line I list my study aboard Jan -April. Since I took one class through the community college my transcript says I was there through May. It also lists the other colleges I took classes at. Should I send an updated resume ?


  50. Hi Ann,

    I recently discovered a mistake on my gpa addendum. I wrote “recieved” instead of “received” and I’m wondering if this is something I should correct with an updated version. My application has not yet gone under review at two of the schools. What do you think? Thanks in advance!

  51. HI Ann

    I made a huge mistake on my applications for law school. I am now finishing my 2L year and requested my application to do my c&f review and saw the mistake.

    I only listed undergraduate institutions which were involved in me getting my degree and not one I attended over 15 years ago. Now that I am taking the MPRE and preparing for the c&f review I’m extremely nervous, as well as the response I am going to receive from my institution.

    I assume your advise will be to disclose as this will show up on my background check however how do I go about it to the university without being disciplined or worse being expelled.


  52. Katie on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I feel like an idiot. I’m not sure how I even did this but I put the wrong Graduating GPA on my resume (I had 3.65 and I put 3.87) and then I guess because I had just typed that I put it again on the education section. I don’t even get how I made this mistake, it’s not even similar numbers.

    I am going to email the school because I don’t want them to think I am trying to lie on my application. But I was just wondering if a mistake like this could send my app to the trash?

  53. Ann,

    Thank you so much for this forum, it has made me feel better so far. I just realized that I left the d out of my fathers name Raymond for a couple law schools. Should I send a correction?

  54. I received a paralegal certificate and listed it on my application in the education section. I just realized the institution where I received my certificate is noted as “Graduate” instead of “Post-Graduate.” I sent in my application to the school over 3 weeks ago, which means it is already in review. Is this a mistake I should attempt to fix?

  55. Andrew Lane on said:


    For a few wait lists I sent in letters of continued interests. In two I listed my acceptance to Phi Kappa Theta as Pi Kappa Theta. Should I email them.

  56. Rob Ramsey on said:

    I realized I forgot to indicate my major and gpa on my college app…I know this sounds ridiculous, but at first glance there is no place to insert this data until you click on your institution. I feel so dumb. Is this a mistake worth calling a school over? I know they will eventually see my major and gap when they request my CAS report, but does it look terribly stupid that I did this?


  57. Ralph Elizondo on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I just discovered a single typo in my personal statement. Where I wanted to write “world” i typed “word” (i.e. missed the “L”). Would you let it go? Or should I update it?.

    The sentence was supposed to read “I wanted to go back to the world of engineering”.

    – Ralph

  58. Caitlin on said:

    Hi Ann, I accidentally mis-typed by dad’s cell phone number on the emergency contact/next of kin/family part of the application( I wrote one digit incorrectly). I had only sent off about 6 applications before I realized this error. Should I contact each university to let them know?

  59. Caitlin Short on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I accidentally mis-typed by dad’s cell phone number on the emergency contact/next of kin/family part of the application( I wrote one digit incorrectly). I had only sent off about 6 applications before I realized this error. Should I contact each university to let them know?


  60. I realized that I forgot to put my lsac id number and name on my addendum. I also did not put my ID number on my resume. Is this a problem? Do you think it’ll hurt my chances? Should I call the school? (I didn’t see anything asking for headers in their instructions.) Thanks!

  61. Bonzoni Alex on said:

    Good morning,
    I made this mistake in my PS: “I find the work of activists lawyers such as ClientEarth valuable to encourage governments and courts in this direction.” What should I do?

  62. Hi Ann,

    I just noticed in my personal statement which i sent off a few weeks ago that I wrote the name a piano piece incorrectly. Instead of saying ‘Rachmaninov 18th Variation, on a theme of Paganini’ I wrote ‘Rachmaninov 18th Variation, on a Paganini’

    I feel like such a mistake will make me seem very uncultured. Should I email admissions?

  63. Kelly G on said:

    I accidentally said “the things did they gave to me”, rather than “the things they did give to me” at the very end of my personal statement. I just now noticed it and have been applying to schools for over 2 or 3 weeks. Is it still worth it to contact them if the status says “In committee” or “under review”? I had many people read it and nobody (including me) noticed it at first reading.

  64. Patricia on said:

    I accidentally went (a good amount) over the word count on an optional essay. Should I resubmit the essay with the correct word count? How badly will that look if the rest of my application is strong?

  65. Ball of Nerves on said:

    Hello, I realized I submitted an optional response with 1000 words when the requirement was 500 the day after the early decision deadline. I emailed the school with an “updated” version with the correct word count. Did I just destroyed my chances of getting in?

  66. Hi Ann.
    There was a huge mistake on application. There was a question asking “was education interrupted?”, and mistakenly answered “no”, but the answer has to be “yes”. What should I do?! I’m so worried that this mistake might impair the credibility.

  67. Hi Ann.
    There was a hige mistake on applacation. Answering the question “was education interrupted?”, mistakenly said “No”, but answer should be “Yes”. What should I do? I’m so worried that this mistake would impair the credibility.

  68. Hello, Ann.

    I’m so happy to have found your blog. I just made a big mistake on my application. I sent a three-page personal statement to a school that asks for a two-page statement. I’ve emailed them about this. Is there any way I can save my application at this point? I know this is a serious mistake.


  69. Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for your all your responses. So helpful.

    Looking over my law school app and my resume, I noticed an employment date that was off by a month. However, I remembered that the LSAC site would not let me place two employment dates of the same month, i.e. I left one job and got another in the same month. Therefore, I had to separate the two jobs by one month. My resume does not reflect this and I’m concerned this will be seen as a red flag.

    I wonder if the school can change it or if I should see if it ever becomes an issue and simply explained what happened. What do you think?

