How Law School Waitlists Work

A client just sent me this e-mail:

I was wondering if you could give me (or blog about) a little more insight about how wait lists usually work. Is there a weighted order in which applicants are ranked and then applicants are taken off according to that? Is the ranking based on their admissions index number or the order in which they received apps? Would retaking the LSAT in June and getting a higher score give them more of a reason to take an applicant off the WL?

As a director of admission for a law school, I looked at my waitlist for a combination of the following:

1. Likelihood of attendance if offered admission

2. Numbers

I didn’t have time to make phone calls going down the list – I wanted to make one call to an applicant who I knew would be thrilled to hear from me and who would commit to my school practically on the spot.

This is why Letters of Continued Interest are so important. This is why like-ability is a factor. Whose day do I want to make? That’s what I would think about.

Keep in mind, not every school uses its waitlist in the same way, and not every school uses its waitlist the same way from year to year or week to week. Some do place people in quartiles or priority lists. Others use numbers only or residents first or perhaps even take diversity factors back into account depending on how it seems the class is shaping up so far. You can’t predict what will happen, and nothing I tell you will change that.

The key thing to keep in mind is that, yes, people do get into their dream schools off the waitlist. Absolutely. So, if it’s important to you, then pursue it. If you’re staying on the waitlist just to get another acceptance letter in your portfolio, then perhaps consider a polite bowing out in favor of that applicant who would be thrilled at the acceptance. Just because the law schools play games doesn’t mean you have to. : )

Lastly, I have seen people improve on the June LSAT and be admitted off a wait list as a result. Yes. For example, I had a client with a 165 waitlisted at Northwestern. He came back with a 170 on the June LSAT and was admitted.

I’m sure there will be a few comments on this post, and I’m happy to answer questions. Just keep in mind I can’t give individual advice about your personal “waitlist campaign” in this format.

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  1. Anthony on said:

    Hi Ms. Levine,

    Thanks for the time you put into your blog! What time of year should students start sending letters of continues interest to WL schools? Does it make sense to wait until after the rush of April deposit season?



  2. Stephanie on said:

    Hi Ms. Levine,

    It is such a coincidence that you posted this blog b/c I have just been waitlisted at my top 2 choices and I have been battling with when to send my LOCI. After reading your blog, I will send them out within the next week and continue to follow up. One of the schools is in the state I live in so I plan on making a visit to show even more interest. Do you believe visits help any?

    Thank you for this blog…I cannot tell you how helpful it was.

  3. Hi Ms. Levine,

    I was placed on hold at my top choice during the EA period (LSAT is out of range so gave me a great deal of hope) and am anxiously awaiting a response which should come soon. In the meantime, I have sent extra letters of reference, an LOCI, and visited the institution which is quite far from where I am living currently.

    I went over some of the materials submitted on my behalf and noticed a mistake on one of my job titles on my resume is worded differently than the title used in one of my letters of reference. The substantiative description of the job is the same and the titles are not dramatically different. I technically work for two separate entities at once and its not unusual for there to be a disconnect between the two in terms of job titles.

    Should I follow up to correct this? I feel like I have submitted so many extra materials it might be best to slide.

  4. Jasmine on said:

    Hello Ms. Levine,

    I have a question about what I should do. I am a female minority and was placed at my top choice (American University) waitlist. Honestly, I did not even think they would consider my application because it is a long shot for me. My GPA is in their 25th percentile with a 3.34 and LSAT is no where on the radar, 144. In my case, should I consider the waitlist a rejection if they are Yield protecting? Or do I have any chance of getting off, and if so, what should I do? (I sent a letter of continued interest and spoke with the Dean of Diversity Affairs and an alumnae professor there about my file).

    • Hi Jasmine,
      It sounds like you’re doing everything right. I have seen American make HUGE exceptions on LSAT in order to admit minorities. If they weren’t going to consider you seriously, they would have outright rejected you. I think your chances will depend on how many deposits they get from URM admitted applicants.
      I wish you the best of luck!

  5. Hi Ann,
    Thank you for blogging for those of us that can’t quite afford a full consultant right now. My LSAT is 4 points above the 75th percentile at my first choice school (South Texas C of L), but I just got waitlisted. Lower GPA probably hurt. In your experience, is a school like this likely to admit off the list, and if so, would a letter campaign on my part really help? Thanks again, even if you can’t respond.

  6. bucky on said:

    I am curious if you have seen what Wisconsin is doing this year. They are waitlisting students with substantially higher LSAT numbers than their medians, along with other normally admitted students. They will send an offer of admission for the following year as a transfer if you’re in the top half of your class as a 1L at another school, but then bait you into submitting a letter of continued interest and it specifically asks you to do so and explain why you like Wisconsin.

    Have you ever seen anything quite like this? Are they most likely just trying to yield protect or boost their median numbers?


  7. California on said:

    Dear Ann,

    Thank you for your blog. It has been very useful to me throughout the admissions process thus far.

    I have been waitlisted at Pepperdine University. Through much soul searching, visiting the campus, and even more research, I know this is the school I want to attend. I decided that if called, no matter how late in the academic year, I will go.

    I was wondering how many LOCI’s you recommend sending. Is once a month too much? Or should I do it every, say, two months, etc.

    I would also like to get in contact with several professors at the school who are alums at my undergrad. Ask for advice and possibly for some help. Is this going too far?

    Lastly, based on the admissions cycle thus far and throwing the recession into the mix, how likely do you think schools like Pepperdine will dip into their wait list. I know last year they didn’t dip at all but the year before they pulled out 25-30 students.

    One last thing. I have been asked to model for a bikini photo shoot for a military fundraising calendar. I was wondering if this is worth mentioning to the school or does it not matter? Or even worse, would schools look at this negatively?

    Thank you so much for your advice.

    • Hi fellow Californian,
      First, this is Pepperdine. So please do not model in your bikini. Or, if you do, please don’t tell them or let it come up in any google searches. Please.
      Second, once a month is fine – you can mix it up with a phone cal instead of a letter.
      Professors at the law school who went to your undergrad? That relationship seems a bit tenuous….
      I can’t predict which schools will use their waitlists or the extent to which they’ll use them. Just hang in there!
      And thanks for reading the blog!

  8. Hi Ann
    I got waitlisted at UC Hastings, and I know thats the school where I want to go. I have visited the school once after receiving the email that I was waitlisted, and I plan on going again, but in the email they clearly said they did not want any emails or phone calls, and they said to just check my email for further instructions. So far, they haven’t emailed me anything . I know they said no email or calls, but do you think its ok to send a LOCI?

    Also, my LSAT is below the range, do you think there is any chance of getting off their waitlist? I have heard UC hastings is big on the yield protecting.

    And just one more thing, with seat deposits due in just a few days, would Hastings not consider me if I put a seat deposit elsewhere while I wait for their decision?

    Sorry for all the questions, thanks so much


    • Ella, you must put down a seat deposit at another school. You’d be an idiot not to. It won’t hurt you at Hastings to do so. Rather, you need to communicate to Hastings that it’s your first choice and you’d go there under pretty much any circumstances. Follow the school’s instructions re: appropriate communication, but still communicate with them. Good luck!

  9. stephanie on said:

    have a question about what I should do. I was waitlisted at Villanova Law (my top choice). Honestly, I did not even think they would consider my application because of my numbers. My GPA is in their 2.75 (1.5 first year and jumped 3.00 to 3.30 (senior year) and LSAT is in 150s, but was accommodated). In my case, should I consider the wait list a rejection ? Or do I have any chance of getting off, and if so, what should I do? (I sent a letter of continued interest

  10. Catherine on said:

    Hi Ann, wonderful website!

    I’ve been waitlisted by American, William and Mary, Iowa, and Loyola Chicago. My LSAT 161, I’m Asian.

    What would you recommend getting off the waitlist? American is my first choice, then Iowa.

    • Catherine, Glad you like the site! You need to demonstrate your likelihood of attendance if selected. American’s waitlist is about 100 miles long this year, so one of the others might be easier. Therefore, don’t put all your eggs in the “American” basket. Good luck!

  11. Ashley on said:


    I saw you mentioned that American’s waitlist is “100 miles long this year” – I’m on the waitlist and have already sent in a LOCI, but I wanted to know, based on your experience, if you believe the waitlist will be opening up? What do you think the chances are of anyone getting off the waitlist? Do you know when they typically will start to make decisions? Any knowledge you can share would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you so much!

    • Ashley, it’s impossible to predict what any one school will do from year to year with their waitlists but American’s feels pretty hefty… All I can say for advice is this: Better to be proactive and not get in than to wonder “what if I’d made more of an effort?”
      Good luck!

  12. Hi Ann,
    I am curious if you have any insight into the University of Houston’s waitlist this year? I know that they got about 20% more apps this year than last.

    • Hi Joe,
      UH is a regional-based school so they won’t play games with their WL. They are just trying to see how many spots they have and how many people (and what kind of people – GPAs, LSATs, diversity, male v. female, etc.) they need to balance out the class (just like any other school really).
      My standard mantra on being on the WL is: If you do nothing, you won’t get it. If you campaign for it, at least you’ll know you did everything within your power to try.
      Good luck!

  13. Hopeful on said:

    Ann, THANK YOU for your blog and book! I have relied heavily on both during my admissions cycle.

    I’ve been placed on Columbia’s Reserve/WL (1st choice), which I’ve heard is pretty substantial. Realistically, when does CLS make offers to the Reserve, if at all? I’m Asian, LSAT 25th percentile. I’m sending a strong LOCI and am visiting campus again (live very far from NYC). Given my numbers, what else should I add to my campaign?

    At this point, how often should I follow up with Admissions? I’ve heard once a month to several times a week. Lastly, would it help to mention other admissions/scholarship offers from other schools (T25, T50)? Thanks so much!

    • Hopeful,
      I’m so glad the blog and book have been helpful. (If you’re so inclined, I love to collect more 5-star reviews on Amazon!)
      Once a month isn’t enough, and several times a week is psychotic. Try every 2-3 weeks – and remember it doesn’t have to be substantial letters each time. Demonstrating your sincere and absolute commitment is key.
      Visiting is good, LOCI is good, if they will accept additional LORs then you could consider that. Update transcripts if you have new grades.
      However, telling them about other admission offers and scholarships is USELESS> why would Columbia care that you’ve been admitted to T25, T50 schools?? Does that make you more desirable to Columbia??? It’s not relevant to Columbia. What are your ties to NY? How long will you stay on the WL? These are the essential facts to show since you are not nearby.
      Good luck with the wait list!

      • Tyler on said:

        Hi Anne!

        Thank you so much for offering such valuable information on the law school process. I have a few questions about how to manage my waitlists.

        I have miraculously been placed on Columbia’s Reserve/WL despite having extremely low stats (3.58/147). Perhaps it’s because I am an African American female? Although it was always out of reach, Columbia is my dream school and since I’ve been given a chance I want to do everything possible to enhance my chances of being admitted. In early February I was notified/placed on the Waitlist. Soon after, I submitted the Reserve Response Form, confirming my desire to remain on the Waitlist. In March I submitted a detailed letter of continued interest stating my strong desire to attend and absolute commitment. I also attached a strong letter of recommendation from a partner at my law firm. In early April Columbia thanked me for my continued interest in their school and stated that it was added to my file.

        At this point I am not certain what else I should do. As I was reading the other blog posts I noticed that some students reached out to law professors and even made campus visits. I live in California and this would be quite a trip, but I am more than willing to do so if it could better my chances. Should I send another, shorter letter of continued interest reiterating my strong desire to attend?

        I would be grateful for any input you could offer! Thank you!

        • Hi- I want to warn you that the Columbia reserve/WL is a long list. Keep doing what you are doing, and what you are able to do in terms of visiting, and I hope it all works out. Remember that if it doesn’t, you can do well in law school wherever you attend and try to transfer to Columbia next year.

          • Tyler on said:

            Thank you! I’m set to visit the campus next week and will send another short LOCI before then.

  14. Hopeful on said:

    Ann, THANK YOU for your blog and book! Both have been a huge help during my admissions cycle.

    I’ve been placed on Columbia’s Reserve/WL (1st choice), which I’ve heard is pretty substantial. Realistically, when does CLS make offers to the Reserve, if at all? I’m Asian, LSAT 25th percentile. I’m sending a strong LOCI and am visiting campus again (live very far from NYC). Given my numbers, what else should I add to my campaign?

    At this point, how often should I follow up with Admissions? I’ve heard once a month to several times a week. Lastly, would it help to mention other admissions/scholarship offers from other schools (T25, T50)? Thanks so much!

  15. Ann,

    I know you hear it from everyone, but thank you so much for your advice! It’s so helpful.

    My question regarding waitlists is about the timeframe…

    I’ve been waitlisted at 7 schools that I would rather go to than the the 2 I’ve been accepted to (and put down seat deposits at). I feel like I can postpone my life to remain on the waitlists until the end of July. However, at some point, I will need to find an apartment, sign a lease, and move (etc.). My current plan is to do all of the above at the beginning of August in time for the start of class in mid/late August.

    My question is: do most schools call people off their waitlists in late August, days before classes? Or are you just as likely to get called off a waitlist in June/July?
    Is it pointless to remain on the waitlist if I can only stay on till August 1st.

    My biggest fear is that I will finalize at one school and then get the call off the waitlist at my dream school.

    Thanks for any advice!

    • Sam! I can never hear it enough ; ) Thanks for taking the time to tell me.
      Some schools will pull from waitlists in June/July but if you’re willing, you can get a call on the first day of classes too… If at some point you can’t justify moving, then you know to take yourself off the WL. Of course, people may also just do extended stay or corporate housing for a month in this situation.
      Hang in there!

  16. Sandra on said:

    Dear Ann :

    I want to thank you for your super helpful book and blog. You give out the most helpful advice on law school admissions. I feel like I owe you a lot !

    I have a question about William & Mary waiting list. I have heard that they are notorious for having a large waiting list. Do students in the past actually get in through the list or should I take it as a soft reject ?

    I am Asian from the west coast and I do not have great numbers. My LSAT score is 158. I was surprised that they waitlisted me. What do you think are the chances of me getting in off the list ? I don’t know if being Asian would factor in for this school. I looked up the stats for Asians and each class only has very small number of Asian students.

    Thank you so much for your input !

    • Sandra,
      As you know, W&M recently sent out a letter to WL applicants telling them they weren’t sure but expected to take some, just not taking any at this point. So far, that’s normal. Most WLs don’t move until later in the summer. Let WM know how you would contribute directly to diversity and why you want to attend, that it’s your first choice, etc. I can’t give you chances – it’s impossible – but I can tell you what will happen if you just sit back and wait. There is no such thing as a “soft reject” – schools have no interest in sparing your feelings : )
      I’m so glad the book and blog are helpful. If you’re so inclined and you haven’t already, I would truly appreciate another 5 star review of the book on Amazon!
      Enjoy the weekend, and good luck on the WL.

  17. Hopeful Workaholic on said:

    Greetings Ann,

    I really appreciate your blog; it has been insightful and gives those of us in waitlist limbo a bit of hope too. I have two questions I was hoping you could help me with.

    I am on the University of Houston waitlist for full-time admission. I have a mid-150’s LSAT score with an mid to upper GPA , and also over a decade of technical and project management experience with a government contractor in Houston. I am certain I could have scored better, but my job is very demanding and has consistently required working 55-90 hour weeks (spanning several weeks at a time) and travel to live out of hotel rooms for months at a time. It was an incredibly disruptive force in my study schedule. My question is this; UofH appears to be accepting candidates off their waitlist pretty much falling in line with descending LSAT score (self reported statistics), and most if not all are current university students or recent graduates. They have also offered some full-time waitlisters part-time slots, but not me. What are the chances someone with my background might get a late invite to the party as a “class diversity pick,” and how should I sell my position to the AdCom during the remainder of the wait?

    Secondly, I mentioned in my first LOCI that I had been accepted to another school with incentive, but that I would happily forego that to accept a position at UofH. Since then, I have read several places that doing so is a major no-no. Is this considered to be an egregious sin, and if so, a recoverable one?

    Thank you so much in advance! I’ll be sure to check out your book while I wait; good to know it is there. Warm regards.

    • Dear Hopeful Workaholic,
      WHy do you think it would be an incentive to a school to say that you’ve been admitted elsewhere? The key is that you would absolutely attend UH, not that you have other options. (I should hope you have other options!). (Sounds like you’ve already figured this out…) However, I put it in the “recoverable” category. Let UH know you would attend, either FT or PT, and keep letting them know! Good luck.

