5 Tips for Transferring Law Schools

Did you do really well during your first semester as a 1L? Do you suspect you’re in the Top 20%, or even Top 5% of your class? If so, you are probably considering whether to transfer to a higher ranked law school. (Other 1Ls may want to transfer simply because they are miserable where they

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How Much Money Do Lawyers Make?

If you’ve read “The Law School Decision Game” you know that lawyer salaries vary nationwide, according to experience, type of law practice, and location. Here is a great infographic showing Attorney Salaries:Graph courtesy of LLMInfo.com

Law School Loan Repayment Assistance Programs

Today’s post is written by Rebecca Sivitz, graduate of Penn Law School and former proofreader for Law School Expert. With the current status of the economy and legal hiring market, many applicants are, rightfully, sensitive to the enormous cost of law school tuition. This is obviously even more of an issue for those interested in public

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Early Decision Deadlines for Law Schools

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make after solidifying your schools list is whether to apply under an Early Decision program. The rule with Early Decision applications is that this is a binding agreement you are making with the school; if admitted, you will attend that school and withdraw all applications from other

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Proper Decorum at an LSAC Law School Forum

Sign up for a Law School Forum or recruitment Fair on your campus. Why? Because it’s your best opportunity to meet many representatives from law schools in the span of an hour or two. You will learn a great deal about different schools and perhaps score an application fee waiver or two from schools where

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Requirements for Admission to Law School

Are you grappling with the decision of whether you should apply for law school?  If that’s you, you should learn what you need to know about applying to law school. If this is the beginning of your law school exploration process, here are the basics: Know Your Law School Types There are two kinds of law

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