    Thank you,


  70. Hi Ann,

    While coincidentally looking over last application submission, I realized that on my resume two of my part time positions I listed (35hrs/wk) and on my main application I listed (30hrs/wk). I looked over everything else and I could not find anything wrong. What should I do?

  71. Dear Ann, I just realized that I submitted my Resume to two law schools with 2 mistakes. The first one was “on in its day-to-day operations”, i should have deleted the word “in”. The second one was a missing “s” at the end of an apostrophe, i just put the word with the apostrophe “Commission’ ”
    Should I contact the graduate admission offices? Best regards,

  72. Myles A. on said:

    Hi Ann –

    I realized (after submitting to my top seven schools) that in my introductory paragraph of my Character and Fitness attachment, i wrote “As a result, I received a two written reprimands.” instead of “As a result I received two written reprimands”. I read and re-read and still missed this error. This mistake is keeping me up at night. What should I do?

    • Hi Myles, I’d leave it alone – there’s nothing you can do except send a corrected version and hope it gets added to your file and if this is the only error in your application, this won’t be the reason you don’t get into law school.

  73. HI Ann,

    I recently applied to my top law school and realized there was an error in my employment history section. I wrote I interned somewhere from 5/2016-7/2016, but on my resume I said I interned until 8/2015.

    Should I email then to correct this mistake, I do not want to appear inconsistent.

  74. Hi Ann,

    I found a “typo” on my resume – already submitted – that reads “Assists…” rather than “Assist…” under the description for one of my present legal internship positions. It appears twice under this heading and this is the first job listed on my resume.

    Would you suggest that I should re-submit my resume to the schools as an updated or amended version?

    Thank you very much for your guidance – I look forward to your reply.

  75. Hi Ann,

    I realized that in my resume for my top two school choices I accidentally sent an unupdated version where about three of my bullet points have periods at the end that should not be there. Should I try to go ahead and send them an updated resume or is this not a big deal?

    Thank you!

  76. Hi, I just found an tense error in one of my addenda due to a copy-paste mistake. I wrote spend instead of spent. Is it better to try to update or just let it go? I checked for errors so many times I can’t believe I missed this!
    Thank you,

  77. Alex F. on said:

    Hi Ann,
    Can I send a transcript to LSAC if my time attended is incorrect on the Transcript Request Form? On the form, it says that I attended the school from 2012-2012 but it should say 2012-2013. I cannot correct the time attended on the institutions page and have emailed LSAC about the error. I was hoping that when they receive my transcript from the school that it would clear up the issue.

  78. Haylie on said:

    Hi Ann,

    On two of my application forms, under the employment section, I made an error in the “Reason for leaving” box. I accidentally wrote that I left a summer internship to return to school, when in reality, I took a leave of absence the semester following the internship, which I explained in an addendum. I lost track of the timeline while filling out the applications and didn’t realize until later.

    Is this something I should email the schools to correct? I don’t want to appear that I am hiding anything or intentionally being misleading.

    Thank you!

  79. Spencer on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I listed my rank as “Top 5%” because I graduated Summa Cum Laude, and it was my understanding that that is only awarded to the top 5% of GPAs. It turns out I was wrong, and my specific college in the university does not do class ranks. Thoughts?

    Also, the formatting of my resume got messed up when I uploaded it to my app. All the information was on the page and in the right place, but it was off-center. I figured out on a later app that uploading as a PDF fixes that problem. Is it worth resubmitting?

    I’m sure I’m driving myself nuts over nothing, but would appreciate your thoughts!


  80. Hi Ann,

    I just submitted an app a few hours ago and realized, in an optional statement, I mentioned the wrong course name in which an event dealing with my disability occurred. I had stated this event happened in a previous semester in the essay, but accidentally wrote a course that I took this recent semester. It is also mentioned in my recommendation letter that I started to address my disability the previous semester and not in during the semester of the course name that I typed. What do you think an appropriate way to rectify this situation would be? How negatively will it impact me?

  81. Chris Jansen on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for the great advice. Its pretty incredible that you are still helping applicants a few years after the original post. I accidentally wrote two different starting dates for an internship – June on the application and July on the resume (resume is correct). Should I update the schools? If so, would a sentence in an email be adequate? I am worried that emailing the schools will draw more attention than is worth for this simple mistake, especially since I am a borderline applicant for my top choices. Thank you for your advice.

    KMCH (Keep My Conscience Honest)

  82. Keep My Conscience Honest on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the amazing advice. I have an inconsistency in dates between my resume and the app by one month (July versus June). The resume is correct but the application is not. What should I do? I’m worried that by drawing attention to this minor error, I may unnecessarily harm my application. This is particularly a problem for me since I’m a borderline applicant at my top choice. Any advice?

  83. Questions on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I noticed that on the biographical section that asks for city of birth, I wrote the name of my hometown instead. My hometown is right next to the city I was technically born in but I lived in my hometown my entire life before college. Should I send a correction for this?

  84. Hi Ann –
    I had my personal statement read over multiple times and someone corrected “nerve-racking” to “nerve-wrecking” and of course after reading it so many times myself I did not realize, especially since spell check did not notice. I submitted this version to a handful of schools, however, I only care about one. Should I try contacting them? Technically, by definition this does still make sense but its such a stupid looking mistake.

  85. Darren B. on said:

    Good Morning Ann,

    I submitted several law school apps back in December and the only thing missing from my files were my LORs at that time. As of yesterday I received my final LOR and my applications are now complete. I spoke with one of my recommenders today and he offered to show me the LOR he submitted to LSAC (I waived my right to view it) and I realized he name drops a specific school (1 of 5) that I have now transmitted the letter to! (And the school he mentions isn’t even my top choice!) I have the LOR listed as a, “General Recommendation” on the LSAC website which he was able to see and I also told him I applied to several schools and that I’d be using his letter for multiple schools (hence the General Recommendation designation). Should I contact the other four schools and advise them of this error? Will they hold it against me? Am I technically even supposed to know about it since I waived my rights to view the LOR? Lastly, will this have a major bearing on my chances of being admitted to the other schools?

