Making [Law School] Decisions Mindfully

I recently spoke to Nathan Fox’s LSAT prep students in San Francisco, giving them my usual law school application advice mixed in with a little something extra, never before discussed in a law school admission seminar. Read my ATL post here to find out what it was…

Law School Application Game Plan

The law school application season has begun, and it can be overwhelming. It’s important to have a game plan so you don’t overlook anything. I have a 19-step checklist in The Law School Admission Game, but I also have a modified game plan on the Blueprint LSAT blog here. I hope these tools motivate you

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Crunch Time-Three Musts for the Week Before the LSAT

Today’s post comes from Blueprint LSAT Prep, providing the best LSAT classroom courses, online courses, and standalone LSAT prep books. Crunch Time—Three Musts for the Week Before the LSAT As the old saying goes, time is a river. For those studying for the rapidly approaching October 3rd LSAT, that river has recently gone from lazy,

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The Real Deal About Repeated Courses

I’m not really familiar with issuing a correction – I’ve never had to do it before – but after my recent podcast, I want to make sure everyone understands how LSAC computes repeated courses in the Academic Summary Report. Here is the exact wording from the LSAC website: Repeated Courses All grades and credits earned

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Law School Scholarship News

We all know the great expense involved in obtaining a legal education. Through my work with law school applicants in the last 15 years, I have heard some incredible stories by motivated and impressive applicants who are pursuing law school in order to serve others, and who are going into the career with open eyes as to

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5 Tips for LSAT Self-Studiers

Today’s LSAT advice comes from our friend Nathan Fox of Fox LSAT.  Fox LSAT offers personalized LSAT prep with a casual, irreverent approach. Nathan can show you how to have fun with the test, leading to dramatically increased scores. I won’t lie: The very best way to prep for the LSAT is with a dedicated

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Law School Personal Statement Requirements

LAW SCHOOL PERSONAL STATEMENT REQUIREMENTS Do you need a new personal statement for each law school you apply to? Probably not. (Except for the University of Florida Levin College of Law and the University of Colorado-Boulder). But do you need to change  your essay slightly for different schools? Probably. To help you figure out what

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