How Many Times Should I Take the LSAT?

Taking the LSAT is a big decision, but so is deciding when to take the test and how many times you should take the test. In this 2-minute tip video, I discuss when the LSAT is offered, how to choose a date, and how many times you should be planning to take the test.

The LSAT is now being offered 6 times during this admission cycle, and you are allowed to take the test as many times as necessary to obtain the score you believe is the best representation of your abilities. But, keep in mind that law schools operate on rolling admissions: there is an advantage to applying earlier in the cycle. If you’re applying to law school this fall, now is the time to plan out when you’re taking the LSAT, and to come up with a back up plan if that first plan doesn’t work out.

2 thoughts on “How Many Times Should I Take the LSAT?

  1. Janet Ibrahim on said:

    What is the best tool to use to study for this exam? Do you suggest, studying from certain books, or perhaps taking a course to prepare for the exam.

    • Hi Janet. I have a number of suggestions on different LSAT prep options, including courses, tutors, self-study and online materials, in The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert, 3rd ed.

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