    Thank you,

    Worried in SC

    • Darren, I think I answered this for you elsewhere. I would not follow up – apologizing to the schools would be awkward and wouldn’t get you anywhere. However, you could talk to the writer and ask him to upload a new letter at LSAC and have that letter send to all schools.

  86. Hi Ann,

    My daughter has sent out all of her applications and has already been accepted into some schools; however, she is in a panic now because she just noticed that on her resume she has the same dates listed for her two most recent jobs. In other words it looks as if she worked at both of these places at the same time when in fact one was before the other. She is waiting to hear back from some top schools and feels that this is why they will reject her. Should she do anything?

  87. Ann, I have a huge issue. I asked an attorney I interned with to write me a letter of recommendation. I later spoke to his assistant and stated that it should not be addressed to any specific school. I waived my rights to view the letter; so when he submitted it, I went ahead and applied to five law schools with this letter. A week letter, I received a copy of the letter of recommendation from the recommender and it was written to a specific school. What should I do? I been losing a lot of sleep over this? Help please!

  88. Hey! In my personal statement, I wrote “Bachelors in Science of Nursing” instead of “Bachelors in Science of Nursing.” Do you think it’s worth sending a corrected version to the admission’s board? Thanks!

  89. **Correction***
    Hey! In my personal statement, I wrote “Bachelors in Science of Nursing” instead of “Bachelors of Science in Nursing.” Do you think it’s worth sending a corrected version to the admission’s board? Thanks!

  90. Hi Ann, I just noticed an error in my personal statement and am freaking out! I was listing items in quotations, and accidentally put a comma outside a quotation instead of inside. so basically, the sentence looks like: “thing 1,” “thing 2”, “thing 3”. Worth sending an updated personal statement?? Will they notice?

  91. Cody Phillippi on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I submitted my personal statement, which I had some people review, and someone added “[insert school name here]” in the last paragraph and I forgot to change that to the schools name or “your institution”. I would love some advice. Thanks so much.

    • Oooooh…. Oh no! I hate this…I think you can send an updated PS but it may be too late. This is exactly why I hate “fill in the blank” school specific essays…

  92. Andrew Redd on said:

    I had a mistake in my personal statement. Should I email schools with the correction ? I said “Student Government Body” instead of “Student Government Association” Or should I be concerned ? It is in the second sentence

  93. Good morning Ann,

    After speaking to some attorneys that I know, I am considering applying for law school part-time. I submitted most of my applications last Thursday. Should I email the schools and ask them to also consider me for their part-time program?


  94. David on said:

    Hi Ann,
    Thank you for the super helpful post! A couple weeks after getting accepted to a few schools, I noticed that I had the wrong address in in my application (Chrome auto-filled a completely incorrect street # and zip code). I sent the schools an email today to update them.
    1) Should I be worried about this affecting my acceptance in any way?
    2) Is there a chance that this could hurt with C&F when I apply to the bar later?

    I hope I’m just being paranoid, but it’s been frustrating to find out that I made such a careless mistake after all the work I put on the LSAT and applications. Thank you!

  95. Martin on said:

    Ann, as I have been filling out a bar application, I found that I did not include some dates of undergrad classes I took before that I had to take before going to graduate school at the same school on my law school application. That is, after I graduate with a BA, I had to take some business leveling classes before I could go into the MBA program. A few years later when filling out my law school application, I guess I inadvertently did not include those dates on my application, though it was on my transcript. I have now graduate law school. I feel I should correct this so the Bar doesn’t get upset, or is it insignificant?

  96. No idea how this happened but I wrote GPA 3.75 instead of correct 3.74 in app. Should I write to the 4 schools I’ve already applied to?

  97. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for all your advice thus far! I am currently in the process of filling out applications and am having some trouble figuring out the specific months of employment for jobs that were 5+ years ago. I have been able to contact HR companies to request information, but one of the businesses has closed. Is there a way I can locate this information? I could probably give an idea of the time I was in the position, but I don’t want to put in an inaccurate date and appear dishonest.

    Thank you for any and all advice!

  98. Hi Ann,

    I realized on some of my applications under the family section, I listed the wrong zip code for my father’s address (I used my own instead of his). Should I contact the schools to correct this?

  99. Molly Gibbons on said:

    If i accidentally wrote “the speakers spoke informed the students about…..”, should I email the two schools to send an updated statement? I meant to delete the word spoke, 2 editors and myself missed the mistake.

  100. Hi Ann,

    So, I accidentally placed my last name in the preferred first name for a couple of my applications. Do you think I should contact each school and let them know? Or is it really not that big of a deal. I placed all the correct information in first name last name etc. Just on the preferred first name section is where I made my mistake.

  101. I mistakenly left out my GRE scores on my application to Harvard thinking I could use LSAT or GRE score, and have just realized they want ALL scores from last 5 years. Should I e mail admissions and explain why I didn’t put both, or just send my GRE score through the GRE website with no e mail? Your help would be much appreciated!

  102. Hi Ann-
    I have filled out two applications, and of course, I have a heart attack.
    1. On the first school, I wrote on the resume Summers 2013 & 2014 instead of Sept. 2013-June 2014. I also wrote for an organization I belong to, August 2015- present instead of Dec 2016- present. Should I email about this.
    2. I submitted an application TODAY and realized I wrote the wrong school name on the personal statement. I already contacted the school and sent in a new personal statement and they have not even sent me a confirmation or user name and password for the status check. How big of a deal is this? I have removed the name from all personal statements now.