  18. Linden on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was wondering if you knew what I could do to get off of Notre Dame’s waiting list? Notre Dame is my top choice but they waitlisted me because of my low numbers. I can not afford to take the LSAT again and I have already mailed in three letters of continued interest, three more letters of recommendation and I even took a fourteen hour bus drive to visit them. I really want to attend Notre Dame but I feel that they will not look past my numbers.

  19. Hi Ann,
    First off, I’d like to say thanks for taking the time to start a website dedicated to giving student advice to getting off wait lists. It really is a stressful process that requires a lot of patience so it’s nice to hear from experts like you giving sound advice about the appropriate steps to take.
    I was wait listed at my top choice school, George Washington University with an LSAT of 157 and my GPA is 3.5. I know that according to their accepted student matrix, my numbers are on the lower end, but being placed on the wait list (instead of being rejected) makes me feel that the admissions staff does believe that I have what it takes to attend their school (even though my numbers aren’t so high). I received the waitlist letter at the end of April. Since then, I’ve received weekly updates from the dead of admissions. I have responded every week to the updates with a kind email saying that GW is my top choice school and that I am privileged and honored to be on the wait list. I also sent an LOCI a month and a half ago and had one of my college professors write an additional letter of recommendation. Also, a few weeks ago I visited the campus and took a tour, met with a 3L, and picked up some literature. My desire to study at GW Law is now solidified. And of course, after my visit, I sent a thank you note to the student who gave me the tour. I really want to attend GW because I didn’t get into my other top choice (American Univ.) and being placed on the wait list here makes me feel that I am just one step to making my dream a reality. I am being very patient about waiting and am willing to wait all summer long to be put off this wait list hopefully. Is there anything else I should be doing? Should I send another LOCI or would that be too annoying? Should I write another essay making a case for myself about my future objectives and endeavors and why I believe an education at GW Law would best help me meet these?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just want to make sure I am doing all the right things. Thanks!!!!

    • Hi Ify,
      I’m glad the post was helpful to you.
      It sounds like you’ve done everything right with GW. I don’t think you need another essay – you already impressed them with your application or you wouldn’t be WL. However, make sure they know you would absolutely, unconditionally attend. As long as they know that you’re doing what you need to do.
      Good luck!

  20. Hi Ann,

    First off, I am very impressed with the depth of information on your site and the variety of topics you have been covering. Hats off!

    Regarding waiting lists, I have a question for you- In early July I was placed on the waiting list for a Canadian school for admission this fall. Do you have any advice as to a course of action at this point given the narrow window of time remaining? From what I am reading here, it sounds as if it may be a bit naive to assume that the final decision on my application is completely out of my hands at this point.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback!

  21. Kelly on said:

    Hi Ann,

    First of all, thanks so much for all the effort you’ve put into this blog!

    I am on Boston University’s waitlist and recently received a phone call from them asking if I was still interesting in attending their school, because they expect to be making a few offers soon and wanted to get in touch with the people they are looking at. Do you have any insight as to what this means? Is there anything i can do in the meantime? I already told them over the phone that they were my first choice and would go if accepted. Its getting late in the game and I need to know where I’m going to be, but I don’t know how realistic it is to be waiting for this. Any advice? Thanks!


    • Kelly – it’s great that they called! Let them know you will absolutely attend. IF you’ve already done that, give them a call at the end of the week if you haven’t heard from them.
      Good luck!

  22. Kelly on said:

    Hi Ann,

    First of all, thanks so much for all the effort you’ve put into this blog!

    I am on Boston University’s waitlist and recently received a phone call from them asking if I was still interested in attending their school, because they expect to be making a few offers soon and wanted to get in touch with the people they are looking at. Do you have any insight as to what this means? Is there anything i can do in the meantime? I already told them over the phone that they were my first choice and would go if accepted. Its getting late in the game and I need to know where I’m going to be, but I don’t know how realistic it is to be waiting for this. Any advice? Thanks!


  23. Coretta on said:

    Hello Ann,

    Now that the 2010-11 season is pretty much over, I was wondering what you thought about reapplying to schools you were wait-listed at? I was accepted to a few schools but wait-listed at better schools such as Georgetown, Duke, UVA, GWU, etc. I’ve also taken the LSAT twice already (last october, then december), the second test made my applications later than I wanted them to be (Though the score was better). I do not wish to take it again, not sure if you think I should, as my score could easily drop instead of raise. What could I do to make my reapplication more attractive? Do you have any tips?


  24. Eugene on said:

    Hello Anne,

    I find your Blog on this topic very enlightening, thank you. I have been waitlisted at SIU showing a 2.85 and a 153. This is my first choice program. My low GPA is from my first year of undergrad fourteen years ago, I recieved my degree later graduating with honors. I am a non traditional 33 year old, married, homeowner, candidate. I am considering writing a LOCI, should I scout out another LOR to include as well? and would a deadline to remain of the waitlist be quick road to rejection?

    Thank you!

    • Eugene, you tell them you will absolutely attend no matter what, even if they call you at the last 5 minutes before orientation. you’re already qualified so another LOR should only be about a new aspect of your application or from an alum or someone influential at that school. Write letters every few weeks, go visit, make friends with someone in the office. Don’t annoy them, but make them really like you and want to go to bat for you. Good luck!

  25. i was admitted to one graduate school program and have two weeks to accept their offer. Another graduate school, (my first choice) has placed me into their hold category.Before i accept the offer i want to contact my first choice and ask them for their final decision. is this appropriate and how would i go about doing it?
    thank you

  26. Thanks Ann — your site is amazing!!
    Question. My daughter has been accepted to UC Hastings (shocking with the LSAT score) – but she has also applied to USC Law, but has not heard back yet. Can you please tell me when she has to give Hastings an answer??? Is the “clock ticking”, so to speak? Also, UC Hastings is so expensive – do we wait to accept their offer until we hear about financial aid *FAFSA filed early this year.
    Thank you so much for your help.

  27. Ann!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO SO much — you are amazing!! In your personal opinion…IF she got into USC, should she choose that school over UC Hastings? (Yes, I am leaning towards San Francisco):

  28. Hi Ann!
    Thought you may find this interesting. My daughter was PERSONALLY” greeted by the Dean of UC Hastings this morning. She had called to ask if she could sit in on a class. When she told him her name, HE KNEW WHO SHE WAS as he started repeating back details from her personal statement and resume! I mean, isn’t this unusual??? Anyway, I am hoping that she will forget about USC (still hasn’t heard) and opt for Hastings.
    Thanks for all your hard work on here ANN!!!

  29. Arianna on said:


    I was recently wait listed at my top choice, UConn. I emailed the request to remain on the wait list the day after I received the decision email, and sent them an email indicating UConn was my top choice, and put a few sentences in there as to why. Should I send them a formal LOCI through the mail? I also have a meeting with my CT state representative (I am a CT resident). I arranged this meeting through his employer, who wrote one of my original letters of recommendation. He has agreed to write me an additional letter of rec… Is this a wise decision or is it irrelevant/not too impressive? FYI, I applied January 13; 159 LSAT/3.7 GPA.


  30. Carlisle on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I’m wondering what the appropriate amount of contact is if you are waitlisted at your top choice. I’m on the waitlist at Columbia with a 169 and a 3.6 from a top liberal arts school. I know my scores/gpa are a little on the low side for them, but I’m hoping to show my dedication and interest in the school. My plan was to write them a letter thanking them for their continued consideration of my application and restating my interest (i sent one addendum with my original application), hopefully visiting for a second time and sitting in on a class (with a professor I met on my last visit who was interested in my studies/thesis, and specializes in the field I’m most interested in), sending thank you notes to those I interact with at the school, and finally resubmitting any final grades, honors, or distinctions after they become available. Is this the right course of action? I know its a long shot, but I figured being proactive would give me the greatest chance.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  31. Hi Ann,

    I read in one of the comments that you mentioned one of the law schools has a long waitlist. Is there any way of finding out exactly how long the waitlist is for my school? I just got waitlisted to BU.

    Also, I see that you have repeatedly advised letting them know that you would go to their school no matter what if accepted. Do you have any other topics to cover in the multiple LOCI to be sent over the months?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Josh, there is no way to know for sure and to be honest, all that information might do is make you paranoid rather than give you valuable information. At the end of the day, people with strong, demonstrated interest in the school are most likely to be picked, especially if their numbers are also in range, and especially if they fulfill anything “missing” from the currently-deposited class (gender and race diversity, age diversity, geographic diversity, etc.). Getting them to like you and want to call you to make your day is the key to success on waiting lists. The goal is to think: If they pick even one person, I want them to think of me. With that mentality, it doesn’t matter if there are 100 or 1,000 people on the waiting list.
      I will also say that if you’re on the waiting list for a school that just jumped in the rankings, it might be harder to get in because more people will send in deposits. This works in the reverse too.
      I really hope this was helpful!

  32. Dear Ann,

    Thanks for all the information and advice — it really helps in this stressful time! I realize you’re probably incredibly busy, but if you get the chance, I’d appreciate your insight.

    I’m on hold at my top choice and sent a LOCI about a month ago, telling them that they are my top choice and that I would attend if admitted. I did not mention, however, that during the admissions cycle, I was offered a paralegal position in a fairly well-respected law firm for this next year. I had not been expecting this when I first began my application process.

    In an ideal world, I’d defer and work for a year and attend school next fall. Is this something I should not mention in my LOCI, if the school is probably looking to fill its class seats? Or would it be helpful in demonstrating that legal employers see potential in me?

    My first instinct was not to mention it, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask you.

    Thanks again for all your wonderful work,

  33. Dear Ann,
    Thank you for the advice. My top choice for law school is NYU. They have not responded yet, which I am assuming means I will either get rejected or waitlisted. I know my LSAT score is below their median (it is 165), and my GPA is 3.89. However, I am an underrepresented minority. I was wondering if it is okay to send a LOCI even though they have not sent me their decision yet.

  34. Brian on said:


    I stumbled upon this blog after searching for advice through google and I couldn’t be happier with all of the advice I gained just by reading the above comments. I was recently waitlisted at Northeastern. I immediatly sent in their online interest “survey” and I am mailing out a letter of interest today. I read above that you advised a few people to send a letter, email, or call the admissions office every 2-3 weeks. In my initial letter I expressed further interst, information, and fact I learned about the school. So I guess my question is, in follow-up letters and emails other than again stating my interest and intent to attend if accepted what other information should I provide. My first letter was a 1.5 pages, I assume in the future much shorter is best….
    I can just invision myself getting writers block.

    Thanks again for taking the time to start this blog, again it has been a HUGE help!


    • Hi Brian, I get this question a lot from my clients! Making contact often doesn’t mean writing a lengthy letter every time. It can be a quick email, a voicemail message, an alum sending an email for you – just a reminder that you’re there, motivated and interested.

  35. Liana on said:

    Hi Ann, great post and so much useful information. I was wait listed at Cardozo, I’m planning on accepting an offer from NYLS just so that I won’t be left with nothing in the end, my question is if I do get accepted to Cardozo let’s say two days before classes start how do I let NYLS know and how it works with loans/fafsa?
    Thank you so much for your time

  36. Maria Q on said:

    Hi Ms. Levine;
    I have found your blogs really helpful. I did my undergrad at UCLA had a 3.1 GPA at the time of application. Now currently had a 3.3 after my fall grades came in. I had a very low LSAT 145 first time, 146 second time. I was very aware of my chances of getting into law school with those numbers, even though I am Latina and a minority going into law school. I was very surprised to receive a wait listed position from Southwestern Law school. I plan to write the letter of Intent, plus an extra essay that is optional. Also, a few recommendation letters. What are my chances of getting in? I also got wait listed to Thomas Jefferson, but denied everywhere else.

  37. Dear Ann,
    Thank you so much for your book and for your blogs! I have been following your advice closely ever since I first considered applying to law school, about 2 years ago.
    I am currently waitlisted at GWU, which is my top choice particularly because I am interested in practicing as a patent lawyer. However, I have been admitted to the U of Minnesota with a $22K/yr scholarship offer and have already submitted my seat deposit. I am trying to decide whether I should send a LOCI to GWU, because it is a school that I would love to attend over UMN. However, the scholarship offer from UMN makes this difficult because I am not inclined to accept an offer from GWU if I do not receive a scholarship, especially since both schools have equal rankings. Is it appropriate for me to stay on GWU’s waitlist hoping for a scholarship (and thus send a LOCI) or should I withdraw since a scholarship offer is unlikely even if I am admitted?
    Thanks for your input!

    • Lily,
      No reason to w/draw from GWU – wait and see what they offer, IF they make an offer. But congratulations on the fabulous scholarship to Minnesota!!!! I’m so happy the blog has been helpful to you.

  38. Maggie on said:

    Hi Ann-

    Again, you’re amazing for keeping this blog up and running, and for personally responding to all these posts!

    I’ve been waitlisted at Notre Dame (my TOP choice), and have already sent in a seat deposit at American University (which I would totally be happy to lose if accepted at NDLS!).

    I have sent an email to the Admissions Office at NDLS expressing my huge excitement at being waitlisted, and continued interest in NDLS, as my top choice.

    I would LOVE to visit the school, but I live in California and it really isn’t feasible (money, time, and distance). I know that I should try to establish a relationship with the members of the Admissions Office/Committee so that they go to bat for me when the decision is made, but I don’t know how to establish that kind of personal relationship without visiting.

    And I don’t want to just call the office for the sake of calling, without a specific question, and I REALLY don’t want to nag them about my application (and possibly associate negative thoughts with my file). As a former admissions officer, how tolerant of are people in the admissions office of uunfoucused phone calls like that? Or do you have a better suggestion?

    I am also working on writing my formal LOCI but I’m not sure what kind of tone to take. Nights when I haven’t been able to sleep (thinking about law school!) I’ve recorded simple voice notes on my phone of thoughts I’ve had about NDLS, and about what I’d say in my LOCI. Listening to them later, they seemed much more genuine than anything I’d written thus far. Is it too much of a schtick to perhaps send in an audio LOCI? Would this just be too over the top?

    I really want to be taken seriously, but also want the Admissions Committee to feel like they know me personally, which is difficult being so far away.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your blog; it has already given me much food for though. 🙂

    • Maggie, I never understand how you can know ND is your top choice if you’ve never been there! Especially if you’re used to our lovely California weather. You can call and introduce yourself and tell them why ND is your #1, you can ask for a phone appointment with an admission counselor. A LOCI doesn’t have to be one formal letter – you can write letters regularly, sharing something more each time. But I don’t like the idea of sending the audio file. I mean, it’s unique, but it also sounds a bit nutty to me…… ; )

  39. Hi Anne!
    Your blog post was so helpful to me. As I am sure you know, competition is getting fierce and I am now on wait at my top choice schools (George Washington and Washington University). I have already sent a letter of continued interest to both, and would really like to know if there is anything else you think would recommend. I will gladly follow up with the universities as many times as prudent, but I worry about over doing it. Do you think sending multiple letters of interest is wise? Possibly making a phone call to the office of admissions? Any advice in this realm would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much!


  40. My question is …once accepted off the waitlist the law school is stating I have 24 hours to commit and leave a deposit. What does “commit” mean? Is that a legally binding verbal commitment (as a college ED) or an agreement to lose the deposit?

    • Janet, unless they tell you that you need to withdraw all other applications, you are only risking losing the deposit. But if you’re unclear, just ask the school.

  41. Hello Ann,
    I was waitlisted at Willamette UCL in Oregon. I have told WUCL that I would unequivocally attend if they offer, because they are my only chance in the region that I want to live and practice.
    My question is, should I, and how do I go about, highlighting the fact that I am gay on an additional LOCI? I hope that this raises a diversity flag and improves my chances, but it is not a topic that was addressed at all on my app (no sexual minority checkbox or diversity statement) nor did I address it in my personal statement. Is my coming out to them going to be seen as a blatant attempt to exploit what some think is a quasi-minority status?
    Another question is that the school says that they don’t want to do interviews, but I would like to visit anyway next month. Is the fact that school is not in session going to make me look like the candidate who is just trying to get the impromptu interview, when there is clearly no other reason to be there in the middle of May?
    Thanks for your time,

  42. Laura on said:

    Wow! I’m so happy I stumbled upon this website!

