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Reapplied with Ann’s Help and Got Into Top-20 Schools!

“I applied to the same set of top 20 or so law schools both last year and this year. This year I used Ann’s help through her full package. It was the best decision I made. While my numbers improved slightly, the difference was incredible. I received a combined total of almost $200,000 from three schools which had rejected me the previous year. Additionally, one top-14 school which waitlisted me mentioned how good my personal statement was, especially as compared to the previous year. I have Ann to thank. She was there the whole time for me, giving congrats, helping me through tough times, and of course offering advice. I would recommend her services to anybody going through this process who doesn’t have a 4.0/180.”

– Paul

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If you are reapplying to a law school where you were rejected last admission cycle, it might be a good idea to review your application and determine how to better position yourself the next time you apply. But you need to be prepared to show what you have done to become a better candidate since you last applied and that you understand what the school may have perceived as weaknesses in your last application.

Ann works with law school re-applicants to assess the mistakes that might have been made in the previous cycle. This analysis includes whether you chose the right schools given your credentials, the timing of your applications, the quality of your resume, personal statement, optional essays, letters of recommendation and other communications with the law school. Ann will point out what you could have done differently and how things can be improved, offering suggestions about reapplying that will help boost your chances for better results this time around.

Some law school applicants worry that it will “look bad” for them to reapply, especially if they were admitted to the school the previous year and decided not to attend. Applying a second time to a particular law school can show the admission committee how serious you are about attending that particular school. Ann works with law school applicants to assess the mistakes that might have been made in the previous cycle.

Law School Expert can review your application to a particular school you were rejected from and do a “post-game” analysis of sorts. We can suggest ways to position yourself better next time around as well as things you can do in the meantime before you apply again to bolster your application. This is done on an individual basis – we don’t have a pre-set package. So please contact us for more information about how this package works. In most cases, it is a two-hour package fee of $500 working with Ann Levine, and if you decide to upgrade to an unlimited package we will apply the $500 already paid toward the total cost of the Reapplication Review Package.

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