    • Alexa, #1 is easy to correct by emailing the law school with the correct dates. But #2 is the kind of thing I implore people to avoid by only including a school name in an essay if the school asks you to do so, and also to check applications carefully. Send the new version and hope for the best.

  103. Hi Ann, I just turned in my law school application for early decision at NYU. Throughout the course of completing it, I kept debating on whether or not I should explain my lower GPA. I started off undergrad in Pre-Med and after four years, discovered my passion for law. My lower GPA was due to all the science classes I took that I didn’t do well in, but I felt like writing an addendum like this might hurt me if they thought I was making excuses so I didn’t do it. Now, I’m freaking out because I feel like I probably should have written one.

    What do you think?

  104. jason welson on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I just submitted my application to a few schools and i realized that i was supposed to list both of my lsat scores and i only listed my higher one. i dont want them to think im a liar, what should i do?

  105. SarahBeth on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I just realized in my essay, I stated the name of a writer as “Anatole French” instead of “Anatole France”. He is not a major facet of my essay – I just quote him once. Should I resend a new personal statement with his name corrected, or just forget it?

  106. If I wrote the word “at” instead of “a” in a sentence in a personal statement, do you think it is going to hurt my chances?

  107. Hi Ann,

    I realized I wrote “at professor” instead of “a professor” on my personal statement and somehow miss this after countless proofreading. Should I be concerned? Would sending an updated personal statement help me or hurt my chances? I submitted 4 applications on Tuesday to target schools.

  108. Hi Ann, your post has been extremely useful!
    For C&F reasons, should I be including ALL employment history since college on the law school application?
    Specifically, I worked at Place A for over a year, voluntarily resigned for Place B where I worked for only 2 weeks and realized it wasn’t the right fit, voluntarily resigned and returned to Place A a few months later, should I list all of these changes as well as the specific months/years that the employment took place?
    My employment at Place B was insignificant since I was only there for 2 weeks but I’m concerned that if I don’t disclose it now, it’ll be viewed upon negatively when being reviewed for the bar and having them compare it with my law school application.
    Additionally, should I also write an addendum explaining my gaps in employment?

    Thanks for all your help!

    • Hi JW. Glad the resources are helpful. You should list all employment, yes, if a school asks.
      Gaps don’t always have to be explained; it depends on how your resume looks overall and what you did during that time.

  109. Hi Ann,

    I am a 3L filling out my NCBEX C&F. I have noticed that I used my overall GPA (as the LS I attended application called for “GPA” 3.74 vs. 3.76) and my major rank (5%) opposed to overall 20% when applying to my LS. Any advice as to how I should proceed? I am debating going to amend my application with the dean of the school and explain my confusion years ago, and do not want to submit my C&F application with any skeletons in the closet! However, is this necessary—dont wan’t to be overly panicked.

    Any help?

    • I don’t think it’s necessary, Alison. You can ask the dean of the school whether this will be a problem, but the school didn’t rely on that for you to be admitted – they relied on your transcripts and Academic Summary report.

  110. Valerie on said:


    I noticed an error in my personal statement, where I wrote “implement” instead of “implemented” (I designed and implement a …)

    I can upload a new version of my statement through an online portal, though both statements will then be included. What to do?

    Thank you.

  111. I just submitted to a few schools. I wrote a “Why Duke” and end the first paragraph “This program is the basis for my interest in pursuing my legal education at the Duke.” .. “the Duke”.. Should I send an updated version deleting the ‘the’?

  112. Hi Ann, I had a quick question about whether or not I should send an updated resume. I currently run a blog which I wrote about in my addendum and resume however I didn’t include the direct url/website, only the name of the blog. When I Google search my blog’s name, It doesn’t show up on the first page of Google. Should I send schools an updated resume with the direct url?
    Thank you!!!

  113. Melissa on said:

    Hi Ann!

    Thank you for writing a very nice, calming article!

    My question is during undergrad I was placed on Academic Warning, something which I addressed in my addendum and is apparent on my transcripts. But in the Character and Fitness section of my application, I just realized I put the wrong answer in regards to this. It’s extra tricky too because I just received my acceptance letter for this school, so I’m not sure what to do. Help!

  114. Hi Ann,

    I just realized that I forgot to submit an optional essay for one of my top-choice schools. I really want to do all I can to maximize my chance at this school. Though it’s been about a month since I submitted the application, should I email the optional essay? Would they take it as a plus or proof of my carelessness?


  115. Hi Ann,

    I just realized I forgot to list 2 community college course I took over the summer on my application. The transcript is in CAS but should I email the schools stating that I forgot to list it under educational institutions?


  116. Ann,

    I accidentally uploaded the wrong resume on one my recent applications. The problem with the one I submitted is that i\I left a bullet point under my education as -Thesis: ” ” and did not put the final title of my senior thesis.

    Should I send an updated resume to the law school?

    Thank you!

  117. Jake L. on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I made a mistake on my Resume for one school. I accidentally uploaded the wrong Resume from my computer, which said [Thesis: ” “] as one of the bullets under the Education section. I didn’t have a title at the time so I left it like that and must have saved it as another name when I updated it. I uploaded the updated Resume for all other apps though, so it is just on one.

    Should I send an email to that school with my “Updated Resume” or should I just let it be?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  118. Hi Ann, 2 questions here.

    On a few of my apps in the Extra Curricular areas, I put two club positions as working on them 7 hours/week. I didn’t realize it was week instead of month and on my resume, it is listed as 7 hours/month. I’ve changed it on my apps moving forward, but what do you think I should do for the few apps that I’ve already submitted?

    #2: On these same apps, I forgot to include the second year that I received an academic award, but it is shown that I received it both years on my resume. Do I just let this one go?