    I’ve had a pretty unlucky admissions cycle and have been waitlisted at 7 schools. One of them is University of Michigan Law and I want to go there so bad! I sent them a long letter about two weeks ago expressing how much I want to go to there, and I explained my connection with Michigan and Ann Arbor (I was born there but moved to CA when I was 10) and that my parents both went there. I told them I would accept a spot immediately if I should be so lucky.

    I know that their initial deposit deadline has just passed, so I’m thinking that it might be a good time to send another letter expressing my interest. What do you recommend that I say in the second letter? Should it just be a short “I just want to let you know that I’m just interested in your school” or should I take the opportunity to write more about mysel. If you think I should do the latter, what type of information should I divulge?

    • Laura, it probably is a good time and you’re doing everything right so far. Have you visited or made any personal connections? If so, take advantage of those.

  43. Will on said:

    Thus far, I have been placed on four waiting lists. I told all four schools that I am interested in staying on them a couple weeks ago right around the time that I received that notification. I told my first choice I’d like to go there, and I think I made a mistake in telling one school that I had only “moderate” interest in going there. But so be it.

    I have not made any correspondence since then. Hearing the podcast that you were in suggested that I send some updates. Though it hasn’t been long, I’d like to send something more meaningful than just, “yeah, count me in.” I hope that initial brief response did not pose too much of a hindrance to my possibilities at those schools.

    I will put together a good letter. I’m also going to set up a visit. I’d like to know your feedback, if any, on this stuff.

    • Hi Will,
      Agree you made a mistake with the “moderate” interest response. I think updates would be helpful and if there is one school you’d absolutely attend if admitted, make sure they know that. If you would like help with your letters, we do offer hourly consulting. I couldn’t tell from your comment if that’s what you were seeking or not.

  44. decisions on said:

    hi Ann,

    i have read your book and LOVED it. thanks so much for being awesome. it helped me IMMENSELY in preparing to submit my apps. im on the wait list for GWU but have already sent in my seat deposit for wake. wake has not offered me money yet and i see myself going to GWU if i do get accepted of with a scholarship offer. is it unreasonable to assume that since GWU is a higher ranking school i most certainly will not be offered any money if admitted off the wait list?

    thank you so much.

    • Decisions,
      Thank you so much for your great feedback!!!!! I really appreciate it (and if you’re so inclined, I love collecting 5-star reviews on Amazon!).
      I think it’s unlikely that you’ll get a scholarship offer from GW… You need to decide whether you would attend GW at full price over going to Wake at full price. If so, tell GW you would absolutely attend if admitted.

  45. Gracie on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for your Awesome Blog. I was just accepted off the waitlist at William Mitchell. I was accepted at Western State in CA were I reside. I would like to practice in CA one day, but I’m not opposed to moving out of state for a better opportunity. HELP. What do you think I should do?

    Thanks for your wonderful feedback!

  46. Gracie on said:

    Ann I forgot to mention I’m on the wait list for Southwestern too. Should I stay in CA and ride out my WL or pack my bags to MN?

  47. Hey Ann,

    Any idea on when Wisconsin or UC Hastings start accepting candidates off their waitlists? I’m currently headed to American, but would go to either Wisco or Hastings if offered. Thanks so much for the great blog!

  48. Andrea on said:


    I am a long time follower, first time poster! I am a NT student with over eight years of paralegal experience. I find myself waitlisted to three schools this year, all in the Chicagoland area. I am getting more and more nervous as I have sold my home, moved my family and am quitting a well paying job……and am still waitlisted. My stats are not good “on paper” 150; 2.71 (3.7) with health condition to explain the poor first year course work. However, my resume is robust. I have sent follow up LOCI to each school. Two questions for you 1) Any suggestions on how to proceed from here? 2) Why are schools waiting so long to move on their WL?

    • Andrea,
      It is not yet time when waitlists really start moving – it’s going to be July and August so you’re going to have to continue doing what you’re doing, and continue it for another 6 weeks! Good luck!

  49. Andrea on said:


    I am a long time follower, first time poster, non-traditional student with eight years of paralegal experience. I am WL at 3 Chicagoland schools. I do not have great scores 150, 2.7 (3.7). The low GPA is resulting from a few years I had health issues. Nonetheless, I have sold my home, moved my family and yes, am still WL to three schools. I have a robust resume with much health law experience. I have written multiple LOCIs and visited the schools etc. So here are two questions for you….1) Is there anything else you would recommend to help me stand out from other WL candidates and 2) What is going on this year with WLs? It seems many schools have tons of applicants on the WL, yet are not moving yet.

  50. Carmen on said:

    HI Ann: I wrote the following on another waitlist entry you have on here but I wasnt sure which one you would see and since im dying for your opinion im reposting here:

    Hi Ann:

    I got waitlisted at a couple of school including my first choice Pace. I have a 150 lsat and 3.2 gpa. I visited the campus, spoke to some of the admissions people, wrote a LOCI and sent an updated resume. two days later my file went complete and a decision mailed.

    now, could i possibly be rejected from the waitlist? just seems like the letter worked to have them re-review my file, but could they have decided to just reject me early on or something? I havent received a decision letter in the mail yet but the suspense is killing me.

  51. Gracie on said:


    Hello…I hope life has been treating you well.
    I’ve decided to go ahead and move to MN from CA. I can’t wait to get off the wait list at Southwestern.

    Ann, what do you think about students like me paying full sticker price for a TTT? Even if I were to get off the WL at Southwestern I would be paying full $$ (supposedly they ran out of scholarship funds already and I’m well below their scores). I am an older student so waiting to take the LSAT is out of the question. It’s now or never.

    Thanks for your advice.


  52. Gracie,
    Everybody has to think about the cost of law school, no matter where they attend. But you should look at what you expect to make upon graduation (given that you won’t have as many career years ahead of you as an older student) and what you will have to pay in loans every month. Good luck with your move.

  53. Carlisle on said:


    I’m becoming a little confused about the waitlist process. I am in at one school, but waiting to hear from 3 others that I would prefer. I’m wondering, since the tuition for the school where I am admitted is due in early August, if it is typical for me to lose all of that money if I am admitted last minute to another school. I would like to be able to tell those schools where I am waitlisted that I would accept their offers until the last minute, but I certainly can’t do that if I have already paid one semesters tuition. How does it usually work?

    Thank you,

  54. Grace on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Just a quick question. I just recently made my deposit at William Mitchell and have all the Grad Plus loans squared away. Today, I received an ivitation to apply to Case Western from the asst. Dean via the CRS.
    Should I even bother to apply this late (even with the ivitation)? I’m afraid they might just waitlist me or reject me so I can boost their numbers (URM). I’m tired of being a pawn in the admissions game.

    Thanks so much, you’re wonderful for providing this blog!

    • Hi Grace,
      If you’re happy at WM, don’t respond to the ployinvitation from CW. However, if you’d rather attend CW then you might as well try, especially if the application is free. I definitely appreciate your sentiment about being a pawn : )

  55. Grace on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I followed your advice and applied to Case, and to my big surprise…was accepted! The price tag is 42k a year (no scholarship offer) and I already locked in my lease in Minneapolis,and sent deposits at William Mitchell (32k a year, no scholly). I know Case is the better school, and the opportunity to make more $$ is there, but Cleveland scares me …lol. But, the cost of leaving there is so cheap, which would be nice. I thought for sure they were going to reject me! I plan on making my way back to CA after school. What should I do?

    Thanks again for your help! Have a wonderful weekend.

  56. David on said:

    Hi Ann, Do you know whether Hastings is still accepting off its waitlist? I’m trying to decide if I should sign up for another LSAT or not..Thanks, David in NOLA

    • David, waiting lists don’t close until the first day of classes because schools never know who is going to jump somewhere else or change their mind altogether.

  57. Hi Ann,

    I hope you are well. Just as the previous responses have mentioned your advice and help are a God send. Especially as anxiety and doubt creep in as we await on the waitlist. Any time I feel overwhelmed by the whole process, I just crack open your book for a little pep talk, and hope is restored. Thank you!

    I am currently on Loyola’s (Los Angeles) waitlist, I’ve done all that you’ve recommended, but there is one thing that I am unsure of. I had the opportunity to meet with a LLS professor, and my impression is that it went well. Would it be wise to ask if they would provide feedback to the Admissions Committee?

    Thank you!

    • Hi DC,
      I am so happy to know that the book and blog have been so helpful to you throughout this process! Thanks for sharing that with me.
      I don’t think you should ask the professor to do anything for you, but I do think you should get back in touch and let him/her know that you remain on the WL and that you would absolutely attend Loyola if admitted. I wish you all the best!

  58. Thank you Ann for the advice. With all the unknowns in the appolication process, your experience and wisdom are very comforting. Thanks again.

  59. Veronica on said:

    I have been accepted at a schoo on my own and me and my sister have been waitlisted at two different schools together. Ideally we would like to go together to the same school but it is already the end of July and we still have not heard from the two schools.

    I want to move forward with registration at my accepted school, submitting loan and securing a place. If we get notification that we are both accepted at the same school right before school starts, what are my options for “dropping” my registraion and moving my loan information to the new school. Is this even an option or has this ever happened before?

    Thank you so much!

  60. Erika M. on said:

    Hi Ann,

    This blog and comments have been very enlightening and helpful. I am female finishing my undergrad this year at U of Michigan, 171 LSAT 3.96 GPA, and today I was just waitlisted at American. I have my heart absolutely set on going there, I fell in love with the program and decided that it was a better fit for me than other, higher ranked schools. Judging from their LSAT and GPA range I thought I would be an easy admit, especially since I am have extracurriculars, work abroad, and study abroad to round out my app. Alas, I am WL. I was wondering if you know anything about the size of the WL this year at American and can give me any information about what they accept. In the email they said they historically accept “a number” off the waitlist, which I think might be due to students using it as a safety school and then going to Georgetown/Harvard/Yale/Columbia sort of school? I am planning on sending a LOCI and my updated transcripts.

    Thanks for your advice.

  61. Hello Ann,

    I was recently waitlisted at my #1 school, U of San Francisco. My lsat is way below their accepted student range but I have a pretty good 3.5 gpa. Also, I’m an urm (African American). I was wondering if you have any experience with USF’s admissions and if you have any idea of the likelihood of them accepting someone in my circumstance off their waitlist?

    Also, the waitlist letter stated that I needed to submit the waitlist response form within two weeks of the letter’s date (2/7). Would it be too late to fax it to them on Monday (2/20)? I plan submitting a loci as well, which will highlight my interest in their public interest certificate program, along with my general interest in living/studying law in San Fran. Should submit it asap?

    Thank you for your advice.

  62. Ann,

    Thank you for your timely response.

    I currently live on campus at my undergrad university and don’t have immediate access to my primary mailing address. Thus when the waitlist letter was supposed to have been received, I couldn’t physically access it myself until I got home this weekend.

    Nevertheless, I do plan on submitting my waitlist response form and LOCI ASAP on Monday. How regularly should I keep in touch with admissions? And by what means (email, snail mail, etc)?

  63. Ann,

    I recently got waitlisted at my #1 school, The University of Wisconsin. I have an LSAT near the bottom of their 25/75 range and a slightly below GPA (as an engineering student). I have decent soft credentials (worked 3 years as a patent engineer).

    I’ve heard that Wisconsin has a tendency to waitlist applicants and was wondering if you had any input on the chances a person with my credentials might have at getting in.

    Moving forward I’m planning on sending in an LOCI right away and taking the Patent Bar in the next few months. Is there anything else I should consider? Would sending copies of patent applications I’ve drafted and prosecuted be of any help?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!



  64. Hi Ann,
    Thank you so much for this incredible resource! I just got waitlisted at Fordham, my top choice school. I am slightly below their medians with a 3.49 and a 162, but I have solid recommendations, work experience etc. I have visited the school and met with the Director of Admissions who seemed to like me, but now this?!
    Given my numbers, what should I do to make my case? I will write an LOCI and was also thinking of getting another professor to send another recommendation to prove that i can handle the workload. It was also suggested to me that I get my recommender (my thesis advisor) to give the school a call later in May/June on my behalf – what do you think?
    Thank you so much! Any guidance would be very much appreciated,

    • Lili,
      Congratulations on making the WL at your top choice school, and for taking the initiative to visit (which obviously paid off). You are doing all the right things – stagger your communications because May, June, and July is the time when waiting lists really start moving and you don’t want to annoy anyone.

  65. Hi Ann,

    I just got waitlisted from Cardozo may program

    154 Lsat and 3.5 gpa, guess my LOR and PS were strong since my numbers are certainly out the range. I am sending an updated resume and another Letter of Rec from my rabbi, I would appreciate any guidance on this matter. Thanks!!

    – Andrew

  66. Courtney on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Just wanted to say that your blogs always come right on time! I spoke to you briefly over the phone and since then I’ve been accepted to four schools all with reading and following your advice. I was just accepted to Barry and Waitlisted at Texas Southern so I couldn’t have read this at a better time. Now I know I’ll probably have to put down the deposit at Barry and send the LOCI to Texas Southern for good measure as they are my #1 choice. Thanks again for all you do 🙂


  67. Eric on said:

    Hello Ann-

    Thank you for all the great advice both in your podcasts and Blog! I was just wait-listed at Saint Louis University School of Law (SLU), my dream school, and after reading your podcast transcripts I plan on sending a letter reiterating my desire to attend as well as all new information that is pertinent to the admissions process. However, SLU offers an AAMPLE program, would it be wise to ask if I am a candidate for this? I am willing to pay the nonrefundable deposit and do the work required just for the opportunity to attend. I am non traditional student, I am 27 years old, I am finishing my second masters degree- something SLU was not aware of when I made application, all which I think should be mentioned. Again, thanks for everything you do!


  68. Ashley on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m really interested in entertainment law, so my top choice is Southwestern, since they seem to have a variety of courses offered in this area. I was recently waitlisted, and wanted some advice on what my next steps should be. My GPA from USC is 3.93, but I can’t seem to increase my LSAT score of 149. I was a Music Industry major, and have been working in the music industry for the past 3 years since graduation. So far I have gone to an information session at the school, attended a Diversity Day, and attended a class. I have also kept in contact with admissions by sending a letter of intent in March and an update on legal projects I’ve helped with/work tasks in April. Is there anything else I should be doing? Also, I was going to send another letter in May, but wasn’t sure if there’s something else I should discuss, since I didn’t want to be repeating myself.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



    • Ashley, the key is to let them know you’re a sure thing if they find a place for you. Watch for the school’s deposit deadline(s) and follow up shortly thereafter each time.

    • Vittoria on said:

      Hi Ashley,
      Just saw your post from April and have almost the same background and numbers as you. I also have my heart set on Entertainment Law at Southwestern, and was wondering if you ended up getting in and attending?

  69. Megan on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I know its been mentioned several times but thank you so much for your book. It has been a great help navigating the whole application process.
    I am currently on the WL at UVA and Vanderbilit. Vandy is my #1 choice for me, esp for the region I want to live/practice in. My LSAT is definitely with their range (171/3.45GPA). I have already sent a LOCI, I have a recent alumna calling on my behalf, and I am working on an additional LOR. I know I would jump at the opportunity if admitted.
    My problem that I was also accepted to WashU in St Louis with a $25k/yr scholarship. It’s a great school! I know I’m going to go into public interest, so is it worth accumulating twice the amount of debt at my #1 school if I was admitted from the WL?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again!

    • Megan, so happy the book was helpful to you. I love collecting 5-star reviews on Amazon if you’re so inclined!
      The key to your answer is this: WHY is Vandy your #1 choice….

  70. Ann,
    I will risk sounding like a broken record but your advice and books are fantastic! I would love to get your opinion on the matter… I have an extensive science background and am interested in patent law. Due to low LSAT 154 I have been limited to 3T schools. I have been accepted to Akron Law (20k/yr sholarship) and waitlisted to U New Hampshire. When it comes to IP programs, UNH is very respected but the scholarship and overall lower price tag of Akron are very difficult to pass up. Do you recommend fighting for UNH? Thank you for any advice!

    • Mila, THANK YOU! I think you can fight for UNH simply to see if it will be an option for you. I also think there’s something to be said for being one of a few people in your class interested in IP so you’re not competing for jobs with your entire law school class. But part of this decision comes down to where you hope to practice law.

