Free Law School Expert Webinar This Sunday

For all of you still struggling with a timeline for applying to law school and balancing everything you need to accomplish on a shortened time frame, I’m offering a free webinar Sunday at 9 a.m. PST/Noon EST. It’s a 1-hour Webinar entitled “I’m applying to law school; Now What?” Topics include: How to pick your

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This Week’s Law School News

Worth reading this week: For humor about a very special Yale Law School graduate And for a great perspective on the recent “how to pick a law school” debate concerning debt and future income, please see the letter to the editor for preLaw Magazine. I was very impressed with this article. In addition to stressing

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Lawsagna Interview with LawSchoolExpert

Thanks to Lawsagna for interviewing me for today’s blog posting. In it, I provide study tips for law student and insights for law school applicants on managing the stress of the law school admission process. I look forward to your comments and thoughts!

Free Law School Application Webinar

It’s true. I’m offering a FREE 1-hour webinar to readers of Frugal Law Student entitled“I’ve taken the LSAT; Now What?”You have two opportunities to participate:Click here to sign up for the Saturday, August 4 (9 a.m. PST/Noon EST) webinarClick here to sign up for the Wednesday, August 8 (5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST) webinar I

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Is it worth going to an LSAC Forum Event?

With the D.C. forum approaching, this is a popular question. Basically, the LSAC forum consists of 200 tables staffed by various people from most of the country’s law schools. Some are directors of admission, some are students, some are financial aid officers, some are professors who know nothing about admissions but just want an all-expenses-paid

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