  119. Anonymous on said:

    Ann – Thank you for this helpful post. I recently identified an error in the employment dates on a resume I submitted with some applications. I immediately emailed the schools to correct the information, but after consulting the LSAC website, I am concerned that their misconduct process does take the intent of the applicant into account. The error was accidental, but I am concerned that some sort of proceeding could now be initiated which would harm my chances, even at schools that did not receive the erroneous initial resume copy. Should I be worried about this? This specific issue aside, in your experience, what is the likelihood that errors such as these, in and of themselves, negatively effect admissions outcomes with an otherwise solid application? Thank you for any insight.

  120. Hi Ann,

    I just submitted my application, and realized that instead of “right path forward” autocorrect changed the phrase to “right back forward.”

    Is this big enough to be worth a phone call?

  121. J Miriam on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for your incredible commitment to helping people navigate this process! I have found your blog to be both informative and very calming.
    I made an error on both on both my awards section and resume by putting “magna cum laude” instead of “cum laude” for my BA in psychology degree. If I send schools the correction, do I need to attach an updated resume? Also, will my application be placed on hold/reviewed later because of this? Lastly, my college cumulative GPA was 3.94 but with LSAC’s
    formula it’s 4.0 (4.0 is what’s on my lsac academic report). I put 4.0 on my resume but should I have instead said 3.9?

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your help is truly a life savor!

  122. Hey so I just realized I made a major mistake on one application. Loyola Marymount’s application says pick preferences; day, night, day/night, night/day. I picked night thinking they were just class time preferences but apparently on is three years the other is four and I don’t even know what the other two are. It doesn’t say anywhere on the application what the difference is so I thought I was applying for full time. Well to my surprise I got in but to the part time program! I can’t resubmit so should I just take that school as a loss?

  123. Annonymous on said:

    Made a bad judgement call on a number of my apps. I didn’t fill-in the “Reason for Leaving” under the employment section on all my applications that asked for it. Yes, there was a job I was fired from because of poor performance, but also I felt like it was a very intrusive question! In hindsight, I think it looks sketchy, uncooperative, and looks like I’m trying to cover up for something much worse than reality. Is there anything I can do at this point? Should I contact the schools and volunteer this information?

  124. Eric Hilton on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I just submitted an app and notice that in my addenda the sentence at the end of one of my paragraphs is missing a period. Additionally, in the paragraph following the missing period mistake, I wrote “that risk that,” when it should’ve read as “the risk that”. I’m a little worried, should I send an updated version of this addenda or leave it alone? ts not a T14

  125. Hi Ann, First off I’d like to say thank you for this incredible service you run. I submitted my personal statements to two schools so far and I had a draft that I had a typo in and I fixed it in a final draft but submitted the wrong file. I know your general advice on typos but in this circumstance, I used a Gandhi quote and spelled his name Ghandi. Should I attempt to resubmit and tell the schools that I got confused and submitted a document that was my “final draft” instead of my “final version” or do you think I shouldn’t even draw their attention to this?

    Thank you

  126. Denise Sony on said:


    I found a spacing issue on my resume!!! And I already submitted my apps. Should I send an updated version to the school? If so, can I do it through LSAC.
    I simply submitted the wrong draft that was not PDF, as the doc keep moving my spacing around.

    Thank you so much for having this!

  127. Hi Ann, thank you for this post

    I submitted an addendum that explains the circumstances of a leave of absence I took in the Spring 2010 semester. However, in this addendum I mistakenly referred to the period as “Spring 2009”. All of the content of the addendum however correctly references Spring 2010 (I mention circumstances which occurred in Feb-March 2010). My transcript also explicitly shows the LOA as being in the Spring 2010 semester.

    Should I contact the schools and let them know about this correction? Or will it be looked at as a minor typo?

    Thank you,

  128. Maddi on said:

    Hi, Ann!

    I realized that I somehow left out my study abroad institution on some of my applications under “education”, but it is on my resume. Should I contact the schools and inform them of this error? Or is it okay because it’s on my resume?

  129. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I mistakenly rounded my high school GPA on my resume and application to the nearest tenth. It was a 3.777 GPA and I rounded it up to a 3.8.

    Is rounding to the nearest tenth considered dishonesty? Should I contact them about the error?

  130. Joanna on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Is rounding a gpa to the nearest tenth on an application and resume considered dishonesty? As in rounding a 3.489 to a 3.5? What should I do if I already submitted the application?

  131. Natasha on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Huge fan of your book (and this blog!). I just submitted my first application and realized I misunderstood what was being asked in the Education section. I’m a nontraditional student (15 years since undergrad) applying for part-time/evening programs only. I’ve taken some post grad classes related to my field at UCLA extension and since I know these courses are not calculated in my LSAC gpa I didn’t list them in the education section. I did however submit the transcripts so everything will show up on my CAS report.

    Also, I notIced some people on here mentioning they forgot to list high school under education. It didn’t even occur to me that they might be wanting this information since I didn’t request any of my high school transcripts for my CAS report.

    My question is, since the school will have all the accurate information on my CAS report, is it necessary to contact to school to clarify or correct this information?

    Also noticed a typo in one of my character and fitness disclosures (there’s a “we” where there should be a “were”).

    Appreciate your advice on how to handle. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Natasha! I’m so glad the book and blog have been helpful.
      You don’t need high school transcripts – some applications ask about high school and some don’t, but you don’t have to send the transcripts for evaluation.
      The typo is unfortunately but not deadly – I wouldn’t bother pointing it out.

  132. Hi Ann, thank you so much for all of your help.

    On my resume that I submitted to law schools, I had written down a job I had just acquired. It was a freelance job that ended up not materializing (I didn’t do any work for them but there was no formal termination, nor did I formally write to quit). I have already received my acceptances and am wondering if I should correct this information.

    Thanks in advance.