  71. Hi Ann,
    I have been browsing the internet trying to find any tips to get into my top choices off of their waitlists. I have been waitlisted at Stanford and Harvard. Stanford appears to have an open door policy, prospective students have been known to walk right into the admissions deans office to state their interest. Harvard, on the other hand, has a closed door policy. I have written 2 loci to Harvard and 1 to Stanford, prior to finding out I was waitlisted at both. I plan on sending a new loci once every four weeks and attempting to speak with the Dean at Stanford. Do you think I am oversteping my boundaries or is there more I can do?

  72. Ashley on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the advice! I think they have a deposit deadline today, so I’ll send another letter tomorrow.

    ~ Ashley

  73. Marta on said:

    Dear Ann,
    I am an italian national and I had been waitlisted at both American University and Villanova. I scored 156 at the LSAT first try and I don’t know how it works with the undergraduate average, I also have a master degree. AU would be my top choice, also because I don’t know much about Villanova which because my choices were limited to schools with an international law program on the East coast. I was wondering how much the fact that I am a foreigner counts in my admission, what would your experience say?
    And would you advice a foreigner to attend an American law school?
    Thanks for all your answers, I found them helpful, even though my case seems to be a bit different.

    • Being a foreigner doesn’t really count other than adding diversity to the class. But you need to visit the schools and campaign for WL admission just like everyone else.

  74. Kelly on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was waitlisted at my first choice, UCLA Law. I was also waitlisted at Duke Law but I was just accepted off of their waitlist. I have written one loci to UCLA thus far and was getting ready to write and send a second. I was wondering if it would be appropriate to mention my acceptance to Duke in this letter? It is especially significant because I am considering environmental law and have an environmental background. Both schools have strong environmental programs but Duke’s is better. Is it tacky to mention Duke or would it give me a slight edge? Thanks so much for your time!


    • Kelly! What possible incentive does it give UCLA to admit you if you tell them how wonderful Duke is and you’re already admitted there? It just makes it that much less likely you’d go to UCLA. Or it sounds like, “See, a better law school liked me and you guys are losers for not admitting me.” This will not give you any kind of edge, and in fact will only invite UCLA to call up their friends at Duke and talk about you (unfortunately, yes, this does happen).

  75. Leah on said:

    Dear Ann,

    I am currently waitlisted at UCLA School of Law, and it is my number one school. I would go with no hesitation if offered a seat there. However, my LSAT score was low to start with (156), and I believe it was my gpa (3.928) that allowed me to be waitlisted at UCLA. Does UCLA rank their waitlist in a certain way? Is there a way to improve my chances of getting accepted off the waitlist? I have sent in one LOCI, a few emails, and am touring the campus tomorrow.

    Thanks so much!

    • Leah, that’s great! Make sure they know you would absolutely attend. WLs are not about rank – it’s about balancing the class and choosing the people whom they believe are most likely to attend if accepted. I hope your visit went well. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier – I was on vacation for 10 days.

  76. Lesley on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for writing this blog, the information you presented here has helped me tremendously. I just receive the notice that I have been placed on the waitlist to my 1st choice law school. I want to act soon to gain a greater chance at admission. I am planning to send in 2 additional letters of recommendation, an updated transcript, and a statement of continued interest. I want to ask you what would be the most effective way to write the statement of continued interest. ( Should I write it as a message through email, on a word document, or handwritten, and etc? )

    Thank you very much for your time!

  77. Arie on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for all your input.
    I’ve been waitlisted at my top choice school and I’m planning on going in for a campus visit. I just wanted to ask you what you think I should focus on doing while I’m visiting the school. Should I get a tour, or sit in on a class…etc? Also, do you think I will be able to speak to any of the members of the admissions committee? Should I even ask to speak with them?

    Thanks a lot!!

  78. Alexandra on said:

    Hi Ann,

    After reviewing your site, I have emaied and attached an updated resume and informed them on developments of my senior year, awards, grades, my business/work and personal accomplishments, to my four waitlisted schools: Villanova, Seton Hall, University of Maryland,and University of San Francisco. I have a deposit at Drexel, but I starting to think it not a good option for me. I have a 3.79 gpa with a weak lsat at 152. I have visited 1 of the schools and plan on the remaing three before the middle of June. Any chance you think of getting in at least 2 of them? I am not crazy about taking a year off, but if i improve the lsat scorce, I may be in a stronger position.

  79. Elizabeth on said:

    Good morning Ann!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! You have helped to greatly reduce my stress level during the waitlist process. I have been waitlisted at my top-choice school and now have a few questions. This school operates on a quarter system, which means the first day of school is about a month later than elsewhere. If I enroll at another school and then am called off the waitlist on the first day of classes, is it too late for me to de-list and to enroll at my top-choice? Would I have to take the gamble of not attending any other school this year, seeing if I got off the waitlist, and then reapplying if I didn’t? Thirdly, do you recommend attempting to transfer or delaying law school a year and reapplying?

    I have narrowed down my other choices of schools to two: a top-tier school that offered me a full-ride and living stipend and one that is ranked higher by the U.S. News and also specializes in my field of interest, environmental law. Neither is where I would ultimately like to live, which is where my top-choice school is located. Any suggestions on how to choose between these two schools?

    Thank you very much for your support!

    • Hi Elizabeth. Find out from the school where you are enrolled when the last day is to get most of your tuition refunded. I don’t know what schools you’re talking about or anything about your background so I can’t comment on your chances as a re-applicant or transfer. But man, oh man, that full ride sounds AMAZING. Any chance you’ve read The Law School Decision Game yet?

  80. Hazel on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I am wondering if you have any words of wisdom on getting off Harvard’s wait list. To start off with a little background, I’m an AA female from an Ivy, my numbers are 168/3.17, and I have an addendum for illness as well as an upwards grades trend. I was held in March, sent in a Why Harvard statement and an excerpt from my senior thesis, and was then formally waitlisted in May.

    Since then, I’ve made it clear that I would stay on the waitlist as long as it took. I’ve been lucky enough to get off the waitlists at NYU and Columbia, and I have updated Harvard with these developments while saying that Harvard has remained unchallenged as my top choice throughout this admissions process. But still, nothing. And it’s killing me. Is there more I could be doing, or have I already done too much? Thank you so much for any input you can offer!

    • Hazel,
      You’ve done a lot. Maybe too much, but it’s hard for me to say and silly to beat yourself up for things you can’t take back. You are amazing – hang in there and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!
      If you know anyone with ties to Harvard Law, consider reaching out. But WOW, you’ve already gotten into great schools!! Congrats!

  81. Andrew on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was wondering if it is a good or bad idea to tell the law school where I am wait listed, the schools that I have been admitted to. I am wait listed at SJU Law, and I was accepted by Syracuse, New York Law, and Albany among a few others. I have my deposit in at Syracuse, but SJU has always been my number one choice. The first tuition payment is due at Syracuse soon and I don’t want to lose my place there, but I would attend SJU if admitted. I have sent a few letters of continued interest, followed by emails, an updated resume, and additional letters of recommendation. I was just wondering what your opinion is on stating the other schools where I was admitted. I feel like it can go one of two ways: either they see that I’m worthy of going to a good school since I got into Syracuse and other schools, or they see no need to admit me because I was already admitted to a solid school and they can admit someone else.

    Thank you for your help and thanks for the blog. It’s great!

  82. Andrew on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was wondering if it is a good or bad idea to tell the law school where I am wait listed, the schools that I have been admitted to. I am wait listed at SJU Law, and I was accepted by Syracuse, New York Law, and Albany among a few others. I have my deposit in at Syracuse, but SJU has always been my number one choice. The first tuition payment is due at Syracuse soon and I don’t want to lose my place there, but I would attend SJU if admitted. I have sent a few letters of continued interest, followed by emails, an updated resume, and additional letters of recommendation. I was just wondering what your opinion is on stating the other schools where I was admitted. I feel like it can go one of two ways: either they see that I’m worthy of going to a good school since I got into Syracuse and other schools, or they see no need to admit me because I was already admitted to a solid school and they can admit someone else.

    Thank you for your help and thanks for the blog. It is great!

    • Andrew, I don’t see any good reason to tell a school where you are WL where you have been admitted. It makes no difference to SJU. They will decide whether you are worthy on their own – in fact, you are worthy because you are on the WL. They are just seeing if they have room for you.

  83. Andrew on said:

    Hi Ann,

    A close friend of mine was offered almost a full scholarship to the school I am wait listed at. However, she decided to attend another school instead. Is it a good or bad idea for her to recommend me when she declines her admittance to the school where I am wait listed? She asked me if I wanted her to recommend my name off the wait list. Thanks, again.

  84. Ann,
    Thanks for all your candor. I have been accepted at American, my back-up. I have been waitlisted at Vanderbilt and Notre Dame. I would absolutely drop everything for Vanderbilt if admitted. I have sent a LOCI, frequent e-mails every two-three weeks since February, interviewed in the fall, and re-interviewed (a campus visit to meet with the waitlist coordinator in June), etc. My numbers are lower for Vanderbilt and ND, but I am still on their lists. Do schools like Vandy and ND have relatively smaller lists come late July? Vandy has been deliberately vague in its updates–I’ve only received one (in June). I am assuming they have dwindled their lists either by choice, or by others dropping, by late summer–is this likely the case based upon your experience? Thank you for any insight you can offer.

  85. sarah on said:

    It’s Aug 8, 2012.. Southwestern orientation is tomorrow and they said my application is still in review. What does this mean? I applied to the part time evening program… I asked if this means that I am on the waitlist and they said no…

  86. Hi Ann,

    I am currently waitlisted at Notre Dame and it is my first choice school. I really am not keen on going to the school I am enrolled at, but have no choice but to go as I have no other options. I have already sent in 2 LOCI’s and called a couple of times between the submission of the LOCI’s. I have kept in contact with ND and have let them know that if accepted I will attend without any hesitation. Orientations all start this week and I am starting to feel like there is no chance at this point at being pulled off the waitlist. Is that assumption wrong? Is there still hope? My numbers are within the 25%-75% ranges, however I am a reverse splitter with my LSAT on the lower side of the range and my GPA above the range. Will that affect my chances at all? I just really want to go to ND. It’s been my dream school since I saw the campus. Is there anything else I can even do at this point?

  87. Hi Ann,

    I am on the waitlist for Notre Dame and it is my number one choice school and has been since I saw the campus. I am within their ranges numbers wise and have sent in 2 LOCI’s and called and talked to them between both submissions. I am not too keen on attending the school I have to go to. It’s now so late in the game since orientations start this week, is there any chance that I can get off the waitlist at all? Or am I stuck going to the school I am enrolled at?And is there anything I could possibly do at this point? I have already told Notre Dame in writing that I would definitely attend if I were given a spot.

  88. James Nichols on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I finished my first round of Fall 2013 applications at the beginning of this month and I already got wait-listed by my top choice – Duke. I applied to their early decision, but I just felt like the response was a little too rapid. My LSAT was a little lower (163) but I have a 4.0 GPA and a strong work/leadership filled resume. What does such a quick response mean?

    Also, I an debating whether or not to retake the LSAT in December. I know I can score better but at the same time I am worried if I do worse my other top choices will for sure reject me(as I am working, writing a thesis, and finishing my honor courses I will not have much time to re-prep).

    Honestly, I am just worried. The last few weeks I have been swamped with emails from law schools, packets with fee waivers, and even calls about covering travel for visits. Duke was even on the list of multiple emails, a fee waiver, and packets. I did not even contact them initially. I thought this made me strong candidate. Now, I do not think so.

    Thanks for any advice and help,

    James Nichols

    • Ann Levine on said:

      It’s GREAT that Duke WL’d you. It’s great! And it’s not personal to your application that Duke got back to you quickly – they get back to all priority applicants within 10 days. They are really amazing that way!
      Continue to let them know they are your #1, and keep on them – particularly in December-March when they see how much space it looks like they might have left in the class given the # of applications they have received.
      Only retake the LSAT if you have time to do it and you are confident in your abilities to improve your score – it doesn’t sound like December is a good fit for you, so hang tight and do not panic.

  89. Caroline on said:

    I was also WL at Duke (is that what “priority reserve” means?) I will send a loci, but I’m discouraged that WLs don’t tend to move until summer & I have a family & can’t make a last-minute change. They are a top choice for me, but is there any hope of getting off the WL earlier? (Also, my apologies for the panicked email I sent you a week ago about an error in my PS… later discovered it was a bit of a non-issue…Application Panic Syndrome?)

  90. Hi Ann,
    I was wondering if you knew anything about the waitlists at George Washington? I was just put on their waitlist and it is my number one school of choice. I know you mentioned that some waitlists (like American) are miles long. Is this the case at George Washington as well? Also, any suggestions regarding what exactly needs to be said in a letter of continued interest? Is it wise to add anything else besides being 100% committed to attending if accepted? Should I let the school know what specific things about it I am drawn to? Thank you so so much for any advice. Plus, I just bought your book, so I am hoping that will also answer any lingering questions. Thanks again!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      LB, there is always a shot on the waiting list. If you can visit the school, that’s great. Committing to attend is great. Specific reasons for your interest, totally great. But remember to space things out – people aren’t pulled off the WL overnight, and most Waiting list activity doesn’t start until after you’ve already sent a deposit to another school.

  91. Hi Ann,

    This blog is great- thank you! I just found out today I was WL at Loyola-Chicago. It is definitely my number 1 choice. I was wondering if you had any insight on the WL there? Also, I have read articles saying that law school applications are down this admissions cycle- do you think that will play a part for people on the wait list?

    Thank you!!

  92. Ann,

    I was wondering if you had any insight into Loyola University Chicago’s wait list. I got wait listed the other day and it is my absolute first choice. I wrote the optional essay in my application, submitted an addendum about my LSAT score, and I plan to send in an additional statement. I even asked someone from Admissions who I have been in contact with if there is anyway I could set up an in-person meeting. Do you think I’m going over the top? I want to get into this school so badly! Thanks! Great blog.

  93. Anxious on said:

    Dear Ann,

    Thank you for having this wonderful blog. I was waitlisted at Georgetown a few weeks ago, and was wondering what I should do. I am currently writing a LOCI, is there anything I should add to it aside from reiterating the specific reasons I am interested in the school and emphasizing why I think I would be a good fit? I am also acquiring an additional letter of recommendation. Do you think that is sufficient and is there anything else you would recommend me to do? I know that there are multiple waitlists for Georgetown and the wailists are miles long, but considering how the number of applicants are at a low for law schools, do you think it will be likely that more of us will get off the waitlist? Also, I completed my application to USC by mid-November but still have not heard back from them. Is this a bad sign? Is there anything I should do while waiting, like calling them, or writing them a LOI? Thank you so much.=)

  94. Caroline on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks so much for blogging! I don’t think you’ve answered this question yet, so here goes…

    I applied Early Decision to UVA and just found out I was waitlisted. I have received scholarship offers from other schools, but UVA undoubtedly remains my top choice.

    (1) Is there a separate WL for ED applicants? If so, are your chances of admission different from the regular applicant WL?

    (2) Is it assumed because I applied ED that UVA is my top choice, or should I stick to a traditional “campaign” with LOCI/emails/calls to keep them aware that they still are #1? I am out of school and in a steady job, so I don’t expect my resume to change. I am planning to visit but wasn’t sure how much communication is appropriate as an ED applicant.

    I really appreciate your help!

  95. Antoinette on said:

    Hi Ann!!

    Your blog has been SO helpful to me throughout this application process! But I have a few questions about waitlists. First, how often should I send my top school a LOCI? Is once a month ok with intermittent grade updates?

    Also, I submitted my applications at the end of last November, and I still haven’t heard back from a few schools. Should I just give them a call or send them an email? And how exactly do I go about asking if they’ve finally made a decision on my application?

    Thanks for all of your help! It’s MUCH appreciated and such a relief to have such helpful insights from someone so knowledgeable!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Antionette, I am so happy the blog has been helpful. I think once a month is good for the time before deposits are due; you can get a bit more aggressive.
      As long as you know that the applications are complete and in the review process, you just have to be patient for decisions. Hang in there!

  96. Joseph B. on said:

    Hi Anna,

    First off, great motivational read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I wanted to ask you a couple of questions regarding the cycle I have had so far. I am a URM at a large state school(top 50) with a 3.5 GPA and an extremely low LSAT of a 145. I aimed quite high and have been surprised at the results. I would like your feedback as to what exactly I should do about this situation.

