Considering a Career in Law?

On Tuesday morning, I’m going to film a video for a major test prep company about how to choose a law school. In preparation, I’ve been doing a bit of research and wanted to share my results with you. When you’re deciding how much debt is reasonable to take on in order to obtain your

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Networking – Start Now!

One of my clients started a blog this week (Lawlicious) and promises to document her adventures through law school. She started off by doing something very smart – she contacted Kevin Houchin, Esq. after hearing my interview with him on BlogTalkRadio. She then reviewed his book (“Fuel the Fire: Success in Law School and Beyond”)

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Pre-Law Summer Institute – Worth it?

One of my clients asked me about a one week pre-law summer institute that promised a “certificate of completion” that would WOW law schools. She wanted to know my thoughts on whether she should participate. What is a reason to participate in this kind of program?  To spend a week talking about and studying law

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A New Lawyer Blog to Watch

I just found a great blog by an attorney. Among some funny articles, I found a post about how the employment trend is impacting the desireability of legal internships with nonprofit organizations. Here’s how one nonprofit is reacting: See Litination.

9 Observations Regarding the Legal Job Market

I am not a career counselor, but everyone applying to law school should be thinking about the marketability of a lawyer’s skills and education. I called upon a real expert in legal hiring, Amanda Ellis, president of Amanda Ellis Legal Search ( Amanda focuses on the placement of bankruptcy attorneys nationwide and of all attorneys

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