  133. Jesse on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I really need your advice. I applied to several schools and I noticed that a couple of schools required the personal statement to be double-spaced. I submitted the same statement to all the schools and did not double spaced it for the schools that required. What should I do about it? Any advice, I would really appreciate it, thank you!

  134. Al Torres on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I noticed in my personal statement that I put “Growing up Fairfield” instead of “Growing up in Fairfield” and “and wanted discover” instead of “and wanted to discover. The first one was at the first sentence. Feeling terrible about it.

  135. Al Corey on said:

    Hi Ann,

    two mistakes on my personal statement:
    1. I wrote ” Growing up Fairfield” instead of “Growing up in Fairfield” in the first sentence.
    2. I wrote ” and wanted discover” instead of “and wanted to discover”

    Any feedback?

    Thanks in advance.

  136. Hi Ann,
    I was terminated by my college 20 years ago. It was difficult for me to study in a foreign country. I did not like the major I studied and I only understood maybe 50% in class. I wonder if I still have a chance to apply law school now. I did turn my life around two years after being terminated and received a Bachelor’s degree thereafter. Should I get any documentation from the school? Really appreciated your input.

  137. I accidentally put my DOB in the date space where I electronically sign the application. Really stupid mistake. will this be an issue?

  138. Hi Ann,

    I liked your book a lot. I recently submitted to Stanford and all is great except my very last line reads “as Stanford Law graduate” instead of “as a Stanford Law Graduate.” I am afraid it stands out because the mistake phase is on its own line at the end. What should I do?


  139. Hi Ann,

    I just realized that twice in my PS I used a hyphen when I should have used a dash for breakout clauses. Something like “The sun – big, round, and beautiful – rose this morning.” when it correctly should use dashes as in, “The sun – big, round, and beautiful – rose this morning.” I have already sent to 10+ schools.

    Worth a correction? I’m quite the grammarian – to what extent are application readers? Is this something they will even notice?

    • And now I am noticing that the site font formatting doesn’t even differentiate between the two punctuation marks, so I guess I answered my own question.

  140. Hi Ann,

    I just submitted applications to five top schools (including UChicago and Harvard), and I realized that I spelled “excelled” as “exceled.” Microsoft word spell check did not catch the spelling error, nor did two proofreaders… also the spell check in this text box did not catch the spelling error! However, since I just sent the applications a couple of days ago, I think I may be able to replace the files. What are your thoughts? Do you think it is worth it?

    Thank you for your advice!!

  141. Hi Anne,

    In my personal statement I wrote. “This is what I was taught only 20 years ago, when I was six years old.” Sticking to the spell out numbers under 10 rule, but then I realized in the next sentence to open a new paragraph I started, “One day when I was twelve…” Is this a big deal?

  142. Dante M. on said:

    Hi Ann, I applied to most t-14 schools. I have one type where i wrote “posesses” instead of “possesses” (missed an S). Big deal or no?

  143. Aparna J. on said:

    I am absolutely freaking out right now. I just realized that I forgot to check “yes” to the question on my application that asks if I had applied to that law school before, I checked no on accident and the following questions regarding the year application sent and if I was accepted were unanswered too. This is such a big mistake, how should I go about it? I don’t want them to think I am careless or rushed through it, it just slipped my mind that I had applied there for the last term because I had applied to 20 plus schools and i just totally forgot to check yes.
    Please advise!! I submitted it just two days ago.

  144. Aparna J on said:

    I am absolutely freaking out right now. I just realized that I forgot to check “yes” to the question on my application that asks if I had applied to that law school before, I checked no on accident and the following questions regarding the year application sent and if I was accepted were unanswered too. This is such a big mistake, how should I go about it? I don’t want them to think I am careless or rushed through it, it just slipped my mind that I had applied there for the last term because I had applied to 20 plus schools and i just totally forgot to check yes.
    Please advise!! I submitted it just two days ago.

  145. Hi Ann,

    I made a HUGE mistake on my law school applications. I had marked “no” on a part of the application asking about receiving an academic warning. The warning I had received was 3.5 years ago and it was nothing more than an email telling me my gpa was too low. I completely forgot that I had received any sort of warning at all! However, it’s marked on my transcript and two of the six schools I applied to have emailed me asking for an addendum. All of the other schools have sent my application for review. Should I email the addendum to these remaining schools or is it too late?

  146. Hi Ann, I just submitted my app at Harvard and realized my resume had a couple lines with inconsistent formatting. There are two date ranges that do not abbreviate the months while the rest do. (November vs Nov.). Should I email them?

  147. I sent in my personal statement without realizing that it was written in Times New Roman, but the header was written in Calibri! What should I do?

  148. Hi Ann,

    I noticed in my PS I failed to capitalize part of a proper noun, and accidentally had an errant ‘me’ in the middle of a sentence: ‘I have been forced me to reconsider some of my assumptions.” Is this worth sending an updated personal statement?


  149. Hi Ann,

    On one of my application under Education, High School, I have the dates as 2001 through 2007. I attended a preparatory school that ran from 7th to 12th grade. Those are the dates I’m used to saying for the school so I didn’t give it much though. Realize now that high school typically only covers 9th-12th grade. Do you think it’s worth me emailing the school about the proper dates?

  150. I just submitted an application to University of Wisconsin Law School. I just realized in my application materials i referred to it as “University of Wisconsin School of Law”. will this make a difference? should I attempt to contact them and change it?

  151. Hi Ann, thank you for the post.
    Here’s my situation: I’m starting a new job on Jan 15th and had already planned to email all schools an updated resume. 2 issues:
    1. I left off my study abroad institution in the Education section where it says to list ALL institutions attended. I noticed in another comment you said that study abroad is typically not included…but in this section it does say ALL institutions so I did not include it.
    2. In the employment section, where it says to list ALL employment, including internships, I left off one of my key internships that I discuss in my personal statement. I remember adding it but I think I edited it and then it just got deleted. I have 13 employment experiences listed (really wanted to be thorough) I am not sure it will be something that is noticed, but I know it is important for the bar and I want to be thorough and honest. It is on my resume that I submitted to all schools.