    I have been WL by 5 schools, UIUC, American, Washington and Lee, New York Law school, and the University of Houston.

    I understand that I theoretically have the potential to get off any of these WL, but what is the realistic chance that I get in to any or all of these?

    I have no specific preference and sent additional LOR, lsat addendum, diversity statement, ethical statement, and a LOCI.

    Was this overkill as well?

  97. Jean on said:

    How can I connect directly with an admissions officer. I am interested in getting off the Notre Dame waitlist but I have sent my LOCI to the general law admissions email as directed by the office when I called. Can I just email the Admissions Director or a Counselor directly

  98. Michael on said:

    Dear Ann,

    I am currently wait-listed at a Law School. I went to a small group seminar and tour of the school where I was able to talk to the Dean of Admissions. I also attended this school for undergrad. I sent a follow up e-mail to thank the dean for taking the time to speak with me.

    Which leaves me in a tough situation…. What do you think i should do as a next step?


  99. Thank for all your help and advice. You’ve responded previously to several of my questions and each response was both very helpful and much appreciated. I’m currently waitlisted at UVA, Upenn, Chicago; held at Columbia; pending at NYU and Harvard. I’m currently spending the upcoming three weeks visiting these campuses in addition to a few others for a variety of purposes, but obviously one goal is to express my continued interest. I am considering revisiting these schools a second time in late May and/or early April, but wanted to ask if you thought it prudent to visit these schools twice, once now and once after they start officially reviewing their waitlists.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Kie,
      I’m so happy my responses have been helpful. Visiting twice seems a bit silly….. Go sooner (while classes are still in session) and just keep in touch with the schools later in the spring.

  100. Brittany on said:

    Hi Ann,

    You’ve put me a bit at ease as I navigate the law school application process. Thank you!

    I was waitlisted at Rutgers-Camden a couple of weeks ago. Their email was very personalized and reference my individual personal statement and experiences. However, they said they do not rank their wait list until August 1st. Should I send a LOCI once a month until August? I plan on visiting too.

    The problem is I am still waiting to hear from my four top choice schools. It’s kind of late in the cycle, with deposits due by April 15th and I have not heard yet. If I got into another school before the 15th, I’d go there. So should I wait to campaign for Rutgers until after I’ve heard back from my top choices?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      I’m glad to have helped.
      I would touch base with Rutgers after its deposit deadlines passes.
      It’s very common to not hear from schools before deposit deadlines. You have to assume you will send a deposit somewhere and just walk away from it if you get in somewhere you would prefer to attend.

  101. Hello Ann,

    Thank you again for your help and advice. I retook the LSAT, reapplied to schools and was admitted to Loyola Chicago and Seattle University. I was wait-listed at Chicago-Kent and Loyola Law School Los Angeles. For obvious reasons, my first choice remains Loyola Los Angeles.

    I hope that with a quick response and sound action (on my part) that the outcome will be favorable. LLS has offered me the option to either remain on the list for the full-time program or switch to the list that they have reserved for the part-time program. I am unsure as to which path to take, and I am uncertain whether choosing to switch to the part-time program will hurt or help my chances of gaining admission off of the wait-list.

    Here is the option they provide:

    “If you did not previously select Loyola’s part-time evening division as your first choice and would like consideration, please indicate here. Check box if: I would like to update my application and select the part-time Division as my first choice program. I understand that if I am admitted to the part-time program, after completing the first year, I may apply to transfer to the full time program.”

    Do you have any suggestions, Ann?

    Thank you so very much


    • Ann Levine on said:

      If you really want to go to (and graduate from) LLS, then tell them you would be willing to attend part time. However, remember that this would involve being around that campus at night and (as the former Director of Admissions there), I’m not sure (as a woman) I would’ve felt comfortable without my great parking garage spot…. I know this isn’t exactly the advice you were looking for – the bottom line is that if you want to go to LLS, go under any circumstances!

  102. cathy on said:

    I was waitlisted by Fordham a few weeks ago. This is my absolute first choice, but I have a 3.3 GPA and 153 LSAT as a URM. What are the realistic chances of me being taken off the waitlist with my stats?
    Thanks so much

  103. Hi Ann,

    I was wait listed at U Chicago, UCLA, Duke, UT, and Northwestern. I will be putting a deposit down at another school that gave me substantial scholarship money. But I was wondering–if I remain on some of the wait lists (Duke and UT, most likely) is there a way that the school I am putting a deposit down on will know? In another words, am I obligated to give up my wait list seat? Am I at risk for losing the scholarship money? I emailed the school I am putting a deposit down to ask that question and they told me: “Subsequent to June 15, 2013, we expect that enrolling students will hold a place at only one school. This policy does not prevent any student from accepting a subsequent offer from another school; it is intended only to ensure that students hold only one seat at a time.”

    Am I obligated to hold only one seat? I still haven’t heard from Stanford and Vanderbilt.

    Thanks so much!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Ben, you asked a great question. You are absolutely FINE to stay on waitlists with this scholarship agreement. You are only holding one seat at one law school – you only have one deposit down. The school that gave you these terms understands that you may be on waitlists – it is not requiring you to withdraw all outstanding applications.
      You are doing exactly the right thing!

  104. Miriam Strass on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I applied in late January to law schools and have been beating myself up about it. I am hispanic with two LSATs – 159, and more recently 164. My GPS was a 3.489 from a top 30 liberal arts school with a major in Politics. I have a very extensive resume and I feel that my personal statements were all rather well written with a great deal of insight into my personal struggles that have shaped my developemet and made me the strong candidate I am today. I am currently waitlisted at 4 top 20 schools (including a top 5 school), and accepted at 4 top 40 schools. I am still waiting to hear back from another top 5 school, as well as another top 20 school. I am more than willing to take the LSAT for a 3rd time and very confident that I can score over a 170, but I am afraid that a 3rd sitting might make me look bad, because it might show that I was being lazy the first two times around. What are your thoughts on how I can best market myself to help my chances. I have already sent an updated resume with a new activity update as a mentor for an inner city program, and I have also sent several letter of continuing interest. Please help!!


  105. Hi Ann,

    If someone has taken LSATs twice already (around 85th and 90th percentile) and they are waitlisted at some top schools, would you say it is a bad idea to take it for a 3rd time, even if they score in 95th percentile or above on that sitting? How would 3 LSAT sittings reflect on the student. Also, if they are considering reapplying in the fall earlier than they had this cycle (if they are not taken off of one of those waitlists), they will obviously be required to submit all 3 scores at that time (which would be bad if they don’t score significantly higher) – so what would you recommend in such a case?


    • Ann Levine on said:

      Mir, if you could really score in the 95th percentile, it would be worthwhile. If your score stays the same or improves only a point or two, it really won’t hurt your applications when you reapply.

  106. Hi Ann,
    Thank you for the great advice in your posts! I recently committed to Northwestern, but I’m starting my lobbying campaign at NYU to get off the wait list! I am wondering what happens next if/when one does get admitted from the waitlist. I’m assuming you get a few days to put a seat deposit down and accept the spot, is that right? Is it a full deposit amount ($500-$750) or is it less since there’s a short timeline? I will be abroad for the summer (with email/phone access), so I’m trying to plan for a hefty deposit on short notice before I leave. Thank you in advanced for your insight!


  107. Ann,

    I applied very late in the cycle (beginning of March) and have been wait listed at my top choice University of Illinois (UIUC). I was wondering if you think that my wait list is pretty much a rejection? My GPA is a 3.34 and I have an LSAT score of 148 (taken 3 times). I should add that I am also a URM. Do you think UIUC and other law schools will take into consideration that the reason my LSAT score is so low is because I was denied accommodations as well as the fact that I just do not test well on standardized tests, addendum’s were sent in explaining both of these issues? Also, in reference to UIUC what else would you suggest in terms of helping my chances of getting off the wait list?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi John,
      WLs are only rejections if you treat them as such. They obviously saw something worthy in you! Launch your campaign to get in!

  108. Hi Ann,
    After sending my application to Southwestern, (my top choice) I emailed two of the admissions officers directly and explained how thrilled I was to meet them at the LSAC Forum in October. Both responded thanking me for my email and said they were looking forward to reading my application. It is now a month later and I still have not heard anything. I know a month is not long, but should I send another email to confirm how interested I still am? I scored a 145 on my LSAT and have a 3.2 GPA so my numbers are not optimal, but I am hoping that they see something special in my personal statement and resume. I have my heart set on them and would really like them to know.

    Also, Pace sent me an email letting me know that they “remain very interested” in my candidacy and would like to hear why I think they are a good match for me. Is this just a nice way of saying I’ve been wait listed? And is it too late if I attach one more letter of recommendation from an alumni with my letter of interest?

    Thank you so much for your guidance, I have two of your books and read them cover to cover! We also spoke briefly on the phone last summer, you kickstarted my way into the application process!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      The admissions officers at both schools are being nice and doing their jobs. There is absolutely nothing you can read into either interaction.
      I am so happy my books were helpful. The new version of The Law School Admission Game will be released in just a few weeks and it’s completely re-written so if things don’t work out for you this year, be sure to check it out!

  109. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for all of your advice. It’s really helped me navigate through the law school application process. I hope you wouldn’t mind answering a question that’s been nagging me lately: I applied to several law schools in January, and I’ve heard back from all of them except for one. They haven’t said a peep, although it looks like they have checked out my application a few times according to my online status checker. They haven’t even contacted me to say I’m on hold or the waitlist. Should I just keep waiting? And at what point do you think they’ll get back to me?

    Thanks so much,

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Sarah,
      It’s perfectly fine to make a nice, polite call and check in with admissions to make sure everything is moving along as it should.

  110. Tamira on said:

    Dear Ann,

    Thanks for writing this – it’s really useful! I was recently been waitlisted at a few of my top-choice schools, and I am agonizing about some of the things I can do. I’m just wondering – if they offer me the option of soliciting letters of recommendation, will it be counterproductive to send more than one? Two people, both of whom know me and my capabilities very well, have offered to do so. What do you think? Thank you so much!


    • Ann Levine on said:

      It’s important to follow the school’s instructions. If they allow for one letter, only send one. If the content of the letters would overlap then only send one. If the school welcomes two and they are equally strong, then go for it! The key is – what will the letters say that the school doesn’t already know about you?

  111. Jessica on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was wait-listed at my number one choice school (in the Top 25). I spoke to a woman in admissions and stated that the school was my number one choice and what specifically they would prefer I send as additional materials because their instructions when emailed were rather vague. They told me that supplementary essays were accepted, however, while perusing online the Dean of Admissions was interviewed only a few years ago stating not to send in essays. Do you think a strong LOCI or two would be adequate?

    Also, due to the current state of the job market for attorneys and the decline in students taking the LSAT, have you found that schools, outside of the very top schools, are more prone to use the wait-list now or does it just depend on the school? Have you found that over enrolling is harder now?

    Thank you so much for all of your help during this stressful time!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Jessica, waiting lists are already moving so take initiative and follow instructions given to you by the admission office. Make sure they know you are serious about attending and remind them as the cycle continues. Don’t give up!

  112. Jessica on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was wait-listed at my number one choice school (in the Top 25). I spoke to a woman in admissions and stated that the school was my number one choice and what specifically they would prefer I send as additional materials because their instructions when emailed were rather vague. They told me that supplementary essays were accepted, however, while perusing online the Dean of Admissions was interviewed only a few years ago stating not to send in essays. Do you think a strong LOCI or two would be adequate?

    Also, due to the current state of the job market for attorneys and the decline in students taking the LSAT, have you found that schools, outside of the very top schools, are more prone to use the wait-list now or does it just depend on the school? Have you found that over enrolling is harder now?

    Thank you so much for all of your help during this stressful time!

  113. Becky on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was recently waitlisted at my top choice Fordham. I didn’t even think I had a chance there because of my low LSAT score and I applied the last day they were accepting applications. I scored 150 on the LSAT in February. Do you think taking the LSAT over in June will help me get off the waitlist? Or is it not worth it? I’m also a URM applicant, African American.

  114. Hi Ann,

    Thanks so much for writing this – the post and comments have been really helpful!

    I have a dilemma I wanted to ask you about. I applied to several schools and was accepted at some and waitlisted at others. Almost all the schools I was accepted to required me to submit a “commitment to enroll” around May 1 that was binding (as in, I was committing to that school and forfeiting acceptances from other schools). I had to make my decision by that date, and based on the schools I got into, I sent my commitment to enroll and deposit to School 1. However, I just now heard back from School 2, at which I had been waitlisted. Not only did they accept me, but they also matched School 1’s substantial scholarship offer. School 2 is much closer to home and is located where I want to work after graduation, and I would rather attend School 2 than School 1 (though both are equally-ranked T14 schools). Is there any way I can do so, even though I have sent in a binding commitment to School 1? It seems odd to me that schools would even have waitlists if most of them require binding agreements by May (before people start to get accepted off of waitlists). Should I call School 1 and see if they are willing to cancel the agreement, or is there something else I can do? Thank you very much in advance!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Dan, I’m glad the blog has been helpful.
      Did the binding thing mean only places you were accepted to at that point or did it ask you to withdraw all outstanding applications? You might be reading too much into the binding part?

  115. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for all of your help and responses. Reading through them all has been extremely helpful.

    In my current situation, I have been wait listed at SUNY Buffalo Law and Rutgers Newark Law, both top choices for me. I sent in my LOCI to Buffalo on May 13th (I was wait listed on the 7th) and to Rutgers on the 20th (I was wait listed on April 29th). Can you please suggest how much time I should allow before I request an interview or a meeting with a dean or admissions counselor? I figure I should allow some weeks in between each time I contact them so that I have new information or updates to provide, but I know the wait lists are moving. What do you think I should do? Should I call and schedule a meeting or interview soon?


    • Ann Levine on said:

      Ana, you can’t always request an interview but you can schedule a campus visit and I would do it sooner rather than later.

  116. Laura on said:

    Hello Ms. Levine,

    Thank you for the post! It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve sent my LOCI to one of the schools I’m very interested in. Do you think it’s a good idea to send them another letter? (I could say it’s for resume update, etc.) How often is “too often” to follow up?

  117. David on said:

    Firstly, thank you so much for your blog. I applied to two law schools almost a month ago, expected two rejections for applying in May. My planned first course of action was to buy your book afterwards.
    This year’s climate helped me(as did your blog, of course), and I was accepted at one school and waitlisted at another. I would prefer the school that I am waitlisted at, but I’m happy to be in at all. My application was late, but I chose schools realistically for my numbers.

    The school that put me on their waitlist does everything by email, but should I go ahead and email my LOCI or put it in the mail? I know it may depend on the school(and you don’t give school specific advice here), but what general advice would you have, if any? I have already recommended your blog and book to friends of mine applying for 2014-2015 or are considering applying beyond that. Thank you again.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      David, put it in email, of course!
      Thanks for helping spread the word about the books and blog: the second edition (completely rewritten and expanded) of The Law School Admission Game will be released on Amazon June 11th!

      • David on said:

        Dear Ann,

        Thank you! I fall below the 25th percentile for both schools for LSAT and GPA. No diversity factors. But I utilized your advice and received good news 2 months past the tentative deadlines. Hard work and good advice (thanks!) definitely made the difference. Just fired off my LOCI via email – you’re a genius!

  118. Rachel on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I just got accepted to NYU, my too choice, off the wait list. Beforehand I got into UCLA but realized I’d need a year to get myself ready for LA so I deferred. Now for a variety of personal reasons I feel like taking a year off before law school would be very beneficial to me- but I’m also so nervous NYU will take back their offer if I mention it to them. Do law schools allow a deferral after the wait list? What do you recommend? Thanks!

  119. Jennifer on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for providing such an informative and helpful blog! I was wait-listed at the University of Maryland, which is my top choice. I sent in everything they requested (LOCI, updated transcript and resume), visited the school, spoke to someone in admissions and sent a follow-up card. I expressed that UMD is my first choice both in person and in my LOCI. It has been about one month since I submitted my updated info and since my visit. I recently heard that their wait-list (which is unranked) is beginning to move.

    I’d like to either call or email the admissions office to reiterate my interest. They told me that another LOR was not necessary. Do you have any other tips? Have I done all that I can/should do? Any insight on UMD Law in particular?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      I’m so happy the blog has been helpful to you. It sounds like you’ve been doing everything right on the WL. Email or call every 2 weeks just to check in.

