Law School Expert Hits Post #200!!!!

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This marks my 200th blog post on LawSchoolExpert! (That deserves an exclamation point, right?) It’s been an amazing year and I want to thank all of my readers. Your comments and e-mails motivate me to keep writing, even when I’m knee-deep in law school personal statements.

In celebration of this occasion (and the holiday weekend which begins in a few hours) I’d like to point out my 5 very favorite Law School Expert topics:

1. Any and all posts written by my former law school admission consulting clients, including this one about “T-14 Not Necessary for BigLaw

2. I want to help law applicants keep things in perspective during this stressful process, and this is one post I like to re-read when things seem unruly.

3. I get the most encouraging e-mails from readers when I post tangible tips for success in law school applications. You guys seem to love when I tell you what mistakes to look for before submitting your law school applications and common mistakes made on law school applications.

4. Taking the LSAT and Re-taking the LSAT – these issues are HUGE for my readers. In fact I have posted 22 times on various LSAT issues.

5. The only subject more popular than the LSAT is law school rankings with 23 posts. I do enjoy helping people keep things in perspective on this issue. Rankings have a purpose, but unless you know there are limits to the rankings then the importance of a school’s ranking can be vastly over-emphasized.

Thank you for joining me for the last 200 posts, and please let me know what I can do in the future to keep your interest!
Have a wonderful labor day, even though this means it’s officially fall and time to start applying for law school for Fall 2009 admission.

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