    When I email schools my updated resume, should I also include that I need to add an education and employment experience (and list it how it would be in the application), or just address the employment?

  152. Meghan P on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I submitted my applications a week ago but it just dawned on me that I left out part of my employment history, a summer job at a golf course that I did for 2 summers. I guess I had been so focused on explaining my more recent internships that I completely forgot to add it. This information is included on my resume, but should I email schools to explain my mistake? Will the discrepancy between my resume and the application be a big deal?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  153. Hi Ann,

    I was racing to finish my applications and accidentally submitted the wrong diversity statement – basically I was applying for a joint degree and submitted the masters’ diversity statement to at least 5 of my top schools. What should I do? 🙁

  154. Meghan P on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for all your help! I have an issue – I submitted my applications over a week ago but just realized I left out part of my employment history, a summer job I did at a golf course during high school and undergrad for 2 summers. My work experience only lists the most recent (and I think more relevant) legal internships where I worked the past 2 years. The summer job is reflected on my resume, but should I still email schools to let them know this so there is no discrepancy between the application and my resume?

  155. Hi Anne!

    I just submitted an essay for an optional “why this school” prompt. I realized after submitting that I said collages instead of colleagues. Should I email and updated essay? Luckily caught this before sending to other schools.

  156. Hi Ann,

    First of all, I am really impressed with you keeping up with all of these comments since 2013! That’s some real commitment to helping out the little guys!

    Now to the questions: I made 2 mistakes on the application, both in the education section:

    1. The city of one of my schools was auto-filled with a city that has no connection with the school, and the state was removed as well. I only noticed this after already submitting the application to NYU and HLS. I should note, the error was a technical error on LSAC’s end and they admitted that to me in an email.

    2. I didn’t realize that ALL of my educational institutions needed to be listed. I now realize that they do, but once again, 3 apps have been sent out. The schools that are on the education list are those that were used for my degree. However, there are 2 schools that did not count towards my degree that I did not list. One is an international institution that I was in for under a year. I have added them for future apps, but what about the ones I already sent in?

    Appreciate your help!

    Ps. As an afterthought, how should I phrase speeding tickets on an addendum for violations of the law? Only violations are moving violation related.

    • Hi Jack! It’s actually since 2006 but when I did a new blog format we lost all the previous comments : )
      Sorry to hear about the errors. I’m not worried about the location of the school -just let it ride.
      About the schools you didn’t report, if they appear on your Academic Summary you should be ok.
      Speeding tickets should just be briefly and factually explained (date, paid, etc.)

  157. Part 2:

    One of my colleges has since shut down and I have no access to my transcript from that school. The credits from that institution were never used in my final degree. How should I go about with the lack of transcript?

  158. Dear Ann,

    I would be grateful if you could comment on my following mistakes:

    1. In order to illustrate my academic interests I included the following sentence: “The unparalleled professional and academic insight of esteemed faculty members such as Professor X and Professor Y will assist me in understanding…” Whilst Professor Y is indeed a faculty member, I later found out that Professor X is not a faculty member but only gave a guest lecture at the university that I applied to. I am worried the admission committee may think that my application was rushed and didn’t do my research.

    2. Instead of writing “entities subjects of rights” , I wrote “entities subject of rights”.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for providing your much appreciated thoughts.

  159. Hey Ann,

    I was just reviewing my applications and noticed a put the wrong year for LSAT’s.

    Should I contact the schools I applied to or let my law school report clear this up?

    Thank you

  160. Rachel on said:

    Hi Ann!

    I realized today that in the optional Diversity Statement I sent to two lower-half T14 schools, I accidentally left an “of of” in my opening paragraph. Both applications are already in review, so I am assuming it is too late to correct the error, but do you think this will hurt my chances at admission?


  161. Gary Ebersbach on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I have been sober for almost 6 years now. On my character and fitness statement I messed up a date about how long I was sober when an old warrant caught up to me. The date of the arrests was correct but I wrote “I was sober 5 months when I was pulled over” and not “I was sober a year and 5 months”. Should I contact them?

  162. Hi Ann,

    I have been sober for over 5 years now. On my character and fitness statement I wrote about a warrant that caught up with me after I was sober a year and 5 months. On the statement I wrote I was sober 5 months instead of a year and 5 months. Does this need to be explained or can I just let it go?

  163. Danielle on said:

    On a few law school application I said I have BA degree but I actually have BBA, should I email my schools to correct this error?

  164. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you ahead of time for all your help!
    I was finishing up an application and as I was attaching my GPA Addendum, I realized something. The opening sentence says “As stated on my diversity statement,”. Two of the schools I have already submitted to did not have a diversity statement section… Do I need to send in a revised version to those schools? Or is it okay?

  165. Hi Ann,

    First off, thank you for your blog–it’s a lifesaver!

    I had a question regarding a formatting error on a resume addendum. I submitted it single-spaced instead of double-spaced. It wasn’t an accident, just poor judgement on my part (I don’t know why at the time I had it in my head that I didn’t need to double-space the addendum.)

    Should I email the school with a double-spaced version and just say it’s been updated?

    This was one of the first applications I submitted, and I actually have updated the content of both my resume and the addendum since then (I’ve made the addendum more succinct). This brings me to my next question–if I’m going to email them an update anyway, would it be better to just submit the revised resume and addendum (as opposed to just a double-spaced version of the original addendum)? I don’t know if that would seem to be too much overhauling after the fact.


    Thanks for your help!