  120. Alias Martinez on said:

    Hi! I have recently submitted my seat deposit to Capital University Law School. My GPA is 3.2 and my LSAT was under 149. I have interned for the U.S. Census Bureau, competed in speech and debate and qualified for nationals on the college circuit, won a number communication awards as well as public relations competitions at my university, worked in a law office for over 5 years, and my transcript resembles a stupid freshman/sophomore who got her act together the last year and a half of her college career and got over 60 credits worth of straight A’s, completing her degree and graduating. (went from a 2.3 to a 3.2 in a little over 3 semesters.) I was recently placed on Indiana University: Bloomington Maurer school of law’s waiting list. This has been my dream school since I was in middle school. My dad graduated from Indiana with his JD and I hoped to follow his footsteps. I have kept in touch with them and just recently booked a flight out to visit them. After reading a laundry list of why schools “really” put you on their waiting list (a nice way of rejection) I am discouraged. I mean, I intend on going any way, taking their tour and meeting with the admissions officer they will assign me too but am I being realistic? This is a pretty decent expense for me to make but I feel like if I don’t go, I will never know if it would have possibly helped my chances or not. The email sent to me specifically expressed that being placed on their waiting list meant that they thought I could do well at their University. I mean, I am not sure if it is a mass email that gets sent to all wait list students, I assume so, but still. I know, I am rambling…Just I leave in 3 short weeks to Indiana, I have purposely not placed any downs on apartments or furniture in Columbus because I am so desperately hoping that IU will accept me. HELP! Is this stupid? I can’t afford to place a down on an apartment, then to lose it in turn of being accepted to IU. The seat deposit for Capital was $300.00 and I figured if IU accepted me, it would be only a short 4 hour drive away. Should I still go and meet with them? Does this help your chances to get off the wait-list?

      • Alias Martinez on said:

        THANK YOU!!!! 🙂 I’ll let you know what happens!!!! So nervous, but I AM SO EXCITED! And again, thank you so much for your blog and reply. I appreciate your time to answer to my submission!!!!

  121. MaryAnn on said:

    I am waitlisted to my top choice school.
    I have sent the LOCI and an updated resume.
    I want to know if visiting/having a tour at the school will somewhat help getting off the wait list.
    What are some key questions to ask the admissions people during the visit?
    Is it also helpful to send in follow up LOCI after visiting the school? (mentioning about how I felt about the school etc)

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Visiting would be a great thing to do – I have a chapter on this in my new book. The most important thing is to make it very clear that you would absolutely attend if admitted.

  122. David W. on said:

    Dear Ms. Levine,

    I was waitlisted at Penn State a few months back with both numbers below their median and have been sending them LOCI every month or so. Today, I received the following email at 10am (most likely sent out to all the waitlisted applicants):

    “Thank you for your application to Penn State Law. We have begun extending a limited number of offers of admission to waitlisted applicants. It would be very helpful for us to know whether you remain interested in Penn State Law or whether you have finalized plans to attend another law school. Please take a moment to reply to this message and let us know. As always, I am available to answer any questions you may have. Please feel welcome to call or email me directly.”

    I went ahead and responded to the email, voicing my unconditional acceptance, as well as called the number to speak with the Admissions Director informing him that Penn State is my top choice. I don’t think the Director had my file on hand when I called, but he did tell me it’s great to hear of my dedication to the law school. I thought it might have been a possibility to be admitted later that day, but to no avail.

    My question is, how long usually are decisions made after such an email? I am assuming that admissions will give the waitlisted applicants a wk or so to respond, and then start issuing admission from there?

    Thank you again for all of your insight, and help!

    David W.

    • David W. on said:

      To add on, Ms. Levine, the email was sent from the personal address of the Senior Director of Admissions and not the usual [email protected] etc.

      Additionally, I made the follow up call to the senior director and when I told him that I will definitely attend if accepted, he seemed very pleased…

      Hopefully something will happen later this week? >_>

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi David W., I think decisions will be made soon, and it sounds like you did everything right…. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  123. Alias Martinez on said:

    As you can imagine I am extremely excited and anxious. I just had a couple of questions regarding my upcoming visit to my waitlist school. What should I expect? Do you think it would be wise for me to take anything with me, resume’s etc, or will they have everything on file. What generally happens at school tours / admissions officer meetings? I guess, I just don’t know what to expect. Are they supposed to ask basic, “Why do you think you belong here?” questions? (I’m so nervous.) Thanks again for your previous reply. These are my final questions, I just want to know how to better prepare for my meeting with the assistant dean of admissions. 🙂

  124. Lieutenant on said:

    Hello Ms. Levine,

    I was recently placed on Georgetown University Law Center’s wait list. I understand that I should send LOCI’s and LOR’s in the next couple of weeks. I am in the process of obtaining a LOR from a professor that taught at Georgetown Law several years ago. How much of an impact will this have on the admissions committee? Will it help get me off the wait list. I am a transfer applicant recently accepted to WUSTL and ND (I have no idea which school to choose if I do not get into GULC) Please help

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Lieutenant,
      I think it’s a little late for new LORs in the next couple of weeks, but it’s worth trying. I would make sure you let them know you would absolutely attend if admitted. I want to congratulate you on admission to WUSTL and ND – that’s awesome!

  125. Ann,

    I am on the waitlist for a dream school of mine and it was a major reach within the top 20. I have a 1L SA position and had the partners send in recommendations on my behalf. Do the Committee’s typically review a file again once it is updated, or does it just sit in a pile? Thank you for your help.

      • Dave on said:

        They just received them today, but once the file is updated does it go back into review or is there typically a waitlist pile that law schools will not touch until August? Thank you so much for your help!

  126. Hello!
    I just got waitlisted at Pepperdine and wanted to know how I could increase my chances of getting in? I will send a LOCI this week but wanted to ask if sending weekly letters of interest is too much? I would do anything to get into this school and want them to know that. Thanks in advance!

  127. Ann,

    I am wondering if law schools are currently putting more emphasis on work experience? I had a very poor spring semester due to personal reasons, but I am on a Tier 1 waitlist. Does a 1L Summer Associate position hold that much weight in the admissions process? Additionally, I was wondering if these schools would accept credits although I had some bad grades this past spring? Thank you for all your help!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Rob, I’m confused – a summer associate position after your first year of law school? Are you talking about transferring?

      • Ann,

        I apologize for the confusion. I wanted to know if a 1L Summer Associate position holds any weight in the transfer admissions process. Additionally, if one is accepted to a better school but has one bad grade do they typically accept all 1L courses or ask you to re-take them? Thank you for your time.

  128. anna on said:

    It is possible to be rejected from a school you’ve been waitlisted at in late july / early august after sending multiple LOCI’s and other recommendations? Would they have denied me already?

  129. Ann,

    I am waitlisted at a T14 and I received an e-mail asking me to confirm my interest incase a seat opened. I was sent a rejection e-mai shortly after that. I responded and asked them to clarify and thanked them anyway. Now I am back in review incase a spot opens? I figured maybe you can shed some light on this rare situation? Thank you!

  130. Michelle on said:


    I have a question regarding URM admissions. After reading many law school admission blogs and articles, the general consensus is to apply early- before Thanksgiving. Does this advice apply to URMs? I will sit for the October LSAT, and hope to score in the mid-160s. However, if I dont, I will sit for the December exam. Will I be at a disadvantage if I apply in late December?


  131. Ann,

    My 2L law school year starts in one week at my current law school. However, I am still on the wait list for my dream school. I second in a second LOCI this past Monday and it was confirmed that it was processed. Is there anything else I can do to possibly get in this dream school of mine last minute? I’ve already sent in numerous letters of recommendation. Any last minute advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  132. Shauna on said:

    Hi Ann 🙂

    I’m on the waitlist at the only school I applied to in my home town. School starts next week and I stopped by the admissions office last week to follow up. The lady said that they haven’t taken anyone off the waitlist yet, but would absolutely need to pull people off the waitlist soon and to send any new LOR’s to her ASAP. I sent over another LOR from the CEO of a Non-profit I have been volunteering for this summer, and sent an e-mail to the other admissions guy letting him know I sent it. I also mentioned that I had tuition money set aside just in case and was ready to go. I know it is too late to apply for financial aid for Fall semester to receive it in time for classes and wondered if knowing a student will be able to pay for tuition would have any bearing on their decision to choose one student over another? I made contact with them twice in June, once in July and again last week when I stopped by the office and sent e-mails the next day. I have mentioned that theirs is the only school I had applied to. Fingers crossed!



    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Shauna,
      The school gets paid one way or another (loans or cash) so they don’t really care how it’s paid for. Email them and tell them again this is the only school you want to attend and you are ready to attend even if they call you on the morning of the first day of classes!

  133. Sasha Jay on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I have a 166 and a 3.4, and I was waitlisted at the University of Virginia Law. I have a very diverse background (non-URM) and am actively involved on campus. I was not expecting to be waitlisted since my numbers are so far out of their bounds. Is there much point trying to get off the waitlist, because although UVA is my dream (I applied ED), I am so far out of their range.


    • Ann Levine on said:

      Sasha Jay, Your numbers aren’t so far out of bounds. You have to schedule a time to go visit UVA and meet with them, if you can.

  134. Hi Ann,

    I have been accepted to one of the law schools that I applied to but wait-listed on my 1st choice. I am planning on writing a LOCI to my 1st choice but wanted to know if I should mention that I have been accepted elsewhere but would like to attend my 1st choice.

    Thank you.

  135. Shanika Williams on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Above you mention that a waitlisted student should start a one woman campaign. What actions do you highly suggest? I plan to visit the admission office and write a high quality LOCI, but do you have any other suggestions? Do you recommend having alumni call the office on my behalf? Please respond.

  136. Hello Ann,

    I have been waitlisted at two schools. I have recently separated the military due to service connected disabilities. Should I send an LOCI with this information, along with a letter from the VA and my DD214?

    Thank you.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Ashley, an LOCI with the information is in order, but supporting documentation isn’t necessary. Perhaps also tell the schools what you plan to do for the next few months before starting law school.

  137. Hello,

    My stats are 3.234 GPA and 142LSAT. There is only one ABA school
    I want to attend because they accommodate my family life.

    They have rejected me 4 times in the last decade. However around
    Mid December 2013 they sent me an email stating that despite my low LSAT
    That I have other academic achievements that would make me a great law student
    And lawyer and that they think I would do great at their school. The email didnt use the word
    Invite but they inferred an invite and included a link to their special unconditional
    Admit program for students with low LSAT but good GPA.

    I took the bait and applied. Weeks later the assistant dean of admission asked for
    Me to get a letter from the previous non ABA school I attended a decade ago with info
    On why I left the school. The letter also needed to comment on my grades and if i had any ethical issues while there. I Got them the letter they requested. I was then told that that letter
    Along with my statement on why I left the school would fulfill their need for a
    “Deans certification letter” A Few days after this email (around late january 2014) I got another email saying that
    My file was complete and that they would review it and make a
    Decision ASAP. They are a rolling admission school.

    I called the school around early march to check in my status
    And was told I should get a decision in two weeks. That hasn’t happened as of today.

    About a week ago I received a brochure for something called
    “Law preview” which i just found out is a boot camp to prepare first year law students
    For law school. I asked how they got my address and they claimed they didn’t know.
    My name wasnt on this piece of mail but my home address was.


    I know that nothing is guaranteed but what do you
    Make of the above events since I applied? Might I be an admit?
    I’m being teased? Lol Things just a coincidence? Still gonna be denied
    For low stats?

    Also is it strange that a law school would try to obtain a
    Deans certification letter before admitting a student? I thought that would be requested
    Only after someone is admitted- not during preliminary review of the application.

    Please Give me your thoughts on all of this….

    Thanks, Lisa,

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Lisa, I would make a phone call and not mention anything except the fact that you are still waiting for a decision. LawPreview gets your info from LSAC candidate info or from some other list you’ve signed up for and NOT from a law school you applied for (or from this blog, for that matter ; )

  138. Hi Ann,

    Thanks so much for the great advice in your books and on this blog! I’ve found all of it very helpful. I was wondering if you might have any advice for getting off the University of Minnesota waitlist specifically. I’ve been waitlisted with a 161/3.7, with both numbers a bit below their medians. I’m currently a graduate student at the U of MN and had applied to their Joint Degree Program. I’ve submitted an extra letter of recommendation, a LOCI, and will be retaking the LSAT in June. Any advice for this school or for Joint Degree Program waitlists in general?

    Thank you very much!

  139. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for your wonderful book and blog, it has been so helpful to me! I was just waitlisted for the Part Time Program at Fordham. I scored a 157 on my LSAT, and have a 3.7 GPA. I only want to attend law school in NYC, and now find myself in a complicated situation. I was accepted to Cardozo’s May Part Time program and don’t know what to do. I am planning on depositing at Cardozo and would gladly lose the deposit, but from reading your blog I know that most schools don’t start pulling from the waitlist until summer. I would want to remain on Fordham’s WL until the day classes started if I could but don’t have the option because the PT program at Cardozo begins mid-May. Now I have less than a two month window to remain on the Fordham waitlist until I would start classes at Cardozo.

    I sent an LOCI email to Fordham admissions a week before they sent their WL decision so right now would be too soon to send something else. What do you suggest that I do? In my original application, I already included a diversity statement, 2 LOR from my professors at NYU, as well as a LOR from my current employer whom I currently work for as a paralegal.

    Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Fiona,
      I’m so glad the advice has been helpful. Congratulations on being on Fordham’s WL. This is the exact reason that Cardozo has a May start – to lock you in! I think wait for the deposit deadlines to pass and then follow up with Fordham.

  140. Hello Ann,

    Thank you for your informative posting about law school waitlists.
    I’ve been waitlisted at Harvard Law, and my stats are in their median. I know that my
    GPA will improve this semester, but it’ll hardly make a dent to my overall GPA.
    Since I’ve taken LSAT three times already, I can’t improve LSAT score anymore.

    What do you think is the best way to get myself off from the waitlist?
    Summer internship or work/volunteering experience?

    And what do you think is the best time to send LOCI? I already sent them my first
    LOCI a couple of weeks ago, because my status has not changed for about 3 months.
    I feel like sending another LOCI right now would be inappropriate.

    Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Jay, Congrats on making the WL at Harvard. You should absolutely update the school with new grades. Showing interest in attending is important, but of course everyone on the Harvard WL hopes to get in so yield protection isn’t really an issue. I think you should follow the school’s directions about updates, and wait until after they have sorted through their first deposits to reach back out to them.

  141. Louie S. on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was wait-listed at SLU law for the upcoming Fall semester. I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran and my GPA is pretty good (3.85). I wasn’t fully planning on going to law school at the time of my LSAT, which my lack of studying came up with a 147 on the LSAT. However, I was nominated by my university as student-of-the-year, which I just sent SLU a copy of the letter I received. I have written multiple, handwritten follow-up letters and have made several calls in regards to my devotion in attended law school at SLU. With your expertise, would you say I have a decent chance at being one of the selected people from the wait-list, if they even have slots open after the deposit deadline? Thank you for your time.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Louie,
      I can’t predict what will happen but it sounds like you are doing everything right! Just don’t cross the line into “stalker” : ) They know you, you are on their radar. Time your communications appropriately.

  142. Frank E.C. on said:


    Thanks for continuing to answer questions well after your initial post.

    I was just waitlisted at GW. My numbers are below their medians. My LSAT is just above their 25th percentile and my GPA is well below their 25th percentile (at 3.28)

    I think I have a strong application that partly makes up for my numbers. I’m thinking this is how I made it on their waitlist at all.

    I am graduating with not one, but two bachelors and graduating through my university’s honors college. I have two great letters of recommendation from two professors and wrote my personal statement about growing up poor, working in the inner city and my struggle coming out as gay and how all these experiences have made me want to pursue the law to defend the disenfranchised. (I kept it all to two pages!)

    Tomorrow, I’m paying my deposit at UMiami. However, I want to work that waitlist. But I really pulled out all the stops with my application. I don’t know that I have anything to add to get their attention. I’m just taking one class to finish up my degree this spring, so I can’t expect my GPA to rise very dramatically. If I retake my LSAT in June I wouldn’t get my results until July when most decisions have already been made (not to mention, I’m taking a trip through seven countries in May/June so I won’t be able to study.) Furthermore, I won’t be getting any promotions since my job knows to expect me to resign this summer.