  166. Dear Ann,

    I’m back reading this particular blog post again after having noted a mistake on some submitted applications. On my resume (and in the employment section for schools that required it) I incorrectly listed the end dates for two positions by one month. I’ve had them on my resume for a while and didn’t think to question the end dates I’d written down from memory, until I started doing a postmortem on my applications (which obviously would’ve been helpful much earlier). Anyway, one part-time position was noted as ending in 03/16 (when it actually ended at the very end of 02/16) and one part-time was noted as ending 09/16 (but ended at end of 08/16).

    I’m worried about seeming like I’m bothering my borderline schools with this information. Do you think I should just email them with a quick correction?

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Many thanks

  167. Hi Ann,

    Yikes, in follow up to my question from last night, on a couple of my apps there’s a third date that may also be off by a month. It’s a bit embarrassing. Three dates seems like a lot to correct via email. Do you think it’s best to correct via email disclosure, or just send an updated resume when it’s that many? Sorry for all the questions, just losing a bit of sleep over this one.

    Thanks for all of your help.

  168. Hi Ann,

    After submitting my diversity statement to several schools, I felt the statement’s main idea might be a little confusing to readers not familiar with my culture, so I revised the opening paragraph and several topic sentences but the story is the same. I also corrected several grammar mistakes. Some schools have not read my application yet. Should I send an updated statement? Thank you!

  169. Hi Ann,

    After submitting my diversity statement to several schools, I felt the statement’s main idea might be a little confusing to readers not familiar with my culture so I revised the opening paragraph and several topic sentences but the story is the same. I also corrected some grammar mistakes. Some schools have not read my application yet. Should I send an updated statement? Thank you!

  170. Saveena Joshi on said:

    Hi Ann, I am not sure if this is allowed. But my recommendor sent me a copy after sending the Lor to Lsac. I found that he added BA LLB in my degree instead of LLB. Ehat should I do. It was just uploaded today.
    Thanks in advance.

  171. Mitchell on said:


    I just applied to law schools and I’m nervous about this one aspect. I checked off the “White/Caucasian” and “Middle East” box for ethnicity. Both of my grandfathers are from Syria but I’m not sure whether I should’ve have checked this box. Should I let the school know to change it? Thanks!

  172. Anonymous on said:

    I looked meticulously through my application, but unfortunately I found one typo where I write “council” instead of “counsel.” Would you send a new resume in or just leave it, it is the only error in my app?

  173. What a terrific resource this blog is. My question is whether it’s appropriate to update a resume not over an error but to add an honor. When I applied (in December) I wrote that I had been invited to try out for a national team. I’ve subsequently made the team. Would this warrant an update of some sort? Or is it too late in the process (Feb. 20), too minor a detail, or too tangential to law school to include?

  174. Elan Wink on said:

    I had my abroad transcript sent to LSAC but I accidentally used my home institutions transfer request form. What should I do to fix this? The transcript still has not be processed even though it’s been over two weeks.

    Thanks for the help!

  175. Collin M on said:


    I just got accepted to a law school, and when looking back at my application I realized I made a minor error in the “Applicant Background” section. The questions were…

    Is English your first native language?
    Are you bi/multilingual?
    If you are bi/multilingual, please list any languages in which you are fluent other than English.
    No answer provided

    I am a native English speaker and made a mistake on answering the first question. Is this something I should reach out to the school with? I know that I have been accepted, but I am worried that this could be an issue in the future. What should I do?

  176. Collin M on said:


    I just got accepted to a law school and realized there was a minor mistake on my application. I accidentally indicated that English was not my first native language. In the following questions I indicated that I was not bilingual, and that I am not fluent in any other languages. Obviously this won’t affect my application, but should I reach out to the school? I don’t want this to be an issue in the future. What should I do?

  177. Ashlyn on said:


    I recently found out that I won’t receive an International Relations minor when I graduate that I listed in my resume as expected because of a scheduling error. I have completed all the courses required except one and have two other majors and another minor. Should I resubmit my resume or email the schools I have applied to about this discrepancy? Thanks!

  178. Jake on said:

    Hi Anne,

    I am a 3L and submitting my bar application. I downloaded my lawschool application from LSAC and compared it to the bar application questions. In reviewing the past misdemeanors question, I searched the court docket and realized I have past misdemeanors such as traffic violations. I didn’t mention this on the law school application, because I thought they were just infractions and over with after paying the fine.

    I am going to amend with the school right now, but was wondering if the law school would prevent me from receiving my J.D. because of this. Also, do you think the Bar will deny my application after reviewing this amendment?

  179. Shelly on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I realized that I made a huge mistake on my Resume. I repeated a bullet point and I feel just horrible/ stressed about it. do you think I should send an updated version to my schools? I can’t believe this happened.

    Thanks for your help! This blog is amazing.

  180. Erika on said:


    I’m in the process of applying to schools and realized I may have made an error on the applications that I’ve submitted so far. For the questions “Has your education in college, university, or professional school been interrupted for one term or more for any reason?”, I answered no, as I have never missed a Spring or Fall Semester in school. But when I was looking back at my transcripts now, I see that I did take a break for one Summer Semester. Should I reach out to the schools and let them know I made an error? I know they will see my transcripts. I am unsure of whether they are including Summer semesters in this question or if they assume that students take summer courses throughout their whole undergraduate careers in order to finish on time.

    Please advise!!

    Thank you so much! Love your blog!

  181. Richard on said:

    Hello, in the education section of the application listed all of the semesters I received deans list, after reviewing my transcript I learned that I didn’t receive it for one of the semesters i thought I did. Do I worry?

  182. Yenny on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I just wanted to know if you knew anything about how law school admissions see MOOCs on a resume? I’m taking law courses on edX and Coursera to show how dedicated and serious I am about attending law school.

    Thank you for your time!

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