    I can send a LOCI and I can furnish them another (3rd) letter of recomendation from my boss this time. I’ve already visited the campus, though this was last year and I doubt the staff would remember me. Time/distance/money makes visiting the campus highly unlikely.

    What else can I do to increase my chances at GW?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Frank, It doesn’t sound like retaking the LSAT in June is going to work for you. LOCI is good, another LOR is good. In the LOCI mention that you visited the school.

  143. What about the unofficial hold? I have not yet heard from 2 schools I have applied to and it has been over 2 months. I suspect I am in the unofficial hold category, i.e. wait and see what seat deposits and additional applications come in. I guess this is better than an official denial or waitlist, but I have now paid seat deposits at other schools because I have not heard from my top two. As I wait, I have scheduled additional class visits to show my continued interest in their fine institutions, but what else should I be doing? I have a second seat deposit at one school due on May 1, what if I don’t yet hear from these two schools by then? Also, I noticed that the one school is now increasing scholarship money by 1/3 today to applicants who have not yet committed to them. I would commit in an instant and not require any money, but how can I best convey that message to them? Will these additional visits and thank yous/LOCI help my cause at all?

    • Ann Levine on said:

      June, Most likely you will hear from these two schools in the coming week or two. If not, you must put a deposit on another school.
      You should email the school you would commit to and let them know that.

  144. Connor on said:


    My LSAT is a 179 and GPA a 3.8, yet I am not fairing particularly well in the responses I’m getting from law schools. I was wait listed at Harvard and I think it may have been because of 2 gap years in my undergrad that I kind of glossed over. I am a recovered drug addict, the struggling with which caused the gaps. I decided not to mention this on the advice of a professor. Is there a way you would recommend approaching the LOCI? Harvard is my first choice by far,
    Thank you!

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Connor, If you’ve been clean for a significant amount of time, it might’ve showed an obstacle you’ve overcome, and would’ve helped to explain the gap. Did you address the gap at all? Call it an illness? Or did you ignore it?

  145. Jude on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for posting such helpful advice! I am currently on the WL at one of my top two schools, and I am afraid I made a major timing mistake:
    The deposit deadline for accepted students was on Friday, May 2nd, and I submitted my LOCI the following Wednesday, May 7th. The admissions office began reviewing (and subsequently admitting) students from the WL on Monday, May 5th. So, my mistake was that I sent the letter too late – my status did not change to “Under Review,” and it has not changed since April 24th (confirmed WL). Anyway, I learned that those accepted off the WL have two weeks to send in a deposit. I don’t have any significant updates since my last LOCI, but I want to know if it would be smart to reach out to the admissions office the day before those deposits are due. (Or is there a better time?) If yes, what would you suggest? Another LOCI, a phone call, or just an email? I am out of the country and cannot visit the campus, so that is unfortunately not an option for me.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Jude,
      Your timing is fine. I think you are overreacting. Most WLs don’t move until later in the summer…. the game is just beginning. Space out your communications.

  146. Rachel on said:


    I’ve been wait listed at my top choice. Ive drafted a LOC in hopes to get off the list. I am a non traditional student and a urm with 6 years biglaw experience as a paralegal. When I submitted my app I did not do am optional essay but I included a diversity statement, socio econ addendum as well as a few other addenda. Should I include this optional essay? I didn’t in the beginning because I didn’t want to be repeating what was in my personal statement. As I look back there is one topic I could have responded to. Also I plan on sending another letter of rec but from a former employer although the ones I submitted were from professors. I’ve been out of undergrad for 7 years so I assume the law school is looking for an employer rec.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi Rachel. If an optional essay would be repeating things elsewhere in your application then I agree it wouldn’t be helpful.

  147. Joann on said:

    I took the June LSAT recently and scores were just posted on LSAC. I applied to Stetson and to Barry for Fall 2014. Only my scores were missing and now they are there. When do you think I may hear something either way as it is cutting it close to when the semester will start. Thanks.

  148. N. MAr on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was priority waitlisted for my first Choice GSU I am one point below their median LSAT with a 3.86 GPA and was accepted to Mercer. I put my seat deposit down, and now Mercer is asking for a letter of intent stating I am attending in the fall. Was that not what the deposit was for? they say its for financial aid and class scheduling purposes. My question is does this bind me to Mercer, what if GSU calls I would go in a heartbeat, what do I do? Also, I have sent two LOCI and a note to the admissions director. I want to go to GSU badly, what other actions do you recommend.

    • Ann Levine on said:

      Hi N.Mar, it doesn’t sound binding unless it asks you to withdraw from all other schools. I know it’s been 3 weeks since you posted this and I apologize for the delay. Any updates on GSU?

  149. Hi Ann,

    Hope I’m not resurrecting a dead post, but was hoping for a quick opinion. Was WL to top choice IU Maurer with low stats, but with strong softs. I visited to show my motivation, which I think may have helped in the decision. What is the current temperature like for WLs? I intend on following up to show my clear intent and although I’ll deposit at my safety before the deadline, I’ll be willing to jump ship until the day class starts.

  150. Francisco on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’ve been perusing this post and have gained valuable insight and advice. I sent my applications relatively late but did meet some of the priority deadlines. I received my first respond from Quinnipiac University placing me on the waitlist. My GPA/LSAT of 3.7 and 155 is in their 75th percentile, however my volunteer and internship experience is very limited. Could this be a reason for the wait list? I have replied to their wait list email and intend on sending them a LOCI in the next week. Who do I call about visiting or setting up an interview, the office of admissions? And also, could the response to the character and fitness section disqualify someone? I know on the application it says it doesn’t, but surely it has to have some bearing on theit decisions right? I never faced academic discipline, but I was a troubled youth and had 4 misdemeanors I had to disclose as well as 4 traffic violations. Is this a red flag for an admissions committee NOT to accept anyone. Thank you for any and all advice you can provide.

    • Francisco, your late application is probably the reason for the wait list – arrange a visit through the admission office. Do not ask for an interview – just a campus visit/tour/sit in on a class and meet with an admission counselor, if possible.

  151. Grecia on said:

    Hi Ann!
    Im so glad I came across this site. I was going crazy looking for answers.

    I recently got waitlisted at U Texas Law. I applied really late, about a week before deadlines but I really didn’t think they would consider me. I have a 152 LSAT and 3.6 GPA, Biology major. I do have an extensive resume and a great personal story to tell on my ps which I figured must have helped me A LOT. Anyway, I wonder if you know what are the chances of getting off the waitlist in a Top school like UT, and if their waitlist is usually long…?
    I plan to visit the school soon, and stated in an e-mail that I would attend there upon acceptance because it is my top choice.
    I’m surprised for being considered but I wonder if I should keep my hopes up with my numbers or even if UT usually takes a great number off their wait list.

  152. Shannon on said:

    First great web sight! I have been WL at William and Mary, I have gotten in to 4 other schools but they are my first choice. What advice would you give me to get them to notice me and realize I would be a great fit for their school. My LSAT was not great (155) but my GPA is 3.97 and I have great extras? Any advice would be great!


  153. I was waitlisted at Harvard about four days ago and I just sent in my LOCI. I had a 165/3.8 at the time of my application and my gpa is now a 3.82. I included in the first letter that Harvard is my top choice (obvious but whatever) and that I’ll be participating in an internship with a pro bono legal service since I want to work in public interest. I’m planning to get an additional letter of recommendation from my boss and send it in May. In the meantime, I’m calling the school in about a week (don’t want to seem like a crazy person even though I feel like one) to ask about the wait list and possibly set up a visit. Do you know anything about the Harvard wait list? I feel like this is a lost cause because who wouldn’t accept a seat there?

    • Hi Ema, Congrats on the WL. You’re right – at Harvard it’s not about Yield protection so saying you’d attend isn’t the issue. Give updates about your grades and your internships and honors. Don’t bug them – they know you’re there. Wait for their deposit deadline to go by. Most importantly, follow their instructions about how to submit additional materials and what to submit. Good luck!

  154. Victor on said:

    Hello Ann,

    Do you have any inclination on the likelihood of being admitted off of Colorado’s Waitlist this year? I am on the Priority Waitlist, and it is my clear #1. I have visited and written a LOCI.


    • Victor, keep at it every 3 weeks or so and make sure they know you’re a sure thing if admitted. There is no way to predict how much each WL will move from year to year. So much depends on (1) deposits, and (2) how the class is balancing out.

  155. Hi Ann!

    I came across this site while nervously searching for any information on a priority wait list. I was recently put on the “special” priority waitlist at my top school (Richmond). I have already done an initial visit back in December, have written a LOCI and had an additional letter of recommendation sent (I’m also an alumni of the undergrad school)

    The priority letter sounds really hopeful in my obtaining admittance, but I’m starting to get nervous. Do you have any insight to how Richmond operates? Should I visit again although I’ve already done one? Is there anything else you might recommend I do?

    They say they will start pulling people after the deadline tomorrow, but I guess I’m just anxious that even though I’m on that priority list that my chances are still slim. I can’t imagine going to another school.

    Thanks for your advice!

  156. Matt on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you for writing such a fantastic blog! I have been reading it throughout the admissions process and it has been unbelievably helpful!

    I was placed on the wait list at my top choice school (by a miracle!) and was recently contacted by admissions about other schools I am still considering, scholarships that I have received, and the importance of a scholarship in my decision process. I feel like this school is looking to only take people off the wait list that will absolutely accept. I have made it clear that I am still very interested in attending, and have submitted a strong LOCI. Although, frankly, I received substantial scholarships from much lower ranked schools, and this will play a factor in my decision process. Because this school is much higher ranked (T1 vs. T2 and T3s), I do not think that it would be helpful to disclose the information that admissions requested because I do not believe that I am competitive for scholarship money at this T1 school. I am interested, but I need to seriously consider going without scholarship money, and I want them to pull me off the wait list based on the strength of my application, not solely because it would be a definite acceptance. What is your opinion? Should I answer admissions’ questions? Could the answers negatively impact me since the other schools on my radar are significantly lower-ranked? Is there a way for me to politely tip-toe around these questions if I don’t want to answer them?

    Thank you in advance for any advice!

    • Hi Matt,
      I’m glad the blog has been helpful. Congrats on the WL. Schools are definitely asking for commitments before giving out offers, and you should be honest with the school. The fact that you are being asked these questions shows they believe in the strength of your application. Now it’s about who will take the seats. You need to answer questions honestly – if it would take money for you to attend, say so.

  157. Kara on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was waitlisted at Pace in the first week of April. I submitted an LOCI about a week and a half later and am still waiting to hear back from them for any updates. Do you think I should call them or send more recommendation letters? What could increase my chances of getting off the WL, if any? Thank you!

  158. Michal on said:

    Hello Ann,

    Thank you so much for providing advice to law school applicants. Your blog is extremely helpful.

    I have been accepted and have committed to the University of Illinois, and I am on the waiting list at UCLA, USC, Northwestern, and the University of Chicago. Since I intend to specialize in international business law, UCLA and Northwestern are my top two choices.

    While most of the posts I’ve seen inquire about getting off waiting lists, my question is about what to do if I receive an admission offer a few days before classes begin. Since I am blind, I access all course materials in alternate formats, usually electronically using screen reading software on my computer. Although more and more textbooks are becoming readily available in accessible formats to students with print disabilities, I can expect that some of my law school materials will need to be converted by the office for students with disabilities, which may take weeks, depending on the office’s resources. That being said, if I am contacted in the last minute and I request that my admission be deferred based on the time it takes to set up disability services, is my request likely to be approved? If you were the decision maker, how would you react to such a request?

    Thank you in advance for your response, and thank you for all you do.

    • Hi Michal, You’re on some great waitings lists – congratulations.
      I think you have time right now – worry about this at the beginning of August. You could be pulled off the WL much sooner.

  159. Aleene on said:


    Thank you for your blog, it has been extremely helpful through my application process.

    I have been wait listed at Pepperdine University and I was wondering if you knew how big their wait list is this year? Does that school particularly dip into their wait list much based on the past?

    I sent in a new letter of recommendation and a LOCI. How can I update them with new information or ensure them that I would attend under any circumstances by phone call? I would just call the admissions office and ask to speak to someone on the admissions committee? Or just inform the person that answers?

    Any other advice for Pepperdine?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    • Aleene,
      I’m so happy the blog has been useful for you!
      Waitlists move. Pepperdine’s WL will move. Send an email that you would attend under any circumstances – if you haven’t visited them, I highly recommend that as well!
      Good luck!

      • Aleene on said:

        Thank you so much for your response!

        I actually did go visit them this week!

        If I register for classes at another law school, would I be able to drop the classes, change schools, and still be able to use my financial aid loans? Or would my loans already be sent to the previous school tuition??

        Thank you again in advance.

  160. Jane on said:

    Hey Ann!

    Thank you for your posts, and your book is WONDERFUL.

    I have been waitlisted at my top choice, Tulane. I have sent in 3 LOCI since then including one last Friday (the 2nd seat deposit is due today, June 1st). Also, I have visited Tulane twice, once last September and immediately after I was waitlisted in April.

    Due to my low LSAT score – 152 – I am signed up to take the June LSAT. Is there anything else I should do? Maybe another convincing LOCI this week? Ideas?

    Thank you!

    • Jane, thank you!!!!! So happy the book was helpful to you.
      You’re doing great on the WL – I have a client with your LSAT score who was admitted so hang tight – it’s not impossible. Do you have potential to improve your LSAT next week? If so, that will absolutely help you out. You’re doing everything right! Keep in touch with the school every 2-3 weeks.
      And, if you’re so inclined, I love 5-star reviews of my book on Amazon!

      • Stephanie Brown on said:

        Absolutely I’ll 5 star it! And ok, good too know.

        Yes I am signed up for the LSAT next week and I’m averaging an overall higher score, so that’s good.

        Thank you for the encouragement!!!

  161. Good afternoon!

    I have been waitlisted at the University of Houston for the pt program since June 24th. I have sent in an objective letter explaining my lsat which I unfortunately and regretabbly was unable to retake. My gpa is above their median so hopefully that gets me in. Since then I have visited the school, updated my resume and reported getting more duties/responsibilities at work and charitable work. I have sent in 2 letters of continued interest 1 in june post-waitlist status and one in april. My uncle, an alumni, has sent a letter of support, and my cousin also an alumni is works closely with one of the deans who is over the head of admissions and she sent a letter to the dean on my behalf.

    Today is the first day of school– should I email them and restate my continued interest? this is my first choice. Should I just sit back at this point?

  162. Ann,

    Thank you so much for taking questions from folks who cannot afford consulting at this time! It does not go unappreciated as shown by all of the comments above. 🙂

    I am not on the waitlist yet, but I am applying to Univ. of Minnesota in early November and my numbers have me deadset for the waitlist as of now. I took the LSAT in June and got a sub 160 score. I have been working hard and am now scoring 162-163 on my practice tests. The LSAT is in less than a week and, unfortunately with my 3.6 GPA, I am aimed for their Minnesota waitlist. A 164 is their median and without reaching that, admission is unlikely.

    I have spoken with both directors of admission both at a recruiting event and when I toured the school. I have demonstrated my interest and plan to apply early decision. What more can I do other than simply wait to be put on the waitlist and then send LOCI’s?

    My soft factors are decent – I am a first-generation college student with a handful of prestigious internships during my undergrad (Congress, DOJ, etc.) and I have been a paralegal at a BigLaw firm since graduating college a year and a half ago. The reality of studying for the LSAT with a full time legal job is a very difficult one.

    Thank you in advance!

  163. Hi Ann,

    Thank you for your posts. I have elec. engineering undergrad from a foreign school with 2.93 gpa and 3.5 gpa grad degree from Uni. South Carolina. I have been preparing for lsat for a year now with zero improvement so I have decided to take the exam which is in next few days I expect a very low score may be 152-154. I have been working for US patent & trademark office for 3 and half years now. My question to u is that since I have an int’l undergrad gpa, would schools consider my gpa? LSAC doesn’t report int’l gpa but they do send transcripts. second question would my uspto experience help in getting admission. My top choice is SMU and GMU their median gpa and lsat are both above my score. Third question, USPTO pays for law school for its employee, do u think its worth mentioning, if yes then where should I mention it, in an email or meet the admission councilor. Thanks

  164. Hi Ann,

    Quick question-I have already been accepted to various law schools and plan on deferring one more year due to a financial situation. I have, however, been waitlisted at my top choice. If I were to be admitted during the summer, would the possibility exist to pay the deposit and then attempt to defer?

    I understand they want to fill seats immediately, but after I would pay the deposit, they would have a guaranteed seat for the next year and I would tecnically be an accepted student in the same boat as other direct admits at this point. Do you have any advice or experience with this kind of situation?

    Thank you for your advice!!

  165. Kurtis on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for all of the info you have provided! Excellent blog!
    I was just waitlisted at Columbia this morning and I have a question about what I should do when I visit the campus. Should I attempt to meet with an admissions officer for an impromptu interview? With whom should I try to speak? I would like to maximize my visit, as Columbia is my top choice.


  166. Marleny on said:

    Hi. I sent in a couple applications now too law schools that LSAC stated i had a 65% and above chance to get in. So I applied in February for either May admissions or fall. But for two of my top schools to get in i got wait listed. They said they can’t predict the incoming applicants for the fall semester. What does this mean? should I be applying to more schools?

    One school wait listed me for spring semester but offered me an interview for fall semester. I’m just a little confused on admissions to law school.

    • Marleny,
      Waitlists are good things – make sure to express interest in the schools and visit and make connections there if you can – let your #1 choice know it’s your #1 choice!

  167. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for responding to all of these comments. I was recently waitlisted at UC Irvine and the letter I received said “do not submit any additional materials” unless you receive an award or get a new job. Would a LOCI be considered one of these “materials”?

    Also, can a LOCI be sent via email?


  168. Hello Ann,

    This site has been so helpful! I was WL today to one of my top picks but not my number one choice and am still waiting on other decisions. In the email it stated that “The Admissions Committee has all the information necessary to make its final decisions – no additional documentations, letters of continued interest, or letters of recommendation are necessary.”
    So I plan on following their instructions, however, I would like to let them know that I want to stay on the waitlist and would definitely go if they accepted me and the other schools didn’t work out.
    Would a brief email just stating that I am happy to be on the waitlist and would definitely go if accepted be alright? I don’t want to sit back and say nothing but I want to follow instructions!


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  170. Jess P on said:

    Hello Ann!

    Your website has been such a great tool to use throughout the entire law school application process! I’ve been waitlisted at ND, my top choice. My LSAT score is below their average but I have a strong GPA, also I’m a URM first generation college grad. I’ve sent LOCI and an additional letter of recommendation to ND. Additionally, I plan to visit within the next few weeks. I’ve contacted their office and they have agreed to let me speak with an admissions counselor after the visit. I was wondering what questions I should ask during the meeting, and if I should reiterate my strong interest in attending ND. I want to use the opportunity to speak with an admissions rep as a sort of interview, but I don’t know if that’s the right approach to take. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again. 🙂

  171. Sami on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was recently waitlisted at BLS and it is my very first choice. They sent out a letter saying around 24% of the IL class last year was taken off the waitlist and they believe this year to be similar. Do you have any type of insight to the BLS waitlist?

    Any recommendations you have would be SO appreciated!


  172. Mikayla on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I was recently WL at Pace University Law School.My GPA is 3.81 and my LSAT was 145 putting me in their 50% range.I read that they accepted 16/18 students with my numbers in 2015 and so I am crossing my fingers. Their email indicated that I supply them with a list of other Law Schools I had applied to and my application status with them. Is that a normal practice? I have only applied to one other school,which is New York Law, and my application is pending.Should I be applying to more eventhough my first choice is Pace?


  173. Hi Ann

    My apologies if this apppears as a duplicate post but when I went back to the web site I no longer saw my posting. So I was just WL by both Pace and NY Law which are the only two schoools I applied to.My scores are GPA 3.81 and LSAT 145.I looked at last years numbers and it appears they(Pace) accepted 16/18 applicants with similar grades. Pace asked for a LOCI while NY Law wanted an email indicating if I wanted to accept the WL offer which I complied with. Pace also asked for a list of other Law Schools I had applied to and my application status with them which I felt was odd. Ann is that considered normal practice ? I will be visiting both schools within the next 5 days but my preferred choice would be Pace and so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. One other thing the admissions rep told me on the phone that last year they only took 5 off the WL which is not very promising.


  174. Ashlley on said:

    Hi Anne,

    Between your book and blog, I’ve gotten the answer to so many questions. So thank you for creating an amazing tool for students!

    I’ve recently been waitlisted at NDLS, which is my top choice. I’m struggling with when to send my LOCI. I’ve spoken to an admissions counselor, who recommended I submit the letter before early May. However, I’m going out for a visit and have a meeting scheduled with an counselor next Friday and I’m not sure if it’s best to wait to submit the LOCI until after the visit or submit it before hand and then send a follow-up thank you letter to the counselor that I met with directly. Any advice on when to send my LOCI would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

  175. Dylan Henry on said:

    Hello Ann,

    I was waitlisted for Villanova Law about a month ago (early April) and to be honest, I was surprised since my LSAT and GPA are below the median for the entering class. I sent my letter of continuing interest a week after I was waitlisted and I’ve been following up with the admissions office. Although it is a bit late in the process, is there anything that I can do to improve my chances without pestering the admissions committee? I was thinking about visiting the school on my own but I’m not sure if that would be a good idea since they’re in the midst of finals.

    Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  176. Molly Rubin on said:

    Hi Ann!

    First I just want to say thank you for providing this blog–it’s very helpful in easing some law school anxieties!

    Anyway, similar to many people, I have been wait listed at my number 1 school (Vanderbilt) and am just trying to figure out what my chances are at getting off, or if I should stop worrying and just accept that I am going to Univ of Florida (which I am happy about!). My GPA is right around their median with a 3.7 at a top liberal arts school and, having played varsity basketball all four years, feel I offer a very diverse application despite my low LSAT score of a 153 (far below even their 25th percentile). However, in my letter of continued interest (which I sent before I got wait listed) I did mention that I would be retaking the LSAT in June. My question is whether you think they are keeping me on the wait list to see my June scores or do you think I have a shot even if my scores don’t improve significantly? I know this is a very hard question to answer but any insight at all would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much, Ann!!

    • Molly, I’m so happy the blog is helpful. Thanks. Let Vanderbilt know they are your #1. Make sure they know you are a sure thing. They may be waiting to see if your score improves, yes.

  177. Julie on said:

    First I wanted to thank you for writing this blog; applying to law school is stressful!
    I applied to six schools in New York (Hofstra, St. John’s, Brooklyn, Touro, NYLS, Cardozo). I have only heard back from Cardozo so far, where I was placed on the waitlist. The school isn’t my first choice, but it is definitely not my last either. If it helps, my LSAT was 151 and my gpa is 2.9 (it dropped from a 3.3 because of illness and personal issues last semester, I’m hoping to bring it back up with a strong last semester).
    Should I accept the waitlist offer or wait to hear back from other schools first? If I do accept the waitlist and eventually offered admission, am I obligated to attend?

  178. Hi Ann,

    I have been waitlisted at my top choice — AU WCL. I opted to be considered for either the full time or part time program in order to increase my chances of admission. In addition, I have sent in a LOCI as well as updates on a few achievements I’ve had at work and with an organization for which I volunteer. I have attended their waitlist info session and have even volunteered at the school itself. I’m not sure what else there is left to do at this point (outside of providing updates). Do you have any thoughts on what I should be doing as I wait throughout the summer? I feel like I should hold back now, but it’s not in my nature to sit still at a time like this.

  179. Lydia on said:

    Thank you for your kind post. I am currently on waitlist for BU, BC, Emory, William and Mary, and Fordham. I would gladly attend any of them if they allow me to do so. Yet, I am not doing any internship or law-related work at this moment, so have no idea what to write on LOIC. What I can do for now is showing my interest to enter the school.

  180. Billy B on said:


    What should I do after sending in my LOCI? Visiting the school isn’t an option as they reserve it for prospective and admitted students. I sent in my letter a month ago and I am not sure what to say next or if contacting is a good idea at all.

  181. Hi Ann,

    I’m curious on your thoughts about a 35 year old who has found their passion for law going back later on in life. Is the monetary investment worth the risk/reward these days? I had close to a 3.8 in my undergrad studies (dual degrees) and all that is left is to take the LSAT. Also, as I am a tad bit more mature, I know what area of law I’m interested in. Law school was always an interest even before graduating high school but personally, I did not see much in pursuing it at the time as I’d not know what area of law I was interested in/passionate about.

  182. Neeka on said:


    I have been waitlisted at Boston College, my LSAT is a 156. Should I apply for the June LSAT or will that delay the decision even more

  183. Bryan on said:

    I got priority waitlisted at Richmond and the letter sounds extremely optimistic. Do you know if Richmond loosely throws around the “priority” tag or is this “special” waitlist offer a legitimate chance of admission? I sent a loci and had a nice chat with an admissions lady over the phone. Thanks!

  184. Rachel on said:

    Hi Ann

    I was wondering if you had any information regarding Northeastern’s waitlist, whether you know numbers of people admitted off of it usually/when they might hear back? I have been placed their waitlist and would very much like to get in. I sent in my LOCI, visited the school, and had two separate people send in additional recommendations on my behalf. Do you think it’s too presumptuous to call the Dean of the law school, or is that the type of go-getter attitude law schools are generally looking for?

  185. Liana on said:

    Hello! I have been waitlisted at my two top choice schools (WVU and Stetson). I called WVU the other day to ask a general question and the woman on the phone asked me what my name was. When I told her, she immediately knew who I was and knew information about my application (I had sent a LCI, updated resume noting my promotion at work, a diversity statement, and additional LORs). She said my scores were just below the median (hence being waitlisted), and she said I have a very strong application and a good chance of being accepted in the next few weeks, but that she couldn’t promise anything. In your experience, do schools tell students this if they aren’t going to be accepted? I would want to be 99% sure this student would be accepted off the waitlist if I were going to give them such positive comments, right? Or do you think she has no clue and is just being nice? Finally, Stetson was positive like this a few months ago, but I just received an email saying it will be a “stretch” to get me accepted this year due to my LSAT score. I assume there is a strong possibility I will be denied soon, right? Or do they honestly have no idea? Just trying to take some anxiety off this horrible wait! Thank you for this blog!

    • Liana, she wasn’t just being nice! I’m so glad you took the initiative to call WVU! Hang tight – waitlists haven’t started to move yet. It’s still early.

  186. Michelle on said:

    Hi Ann,

    I’ve been accepted to a law school that is a 3 and 1/2 hour commute from my home. I’ve been waitlisted at a school that’s just 30 minutes from home and a far better law school. They asked me to submit a LOCI and I submitted it immediately. But that was two months ago, and I’m still on the wait list. I’m also caregiver to my 89 year old mother who lives with me. Therefore, it is better for me to be at a school that’s just 30 minutes from home than one that is 3 and 1/2 hours away. However, the Assisted Dean of Admissions told me that they have not even looked at the waitlist because a large number of students have accepted their offers. My family attorney said I should write a letter to the Dean of the Law School. But I’m thinking what will be the benefit of that? And what would I say? Plus I’ve already submitted a LOCI two months ago……do you think I should write the Dean of the Law School?

    Thank you.

  187. Patient on said:

    Hey Ann,

    Thank you so much for this blog and all of the comments. I have been trying to find out information about “over enrollment” and how often that happens. How often are Law Schools over enrolled?

    I was accepted at the University of Denver and was/am ecstatic. Then I received notification that I was waitlisted at the University of Colorado, which is the school I really want to go to. I sent an LOCI right after being waitlisted that updated them on some details about completing my degree, my final GPA, and an additional LOR. Anyway, I received an email about a week or so afterward that was notifying the W/L people about the school’s current status of over enrollment. When I called to inquire about it, I was told that there could still be movement toward the end of the summer. I am a non-traditional student: former military, 30 y/o, married…etc. So I decided that CU Boulder is where I want to go and notified the University of Denver that I would not be attending this fall. My contingency plan is to apply to University of Colorado this October. This leaves the option open to retake the LSAT. I am not sure I can improve my score, but do you think it would be worth it to retake it (I have already taken it 2x)? Should I schedule a visit to the campus? How does it look to apply again after being waitlisted? Does that improve your chances of being accepted?

    Thank you!

    • Wow – you gave up your spot at Denver… that was a big risk. I would go visit CU, yet. You can apply again and that’s fine but your chances would definitely be enhanced at that point by expressing your commitment to attend and also retaking the LSAT. I hope this works out for you!

  188. Jocelyn on said:

    Hi Ann,
    I was curious if you have any advice for law school transfer waitlists. I am waitlisted at Georgetown. So far I have sent a letter of continued interest, supplemented my resume and transcript, and I had my boss from my law clerk position send in a letter of recommendation. It’s been almost a month and I haven’t heard anything other than that my materials were received. Should I send an email to check the status of my application and express my continued interest? Or is it best to just wait? The letter said I should hear back no later than July 28th which is coming up. Is there anything I should do?

    Thank you in advance for any advice!

  189. Michelle on said:

    Thank you so much for this extremely informative blog. I have been waitlisted at Chapman Law (GPA 2.98 LSAT 152), I am going to send a LOCI in the near future and I also plan on retaking the LSAT.

    Would you recommend an 8 week study crunch to take the LSAT in Feb or waiting until June? Considering it is so early in the admissions cycle I am torn. I really cannot imagine myself at any other law school and I want to put myself in the best position possible. Thank you so much.

  190. Lauren on said:

    Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for this helpful information!

    I am waitlisted at my top choice school, and have done the following outreach thus far: wrote a letter of continued interest to the Dean of Admissions, visited the school and met with an admissions officer and sat in on a class, wrote a thank you note to said admissions officer and professor, had one of my recommenders call the school, and had the general counsel at my organization write a letter for me. I want to continue reaching out on a fairly regular (every 3 weeks or so) basis, however I am running out of things to update them on- i.e. professional updates, resume updates, etc. I want to write another email or letter this week to keep up momentum, but not sure exactly what to say at this point in the process.

    Any insight/advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much

    • Hi – just little check-ins are all you need. It doesn’t need to be a lengthy essay each time. You’re doing everything right… give them some time and respond when they reach out to you.

  191. Jaz E on said:

    Hi Ann! Thank you for all your help during this stressful time. I have two questions.

    1. I have your book, The Law School Admissions Game and you mention that it is important to keep in contact with admissions offices. My question is how? Sending monthly emails that say something like “you’re my top choice still and please accept me?”

    2. I was waitlisted at WUSTL and Northwestern. Would you suggest pursuing a T14 school over a school that is ranked higher for speciality interest?

    Thank you!

  192. I am currently waitlisted at a reach school that I really want to attend. I sent in a LOCI, but it was through an email, not an hard-copy letter. It was well thought out, but I am wondering if I need to send in a hard-copy LOCI reiterating my interest? Does it matter? I recently visited the school and had the chance to meet with a person in the admissions office. Thank you so much for your help.

  193. Amanda on said:

    I was waitlisted at my top pick school. I was accepted at another school and offered an impressive scholarship. The school that I was accepted at gave me 1 month to accept their offer and as of now that gives me until Friday to accept. If I accept their scholarship offer can I still back out if I’m pulled from the waitlist at my top pick school? Is it an option to ask for more time to accept? I’ve sent an LOCI to my top pick and they notified me that they had received it, I also sent another LOR. Is there anything else I can do?

  194. Seymore on said:


    I am an AA male and accepted to a T12 school and remain waitlisted at Chicago and Michigan. I am hoping/praying/fasting in order to get in UC. I have written a Why Chi on request and sent a mini-LOCI after the deposit deadline. I recently read something that they only accept 3% or so off the waitlist. Should I try to scrape some pennies and go visit next month and/or call mid-month next month? The waiting is killing me. I am ecstatic about the school I will be attending and the logistics wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if accepted later than preferred, but what can I do? I’m also scheduled for the July exam. #Thirsty for Windy Winters

  195. Christoph on said:

    Dear Ann,

    I was accepted at a law school last year and put down both seat deposits. But I decided to defer and was permitted to apply at other schools this year. I did so, and received scholarships at several schools. I’m also waitlisted at a fourth and have a few outstanding apps, including a school I’d really like to attend. While I’m trying to make up my mind, I’m also having some personal issues, so I asked for an extension on the date when I need to decide. Two gave me extensions into mid-June. But the original, which I am still seriously considering, refused, and I need to tell them tomorrow. If I tell them yes, and circumstances change for me, can I back out without repercussions that could affect my law career? As I mentioned, they have my deposit money already, and I would forfeit that if I don’t attend.

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